Elite Navy Seal Team 6 and Shocking True Story of Extortion 17. By Max Emfinger

2014 Extortion 17 Murders
By Max Emfinger
Original Story – March 16, 2014
and Updated November 16, 2014
and September 22, 2016.

NOVEMBER 16 UPDATE: Robert O’Neill, The NAVY SEAL TEAM 6 Member, who says he shot and killed Osama bin Laden says he is worried that the Pentagon might prosecute him for publicly telling his story of the May 2011 Turn of Events.

And why does O’Neill not tell about all of the NAVY SEAL TEAM 6 Members that were killed in the Shocking True Story of Extortion 17 about the Planned Murder to Kill 30 Special Force Team Members. I have watched Robert O’Neill tell his Story, but he NEVER mentions how and why they threw the Body of Osama bin Laden into the Ocean. And why was O’Neill not included on the Old and Slow Chinook Helicopter in the Planned Murder to Kill The Elite NAVY SEAL TEAM 6?

One of the Biggest Obama Scandals of His Regime is one that has not even been brought to the Attention of the American People as an Obama Scandal and then the consequent Coverup. That Scandal is The Elite Navy Seal Team 6 Helicopter Scandal and the Shocking True Story of Extortion 17 about the Planned Murder to Kill 30 Special Force Team Members.

When I heard that The Elite Navy Seal Team 6 Helicopter had been shot down in Afghanistan, killing 30 Special Force Team Members, I thought that something sounded very Fishy. Then we later found out that they were the members of the Elite Navy Seals Team 6. This was the same Navy Seals Team 6 that had supposedly killed Osama bin Laden.

In Preparation for July Fourth, we have some New Shocking Information on this Horrible Scandal by Barack Obama and his White House Administration.

On August 6, 2011, in Wardak Province, Afghanistan, Jihadists perched on top of a building shot down a decrepit CH-47 Helicopter, Extortion 17, packed with 30 Special Ops Forces–most of them part of the ELITE NAVY SEAL TEAM 6. Almost immediately, the facts about the attack were hushed up that included skirting away the Black Box. Furthermore, within hours, everyone on board was cremated, supposedly, because they were burned beyond recognition. Family members of the victims have learned that virtually everything the Obama Administration has revealed about the attack is a lie.

The likely reason for the Cover-up? The High-Tech Weapon used to shoot down Extortion 17, a heat-seeking missile, more than likely was supplied by none other than Barack Hussein Obama.

Read more at http://www.westernjournalism.com/revealed-seal-team-6-murder-weapon-supplied-obama/#26dctH60qgpCljED.99

Back to My Original May 27, 2014 Story!

Later, we found out that the Taliban Terrorists also had claimed that they had shot down the outdated and old Chinook Helicopter. We were only able to get limited information, but we were able to fine out that the Taliban used a Rocket Propelled Granade (RPG) in the attack.

I mentioned this Navy Seals Team 6 Helicopter Crash in a Tweet on Twitter and I immediately received a Direct Twitter Message from one of my Navy Seal Followers who had some very interesting things to say about the crash.

First of all! My Navy Seals friend said that on huge Mission-Ops like this, the Navy Seals always use 30 to 40 Navy Seals in a Special-Op and they always split-up the Seals in smaller groups and that they would never place that many Navy Seals in the same location or aircraft for their protection and security.

With a very steep mountain range in Afghanistan, it is very dangerous for military aircraft, especially a slow Chinook Helicopter to get off of the ground quickly and it leaves them very vulnerable in getting into the clear of an equally slow RPG attack.

Now, we also find out that there were two other Helicopter Gun Ships in the Area that saw the Taliban Terrorists and they had requested to Fire On Them and thus probably Save the Navy Seal 6 Team, but they were given a “Stand Down” which was a similar situation in Benghazi. Then after the Taliban Terrorists attacked, the Gun Ship Helicopters again requested to Fire and again they were requested to Stand Down.

Now, an RPG Attack is only effective if the Aircraft is flying extremely low and close to the ground. In a situation like this, with so many Navy Seals Team 6 members stuffed into the almost 50-year old Chinook Helicopter and a Helicopter flying so close to the ground, it appears that the Mission was poorly planned and basically Planned to Fail.

When Navy Seal Team 6 Members travel in Helicopters, they travel in Helicopters that are Armour-Plated and are Heavily Armed. This particular Chinook Helicopter was very old and it was neither Armour-Plated or Armed. It was actually an Army Reserve Helicopter and it was like a Flying Aluminum School Bus and it was flown by a Non-Combat Hardened Pilot.

This was a Planned Murder Mission by Obama Marxists Administration to Silence any and all of the Navy Seal Team 6 Members that were involved or knew about the Fake Osama Bin Laden Killing. Since it was a Planned Murder Mission, the Helicopter Black Box was conveniently Never Found. This might be the First Time and Last Time that a Navy Helicopter Black Box was Not Found.

RPG’s do not have a Guidance System, so the Navy Seal Team 6 members were loaded-up in the slow Chinook Helicopter and were shot-down like “Sitting-Ducks” by a primitive RPG at close range with an unguided Guidance System. Also, we later found out that at least six to eight non Navy Seal Team 6 personnel were requested  not to get into the slow and outdated Chinook Helicopter.

My Navy Seal friend, along with another Retired Navy Captain and Retired Marine Colonel were all in total agreement that the Fake-Killing of Osama Bin Laden was for pure publicity in theater.

In the Fake-Killing of Osama Bin Laden, the Navy Seals were sent into a compound as evidenced by the lost Helicopter on site, but Bin Laden was not in that compound. All three Military Retired Officers agreed that Osama Bin Laden had been dead for years from Kidney Failure.

Bin Laden had a Genetic Condition that caused renal failure that is common among deeply inbred Saudi Arab Muslims. Bin Laden had been on a dialysis and it is very difficult for people in first world countries to have it even done in outstanding facilities. Bin Laden was having it done either in caves or in homes. The people having dialysis done in  caves do not live for ten more years. There was no dialysis equipment found in the compound that the Navy Seals raided on May 2. Of course there wasn’t. Bin Laden wasn’t in that compound, because Osama Bin Laden has been dead for years from Kidney Failure.

Alleged Muslim Cleric “Damned” Dead Navy Seals!

This is why the “Body” was declared “Positively Identified” faster than any known DNA testing process in existence. The DNA testing was not done in a Credible Lab, but inside the Chinook Helicopter en route to the USS Carl Vinson. Then, some more “Fishy” things took place as the Fake-Bin Laden body was then dumped into the Indian Ocean so as to ensure that his “Burial” take place within 24 hours of his death in order to “Honor” Muslim Burial Traditions.

Not a single picture of the so-called “Fake Bin Laden Corpse” has ever been released  and never will. The entire Bin Laden episode was staged  in theater. It was pure theater that was designed to give King Obama a boost in the polls and another Distraction.

The big Scandals at this time included Fast and Furious and a new book coming out: Dr. Jerome Corsi’s book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate” was announced as May 17, and Corsi’s work is known to be extremely thorough and meticulous.

The Obama White House is panicked. In order to Distract the American People and Low-Info Voters; the King Obama regime releases a PDF image supposed to be an official scan of his original long-form Hawaiian Birth Certificate. Within hours, thousands of graphic designers, many of whom where self-professed Obama voters and supporters, isolate and demonstrate with dozens of objective proof sets that the PDF released by the Obama White House is not just a forgery, but an astoundingly incompetent and obvious forgery.

The Obama White House is now in a huge panic as they thought that it would be too big of a risk, instead of presenting the Forged Birth Certificate to the American People from a document and photo illustration, experts within the CIA or NSA, and the Obama White House instead farmed the project off on someone inside the White House with a functional, but mediocre knowledge of photo illustration programs. To the thoroughly non-expert eyes of King Obama, Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett, the Forged Birth Certificate file appeared extremely convincing, and was thus released with fanfare.

Within hours of the Forged Birth Certificate release, they knew that they had not only made a huge mistake, but a horrible and massive mistake that could land them all in Prison. The Birth Certificate Forger was so incompetent that they didn’t even flatten the image thus compressing and masking the component layers before posting it. There were other massive and glaring flaws and errors.

The mainstream American People were as usual, completely complicit in the Birth Certificate Forgery Cover-Up, but Rathergate proved that if the Birth Certificate Forgery generated any Mainstream Reaction just a little bit, that the end could come swiftly for Obama and The Obama White House.

If this was the case, then the Obama Administration needed a huge Distraction and they needed it very quickly. They had been planning on holding the staged Bin Laden Capture and Killing until 2012 for the Second Term Campaign, and perhaps as the “October Surprise” but it was quickly moved up to coincide with the Obama Birth Certificate Scandal.

Within hours of the Bin Laden Operation,  Big-Mouth, Vice President Joe Biden destroyed any notions of Secrecy as he announced to the Entire World at a dinner at the Ritz Carlton that the Bin Laden raid was carried out by “The Navy Seals” and within hours King Obama had also leaked that the raid was carried out by Navy Seal Team 6, also known as DEVGRU.

In American Military History, no Information on Navy Seal Team 6 or DEVGRU Mission-Ops and Information had always been very highly classified. But, now the term Navy Seal Team 6 was used by every Newspaper in the World, with Disney trying to get a Trademark. The Obama White House wanted the Entire World to know the name Navy Seal Team 6.

30 Navy Seal Team 6 Members who were Killed in Extortion 17!

The Parents of three Navy Seal Team 6 recently said the government bears Criminal Culpability in the deaths of their sons. They are calling for a Congressional Investigation into the August 6, 2011 Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan that resulted in 38 deaths, including 7 members of the Afghan National Army, an Afghan interpreter, 15 Navy Seal Team 6 Members, 2 members of West Coast Navy Seals and U.S. Troops. It was the deadliest day for America in the Afghan War.

Were the Elite Navy Seal Team 6 Members targeted in retaliation for the Fake Killing of Bin Laden? The Elite Navy Seal Team 6 is a Special Operations Unit whose actions are supposed to be Highly Classified. They also uphold a Strict Code of Secrecy. As a result, it is not publicly known which specific Navy Seal Team 6 Members were involved in the killing of the world’s most wanted terrorist, nor how many of those who participated in the raid were on the Helicopter that when it was shot down.

The Parents of those Brave Navy Seal Team 6 Members have lost their Sons and they still have NEVER been given any Answers by Obama or the Obama Administration as to their Murders and Consequent Immediate Cremation.

CLICK THE LINK For Navy Seal Team 6 Parent and his Remarks about his Murdered Son:


We now know, however, that the Elite Navy Seal Team 6 and their families were completely shocked when Vice President Joe Biden publicly identified them on May 3, 2011, two days after the raid. He was speaking at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington D.C. at the 50th Anniversary of the Atlantic Council, an International Affairs Think Tank.

The Navy Seal Team 6 Parents also believe that the Obama Administration was derelict in its duties by putting such a large group of Navy Seals on one Helicopter. In addition, they want to know why the troops were using outdated equipment and were not permitted to return fire when under duress. The families believe that the Rules of Engagement that the troops are currently using serve to Aid The Enemy in easily killing Americans. Finally, the Parents are incensed that at the funeral held in Kabul, where a Muslim Cleric recited a Prayer over the bodies of the fallen that confined them to eternal damnation as” infidels.” An Alleged Muslim Cleric “Damned” The Dead Elite Navy Seal Team 6 Members at Ceremony! This, they contend, was Obama’s “Muslim Outreach” strategy gone wildly wrong.

The Obama Administration has tried to defend its snooping on reporters by citing the pressing need to identify and stop the leakage of classified information that endangers the lives of those in the field. But, the second in command, Vice President Joe Biden, himself did so, in full public view. This was one of the Biggest Breaches of Trust and resulted in the reckless endangerment of the very bravest amongst us. Why has Biden not been held accountable?

Please Read This Unbelievable Story by Our Good Friend Allen West:


Why would the Obama Administration want to Kill Americans? To Understand why they would want to Kill Americans, you need only to understand who is in the Obama Administration. The Obama Administration is composed of Communist Marxist, who Murder People without Compunction or Remorse. Communist Marxists also hate Americans, by definition. Consider these Three Facts:

1. The Elite Navy Seal Team 6 Members on board the Chinook Helicopter may have been some of the same men who participated or had direct knowledge of the Fake Osama Bin Laden Raid and Fake Osama Bin Laden Killing and were killed to Permanently Silence Them.

2. These Elite Navy Seal Team 6 Members or DEVGRU Navy Seal Members were killed to send a signal to the surviving DEVGRU Navy Seal Members who carried out the Fake Bin Laden Killing to keep their mouths shut.

3. Obviously, the News Release and Identity of the Elite Navy Seal Team 6 Members or DEVGRU identity within hours and even before of their family notification could have been made was an obvious aid to Al Qaeda, The Taliban, and the entire Muslim Terrorist World. NOTE: Within minutes, Obama and the Obama Administration Communist Marxists Media propagandized The Bin Laden Death. And remember, Bin Laden had been dead for many years. The Osama Bin Laden Raid and Killing on May 2 was pure Stagecraft to distract The American People and the Rest of the World from the release of the Forged Obama Birth Certificate.

Nuff Said!

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5 Responses to Elite Navy Seal Team 6 and Shocking True Story of Extortion 17. By Max Emfinger

  1. Tom Smalley says:

    Max Good Day Sir, so No Black Box , an Bodies that had to be Cremated……How did they Know it was an RPG? ….This makes NO SENCE? why didn’t the other two helo’s fire?

    An alternative hypothesis to the mainstream narrative of the Abbottabad raid. • /r/conspiracy

    I FOUND THIS INTERESTING , I absolutely believe that Osama Bin Laden was dead long before the Abbottabad raid, but this leaves a gaping hole in the narrative.

    The raid did take place, but why, and what actually happened?

    Seals Died Here, it was Botched Plan ? and to think an election was months away? They came up with the OBL Death and then had to come up with a plan to have those that died May 2nd another Plan on August 6th, Lets ask the Seal Families if they had any contact in those 90 days ?

    I have written what I believe to be a coherent narrative of those events in this post “An alternative hypothesis to the mainstream narrative of the Abbottabad Raid”. http://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/1nejhp/an_alternative_hypothesis_to_the_mainstream/ I am going to contradict some of the unofficial “Seal Team 6” conspiracy by stating that the individuals in the raiding party dropped into the Abbottabad compound were probably NOT Navy Seals. They were most likely expendable Afghani mercenaries recruited by the US administration, wearing Navy Seal combat gear. According to a local resident who witnessed the entire event these commandos all spoke Pashtun, not English, and he stated that the helicopter that picked all the raiding party up (along with the bogus Bin Laden) was blown up immediately after taking off. Whether it was a bomb, a surface-to-air missile or whether it was shot down by one of the two other helicopters which also took part on the mission, I don’t know. However, there were no survivors (the US claimed nobody was even injured!), just pieces of people and a stealth helicopter inside the compound that the US tried very hard to stop anybody else getting their hands on.,

    HERES MY THOUGHT, THIS Could be why the Extortion17 survivors(DEAD on May 2nd ?) were cremated ………………..they did not die then, they all died in the Abbottabad Raid? that’s why Biden & Penatta Openly said the seals were on way to a Raid and they took an old helo to stage a accident , no bodies and no black box ………WOW what if Seals were Ordered by Obame or Clinton to Get Weapons from Pakistan in Abbottabad and something went wrong? May 2nd and then they had to come up with what happened to the seals so in august they tell us this happened and burn the bodies or say they did?

    and to think obame spent years in Pakistan , so this inturn lead to needing more weapons , Benghazi was then born ,

    Congressman Jason Chaffetz
    Congressman Jason Chaffetz
    United States Senator Mike Lee
    Senator Ted Cruz
    Senator Jim Inhofe

    NO BLACK BOX , means NO CHINOK with seals on board , it would have had been able to be tracked ? why it took off from ect.
    cremated Bodies , Means NO BODIES , and Died ELSEWHERE Like May 2nd
    Also of great interest to the families has been the report of the Chinook’s black box “floating away” after the incident. The government blamed the absence of the black box’s recovery on a flood in the area right after the crash. The families were told all of the bodies from the crash were cremated, after the fact. Permission to do so was not requested or granted.

  2. SD says:

    Why would Obama’s administration want to shut down these DEVGRU operators ? The 17 SEALS operators that were killed were part of Gold Squadron while the ones who took part to UBL’s raid in Abbotabad were part of Red Squadron ?

    • Obama knew that the Navy Seals knew that they Really did not kill Osama because he had already been dead for a few years. Obama and Hillary had to kill the Seals Team because they were afraid that the Truth would finally leak and get out. When getting on an old and obsolete helicopter, since they knew they were destined to all be killed, some innocent Naval guys were told to get off of the Helicopter before it took off.

      Even before the Navy Seals got on the Helicopter, many of the Seal Team members had told their Relatives that they thought that their life was in jeopardy.

      Then as the Helicopter took off and it was in trouble, other American Soldiers with Big Guns, that could have saved them, were told to Stand-Down by Washington Obama Generals.

      It was all a Murder Plan to get Rid of the Navy Seal Team that Killed a “Fake” Osama bin laden.

      The Guy that goes on Fox News and says that he killed Osama bin laden might have shot the guy who they say was Osama, but although they threw the Body into the Ocean, without an Autopsy, there were some official Navy sources that said the blood on the Aircraft that carried the dead body to the Ocean, did not match the blood of Osama.

      Nuff Said.


      • SD says:

        Hello, thanks for your reply…
        which brings back my point exactly : the Seal Team that killed UBL was not the same Seal team that died in Extortion 17.
        So if you’re the president and you want to shut them down, shut down the right boys, and not another team !


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