Is Twitter Still Targeting Conservatives – September 1, 2014

2013 ABG Max Emfinger with teamIs Twitter Targeting Conservatives For The
Obama Administration?

Max Emfinger

Labor Day Twitter Targeting Update!
September 1, 2014

About a month ago, or exactly on August 16, I Re-Tweeted a Dog Rescue Story about my Rescue Dog (Four Legged Son), Mr. Goof (In Photo Below), and how he was Rescued from a Rescue Center in Taos, New Mexico on a Vacation Trip. I told about my Rescue Dog and I immediately received numerous Re-Tweets; plus numerous Dog Rescue Twitter Accounts kept popping-up and I Followed most of them.

Twitter thought I was being too aggressive in Following all of these Dog Rescue Accounts and they revoked my Follow and Tweeting privileges. During this time, I missed the First College Football Opening Games of the Season, Labor Day, My Baylor Alma Mater New Stadium Inaugural Game, my Wife’s Birthday, and World War III in the making. Enough is enough!

Oh Yeah! In the last three weeks, since my Twitter Account has been Revoked, Twitter has Deleted 17,878 of my Followers that I worked night and day for five years to get to Follow me. Three weeks ago, I had 198,820 Followers and if you subtract the 17,878 Deleted Followers that were Deleted by Twitter, then you can currently see that I have 180,942 Followers.

By writing this story, I am sure that I take the chance of being Completely Suspended by Twitter, but with the IRS Scandal, AP Scandal, and NRA Scandal; there certainly seems to be a connection with this Twitter situation. And this Unbelievable Story needs to be told.

The IRS and the Obama Administration has been targeting Constitutional Conservatives, TeaParty Patriots, U.S. Military, American Patriots, Judeo-Christians and Jesus Christ Followers. This targeting is one of the main reasons that Obama won the 2012 Election, because Tea Party Conservatives and other American Patriots were afraid to meet; afraid to donate; and afraid to do anything against the Obama Administration. My Twitter Profile is below and as you can see that all of it is in the Obama Target. Also Dogs!

As a Tweeter on Twitter who is also a Constitutional Conservative, US Navy American Patriot, and Judeo-Christian, I am already being Targeted by the Obama Administration and now I may be targeted by the Liberal Social Media Twitter.

If you’re like me, you may have noticed that Twitter may be Unfollowing some of your Twitter Followers in an arbitrarily, randomly,  haphazardly, and seemingly a political way, to some of the people that you fully intended to Follow. Similarly, you may have noticed that some of your friends and contacts Unfollowed you, and it may have caused a sense of confusion or self-insecurity. To any very active Twitter user, when you lose even one Follower, it’s pretty demoralizing.

Everyone uses Social Media and it seems that most everyone started using Twitter a few years ago when it first started. I have only been using Twitter for about Five years, but I have come to use it every day. I have also worked very hard to get more Followers and so it is doubly hard to understand why I would lose one or two Followers for any reason, but some strange things have started to take place.

Each time that I was just about ready to reach a new Following Plateau, such as 30,000, 40,000, or 50,000 Followers, I would start losing Followers. Then, it was 100,000 and then 150,000 Followers. And then recently, I had 198,820 Followers and was about to reach 200K and then Twitter pulled this latest stunt. I could use a lot of Curse Words here, but I refuse to use one.

When I was just about to hit 30,000 Followers, it seemed that I started losing Followers and so I worked extra hard in trying to get the 30,000 Followers and I finally got it. That was a few years ago. Then the same thing started happened again when I was trying to reach 40,000 Followers.

On June 6, 2012, I was closing-in on 50,000 Followers and it started happening again. On that Monday, I was up to 49,149 Followers and then I lost 200 Followers and then on Tuesday night, I lost 422 Followers. The next night, I lost 1,287 Followers. This made absolutely no sense to me.

So I went from 49,149 Followers to 47,862 Followers or 1,287 Deleted Followers in three days. After about Five days, I had lost 8,890 Followers and was down to 40,259 Followers. I worked really hard and built my Followers back up to 49,985 Followers and was really excited about reaching the 50,000 Followers Plateau again and it started to happen again.

On June 17, 2012, I sent this TWEET: MUST READ: The Liberal Twitter is so predictable. As I was at 49,968 and approaching 50,000 Followers, they knocked me back down to 49,245.

Five Minutes later, they knocked me back down to 49,001 Followers. Wait! Five more minutes and I’m down to 48,746 or 1,222 Deleted Followers in 10 Minutes!

On June 18, 2012 I kept losing more and more Followers and by the end of the day, I had lost 10,325 Followers. On June 19, I lost another 2,502 Followers and then I was down to 37,158 Followers after having 49,968 Followers on June 17. This is very Demoralizing!

I was not sure if Twitter was causing all of this, on purpose or by accident, so I asked one of my contacts at Twitter who responded: “There was a bug, and the Twitter Team was working to fix it.” They also sent me a link to their support FAQ, which indicates the known issue.

This latest problem of Revoking my Tweet and Follow Privileges is all Twitter and their Policies against Conservatives.

Your dear Aunt Margaret or Uncle Bob wasn’t invited to your wedding due to mail parcels were Deleted, or your executive wasn’t invited to your big presentation meeting, because your address book Deleted him by accident, or you couldn’t call your best friend to let them know about your funding announcement, because his contact info was Deleted.

The act of Following someone on Twitter is an important Social Media indicator for at least three reasons: 1. A Follower suggests the individuals content is worthy of listening to and you want to hear their thoughts, even the most mundane ones;  2. It’s an important indicator that you’re willing to engage in deeper conversations by receiving direct message; and 3. At a broader social perspective, this is a gesture that this person is in your broader social clan, your kin, or your affinity. And now, with 180K Followers; I’m not allowed to Follow anyone. My 180K Followers does include Six Governors, Nine U.S. Senators, Six Heisman Trophy Winners, and Twelve NFL Hall of Famers.

In my line of work, I deal with a lot of Direct Messages in Communications with High School, College, and Professional Football Players, High School and College Football Coaches and their Parents who are constantly trying to give me information about these Football Players. In fact, some Coaches ask me to send them a Direct Phone Message or Tweet, instead of an Email. Unlike the overloaded EmailDirect Phone Messages are an important Business Option and it only works for those who are Following you. Sometimes, it takes me half a day to get through all of my Emails and on top of that, my Email was Hacked about a year ago and the Hacker Deleted 3,200 of my Contacts. I am now back-up to 1,886 Email Contacts.

Yet, I wonder how many business, personal, and casual relationships are strained by the Twitter Bug haphazardly Unfollowing. And now, this Insane Liberal Revoking of my Privileges. I wonder how many important Direct Messages that I may have already missed from my trusted Twitter network.

So what can I do? Probably Absolutely Nothing. I can’t even get Twitter Support to help me to Return my Messages. They are just like the White House!

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The NFL Has Divided Defensive Linemen  Into Four Categories Including Ends, Rush Ends, Nose Tackles, and Tackles! By Super Scout Max Emfinger

By Super Scout Max Emfinger

Image result for Bradley Chubb Photos

Over the Years, the Defensive Line Position has Evolved into several different positions. In a 3-4 or a 5-2 Defense, The Defensive Nose Guard or Nose Tackle, or sometimes Called The Middle Guard plays Directly over the Offensive Center and in a 5-2 or 3-4 Defense, The Defensive Tackles play Directly over the Offense Tackles.

Image result for Vita Vea PhotosVita Vea (#50) Was The #1 Nose Tackle in The NFL Draft!

In a Typical 3-4 Defense, The Nose Tackles are “Big-Wide Bodies who can hold the Point of Attack and Force Two Offensive Linemen to Double Team him with the Offensive Guard and Center.  They are also usually the Heaviest Players on the Roster, weighing in the 320 to 350 Pound Range. Height is Important, but Typical Nose Tackles are 6-3, 6-2, or 6-1-Inches Tall or Below.

Image result for Bradley Chubb PhotosBradley Chubb (#9) Was The #1 Strong-Side Defensive End In The 2018 NFL Draft.

In a Typical 4-3 Defense, both Defensive Ends are at a Down Position in a 5 Technique. The Strong-Side Defensive End or Strong Side End is Lined-Up on The Tight End side.

This Defensive End is Typically the Bigger, Stronger, and more Physically Gifted End of the two Defensive Ends, as he may be seeing blocks from either the Tight End, Right Offensive Tackle or Guard, and Fullback or a combination of two of those players.

Image result for marcus davenport photosMarcus Davenport (#29) Was The #1 Weak-Side Or Rush End In The 2018 NFL Draft! 

The “Weak Side Defensive End” or “Rush End” is The Blind-Side Pass-Rusher against a Right-Handed Passing Quarterback and he usually is a Speedy, Athletic, and One of the Best Players on the Football Team. This Super Defensive End has Recently been given a New name of EDGE Rush End.

In Separating These Defensive Players, They are Divided into Four Different Position Categories, Including Defensive Tackles, Nose Guards or Tackles, Strong Defensive Ends, and EDGE Rush Ends.

Image result for Taven Bryan PhotosFlorida Tackle Taven Bryan (#93) And Fellow SEC Tackle DaRon Payne (#94) Of Alabama Were The Two Top Pure Defensive Tackles In The Draft!


# POS PLAYER               HT    WT   40   VJ  SH   SBJ BP College MEARS RATING
1  DE  Bradley Chubb   6-4,  269,  4.57,    36,  4.34, 121, 24, NC State 2,838 #1 Broncos
2 EDGE Marcus Davenport 6-6, 264, 4.58, 33.5, 4.41, 124, 22, UTSA 2,828 #1 Saints
3  NG   Vita Vea                 6-4,   347,  5.1,     28  4.88 105, 41, WASH 2,809 #1 Bucs
4  DT  Taven Bryan        6-5,   291,  4.98,   35,     4.48,   119,   30,  FLA   2,777 #1 Jags
5  DT   DaRon Payne      6-2.5,  311,  4.87,  28.5, 4.71,   107,   27,  ALA   2,775 #1 Skins
6 EDGE Harold Landry    6-3,  252,  4.64,  36,  4.19,  119, 24,     BC      2,769 #2 Titans
7 DT B.J. Hill                6-3,  311,  4.99,  26.5,  4.53,  101,  31,  NC State   2,766 #3 Giants
8 NG Maurice Hurst     6-12924.98314.59 10429,  Mich 2,763 #5 Raiders
9 EDGE Lorenzo Carter  6-5,  250,   4.46,   36,   4.3,  130,   15,  UGA  2,761 #3 Giants
10 DE Rasheem Green 6-4, 275, 4.65,  32.5, 4.39,  118, 23,  USC  2,760 #3 Seahawks
11 NG Deadrin Senat   6-0,  314,  5.16,  26,  4.79, 100,  35, South Fla  2,758 #3 Falcons 
12 EDGE Kemoko Turay  6-5,  253,  4.6,  39,  4.25, 124,  22, Rutgers  2,756 #2 Colts
13 DT Harrison Phillips    6-3,  307,  5.12, 32,  4.5,  103,   42,   STAN 2,754 #3 Bills
14 EDGE Duke Ejiofor 6-3, 264, 4.74, 32, 4.39, 123, Wake Forest 2,753 #6 Texans
15 EDGE Josh Sweat     6-4,  251,  4.43,   39.5,  4.28,  124,   16, FSU  2,752 #4 Eagles
16 DT Nathan Shepherd 6-4, 315,  4.98,  31, 4.53,  112, 31, Ft Hayes  2,750 #3 Jets
17 EDGE Arden Key         6-5,   240,  4.68,  31,  4.25,  117,  20,     LSU 2,745 #3 Raiders
17 DE Kentavius Street 6-2,  280, 4.58404.37105, 28, NC State 2,745 #4 49ers
17 DT T
renton Thompson 6-3, 288, 5.06, 32.5,  4.56, 111, 25, UGA 2,745 Free Agent
20 EDGE Tyquan Lewis  6-3, 269, 4.67, 35.5, 4.47,  122,  25,   Ohio St 2,744 #2 Colts
21 EDGE Jeff Holland             6-1, 249, 4.76, 31.5, 4.56, 118, Auburn   2,743 Free Agent
22 DT DaShawn Hand     6-4,  297,   4.83,  31.5,  4.62, 111, 28,   ALA  2,742 #4 Lions
23 DE  Breeland Speaks   6-3,  283,  4.87,  32.5,  4.65,  110, 24, Miss  2,741 #2 Chiefs
24  EDGE Sam Hubbard 6-5, 270, 4.65,  35, 4.32, 116,  24, Ohio St 2,740 #3 Bengals
25 EDGE Marquis Haynes 6-2.5, 235, 4.55, 32, 4.45, 123, 23 Miss 2,738 #4 Panthers
26 DT Andrew Brown  6-3,  298, 4.93,  28,  4.48,  101,  31, Virginia 2,737 #5 Bengals
27 DT Tim Settle 6-3,  329, 5.2, 25.5, 4.83, 9925,  Virginia Tech 2,733 #5 Redskins
28 EDGE Kylie Fitts       6-4,  263,  4.6,   32.5, 4.19, 117, 31,   UTAH    2,731 #6 Bears
29 NG Derrick Nnadi             6-1, 317, 5.22, 27, 4.97, 96, 25, FSU        2,714 #3 Chiefs
30 EDGE Ogbon Okoronkwo 6-2, 253, 4.67, 38, 4.34, 125, 27, OU   2,711 #5 Rams
31 DT R.J. McIntosh                6-4, 286, 5.12, 27, 5.09, 99, Miami    2,705 #5 Giants




SCOUTING NOTE I: REMEMBER that All of These Special Super Sleepers were Evaluated with a “Little-Different” Process than All of The Other Top NFL Players, because some of These SPECIAL SUPER SLEEPER, with their Incredible Measurables, would Rate Higher than Some Of The Top Rated NFL Draft Choice Players.

SCOUTING NOTE II: If the Player did not Participate in The Scouting Combine Measurables or If he Improved his Measurable at His Pro-Day, I Listed that Measurable in BLUE.

SCOUTING NOTE III: The Tremendous Thirteen Special Super Sleepers that Were Rated With a 2,800+ MEARS RATING Or Better are Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Related imageEdge Rusher Ade Aruna (#87) Was One Of The Super Combine Freak Sleepers In The 2018 NFL Draft!

# POS PLAYER               HT    WT   40   VJ  SH   SBJ BP College MEARS RATING
1  EDGE Ade Aruna   6-5,  262,   4.6,   38.5,  4.48,  128,  18  Tulane  2,800+ #6 Vikings
1  DE Kendall Donnerson 6-3, 250, 4.43, 40, 4.37, 131, SEMO 2,800+#7 Packers
1  NG P.J. Hall 6-13084.76, 28,  4.56,  116, 36, Sam Houston   2,800+#2 Raiders

1  EDGE Leon Jacobs          6-3, 246, 4.48, 34.5,  4.44, 122, 26, WIS 2,800+ #7 Jags
1  NG Sebastian Joseph 6-3299, 4.93, 31.5, 4.56, 112, 24, Rutgers 2,800+ #6 Rams
1  EDGE Peter Kalambayi 6-3, 252, 4.57, 34, 4.36, 121, 19,    STAN 2,800+ #6 Texans

1  DT James Looney     6-3,  287,  4.89,  35,5,  4.37,  113,  28,  CAL  2,800+ #7 Packers
1  EDGE Mike Love      6-4 266,  4.72,  35,  4.52,  121,  24USF 2,800+ Free Agent
1  EDGE Jacob Martin 6-2,236,4.56, 34.5,4.44,121, 23, TEM 2,800+ #6 Seahawks

1  DT Bilal Nichols  6-3.5, 306, 4.95, 30.5, 4.49, 112, 29,   Del    2,800+#5 Bears
1 NG Mike Ramsey 6-1.53004.8930, 4.5310631, DUKE 2,800+ Free Agent
1 DT Zach Sieler
   6-5, 290, 4.78 304.5811931, Ferris St  2,800+ #7 Ravens
1 DT Julian Taylor  6-4.52954.83334.6311431,  Temple 2,800+#7 49ers

Image result for Peter kalambayi PhotosSuper Edge Rusher Peter Kalambayi (#34) Is A Super Combine Freak And He Brings An international Flavor To The Houston Texans, Being The Son Of An Immigrant From The Congo And Mother From Trinidad!

12 EDGE Marcell Frazier 6-5, 2564.633.54.46118, 25, MO 2,782 Free Agent
13 DE Dorance Armstrong 6-4, 257, 4.87, 33, 4.23, 118, 25,  KAN 2,778 #4 Cowboys
14 DE Sharif Finch     6-4,  251, 4.6,  314.45,  117,  23,    Temple 2,772 Free Agent 
15 EDGE J Franklin-Myers 6-4, 283, 4.68, 33, 4.48, 113, 26, SFA 2,771 #4 Rams
16 NG Bruce Hector      6-2, 2994.9833.5, 4.69108, 26, USF 2,770 Free Agent
17 DT Folorunso Fatukasi  6-4, 318, 5.17, 30, 4.53, 112, 33, U-Conn 2,766 #6 Jets
18 EDGE Hercules Mataafa 6-2, 254, 4.76, 31.5, 4.37, 111,  Wash St 2,763 Free Agent
19 DE Andrew Ankrah  6-3, 2494.81334.46, 118 J Madison 2,762 Free Agent
20 DT Foley Fatukasi         6-4,  318,  5.29,  30,  4.53,  112,  33,   U-Conn 2,761 #6 Jets
21 DT/NG Justin Jones  6-2,  309,  5.09,  29,  4.71, 104,  24, NC St 2,758 #3 Chargers
22 DT Christian LaCouture 6-4,293, 5.1, 29.5, 4.68, 101, 41, LSU 2,755 Free Agent
23 EDGE Chad Thomas 6-5, 2814.7832,5, 4.13,11820, Miami 2,752 #3 Browns
24 DE Marcus Martin 6-2, 250, 4.69, 35, 4.22, 116, 32, Slip Rock 2,750 Free Agent
25 EDGE Ola Adenili  6-2,  248,  4.73,  31.5,  4.26,  126, 26, Toledo   2,746 Free Agent
26 DE Jalyn Holmes        6-5, 283, 4.82, 32, 4.59, 112, 25 Ohio State 2,745 #4 Vikings
27 EDGE Zach Barnes 6-22474.6337.5, 4.212326, Tex Tech 2,739 Free Agent
28 DE Antonio Simmons  6-2, 252, 4.51,30.5, 4.31,117,30, GAT 2,738 Free Agent
29 EDGE Trevon Young         6-4,  258, 4.76,  33,  4.4,  114,  25,  LOUIS 2,736 #6 Rams
30 NG Kahlil McKenzie      6-3, 314, 5.15, 29.5, 4.62, 105, 26, TENN 2,733 Free Agent
31 DT Tomasi Laulile            6-3, 301, 4.77, 30, 4.51, 109, 21, BYU 2,732 Free Agent
32 DE  Joe Ostman   6-2, 282,4.72, 36.5, 4.41, 122, 31, Cen Mich 2,732 Free Agent
33 DT Tyler Lancaster 6-3, 313, 5.01, 27, 4.6, 101, 32, N-western 2,731 Free Agent
34 EDGE Eben Ogundeko   6-32404.8232.5, 4.53, 116,, TN St 2,730 Free Agent
35 DE Mat Boesen        6-42404.9431.54.33114,   21, TCU  2,727 Free Agent
36 DE Justin Lawler     6-4, 263, 4.96, 30.5, 4.46, 106, 22, SMU 2,726 #7 Rams
37 DT Kendrick Norton 6-3,  314, 5.15,  29.54.91, 99, 30, Miami 2,723 #7 Panthers
38 DT Matt Dickerson          6-5, 292, 5.02, 31, 4.67, 110, 26, UCLA  2,720 Free Agent
39 DT Conor Sheehy             6-4, 295, 5.26, 32, 4.61, 116, 21, WIS   2,715 Free Agent
40 DE Alec James              6-3, 262, 4.82, 32.5, 4.51, 119, 26, WIS   2,712 Free Agent

41 DE Brian Womac      6-22354.8133.5 4.3911618, Rice 2,710 Free Agent
42 NG Jamiyus Pittman    6-1.5, 301, 5.22, 30, 4.76, 101, 25UCF 2,709 Free Agent
43 DE Albert Havili      6-22784.83294.5911129,  E Wash  2,707 Free Agent
44 EDGE Sione Teuhema  6-4, 241, 4.78, 32.5, 4.41, 117, 15, SELA     2,706 Free Agent
45 DE Curtis Cochran    6-52834.8428.54.711926, OU   2,705 Free Agent
46 DT Kendal Vickers    6-3, 290, 4.94, 30, 4.65, 112, 16, TENN  2,704 Free Agent
47 NT Lowell Lotulelei  6-2, 315, 5.36, 23.5, 4.93, 89, 28, UTAH 2,702 Free Agent
48 DT Joshua Frazier       6-3, 321, 5.22, 23, 4.7, 99, 21, Alabama 2,702 #7 Steelers
49 NG Poona Ford        6-0, 306, 5.13, 29.5, 4.72, 111, 24, TEXAS 2,701 Free Agent

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Super Edge Rusher Marcus Davenport Drafted #1 By New Orleans Saints! By Super Scout Max Emfinger

Super Edge Rusher Marcus Davenport Drafted #1 By New Orleans Saints!
By Super Scout Max Emfinger

Related image

The New Orleans Saints have been Needing an Incredible Rush Defensive End for several years, but all of the Super-Stars that they have wanted were always gone before they had a chance to Draft Them. In this 2018 NFL Draft, however, General Manager Mickey Loomis decided To-Make a Change in The 2018 NFL Draft.

The Saints had been Watching This Small School Super-Star from UTSA Named Marcus Davenport for awhile. So The Saints were really looking forward to Evaluating him at all of  The Senior Bowl Practices and also watching him and Evaluating him in his Incredible Senior Bowl Game, they decided that they had to have him.

The Greatest Rush End on The Planet in The 2018 NFL Draft, after The Incredible Bradley Chubb of North Carolina State, was Definitely Marcus Davenport.

It is Amazing, but Most all of the #1 Draft Choices are Always being Selected, Behind-The-Scenes, and being from a Smaller School, Davenport was not one that had already been Chosen, Behind-The-Scenes, and Mickey Loomis knew this and he made a Huge Trade to get The Chance To Draft Davenport as The #14 Selection in The First Round Draft and it Worked as Davenport was Chosen by The New Orleans Saints in that #14 Spot.

Loomis and The Saints were able to Make the Trade-Up from a #27 Pick to a #14 Pick and get Davenport in Round One. The Saints Traded Their #27 Selection in The First Round; a First Round Draft Choice in The 2019 Draft; and a Fifth Round in The Saturday 2018 Draft to The Green Bay Packers to Move-Up to a #14 Selection in Round One.

Related image

Marcus Davenport was a Super Freak at The Senior Bowl Workouts and then also in The Senior Bowl Game. Davenport was Outstanding in All of The Practices and he became the Center of Attention with all of the Sportswriters and NFL Scouts. Then in The Senior Bowl Game, Davenport Recorded some of the Biggest Plays in the Game, including a Quarterback Sack on Heisman Trophy Winning Quarterback Baker Mayfield in the First Quarter and then in The Third Quarter, he Picked-Up a Fumble and ran 19-Yards for a Touchdown.

Davenport has an Unbelievable Explosive “First Step” and he also shows Great Speed with his Quickness and Power. He is an Unbelievable Edge-Rusher and he has Great Ability to Shed Blockers in The Running Game. All of these Skills and Abilities Are Awesome and they had all of The NFL Scouts Excited about the Chance of getting-him for Their NFL Team, but his Biggest Attribute is his Sensational Motor which is Going At Full-Speed on Every Play and even when he does not get to The Quarterback, his Long-Arms Knocks-Down The Football.

Davenport was The 2017 Conference USA Defensive Player of the Year and also First-Team All-Conference and a Member of  The Chuck Bednarik Award and The Wuerffel Trophy Watch Lists. In The 2017 Season, Davenport Recorded 55 Tackles and Set School Records with an Incredible 17.5 Tackles for a Loss, 8.5 Quarterback Sacks, and Eight Quarterback Hurries. He also Recorded Four Pass Breakups, Three Forced Fumbles, and a Fumble Return for a touchdown.

Davenport finished his UTSA College Career as The All-Time Leader in Tackles for a Loss with 38, Quarterback Sacks with 22.0, and Quarterback Hurries with 21.

All of his Pass-Rushes in The Senior Bowl were all Very Impressive and NFL-Type Pass-Rushes. On his Highlight Film, he was Unbelievably, Impressive. Another “Thing” that “Stood-Out” on Davenport was that with his Tremendous Athleticism, he can Beat an Offensive Lineman in a Variety of ways which Makes him an Unbelievable Edge-Rusher.  

Another Great Asset for Davenport is that Although he is a Rare and Dominant Edge-Rusher, he is also a Tremendous Run-Stopper! 

Against Rice University, Davenport was Unblocked from his Rush-End Position, but then on a Miss-Direction Play by The Owls, Davenport caused some Great Havoc in the Middle for a Huge Loss. On another Play, in a Two-Point Stance, Davenport Slid-Inside and “Manhandled” the Guard and Helped in another Tremendous Loss.

Davenport has Tremendous Twitch Muscles which Helps make him with Excellent Quickness, making him a Tremendous Pass-Rusher and he has Tremendous Size for The NFL.

Davenport did not play College Football for a Major Team, but his College Career for UTSA was Mind-Boggling as he Recorded an Incredible 4.5 Tackles for a Loss and Three Quarterback Sacks Against other Major College Teams, including Arizona, Kansas State, Texas A&M, and Baylor.

Davenport has Looked Tremendous in his Initial Workouts with The New Orleans Saints and Head Coach Sean Payton and Second Year Defensive Line Coach Ryan Nielsen have been Extremely Impressed.

Image result for marcus davenport photos

Davenport (6-6, 265, 4.58, 33.55, 4.41, 124, 22) is an Actual Defensive Freak in Waiting and he will get his Chance

Defensive Linemen Are Now Divided Into Four Categories!

Over the Years, the Defensive Line Position has Evolved into several different positions. In a 3-4 or a 5-2 Defense, The Defensive Nose Guard or Nose Tackle, or sometimes Called The Middle Guard plays Directly over the Offensive Center and in a 5-2 or 3-4 Defense, The Defensive Tackles play Directly over the Offense Tackles.

In a Typical 3-4 Defense, The Nose Tackles are “Big-Wide Bodies who can hold the Point of Attack and Force Two Offensive Linemen to Double Team him with the Offensive Guard and Center.  They are also usually the Heaviest Players on the Roster, weighing in the 320 to 350 Pound Range. Height is Important, but Typical Nose Tackles are 6-3, 6-2, or 6-1-Inches Tall or Below.

In a Typical 4-3 Defense, both Defensive Ends are at a Down Position in a 5 Technique. The Strong Side Defensive End or Strong Side End is Lined-Up on The Tight End side. This Defensive End is Typically the Bigger, Stronger, and more Physically Gifted End of the two Defensive Ends, as he may be seeing blocks from either the Tight End, Right Offensive Tackle or Guard, and Fullback or a combination of two of those players.

The “Weak Side Defensive End” or “Rush End” is The Blind-Side Pass-Rusher against a Right-Handed Passing Quarterback and he usually is a Speedy, Athletic, and One of the Best Players on the Football Team. This Super Defensive End has Recently been given a New name of EDGE Rush End.

In Separating These Defensive Players, They are Divided into Four Different Position Categories, Including Defensive Tackles, Nose Guard or Tackles, Strong Defensive Ends, and EDGE Rush Ends.

Related imageSuper New Orleans Saints Edge Rusher Marcus Davenport (#93) on The Edge!


# POS PLAYER               HT    WT   40   VJ  SH   SBJ BP College MEARS RATING
1  DE  Bradley Chubb   6-4,  269,  4.57,    36,  4.34, 121, 24,  NC State 2,838 #1 Broncs
2 EDGE Marcus Davenport 6-6, 264, 4.58, 33.5, 4.41, 124, 22, UTSA 2,828 #1 Saints
3  DT   Vita Vea                6-4,   347,  5.1,     28  4.88 105,  41, WASH  2,785 #1 Bucs
4  DT  Taven Bryan        6-5,   291,  4.98,   35,     4.48,   119,   30,  FLA    2,777 #1 Jags
5  DT   DaRon Payne      6-2.5,  311,  4.87,  28.5, 4.71,   107,   27,  ALA    2,772 #1 Skins
6 DT B.J. Hill                 6-3,  311,  4.99,  26.5,  4.53,  101,  31,  NC State  2,766 #3 Giants
7 NG Maurice Hurst    6-12924.98314.59 10429,  Mich  2,763 #5 Raiders
8 EDGE Lorenzo Carter  6-5,  250,   4.46,   36,    4.3,  130,   15,  UGA 2,760 #3 Giants
9 DE Rasheem Green  6-4,  275,  4.65,  32.5, 4.39,  118,  23,    USC 2,760 #3  S-hawks
10 EDGE Harold Landry  6-3,  252,  4.64,  36,  4.19,  119, 24,     BC       2,759 #2 Titans
11 NG Deadrin Senat  6-0,  314,  5.16,  26,  4.79,  100,  35, South Fla 2,758 #3 Falcons  
12 EDGE Kemoko Turay      6-5,  253,  4.6,  39,  4.25, 124,  22,  Rutgers  2,756 #2 Colts
13 DT Harrison Phillips    6-3,  307,  5.12, 32,  4.5,  103,   42,        STAN 2,754 #3 Bills
14 DT Tim Settle  6-3,  329,  5.2 25.5,  4.83,  9925,  Virginia Tech   2,753 #5 Skins
15 EDGE Josh Sweat     6-4,  251,   4.43,    39.5,  4.28,  124,   16,    FSU  2,752 #4 Eagles
16 DT Nathan Shepherd 6-4,  315,  4.98,  31,  4.53,  112,  31, Ft Hayes    2,750 #3 Jets
17 EDGE Arden Key         6-5,   240,  4.68,  31,  4.25,  117,  20,     LSU  2,745 #3 Raiders
18 DE Kentavius Street 6-2,  280, 4.58404.37105, 28, NC State 2,745 #4 49ers
19 DT T
renton Thompson 6-3,  288,  5.06,  32.5,  4.56,  111,  25, UGA 2,745 MEARS
20 EDGE Tyquan Lewis  6-3, 269,  4.67, 35.5,  4.47,  122,  25,  Ohio St 2,744 #2 Colts
21  EDGE Sam Hubbard  6-5,  270, 4.65,  35,  4.32,  116, 24, Ohio St 2,740 #3 Bengals
22 DE Antonio Simmons 6-2, 252, 4.51, 30.5, 4.31, 117,   30,  GAT  2,739 MEARS
23 DT Andrew Brown  6-3,  298,  4.93,  28,  4.48,  101,  31, Virginia  2,737 #5 Bengals
24 DE  Joe Ostman  6-2,  282,  4.72,   36.5 4.41, 122, 31   Cen Mich 2,732 MEARS
26 EDGE Kylie Fitts        6-4,  263,  4.6,     32.5, 4.19, 117, 31,     UTAH    2,731 #6 Bears
26 DT DaShawn Hand     6-4,  297,   4.83,  31.5,  4.62, 111, 28,   ALA     2,729 #4 Lions
27 EDGE Ade Aruna       6-5,    262,   4.6,   38.5,  4.48,  128,  18  Tulane 2,714 #6 Vikes
28 EDGE Ogbon Okoronkwo 6-2, 253,  4.67, 38, 4.34, 125, 27,   OU  2,711 #5 Rams
29 DE  Breeland Speaks   6-3,  283,  4.87,  32.5,  4.65,  110, 24, Miss   2,706 #2 Chiefs

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The Incredible Billy Cannon Story Ended On Sunday! By Super Scout Max Emfinger

The Incredible Billy Cannon Story
Ended On A Sunday!
By Super Scout Max Emfinger

Billy Cannon is an Unbelievable LSU Legend as he led The LSU Football Tigers to The 1958 National Championship. Then, after Finishing Third as a Junior in The 1958 Heisman Trophy, Billy Cannon Won The 1959 Heisman Trophy Award as a SeniorCannon, not only Won The 1959 Heisman Trophy Award, but he was an All-American Selection in 1958 and 1959; and a Two-Time SEC Player of the Year and First-Team All-SEC.

Image result for Billy Cannon PhotosBilly Cannon Made one of the Most Famous Plays Made in College Football History on Halloween Night in 1959.

On this Halloween Night, Billy Cannon was Tricking The Ole Miss Defenders while Treating The LSU Players and Fans as he Picked-Up The Football Off-Of-A-Single-Bounce, Faked Seven or Eight Ole Miss Tacklers, and Raced 89-Yards, Down The Right Sideline, At The Start of The Fourth QuarterT0-Give The Tigers a 7-3 Victory over Ole Miss.

The Billy Cannon 89-Yard Punt-Return on October 31, 1959 was while Most Kids and their Parents were out “Trick-or-Treating” All-Around The Country.

Although Cannon was an Incredible Heisman Trophy Award Winner and a Two-Time SEC Player of the Year, one of the Biggest Moments that Immortalized his College Football Career was also one of  The Most Unbelievable Plays For LSU in College Football HistoryPlaying against The Ole Miss Rebels on Halloween Night in 1959, The LSU Tigers Trailed The Ole Miss Rebs 3-0 in an Unbelievable Southeast Conference Battle.

LSU College Football Fans Will Always Remember that although Billy Cannon Graduated from Baton Rouge Istrouma, only a few miles from The LSU Campus, he was Born in Philadelphia, Neshoba County, Mississippi and was Heavily Recruited by The Ole Miss Rebels

SIDEBAR IBoth LSU and Ole Miss Were Undefeated. The LSU Defense had only Given-Up Six Points in Their First Six Games; while Ole Miss had only Given-Up Seven Points in Their First Six Games. The #1 Ranked LSU Tigers were Riding a 19-Game Winning Streak and were The Returning 1958 National Champions and They Were Losing 3-0 to The #3 Ranked Ole Miss Rebels.

So Here We Were at The Start of The Fourth Quarter, on Halloween Night in 1959, in Tiger Stadium or Commonly Called “Death Valley Stadium”, and Ole Miss Punter Jake Gibbs was Back To-Punt, on a Fourth Down and 17-Yards-To-Go,  from his own 42-Yard Line.

SIDEBAR II: LSU Head Coach Paul Dietzel had Two Punt-Return Rules,  just as Most Head Coaches: NEVER, Field a Bounced-Punt and NEVER, Field a Punt Inside-The-Twenty-Yard Line.

Image result for joe labruzzo lsu stats

So Billy Cannon is Back in Punt Return Formation: And As he is Picking-Up The Football Off-Of-A-Single-Bounce; Head Coach Coach Paul Dietzel Is Yelling No-No-No” and then as Cannon Fakes-Out Four or Five Players and Breaks Into The Clear; You could also hear Coach Dietzel Yelling Go-Go-Go” all The Way Down The Sideline.

SIDEBAR III As Fate Would Have It, These Two Teams would Face Each Other Again, at The End of The 1959 Season, in The 1960 Sugar Bowl Game, but in that Game, The #2 Ranked Ole Miss Rebels Defeated The #3 Ranked LSU Tigers, by a 21-0 Score.

Billy Cannon was an LSU Football Legend and Fellow Louisiana Native,” LSU Head Football Coach Ed Orgeron said. “He will be Missed and Never Forgotten.”

Last August, on The Day After Cannon Turned 80-Years Old, The LSU Athletic Hall of Fame Committee called Billy Cannon, To-Tell Him that Louisiana State University Had Unanimously Approved a Proposal for a Statue Honoring Billy Cannon, which is set To Be Erected on The LSU Campus, In his Honor! 

After hearing about The Statue in His Honor, Billy Cannon was Amazingly, Taken Aback. “It’s not something that you would expect,” said Cannon!

“There is no LSU Football Player more Synonymous with LSU Football Than Billy Cannon,” said Bill Demastes, LSU Faculty Athletics Representative and Athletic Hall of Fame Committee Chairman, in a Press Release last August. “His ability on a Football Field made him a Legend and The Decision To-Honor Him was Unanimous.”

You can Admire The Humility of Cannon, but if Anyone Deserved a Statue for Their LSU Athletic Honors and Exploits, it was Doctor William “Billy” Abb Cannon, who Passed-Away Peacefully in his Sleep on Sunday Morning on May 20, 2018, at Age 80.

Billy Cannon was among the Most Heralded and Identifiable College Football Players in NCAA Football History, and he was Largely Responsible for the Emergence of Big-Time Football at LSU.  I also Believe his Commitment to Rebuild and Dedicate his Life in Service to his Family, The Community and The Louisiana State University he loved and was Admirable. He’s a very Human Hero and The Most Renowned LSU Hero,” Added LSU Athletics Director Joe Alleva.

Image result for Leonard Fournette Photos

Nationally, The Very Best and Most Well-Known LSU Sports Heroes are Probably “Pistol” Pete Maravich and Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal and in This Decade, Two Friends of Mine, Leonard Fournette (#7) and Odell Beckham, Jr, Both NFL #1 Draft Choices for LSU, however, LSU Dictates That Billy Cannon is The LSU Legend of All Legends.

SIDEBAR IV: Billy Cannon Quote:  “If I could send my Heisman Trophy Vote in right now I would and you know who it would be for,” Cannon Laughingly said. “If  Leonard Fournette keeps it up, there would not be any reason to even Vote for Second or Third Place.”


Billy Cannon 1961 Fleer football card

Billy Cannon was The #1 Draft Choice in The 1960 NFL Draft of The Los Angeles Rams and The Houston Oilers of The New 1960 American Football League Draft. Cannon also Signed with Both The NFL Los Angeles Rams and The AFL Houston Oilers, but a Federal Judge Invalidated a Three-Year, $50,000 Contract that Cannon had Secretly Signed with Pete Rozelle, The Rams General Manager, before he later became The NFL Commissioner.

This Ruling Made Legal a Four-Year, $110,000 Contract that Cannon had Signed with The Houston Oilers and This Contract Made Billy Cannon One of the Highest-Paid Professional Football Players and because of this, Cannon was Heckled by Opposing Players in his Early Years.

Billy Cannon joined The Houston Oilers and In his Rookie Season, he led The Houston Oilers in Rushing with 644-Yards and Caught Five Touchdown Passes. He also had an 88-yard Touchdown Catch from Quarterback George Blanda in The 1960 AFL Championship Game. This Special Cannon Catch Helped Lead The Houston Oilers To Become The Inaugural AFL League Champions and with This Special Cannon Catch, Billy Cannon was Named as The 1960 AFL Championship Game Most Valuable Player.

Then, In 1961, The Houston Oilers Won their First Game Against The Oakland Raiders, but then they Lost Their Next Four Games, and Head Coach Lou Rykmus Was Fired and New Head Coach Wally Lemm was Hired. After this Huge Move, The Houston Oilers Won Their Next Ten Straight Games, including The AFL Championship Game Against The San Diego Chargers. In the AFL Championship Game, Billy Cannon Rushed For 48-Yards and Caught 5 Passes for 53-Yards, including The Winning 35-Yard Touchdown Pass.

The Houston Oilers Repeated as AFL Champions and Billy Cannon was Again Selected as The AFL Game MVP, as he Scored The Only Touchdown in The Game. The Sporting News Selected Cannon to The 1961 All-AFL League Team and he was also Invited to Play in The 1961 AFL All-Star Game.

In one of those games, Against The New York Titans, Cannon Set a Professional Football Record with an Incredible 373-Yards of All-Purpose Yards and Five Touchdowns. His 216-Yards Rushing in That Game also Set an AFL Football Record.  At the End of that 1961 Season, Cannon was The AFL Leading Rusher with 948-Yards; plus he led The AFL in All-Purpose Yards.

Cannon injured his back in the Third Game of  The 1962 Football Season, which affected his performances, but he still finished second on the team in scoring behind All-AFL Quarterback George Blanda. The Houston Oilers reached The AFL Championship Game for The Third Straight Year, but they Lost to The Dallas Texans, in the First-Ever Double Overtime Game in Professional Football Game History.

SIDEBAR V: After The 1962 Fall Football Season, Billy Cannon was Back-On The LSU Campus in The Spring of 1963 Visiting Friends when he was Confronted by a Car-Full of Young Ladies who had “Just Graduated” from Beauty School and were looking for “Some Fun” on The LSU Campus.

Cannon was coming-out of a Building and he was walking toward the Street.

“That’s Billy Cannon,” said Ginger, who was in the Back-Seat with Lynn; while Maynette was in the Passenger Seat and Christi was Diving.Maynette, see, if he will stop and help us! It’s Really Billy Cannon and he’s Gorgeous.”


Image result for Billy Cannon Photos

SIDEBAR VINew leg injuries and lingering back problems caused Cannon To-Miss most of  The 1963 Football Season and The Houston Oilers also replaced Wally Lemm as Their New Head Football Coach. Because of these Various Problems, Cannon Successfully requested that the team let him leave. Cannon Later Said: “I left the team with Very Good Feelings and a lot of Great Friends, but it was just time to go.”

SIDEBAR VII: Also, In The Fall of 1963, However, There were some other Interesting Things “Going-On” in Houston, Texas, The Home of  The Houston Oilers.

First of All, back in The Spring of 1963, about the Same Time that Billy Cannon was being Confronted by Ginger” and The Young Ladies on The LSU Campus, The Future Super Scout had just Finished his Freshman All-SWC Season, Recorded two Interceptions in The Baylor Football Spring Game, and he was looking forward to a Super Sophomore Season in the “Up-Coming” 1963 Baylor Football Season.

Secondly, Billy Cannon, The Four Young Ladies, and all of the Other LSU Tiger Fans were Super Excited that They had Received an Invitation to Play in The 1963 Bluebonnet Bowl Game in Rice Stadium, in Houston, Texas. Ironically, The LSU Tigers Opponent was going to be The Baylor Bears.

Most LSU Tiger Fans and SEC Fans still had Memories of  The Great Billy Cannon and particularly The Famous Billy Cannon 89-Yard Punt-Return on Halloween Night in 1959. And they Believed that they had found a New Super-Star Return Man, much in the Same Mold of another Billy Cannon.

Joe Labruzzo was a Red-Shirt Sophomore from Larose, Louisiana just like Current LSU Head Coach, Ed Orgeron, and he Opened The 1963 LSU Football Season with an Incredible 83-Yard Punt Return for a Touchdown in a 14-6 Victory over The Texas A&M Aggies. Then on November 2, Labruzzo Returned another Unbelievable Punt for 81-Yards Against The Ole Miss Rebels.

Image result for joe labruzzo lsu stats

SIDEBAR VIII: On The First Day of The Baylor Bears 1963 Fall PracticeThe Future Super Scout (In a Dozen Years) lost 22-Pounds and Suffered a Mild Heat Stroke, sending him to The Hospital  for Three Days and Forcing-Him to Red Shirt his 1963 Sophomore Season.

The Baylor Bear Coaches were Very Disturbed about all of the Rumors about this LSU Return Man named Joe Labruzzo (#22) who might be “The Second-Coming of Another Billy Cannon” and with the Ability to Return a Kickoff or Punt Return Against them in The Bluebonnet Bowl Game.

After three months of Recuperation, I was at Full-Speed Again and Ready to “Impersonate” The Super LSU Kick-Return Man, Joe LaBruzzo in Pre-Bowl Game Practices. And this was Another Unbelievable Ironic Story to be Told.

The LSU Tigers had their Tremendous Kick Return Specialist, Joe LaBruzzo, and he Wore Jersey #22 and that was The Same #22 Jersey Number that I was Assigned To-Wear before my Heat Stroke.

Since I was on The Baylor Scout Team and was Impersonating Joe LaBruzzo, One of The LSU Running Backs, and Their Return Specialist, I was Given his Jersey #22, on Monday Practice, before the Game, to Impersonate him at Running Back and also as their Great Kick-Return Man.

The Baylor Coaches wanted to be Completely-Sure that LaBruzzo did not Return a Punt or Kickoff Against them in The Bluebonnet Bowl Game, but as Fate would have it, The Baylor Defensive Coaches and Especially Head Coach John Bridgers got Pretty Upset when I Returned a 92-Yard Kickoff  Return for a Touchdown in a “Live Practice-Scrimmage” on Wednesday.

Baylor Climaxed a Fabulous Football Season in 1963 with an Unbelievable  14-7 Victory over The Powerful LSU Tigers in the Fifth Annual 1963 Bluebonnet Bowl Game as 1963 Consensus All-American Quarterback Don Trull Completed 26 of 37 Passes for 255-Yards and was Selected as The MVP of The Bluebonnet Bowl Game. The Tigers Double-and-Triple Teamed Consensus All-American and Good Friend, Lawrence Elkins and Super Split End and another Good Friend, James Ingram Caught an Incredible 11 Passes for 163-Yards and “The Winning Touchdown” in the Last Minutes of the Fourth Quarter and was Voted as the Outstanding Lineman Award.

Don Trull, #Baylor's original Heisman finalist (1963) and newly elected College Football Hall of Famer. // #Baylor University Class of 1964

Also, The Baylor Defense Played Exceptionally Well as they Limited The LSU Tigers to only Four First Downs, only 95-Yards Rushing, and only 13-Yards Passing and they, obviously, Held LaBruzzo to Limited Yardage and Absolutely no Kick Returns.

It was Unbelievably Incredible how many of my Baylor Teammates came-up to me after the Game, in Rice Stadium, Laughing and Telling-Me that I had Actually gained more yardage on my Wednesday Kick Returns than LaBruzzo had Gained During the Bluebonnet Bowl Game.

Raiders Dropped Billy Cannon Before The 1970 Season, But He Already Had His Dentistry Degree!

The Raiders dropped Billy Cannon just before the 1970 Season, but by then, Cannon had already had his Dentistry Degree, but he said that he was not ready to quit Football. “I can be a Dentist the rest of my life,” Cannon said. Cannon, then Signed with The Kansas City Chiefs, played Six Games and Then Retired.

SIDEBAR IX: In The Spring of 1971About 47 Years Ago, I was living in Austin, Texas and a Very Well-Respected and Nationally-Noted Psychic Told me that I was getting ready to meet “My Soul-Mate” and that I would Meet her at an Outside Event. The next weekend, I had to drive to New Orleans, Louisiana  for my Two-Week U.S. Naval Reserve Camp. My Buddy and I had Blind Dates on Saturday Night, before we Reported for Duty, on Sunday.

We did not like Our Dates and so we took them Home Early and went Back-Down to The French Quarter. On Saturday Night, At 2:30 AM, we saw these Three Young Ladies, across the street, in The French Quarter, and we went over and invited The Three Young Ladies to join us at Pat O’Brien’s Bar in The French Quarter. The Three Young Ladies were Named Georgia, Sally, and GingerAt 4:30 AM, and after Two Hurricane Drinks, I think that I was in Love with one of  These Ladies and My Soul-Mate. Her Name was “Ginger” and we were Married in Houston, Texas a Year Later on April 15, 1972.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling

In The Photo, Ginger and The Super Scout are Leaving The Church in Houston, Texas After They Were Married in 1972. Their Only Son, Eric, and his Wife Jennifer have a One-Year Old Son and his Name is Max Emfinger. Those in The Photo have been Married 46-Years.

Billy Cannon Survivals!

Billy Cannon was Survived by his Loving Wife and High School Sweetheart, Dorothy “”Dot”” Cannon, His Daughters Terri Cannon Byrd and Husband Tim Byrd of Baton Rouge; Gina Cannon McWilliams and Husband Jay McWilliams of Big Spring, Texas; Dara Cannon Kelsoe of Baton Rouge; Bunnie Cannon of Baton Rouge; and Billy Cannon Junior and Wife Rise Cannon of St Francisville, Louisiana. Cannon was also survived by Eight Grandchildren, Kimberly Kelsoe Becker, Cannon McWilliams, Laci McWilliams Gentry, Cassie Cannon Graham, Jessie Cannon Black, Abbie Cannon, Mandie Cannon, and Billie Cannon. Billy Cannon also had Eight Great-Grand-Children.

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The Kareem Jackson Story Is One Of The Most Incredible Stories In College Football! By Super Scout Max Emfinger

The Kareem Jackson Story Is One Of The
Most Incredible Stories
In College Football!
By Super Scout Max Emfinger

Image result for kareem jackson photos

Max Emfinger’s 2007 All-American Bowl Game Classic
Independence Bowl Game Stadium – Shreveport, LA

In Our 2007 Max Emfinger’s Third Annual All-American Bowl Game Classic, We Might have had The Most Incredible Story In College Football History And it Might Not Even be Close!

In That 3rd Annual 2007 All-American Bowl Game Classic, We had 113 Players in our Game and We got 63 Scholarships to 63 Players who had No-Offers Before our First Practice. This was also The Last Game that College Coaches could come to one Practice.

My Friend, Coach John Shuman of Fork Union Military Prep School Called me one day in December and said that he had a Great Cover Cornerback by the Name of  Kareem Jackson (#25) and  Coach Shuman Went-On to tell me that Jackson was a Great Player from Georgia, but that he was “Under The Radar” coming out of High School and that he could never get him on any of The “So-Called” Recruiting Lists after being a Prep School Star.

After telling me all of these Stories about Kareem Jackson, he then Asked Me if I would Consider Inviting a Prep School Player To-Play in My All-American Bowl Game. I was Really Excited about The Prospects of Jackson Playing in My Game and Of Course, I Said Yes!

Since Jackson was from Macon Westside High School in Georgia, I decided to Room-Him with another Cornerback from The South Named Chris Lett from Pensacola, Florida and Incidentally, Chris Lett was already Committed to Alabama, while his Roommate, Jackson did not have a Single Offer when he “Showed-Up” for The First East Team Practice.

Although he had no Scholarship Offers at the First Day of Practice, Jackson was “The Buzz” at all of The Practices and he then Recorded an Incredible Two Interceptions in The Game on Saturday. And Guess-What! The Two Roommates, Jackson and Lett, were Offered a Chance to Visit The Alabama Chrimson Tide on the Very Next Weekend.

After Jackson got to Tuscaloosa, Another One of The Most Interesting Stories Came to Life. First of all, Jackson had Already Graduated from High School and he already had a Really Good ACT Score, so he Already had Good Grades and was Ready To Go To College.

The Crimson Tide Coaches knew this and they also knew that Jackson did not have to go back to Fork Union Prep School, because he had already Qualified for CollegeThe Crimson Tide Coaches would not let him Leave Their Campus until he Finally Committed and so he Finally Signed with Alabama and Entered at Mid-Term, Looking Forward to Spring Training.

As a True Freshman for The Crimson Tide, Kareem Jackson was a “Real Freak” as he Started 12 of 13 Games for The Tide. Jackson also Recorded 66 Tackles, had 3 Interceptions, and 4 Pass Breakups and was Selected to The Freshman All-American Team.

As a Sophomore in 2008, Jackson Recorded 44 Tackles, including 28 Solo Tackles and 10 Pass Breakups and an Interception. Then as a Junior in 2009, Jackson started All 14 Games, including The BCS 2010 National Championship Game. In that Championship Season, Jackson Recorded 49 Tackles, 1 Interception, and 13 Pass Breakups in The 2009 Football Season.

Related image


BCS National Championship Game
For All of the 2010 Marbles!

BCS National Championship
Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California
Alabama (13-0) vs. Texas (13)

In The 2010 BCS National Championship Game Against The University of Texas, Alabama Was Ranked #1 in The Country and The Crimson Tide Defeated The Longhorns 37-21. In That National Championship Game, Jackson was Impressive as he Guarded The Longhorns All-American Wide Receiver Jordan Shipley. Although Shipley Caught 10 Passes for Two Touchdowns, Jackson Still Made some Great Plays Against Shipley in Some Really Key Situations in The Victory.

Related imageAlabama Super Cornerback Kareem Jackson (#3) Batting The Football Away From Texas Longhorn Super Wide Receiver Jordan Shipley (#8).

Ironically, One of The Top Defensive Players in The 2010 BCS National Championship Game was in Our 2006 Max Emfinger’s Second Annual All-American Bowl Game Classic. Texas Longhorn Defensive End Lamar Houston Recorded 10 Tackles, including 2 Tackles for a Loss and One Quarterback Sack. Houston joined Jackson and Shipley in The 2010 NFL Draft as he was The #2 Draft Choice of The Oakland Raiders; while Shipley was a #3 Draft Choice of The Cincinnati Bengals.

Then, after Three Years, and after he was The Starting Cornerback on Two SEC Championship Teams and The 2010 BCS National Championship Team, Kareem Jackson Decided to come out early and Come-Out Early for The 2010 NFL Draft and Jackson was Invited to The 2010 NFL Scouting Combine.

Coming out of Alabama, Jackson was invited to The 2010 NFL Scouting Combine and he Recorded Some Really Great Measurables. Under THE MEARS RATING Standards of Today, Jackson (5-10, 196, 4,42, 37.5, 4.14, 118, 13) Recorded a Tremendous 2,762 MEARS RATING.

The Top Five Cornerbacks in The 2018 NFL Draft

1. CB Denzel Ward, Ohio State – #1 Draft Choice – Browns – 2,876 MEARS
2. CB Minkah Fitzpatrick, ALA – #1 Draft Choice – Dolphins – 2,763 MEARS
3. CB Jaire Alexander, LOUIS – #1 Draft Choice – Packers – 2,757 MEARS
4.  CB Josh Jackson, Iowa – #1 Draft Choice – Packers – 2,757 MEARS
5. Mike Hughes, UCF – #1 Draft Choice – Vikings – 2,753 MEARS

Jackson Completed The Entire NFL Scouting Combine Workout and all of The Scouting Combine Drills. He was satisfied with his Combine Measurables and Performance Drills and so he chose to only Take-Part in The Cornerback Positional Drills at The Alabama Pro Day.

After Kareem Jackson Performed Extremely well, he was projected By The Majority of  The NFL Scouts and NFL Draft Analysts to be Drafted in the First or Second Rounds. In an Excellent and Very Deep Cornerback Draft in 2010, Jackson was Ranked about The Fifth Best Cornerback and About #32 in The 2010 NFL Draft.

Jackson Started 40 Games for The Crimson Tide and Thus “Playing in a Lot of Tremendous and Competitive Games” for The Tide, The Houston Texans Still Thought that Jackson was “Ready” to become an Immediate Starter and so They Drafted Him as Their #1 Draft Choice!

Jackson became a #1 Draft Choice and 20th Overall Selection in the 2010 NFL Draft for the Houston Texans. Jackson was Signed by The Houston Texans on July 30, 2010 and Then He Re-Signed with The Texans on March 9, 2015.

Related image

In Eight Seasons with The Houston Texans, Kareem Jackson Recorded 472 Tackles of which 398 were Solo Tackles. He also Averaged 59 Tackles and 44.8 Solo Tackles Per Season in 116 Games. 

Image result for Kareem Jackson Photos

Where would Kareem Jackson be Today if he had of Given-Up after not being Recruited Out of High School and then After Prep School?

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Max Emfinger’s All-American Lashard Durr Joins Kareem Jackson and Alfred Morris As He Never Gave Up After Setbacks! By Super Scout Max Emfinger

Max Emfinger All-American Lashard Durr Joins Kareem Jackson and Alfred Morris As He Never Gave Up After Setbacks!
By Super Scout Max Emfinger

Related imageMississippi State Cornerback Lashard Durr Played in The 10th Annual Max Emfinger’s All-American Bowl Game Classic on January 3, 2014 At Tommy Oliver Memorial Stadium in Panama City, Florida! 

There is One Thing I Tell All My Players That I Evaluate!

Every Single Time that you Compete; You Need to Play as Hard as you can on Every Single Play, because you Never Know when someone is Watching-You and who is “Looking At You And Your Position For The Perfect Player”  for His TeamSince The College Coaches Cannot Come to an All-American Bowl Game, then it is Impossible To-Know who might be Evaluating You on Your Highlight Film and is Looking at You for his Team.

Our All-American Bowl Games and Top Gun Combines Have Been for The Super High School Players who have Great Speed and Quickness Measurables; plus Great Athletic Talent, but for some Reason are “Flying Under The Recruiting Radar” with Most of The College Coaches.

Cornerback Lashard Durr Had Great Measurables And Some Diappointments, But He Never Gave-Up!

Back in The Spring of 2013, One of my Super All-American Bowl Game Coaches, Cornerback Coach Nekemia Rich, from Harrison Central in Gulfport, Mississippi gave me a call and told me that he had a Sensational Cornerback Named Lashard Durr (#25) and he was “A-Little-Under-The-Radar” although he had already Committed to Mississippi State.

I Watched The Tremendous Durr Highlight Film and I then Invited him to Play in our 10th Annual 2014 All-American Bowl Game and here is The Most Amazing Thing about Lashard Durr and all of the Other 2014 All-American Football Players. We had 114 All-American Players in our 2014 Game and out of all of those Unbelievable Players, Durr had The Best and Most Incredible Masurables and He Also Had The Best MEARS RATING.

At a High School Scouting Combine, before his Senior Season and before our All-American Bowl Game, Lashard Durr (5-11, 180, 4.36, 42, 4.2, 129, 10) Recorded some Really Incredible Speed and Quickness Measurables as he Recorded a Fabulous 4.36 Forty, a 42-Inch Vertical Jump, a 4.2 Pro-Shuttle, and an Outstanding 129-Inch Standing Broad Jump. Under The Current and Updated NFL MEARS RATING Standards, Durr Would Have Recorded an Incredible 2,755 MEARS RATING Coming-Out Of High School.

After The 2014 All-American Bowl Game in Panama City, Durr Signed with The Mississippi State Bulldogs, but he did not Qualify Academically and he had To-Go To Junior College and he Enrolled at Copiah-Lincoln Community College in Wesson, Mississippi, About 45 Miles South of Jackson, Mississippi, The State Capital, and 145 Miles North of New OrleansEntering Junior College was not exactly “The-Way” that Durr thought that his College Football Career was Going to Begin. 

“When I first got to Junior College, I was thinking about Quitting, because I did not think that it was going to be for me,” Durr said. “I was Really-Ready to go back home, But I Stuck-It-Out, and fought through The-Hard-Times and I grew. It made me a better man and it taught me not to Give-Up when Stuff gets Tough.”

As a College and NFL Scout, I am Happy and Glad that Lashard Durr “Stuck-It-Out” at Junior College, because he had an Incredible Co-Lin Career. In Fact, on his Co-Lin Highlight Film, Durr was one of the most Aggressive Cornerbacks that I have ever seen. He also used his Outstanding Speed and Quickness To-Make Tackles From Sideline to Sideline.

Durr Recorded 63 Tackles, including Two Tackles for a Loss; had 22 Pass Break-Ups; had Three Pass Interceptions; and Returned a Fumble for a Touchdown. During this Outstanding Career with Co-Lin, Durr still Maintained his Previous Commitment to Mississippi State and He Signed Again with The Bulldogs for the Second Time in December of 2015, and then Enrolled the following Month in January 2016 to Finally Start his College Career at a Major Division I School, on his way to The NFL and The Indianapolis Colts.

Durr (5-11, 197, 4.42) was a Very Large, Very Fast, and a Very Quick Cornerback and he was forced into a Starring role, right from the start. In his First Year as a Bulldog, Durr Started 7 of 13 Games and Recorded 25 Tackles and a Pass Deflection, while Learning What He Was Really Supposed To Do.

In that First Year as a Bulldog, Durr felt like he had grown a lot, but he was also overwhelmed a lot. Also, in his First Year, he really did not know what he was doing, but after That First Year, he Learned a Tremendous Amount about Playing Cornerback and he was not Hesitant about what he was Supposed to be doing.

As a Mississippi State Bulldog, Durr Played in 25 Games and he made 13 Starts during his Two Seasons after Transferring from Copiah-Lincoln Community College. He Recorded 36 Tackles, had Four Pass Breakups, and one Interception; and he was Very Impressive at The Mississippi State Pro Day 

At The Mississippi State Pro Day, Durr was Really Outstanding, however, his Measurables before our 2014 All-American Bowl Game were a Little Better. On his Behalf, I have Taken his Best Two Measurables of The Two Combines and Averaged Them and Given him a Great MEARS RATING. With the Average of his Two Best Ever Measurables, Durr (5-11, 197, 4.39, 37, 4.26, 125, 12) Would have an Outstanding 2,739 MEARS RATING.

With his Great Showing at The Mississippi State Pro Day, The Indianapolis Colts were Watching, along with Over 30 Other NFL Scouts, and The Colts Offered Durr a Chance To-Play in The NFL. 

Durr and Gray Join Four Other Mississippi State Bulldogs who were Drafted in The 2018 NFL Draft, including #3 Draft Choice Offensive Tackle, who will Probably Play Center Martinas Rankin (#55) of The Houston Texans; #6 Draft Choice Tight End Jordan Thomas of  The Houston Texans; #7 Draft Choice Long Snapper Hunter Bradley of The Green Bay Packers; and #7 Draft Choice Punter Logan Cooke of The Jacksonville Jaguars.

Related imageMartinas Rankin (#55) was Selected Twice on The Weekly College Football MVP Award Team and was also Selected to The Super Scout 2017 All-American College Football Team.

In 2003, I hosted my First Annual 7on7 National Championship and then I hosted another 7on7 National Championship in 2004, 2005, and 2006. My goal was To Find and Get Great Athletes to one area where I could evaluate them and then help them with all of the Various National College Coaches.

The only drawback was that Most all of the College Coaches and College Scouts wanted to see these Hidden Gems in a Game so that they Could Watch them on a  Highlight Film and so The College Coaches suggested to me that I Host a real All-American Bowl Game so that they could view these Super Talented Players, Under The Radar, in a Highlight Film, playing against other Talented Players.

In 2006, The NCAA had a Rule that The College Coaches Could Come to One-Day of Practice at an All-American Bowl Game and In 2006, in Preparing for our 2nd Annual 2006 All-American Bowl Game Classic, I Invited College Coaches From All over The Country, to Attend Our Tuesday Practice and Exactly 118 Division I College Coaches Attended our Two Practices, on Tuesday, in The Independence Bowl in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Some of our Players were Sensational in Practice, Running Great Pass Patterns, Intercepting Passes, and Blocking and Tackling Drills. It was really exciting to see the Interest in some of our “Under The Radar” Players and then some Coaches even Followed Our Players back to The Hotel.

Then, in The Off-Season, in 2007In Another Crazy Political Rule, The NCAA Passed a Rule That The College Coaches Could Not Attend High School All-American Bowl Games or even come to the Practices and so in 2007, the Game Film became a great tool for The College Coaches.

What is Really Ridiculous is that When I First Started my All-American Bowl Games, The College Coaches Could Come to Practice on One Day and The College Coaches Could Also Come to The Game.

My Mission Statement and Goal in hosting The Max Emfinger All-American Bowl Game Classics is to search for that Hidden High School Football Talent that has not been found yet. I then Evaluate Them and try to help Them to get some Publicity, and therefore helping Them to Receive a Football Scholarship.

2013 ABG Max Emfinger with team

In 2005, I hosted my 1st Annual All-American Bowl Game and in Thirteen Games in Thirteen YearsI had helped 1,268 High School Football Players (That We Know About) to Receive a Football Scholarship. Most of these Players came to our “First Bowl Game Practice” without a Single Scholarship Offer. This Total Also Counts some Players who did not have a Scholarship Offer and Committed to Play in our All-American Bowl Game, but Received an Offer and then did not play in our Game. There also were over 1,000 High School Football Players who we also know about that we helped that also did not play in our Game.


 All Players That Were Involved in The Three Incredible Combines and Camps, EspeciallyThe Latest 2018 Lestini Free Agent Combine-Camp, Please Contact Me and Also John and Mary Lestiniso we can Promote You.

If you Have Signed with a Semi-Pro or Pro Team, please let us know, because there are Currently someCFL and Arena Pro Football Teams that are Still Looking for Players.


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The Alfred Morris Story Is One Of The Most Incredible Stories in College Football! By Super Scout Max Emfinger

The Alfred Morris Story Is One Of The Most Incredible Stories in College Football!
By Super Scout Max Emfinger

Dallas Cowboys Running Back Alfred Morris (#46) Running Against His Rookie, All-Pro, and Two-Time Pro-Bowl Team – The Washington Redskins.


In December of 2006, I was living in Covington, Louisiana and as a Football Super Scout, I was Invited To-Come to Pensacola, Florida, about Two Hours Away, to be on a Radio Talk Show about Recruiting in The South. It was Early December and The Playoffs were just getting Started and Pensacola Pine Forest was in the Thick of those Florida Playoffs.

There was a Running Back at Pine Forest that was Doing-Really-Well, but he was “Flying Under The Recruiting Radar” and In Fact, although I had just Published The Max Emfinger December National Newsletter, and I had Never heard of him. This Running Back only Gained 391-Yards and Six Touchdowns as a Junior, but as a Senior, he was Piling-Up 250-Yard Games and he was Gaining Strength as The Biggest Surprise of The South.

From the Very Start, of The Radio Talk Show, we started getting Calls about this Pine Forest Running Back Named Alfred Morris. The Unbelievable Thing was that I was able To-Watch Morris on his Highlight Film in The Radio Studio and he was Unbelievable. I asked The Radio Host if he had The Phone Number of  The Pine Forest Head Coach and he did have it. So after the Show, I called The Coach to see if he thought that Morris would Live To-Play in Our All-American Bowl Game.

As a Senior in 2006, Alfred Morris became a Super-Star, but since he was not on any of The Early Recruiting Lists, he did not have any Scholarship Offers. Also, as a Junior, Morris was more Noted as a Great Linebacker, as he had Recorded 106 Tackles and Eight Sacks.

I invited Morris to The 2007 All-American Bowl Game Classic as a Running Back, but when he got to our First Practice, it was Clear that he also Needed To-Play on Defense, along with being the East Starting Running Back. In The All-American Game, This Incredible Athlete Returned The Second-Half Kickoff, 92-Yards for a Touchdown and He Picked-Up a Fumble on Defense and Ran 12-Yards for another Touchdown.

Alfred Morris was Obviously The Game MVP of The 2007 All-American Bowl Game as he Scored a Touchdown On Offense, On Defense, and On a Kickoff Return. This 92-Yard Kickoff Return for a Touchdown, by Alfred Morris, is The First and Only Kickoff Return for a Touchdown after 13 All-American Bowl Games.

When Morris got to our First Practice, he did not have a Single Scholarship Offer, but Florida Atlantic had been Recruiting him Really Hard and they were on the Verge of Offering him a Scholarship and they did Offer and he Accepted.

In 2007, Alfred Morris was Red-Shirted and then in 2008, he played in 11 games and had seven carries for 23 rushing yards. He also accumulated 10 tackles on special teams, which included seven solo tackles.

Morris began his Red-Shirt Sophomore Season in 2009 as a Virtual Unknown Player, but by the end of the Season, he was Holding The Sun Belt Conference Rushing Title with 1,392-Yards Rushing and The 1,392-Yards was a Single Season Florida Atlantic Rushing Record. Morris also Finished his Sophomore Season with an Incredible Seven Straight 100-Yards, The Sunbelt Conference Rushing Title; The Florida Atlantic MVP Award; The Florida Atlantic Football Team Academic Award; and The Florida Atlantic Male Student Athlete of the Year award, as honored by the University’s Provost.

In 2010, during his Final Football Season at Florida Atlantic, Morris Rushed for 928-Yards on 227 Carries and he Averaged 4.1-Yards Per Carry and Scored a Touchdown in 7 of his Last 11 Games. Morris finished just 72-Yards shy of becoming the first Florida Atlantic Football Player to have Back-to-Back 1,000-Yard Rushing Seasons.

For his career at Florida Atlantic University, Alfred Morris played in a total of 35 games. He Rushed for 2,343-Yards on 497 Carries and Scored 18 Touchdowns; with a 4.7-Yards Per Carry.

After his Four Years at Florida Atlantic, Morris was Invited to The 2012 NFL Scouting Combine and his NFL Scouting Combine Results were: (5-10, 219, 4.61, 35.5, 4,19, 117, 16). Morris Ran a 4.61 at The Florida Atlantic Pro Day.

Dallas Cowboys Player Profile: RB #46 Alfred Morris 2

In The 2012 NFL Draft, Alfred Morris was Drafted in The 6th Round of The NFL Draft and The 173 Overall Selection by The Washington Redskins, while The Redskins #1 Draft Pick was another Friend of mine, Robert Griffin, III. Both of my Friends, Griffin and Morris Started their First Game for The Redskins in their First NFL Game.

The day before The Washington Redskins Season Opener, Head Coach Mike Shanahan Announced that Alfred Morris would be the Starting Running Back. In his NFL Rookie First NFL Career Start, Morris Rushed for 96-Yards on 28 carries and Scored Two Touchdowns against The New Orleans Saints.

Image result for Alfred Morris Redskins Photos2012 Rookie Running Back Alfred Morris (#46) Of The Washington Redskins Had 200-Yards Rushing Against The Dallas Cowboys, His Future Team!

With an Incredible and Amazing 1,613-Yards Rushing for Alfred Morris and 815-Yards Rushing by Griffin, These Two Fabulous Redskins Rookies Accounted for 90% of The Redskins Total Rushing Yardage for The Entire 2012 Regular Season, and led The Redskins to Finish First in the NFL Eastern Division in Rushing. 

Griffin Beat-Out Two other Incredible Rookie Quarterbacks for The 2012 NFL Rookie of The Year Award, including Andrew Luck of The Indianapolis Colts and Russell Wilson of The Seattle Seahawks, but Griffin was The Leader of Seven of Ten Different Quarterback Categories in The NFL and his Favorite for The NFL Rookie of The Year was his Teammate, Alfred Morris. These Two Fabulous Rookie Freaks Flipped The Washington Redskins in 2012 from a 5-11 Record in 2011 to a 10-6 Record in 2012.

Related image

Robert Griffin (#10) probably did not have a Playbook at Baylor, because he was such an Incredible Athlete, and he was probably able to Audible on Every Play,” Chris Collinsworth an NFL Announcer, said Jokingly! “And Head Coach Mike Shanahan and Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan were also going to give Robert Griffin “The Freedom” To share the Football with others as he saw fit and The Greatest Beneficiary of “The Griffin Shares” was The Other Washington Redskins Fabulous Rookie, Alfred Morris (#46) who was also in The Running for The NFL Rookie of the Year.

It is Really Difficult To-Argue with The Robert Griffin Choice For Rookie Of The Year Award, because Alfred Morris Became The Biggest Surprise in The Entire NFL in 2012. Morris Rushed for a Washington Redskins Rushing Record of 1,613-Yards Rushing, breaking the Old Redskins Rushing Record of Clinton Portis of 1,516-Yards in 2005.

Ironically, Alfred Morris also Finished his Fabulous Rookie Season Against his Future Team, The Dallas Cowboys, as he Rushed for 200-Yards, on 33 Carries, Scored 3 Touchdowns, and then broke Two Washington Redskins Records in their 28-18 Victory over The Cowboys in their NFC East Division Final Game of The Season.

His effort in Helping his Washington Redskins to The 28-18 victory gave them The NFC Eastern Conference Championship for the First time since 1999 and earn a playoff spot for the first time since 2007. Morris was Given The NFC Player Of The Week Award in The Dallas Cowboys Game.

Morris also became only The Fourth Player in NFL History to Rush for over 1,600-Yards in his Rookie Season and Unbelievably Ranked Third behind NFL Hall of Fame Eric Dickerson and Heisman Trophy Award Winner George Rogers.

Heisman Trophy Winner, Griffin, was named To Play in The 2013 Pro Bowl In Recognition of his Fabulous Rookie Season, but due to Injuries on his ACL and LCL Ligaments in his Right Knee, he was Negated from the Pro Bowl Roster and replaced by Drew Brees.

The Dallas Cowboys Sign Alfred Morris!

Four-Years Later, On March 22, 2016, The Dallas Cowboys Signed Alfred Morris (#46) to a Two-Year, $3.5M Contract with Potential to earn up to $5.5M.

The Dallas Cowboys were Still Looking to improve their Running Back Production from the previous year in 2015 and so they Drafted Super Running Back Ezekiel Elliott in The NFL First Round as their #1 Draft Choice on April 28 in The 2016 NFL Draft. And so then, The Dallas Cowboys had Two New Running Backs, Ezekiel Elliott and Alfred Morris.

With the Emergence of  Elliott, who became The NFL Leading Rusher, Morris was Used Most of The Time on Third Downs and was forced to focus on his Blocking and Pass Receiving Skills.

On September 11, 2016, Morris made his debut with The Cowboys, as he Rushed for 35-Yards on seven carries in a 20-19 loss to The New York Giants and on November 6Morris Rushed for a Season-High 56-Yards on 17 carries against The Cleveland BrownsIn week #15, he was passed on The Dallas Cowboys Depth Chart after The Cowboys activated Darren McFadden from The Non-Football Injury List.

Morris then Finished the season with 243-Yards Rushing, 11-Yards Receiving, and Two Touchdowns. After Rushing for 1,613-Yards as a Rookie, Morris had to be Really Devastated, thinking that he could probably Start for Half of The Other Teams in The NFL.

Image result for Alfred Morris PhotosThe Dallas Cowboys Had To Keep Winning During The Absence of Elliott, As Quarterback Dak Prescott (#4) Hands The Ball Off To Alfred Morris (#46).

Then in 2017, instead of  “Getting-Down” or Feeling Sorry for Himself, Morris “Got-Fired-Up” and he got Rewarded for staying Positive. He stayed ahead of  McFadden as the Backup for Elliott and he then got Rewarded as he Became The Dallas Cowboy Starting Running Back in Week #10, when Elliott began Serving a Six-Game Suspension. In Fact, In the Absence of the 2016 Rushing Champ, Morris was Fabulous.

Then in Another Incredible “Turn-of-Events” and on Thursday Night NFL Football on National TV, in Week #13, Morris Faced his Former Team, The Washington Redskins. In that Incredible Game, Morris Rushed for 127-Yards in a Dramatic 38-14 Dallas Cowboys Victory.

Although Morris was Dominant During The Absence of Elliott, in Game #16, He Returned to a Dallas Cowboys Backup-Role. During This Period, Morris was The Dallas Cowboys Leading Rusher, Rushing for 430-Yards on 99 Carries with a 4.3-Yards Per Carry Average. Overall, in 2017, Morris Rushed for 547-Yards on 115 Carries and a 4.8-Yards Per Carry Average.

Although Morris had a Great Season, in 2017, during The Absence of Elliott, The Dallas Cowboys Did Not Re-Sign him at the End of the Season. 

To Most Football Players, in The NFL, after Dominating The Rushing Game for The Dallas Cowboys and Helping Them To-Win, it would be Very Heart-Breaking and Disgusting that They would not Try to Re-Sign him after his Great Leadership and Professionalism, On-And-Off of The Football Field, and also Being The Dallas Cowboys Hero in The Absence of Elliott.

Alfred Morris Earned The Re-Signing by The Cowboys, but he has had Various Setbacks before and he Confidently Overcame All-Of-Them.
And, Alfred Morris Re-Signed With The Dallas Cowboys! 


 All Players That Were Involved in The Three Incredible Combines and Camps, Especially The Latest 2018 Lestini Free Agent Combine-Camp, Please Contact Me and Also John and Mary Lestini so we can Promote You.

If you Have Signed with a Semi-Pro or Pro Team, please let us know, because there are Currently some CFL and Arena Pro Football Teams that are Still Looking for Players.


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