The Incredible Drew Brees Story is The Most Incredible Story in History! By Super Scout Max Emfinger

The Incredible Drew Brees Story is The Most Incredible Story in History!
By Super Scout Max Emfinger

January 13, 2019

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Forty-Two Years Ago, in 1976, I was living in Dallas, Texas and I was a Talent Scout for The Dallas Cowboys. Then, Twenty Years Later, I was living in Houston, Texas and I was in The Astrodome and Scouting a High School Senior from Austin, Texas. I’m positive that I lost you in those first two Sentences, so let me explain.

Twenty Years after 1976 was 1996 and I was living in Houston, Texas. I had just Founded The First High School Football Recruiting Service in 1979 and I was getting ready to go to The Texas 5A Semi-Finals Football Game in The Astrodome. I will always remember that this 5A Semi-Finals Game was going to be a really great game between a Very Talented Local Aldine High School Team against an Undefeated Austin Westlake TeamAt this Game in The Astrodome, I found out that the Austin Westlake Chaparrals had an Incredible Passing Quarterback and he was in Total Control of the Game from Start to Finish and the Chaps won that Game 42-21, sending them to The 1996 5A State Championship Game, again in The Astrodome on the Following Saturday, against another Super Football Team, Abilene Cooper.

After Austin Westlake easily beat an Always Tough Aldine Team, I decided to do some Research on This Westlake Super-Star, but Short, Quarterback. I knew that Drew Brees was not on my National High School Football Recruiting List or on any other College Football Recruiting Lists, but I also found-out that Brees had an ACL Injury as a Junior, but by leading his Team to a 15-0 Record and into The 5A Texas State Championship, this guy needed to be Recruited and Recruited by a Lot of Major College Football Teams.

I Immediately put Brees on my National Recruiting Top Players List and into the Max Emfinger’s National Recruiting Newsletter. With what I had already seen him do to a Powerful Aldine Team, I Rated and Ranked him as one of the Top Five or Six Quarterbacks in the Country and I could not wait until The 5A State Championship Game in The Astrodome.

In The 5A State Championship Game, I was on the Austin Westlake Sideline and I watched Brees with Great Interest on every single play and he was Incredible as he led his Chaps Team to an Unbelievably, Convincing 55-15 Victory over another Powerful Abilene Cooper Team and The Texas 5A State Football Championship.

In this 5A Texas State Championship Game, I also noticed that Brees had a Knee Brace on his Left Knee and after the Game, as I was leaving The Astrodome, I saw Brees and I was about to ask him how his Knee was doing, but some of his Teammates came-up to him and I decided not to try to ask him.

My 1996 December Recruiting Newsletter was Mailedthe next weekend and I put hisFinal Passing Stats in it that included 211 of 333 Attempts for 3,528-Yards and 31 Touchdowns. This was Impressive, but his 64% Completion Record was just as  Impressive. The Max Emfinger’s National Football Recruiting Newsletter was sent to Around 12,000 Individual Recruiting-Buffs and about 75 College Football Teams, including Purdue and Texas. Later, in December, I got another Call from Purdue Offensive Coordinator/Recruiting Coordinator Jim Chaney and he asked me about this Quarterback named Drew Brees.

Purdue had just hired Head Coach Joe Tiller (In Blue Shirt) and Offensive Coordinator/Recruiting Coordinator Jim Chaney (In Burgundy Shirt) from Wyoming and they were a little behind in their Recruiting and they were looking for some “Recruiting Steals” on some Super-Star Players that might have been “Flying Under the Radar” to most College Teams. I Never talked to Coach Tiller, but I had talked to Coach Chaney a couple times and I knew that they were looking for Players like Drew Brees, Andy Dalton, and Kliff Kingsbury for Their Unbelievable Passing Spread Offense.

Image result for Drew Brees and Jim Chaney PhotosI then got another call from Coach Chaney in January and he told me that he and Coach Tiller both really liked Drew Brees and that they were going to have him in for an Official Visit on the Final Weekend in January before National Signing Date on the First Wednesday in February.

While at Purdue, Chaney, along with Head Coach Tiller, (Both in the Photo Below, became known for using the “Spread Offense” which was Famously “Dubbed” as “Basketball-On-Grass” at a Time in College Football History when Almost all of The Great Football Teams were Using The Running-Game and The Passing-Game was Considered a Huge Novelty and The Passing-Game was not even-being used. Later, it became The Air-Raid Passing Attack Offense with My Good Friend and Coach Mike Leach.

The Purdue Offensive Game Plan Relied on a Strong Passing-Game and The Chaney Offense was one of The Most Successful Offenses in the Country. This was evidenced by the fact that Their Future Super Bowl Winning Quarterback, Drew Brees, was His Starting Quarterback from 1997-2000 and this Unbelievable Passing Offense Broke Numerous Purdue, Big-10, and NCAA Passing Records.

New Georgia Head Football Coach Kirby Smart made his first big hire as The Georgia Head Football Coach when he made Coach Jim Chaney The New Bulldog Offensive Coordinator and Leader of his Georgia Offense. While Chaney has spent six of the last seven years of his career in the SEC, Many of the Bulldog Fans may not know much about the Long-Time Incredible Offensive Coordinator.

New Orleans Quarterback Drew Brees put up Fabulous Stats under Jim Chaney at Purdue With 11,560-Yards and 90 Touchdowns.

Coach Jim Chaney Gets New Job

After Three Incredible Years as The Georgia Offensive Coordinator, Coach Jim Chaney (In Photo Below) Has Agreed to a Three-Year, $4.8 Million Contract, with The Rival Tennessee Vols, that runs through January 31, 2022. In his New Contract, Chaney will Earn $1.5 Million in The 2019 Season, with an $100,000 Increases in each of the Next Two Seasons.

One huge Ironic Fact was the Fact that although Drew Brees Lived in Austin, Texas and only a Few Miles away was The University of Texas, but he was not Recruited by the Longhorns, because they had already Recruited Two Quarterbacks and had Verbal Commitments from both of them. The Longhorns thought that both of these Commitments Were Outstanding.

At that time, one of The Longhorn Recruits was a 6-1 Athletic Quarterback Named Major Applewhite of Baton Rouge Catholic, Louisiana, and I saw him play in Baton Rouge and I Thought He Was One Of  The Top Quarterback’s in the Country.

The other Longhorn Quarterback Recruit was a 6-4 No-Huddle Passing Quarterback Named Greg Ciero of Anaheim Servite, California. He also was a Top Quarterback and he had a lot of Raw PotentialAs Freshmen, neither of these two Great Longhorn Quarterbacks would have to play, because they would both be playing behind Senior Super-Star James Brown.

Then, As a Sophomore, Applewhite became a Texas Super-Star, while Ciero Transferred to Polomar Junior College and then was Selected Junior College All-American before Transferring to Baylor University. The Irony was that all Three Quarterbacks that could have ended-up as a Texas Longhorn Became Super-Stars in 2000.

Although the ABC Quarterback Club of Applewhite, Brees, and Ciero were Highly Successful; only one of those Three Quarterbacks was Sitting in New York at both the 1999 and 2000 as Finalists for The Heisman Trophy Award.

Brees did not have an Eye-Popping Freshman Campaign, at Purdue, but Coach Chaney gave him a chance to be the Starting Quarterback for The Boilermakers Spread Offense as a Sophomore. Brees, then was so Unbelievably Impressive, as a Sophomore, Brees was Selected by his Teammates as the Boilers Team Captain in both his 1999 and 2000 Seasons.

After Finishing Fourth in the 1999 Heisman Trophy Voting, Brees had a chance to Come-Out Early for The 1999 NFL Draft, but he Decided to Stay With Coach Tiller and Coach Chaney and he decided to Come-Back for his 2000 Senior Season. In that Senior Season, Brees led The Boilermakers to Last-Minute UPSET Victories over both Ohio State and Michigan, giving Purdue, Coach Tiller, and Coach Chaney their First Big-10 Championship in Three Decades.

Drew BreesPurdue Coach Joe Tiller and Drew Brees as they Celebrate their Big-10 Championship and
a Trip to Pasadena!

Boilermaker Fans, had you ever thought we could be going to The Rose Bowl,” Brees Shouted to the Fans as he Accepted the Big-10 Championship Trophy. “This is, by far, The Greatest Moment of my Life, so Far,” Brees Further Said.

In that Game Against Indiana and Against Another one of my Long-Time, Good Friends, Head Coach Cam Cameron, Brees threw for one Touchdown and ran for another Touchdown. He Completed 20 of 29 Passes for 216-Yards and ran for another 85-Yards, giving him 301-Yards of Total Offense as he became the First Quarterback to lead The Boilermakers to Pasadena since Bob Griese. It was their First Big-10 Championship in 34 Years.

2000 Heisman Trophy Finalists L to R: QB Drew Brees, Purdue; Heisman QB Chris Weinke, FSU; RB LaDainian Tomlinson, TCU; and QB Josh Heupel, Oklahoma.

After another Fabulous Season, Brees was again Selected as a Finalist for The Heisman Trophy Award. The Top Four in the Heisman were Heisman Trophy Award Winning QB Chris Weinke of Florida State; QB Josh Heupel of Oklahoma; QB Drew Brees of Purdue; and RB LaDainian Tomlinson of TCU.

These Four Super-Star College Football Players were Sitting in New York City on December 9, 2000 for The Heisman Trophy Award.

The 2000 Heisman Trophy Award Re-United Two Great Football Players from Texas, including Brees from Austin Westlake and Tomlinson from Waco University, just  a few miles apart on I-35. In Fact, I lived in Austin, twice for Two Years and Waco twice for Six Years.

Brees and Tomlinson had both played together in a Texas High School All-Star Football Game and had become Great Friends after their High School Football Season and now these Two Great Texas Football Players were together again in New York City as Finalists for the Heisman Trophy. “Wouldn’t it be Great if we could both play on the same NFL Team,” Tomlinson told Brees in New York City.

Brees left Purdue with “Mind-Boggling” Stats and one of the Most Impressive Quarterbacks in Big-10 History as he broke Two NCAA Passing Records, 13 Big-10 Records, and 19 Purdue Passing Records. Some of these Records are still standing, including his 1,026 Completions for 11,815-Yards Passing, and 90 Touchdown Passes. His 12,692-Yards of Total Offense was also a Record. He also had Seven 400-Yard Games and Sixteen 300-Yard Games.

So now it’s time for The NFL Draft, but before the 2001 Draft, Brees attended The 2001 NFL Scouting Combine where he did much better than most NFL Scouts had expected. All of The NFL Scouts knew that he was about Six-Foot, but they did not know that he was so Quick as he Shocked them when he ran an Amazing 4.21 in the Pro-Shuttle and Ran a 4.83 Forty at the Scouting Combine, but on Pro-Day, he improved that Forty Time to a Great 4.67Also Remember that a lot of NFL Passing Quarterbacks can not run a 5.0 Forty.

I will NEVER forget The Night on The Dan Patrick Show when Brees Laughingly read his NFL Draft Profile on the Air: “There is a Question about Drew Brees ability to throw the Deep Pass; but his Accuracy is a Question, and of course, his Height is a Question.” – Brees Laughingly Said.

Although Brees did not have Great Height, he had Incredible Passing Stats and Shockingly Great Measurables for a Passing Quarterback; but he was not Drafted until The San Diego Chargers took him in the First Pick of Round Two in the 2001 Draft which was the #32 Overall Selection.

Sometimes, The Lord works in Strange Ways his Miracles to Perform. In The 2001 NFL Draft, The San Diego Chargers selected RB LaDainian Tomlinson as their #1 Draft Choice.

Everyone thought that Drew Brees would be Drafted in the First Round of the 2001 NFL Draft, but too many NFL Teams believed that he was Too Short to become a Great Passing Quarterback in the NFL, but if he was Drafted in The First Round, he Would Have NEVER Been able to Play onThe Same Team with his Good Friend, From Texas.

The San Diego Chargers Got Two Incredible Texans in The 2001 NFL Draft Picks That Were Both Heisman Trophy Award Candidates in RB LaDainian Tomlinson and QB Drew Brees!

The Miracle that was Performed was that the San Diego Chargers were able to Re-Unite these Two Texans, Brees and Tomlinson, as they were able to Select Brees in the First Draft Pick of the Second Round of the NFL Draft to go with their #5 Overall Selection of Tomlinson in The First Round. The Chargers were able to get an Unbelievable Two Super-Star Players that were both in New York City for the Heisman Trophy Award.

With the help of The Miracle of Re-Uniting with his Texas Friend LaDainian Tomlinson, Brees began his NFL Career in 2002, with The San Diego Chargers. Then Two Years Later, with My Friend and Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron, Tomlinson, and Brees helped lead The Chargers to a Division Championshipwhile Tomlinson was Selected All-Pro and Brees was Selected to the 2004 NFL Pro Bowl.

These Two 2001 NFL Super Draft Picks (#9 QB Drew Brees) and (#21 RB LaDainian Tomlinson) Of The San Diego Chargers Helped The Chargers in 2004 To Win Their First Divisional Championship In A Decade And Both Players Are Future NFL Hall Of Fame Players!

Then Nine Months Later, in 2005, after suffering a Really Bad Shoulder Joint Dislocation and a 360 degree tear of his Labrum and Rotator Cuff, Brees became an NFL Free Agent.

In the last game of the 2005 Season, Brees should not have been playing in the Game. The Chargers were 9-6, but they had absolutely no chance of improving their NFL Playoff Seeding as the Game started. However, General Manager A.J. Smith and Head Coach Marty Schottenheimer had already started a War that would eventually lead to the Departure of Schottenheimer from The Chargers, because of the Quarterback Position War.

In his Rookie Season, Philip Rivers, although he was seen as the future Chargers Franchise Quarterback, was named as the Third Team Quarterback on The Chargers Roster behind Brees and Doug Flutie.  By not Starting Rivers, in the Last Game, it looked like it was a Punishment for Rivers, because he was a Hold-Out and missed part of The Training Camp. In this Last Game of the Season, Schottenheimer made the decision to start Drew Brees in a Meaningless Game so that the fans would not see their Young Future Super-Star Philip Rivers.

So, here is what happened. Standing in his own End-Zone, Drew Brees was Sacked by a blitzing John LynchHe fumbled The Football when he was hit, and when he dove back on top of the Football, Brees was Crushed by Gerald Warren in a Bone-Rattling Tackle. Brees left the Football Game in obvious pain and he then handed the team over to Philip Rivers.

As Brees became a Free Agent after that 2005 Season, he was not expected to return to The Chargers, because they had already Committed a Lot of Money to Quarterback Philip Rivers. The Chargers eventually designated Brees as their Franchise Player, giving him a One-Year Contract that quadrupled his pay to $8 Million for the 2005 Year. Under the terms of a Franchise Player Contract, Brees would then be Eligible to be Traded or Sign with another NFL Team, but The Chargers would then Receive two future #1 Draft Choices in return. Brees was not traded and continued as Starting Quarterback for the remainder of the 2005 Season.

At this time, there were Two NFL Teams that needed a Quarterback and those Two Teams were The Miami Dolphins and The New Orleans Saints. The Saints were coming off of a Horrible 3-13 Record, and Dealing with Hurricane Katrina, but they had just hired a new Head Football Coach named Sean Payton and Brees wanted to Sign with a Team that would Guarantee him a Starting Quarterback Spot.

The Dolphins wanted to Sign Brees, but The Dolphins did not want to offer him as much money as The Chargers and they would not Guarantee him a Starting Quarterback Spot. With new Head Football Coach Sean Payton, The Saints Offered The Same Salary as The Chargers, but Coach Sean Payton (In Photo Below with #9 Brees) was willing to Guarantee him a Starting Quarterback Spot if he could get Healthy before coming to The Saints Training Camp.

It only took Brees one trip to Katrina Stricken New Orleans to know that he Could make a huge difference in The Saints Football Team and also the People of New Orleans. So he Signed with The New Orleans Saints, got Healthy before Training Camp, and then led them to an Unbelievable 10-6 Record in his First Season.

After Signing with The Saints, Drew Brees Earned Nine Trips to The Pro Bowlwas a 2006 NFL All Pro Team Selection; was 2006 Walter Payton Player of the Year; was 2008 and 2011 Offensive Player of the Year; and was Super Bowl XLVI Super Bowl Game MVP Against The Indianapolis Colts. Brees was also Selected 2004 Comeback Player of the Year; and was also Selected in 2011 by Sports Illustrated as Sportsman of the Year.

After Playing in 17-Years in The NFL; Playing Five Years with The Chargers and Twelve Years with The Saints. His Hall of Fame Career Stats in 249 Games, included 6,222 Completions out of 9,294 Attempts for 70,445-Yards Passing and an Incredible 488 Touchdown Passes.

Brees takes Great Pride in his On-The-Field Performances, but he also takes Great Pride in his Community Service Endeavors. Drew and his Beautiful Wife, Brittany, Established The Brees Dream Foundation in 2003 and since then have Contributed and Committed almost $25,000,000 to help improve the quality of life for Cancer Patients and To-Provide Care, Education, and Other Outstanding Opportunities for Children and families in need. Brees has also proudly participated in five USO Trips to Kuwait, Iraq.

Afghanistan, Germany, Turkey, Djibouti, Dubai, Okinawa, and Guantanamo Bay.

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Drew Brees and Beautiful Wife Brittany!

This Special Drew and Brittany Brees Couple was Married in 2003 and Their First Baby BoyBaylen Robert Breeswas Born on January 15, 2009, which was Drew’s 30th Birthday.

Then, Their Second Baby Boy was Born in 2010 and he was Named Bowen Christopher Brees. Their Third Baby Boy was Named Callen Christain Brees and was born in 2012.

The Drew Brees Family got even bigger in 2014 when Brittany gave birth to Their First Baby Girl and Daughter, in Rylen Judith Brees.

Related image

 This Special Brees Pair Announced the Special Arrival of Their First Daughter with a Tweet on Twitter,  just before they Announced Her Arrival to The Media, just before Practice.

It Melted My Heart To Watch My Daughter Being Born Last Night,” said Drew Brees. “I got to take the snap so to speak and catch her on her way out and That Memory will be a Memory that I will Have Forever.”


Brees led his Austin Westlake High School Football Team to The Texas 5A State Football Championship; led his Purdue College Team to The Big-10 Football Championship; led his San Diego Chargers NFL Team to a Divisional Football Championship; and led the New Orleans Saints NFL Football Team to The Super Bowl Football Championship.

What more can I say about Drew Brees?


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Clemson Tigers Win CFP National Championship! By Super Scout Max Emfinger

Clemson Tigers Win College Football Playoffs National Championship!
By Super Scout Max Emfinger

In The 2018 National Championship Game between The Alabama Crimson Tide and The Clemson Tigers, The Tigers Produced One of The Most Impressive and Dominant CFP National Championship Performances in College Football History in The Amazing 44-16 Clemson Tigers Victory over The Alabama Crimson Tide

This Game was going to be an Unbelievable History-Making Championship Game. First of all, both Teams had Posted a 14-0 Record for The 2018 Football Season and The Winner of The Game Would Become The First Team in College Football History to Finish The Football Season with a Perfect 15-0 Record. This was also The Fourth Season In-a-Row that Both Alabama and Clemson would Play in The CFP National Championship College Football Four-Team Playoffs, and The Third Time that these Two Teams would Play in The National Championship Game.

Image result for Dabo Swinney and Trophy Photos

With this 2019 College Football National Championship Trophy, Coach Dabo Swinney has been Awarded This Trophy Two Times, out of The Five Trophies that have been Awarded since 2015 and Second Trophy in Three Seasons

“We are gonna enjoy this one,” said Swinney. “We’ve got a Nice-Spot to put our New National Championship Trophy in our Facility, right next to that other Trophy. We’ve got Twins,” said Swinney.

With this Impressive 44-16 Clemson Victory on Monday, The Tigers have now Won Two of The Three Games, as they Added Another National Championship to Their 2016 National Championship. The Tigers, With Head Coach and Long-Time Friend, Coach Swinney, looks-like the only Football Program in The Country that Dares to Disrupt The Incredible Alabama College Football Dynasty. The Tigers also look-like The Only College Football Team that has The Overall Football Talent To-Challenge The Crimson Tide and any other College Football Team for The National Championship.

The Crimson Tide still have Won Five National Championships since The 2009 Football Season, but in the Last Three Seasons they have Lost Two National Championship Games to Coach Swinney and The Clemson Tigers.

Image result for Trevor Lawrence PhotosTrue Freshman Quarterback Trevor Lawrence (#16) Passed for 347-Yards and 3 Touchdowns and Justyn Ross (#8) Caught Six Passes for 148-Yards and 2 Touchdowns as The #2 Ranked Clemson Tigers Defeated The #1 Ranked Alabama Crimson Tide by a 44-16 Score on Monday Night in The Fifth College Football Playoff National Championship Game.

If you Watched This National Championship Game, you would Understand how Impressive The Football Talent is for The Clemson Tigers and Their Unique and Unbelievable Camaraderie between The Tiger Players and Coaches. Many of The Clemson Defensive Super-Stars Came Back for Their Senior Year to Help Head Coach Dabo Swinney and Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables To Win The National Championship.

I have been Evaluating Football Players for 48 Years and I have Never-Seen a better Quarterback Prospect than Trevor Lawrence. He has a Super Strong Arm and he Throws a Really Hard and Accurate Pass that his Talented Wide Receivers Can-Catch Quickly and Head To The End-Zone.

Lawrenceis a#1 Overall NFL Draft Selection in The 2021 NFL Draft and his Freshman Wide Receiver Teammate, Justyn Ross, will Join-Him in The 2021 First Round Draft, as he was Also Sensational in This Game as he made Several Incredible Catches, Including a Couple One-Handed Catches. Sophomore Wide Receiver Tee Higgins also made Several Incredible Catches and he will be a #1 Draft Choice in The 2020 NFL Draft.

TheTwo Clemson Super Stars are Still Teenagersjust out of High School. Lawrence Turned 19 in October and Ross Turned 19 a Couple Months Later in December. Think about what Lawrence at 6-6 and with The Unbelievable and Incredible Poise of Another Drew Brees, Tom Brady, or a Peyton Manning and Throwing Passes to Ross at 6-4, who is a Wide Receiver With Uncanny Athleticism and Acrobatic with Numerous One-Handed Catches.

Image result for Justyn Ross Photos

Ross (#8) Caught Six Passes for 148-Yards and 2 Touchdowns in The CFP Semi-Finals Game Against Notre Dame and with Those Numbers, he was Selected to The Super Scout All-American Bowl Game Team. Then, with his Six Catches for 153-Yards in The National Championship Game, Ross Joined Lawrence and was Selected to The All-American Bowl Team for The Second TimeIn Both Games, Ross Recorded his Best Two Games of The 2018 Football Season. Also Remember that Both Ross and Lawrence were in High School Last Football Season.

The Unbelievable Ross made an Incredible Juggling Catch, another Incredible One-Handed Catch, and then Broke For Still Another Mind-Boggling and Incredible 74-Yard Touchdown about Midway through The Third Quarter that Gave The Tigers a Tremendous 37-16 Lead and then we saw Coach Swinney High-Stepping Up-And-down the Sidelines.

Then, they will Also have help from Super Sophomore All-American Running Back Travis Etienne who also was Very Impressive as he Rushed for 86-Yards, including a 17-Yard Touchdown Run and a 1-Yard Touchdown. Etienne also Caught a Short 5-Yard Touchdown Pass, from Lawrence, giving him 91-Yards of All-Purpose Offense and 3 Touchdowns in The Victory.

Many of The Clemson Tigers Top Talented Players in The National Championship Game were Freshmen or Sophomores Skill Players, including Freshman Quarterback Trevor Lawrence, Freshman Wide Receiver Justyn Ross, Sophomore Wide Receiver Tee HigginsSophomore Running Back Travis Etienne, Sophomore Cornerback A.J. Terrell, Sophomore Outside Linebacker Isaiah Simmons, and Junior Cornerback Trayvon Mullen.

Those Talented Underclassmen Players were Sensational Skill Players, but The Junior and Senior Players who Came-Back for their Senior Seasons, after Considering The 2018 NFL Draft are just as Talented and they will be High 2019 NFL Draft Choices. I would Say that at Least Three of These Clemson Super Stars will be #1 Draft Choices in The 2019 NFL Draft.

Image result for christian wilkins photos

The Clemson Super Stars Include Defensive Tackle Christian Wilkins (# 42), Defensive End Clelin Ferrell, EDGE RUSH End Austin Bryant, Inside Linebacker Kendall Joseph, and Cornerback Mark Fields.

The Amazing Wilkins Earned All-American Honors in each of his Four Seasons for Clemson. As a Senior, Wilkins Recorded 50 Tackles, Including 15 Tackles for a Loss, 6 Quarterback Sacks, 1 Forced Fumble, 1 Blocked Kick, 2 Pass Breakups, and 6 Quarterback Sacks.  Wilkins also Rushed for an Amazing Two Touchdowns.

Wilkins was Honored By Receiving The Prestigious Campbell Award Trophy as The National Scholar Athlete of The Year. He Graduated last December with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies with a Great 3.33 Grade Point Average and became The First Clemson Scholarship Football Player To-Complete a Bachelor’s Degree in 2.5 Years. Wilkins has also Received his Masters’s Degree in Athletic Leadership and Wanting To-Make a Difference off The Field, Wilkins became a Certified Substitute Teacher During The 2018 Off-Season.

The Incredible Junior and Senior Clemson All-American Players Include The Following Players:

DT – Sr Christian Wilkins (6-4, 315, 4.82) All-American, #1 Draft Choice 
DE – Jr Clelin Ferrell (6-5, 265, 4.62, 32, 4.4) All-American, #1 Draft Choice 
DT – Jr Dexter Lawrence (6-4, 350, 5.0) Frosh All-American, #1 Draft Choice
EDGE – Sr Austin Bryant
(6-6, 268, 4.71, 33, 4.31) All-American, #1 Draft Choice
OG – Sr Mitch Hyatt 
(6-5, 310, 4.93, 30, 4.59) All-American, #1 or #2 Draft Choice
OLB – Jr Tre Lamar
(6-4, 250, 4.6) Butkus Award Finalist, #1 or #2 Draft Choice
ILB – SR Kendall Joseph 
(6-0, 235, 4.62, 32, 4.32) #2 or #3 Draft Choice
CB – Jr Trayvon Mullen (6-2, 190) Championship D-MVP#2 or #3 Draft Choice
CB – Sr Mark Fields
(5-11, 190, 4.33, 38, 4.13) #3 or #4 Draft Choice

“We are 15-0, Beat The Best Team Ever, and nobody is Taking That Away from us,” said Clemson All-American Defensive Tackle Christian Wilkins

Clelin Ferrell (#99 )led Clemson with 55 Tackles, Including 20 Tackles for a Loss, 11.5 Quarterback Sacks, 3 Forced Fumbles, 1 Fumble Recovery, and 13 QB pressures. Ferrell also was Selected to The Prestigious Ted Hendricks Trophy Award as The Top Defensive End in The Country. In The Championship Game, Ferrell Recorded 1.5 Tackles for a Loss and Made One of The Most Impressive Individual Defensive Plays of The Game as he Dragged-Down Alabama Quarterback Tua Tagovailoaas he Escaped To The Left on a Fourth Down Play Inside The Red Zone in The Third Quarter.

Image result for Clelin ferrell PhotosJust minutes after The Clemson Tigers Stunned The Alabama Crimson Tide in The CFP National Championship Game, The Recruiting Season Started.  

Following The Incredible 44-16 Clemson Victory, The Tigers All-American Defensive End Clelin Ferrell grabbed the microphone and delivered a quick, “Suge” Knight-Inspired Promo to all The Highly Recruited, Touted High School Football Players Across The Country.

“For any recruits out there, if you wanna come to a Football Program where you gotta worry about your Head Coach all up in the locker room, and Dancing, come to Clemson Death Valley!”

“Our guys had The Eye of The Tiger and I’m so proud for our Seniors to be able to go out with a 15-0 Record and Truly be The Best Team Ever,” said Coach Swinney. There was a lot of talk about The Best Team Ever all year long,” Swinney said in talking about Alabama.

“We were never in that Conversation. But tonight, there’s No Doubt. First 15-0 Team, and we had to beat Notre Dame and to beat Alabama. This team won 13 games by 20 points or more and were led by an Unbelievable and Amazing Group Seniors. I‘m just thankful to be a part of it, said Swinney.”

The Incredible Freshman and Sophomore Clemson Future High Draft Choices Include The Following Players:

QB – Fr Trevor Lawrence (6-6, 205, 4.73) Bowl Game MVP, 2021 #1 Draft Choice
WR – Fr Justyn Ross (6-4, 294, 4.41) 2 Bowl Game Teams, 2021 #1 Draft Choice
RB – So Travis Etienne
(5-10, 200, 4.42, 38, 4.13) All-Amer, 2020 #1 Draft Choice
WR – So Tee Higgins (6-4, 210, 4.33, 40, 4.08) 2020 #1 Draft Choice
LB – So Isaiah Simmons
(6-4, 225, 4.64) 2020 #2 or #3 Draft Choice
CB – So A.J. Terrell
(6-2,190, 4.42, 37, 4.13) All Bowl Team, 2020 #2 Draft Choice

Image result for Travis etienne Photos Against AlabamaClemson had Five Players Voted to The Atlantic Coast Conference All Conference Team and Travis Etienne Led The Conference in VotingIn The National Championship Game, Super RB Travis Etienne (#9) Rushed for 86-Yards, including a 17-Yard Touchdown Run and a 1-Yard Touchdown. Etienne also Caught a Short 5-Yard Touchdown Pass, from Lawrence, giving him 91-Yards of All-Purpose Offense and 3 Touchdowns in The Victory.

Etienne, From Jennings, LouisianaWas a First Team ACC All-Conference Player, and was Selected First Team All-American by ESPN and Second Team All-American by The AP and Walter Camp. In The 2018 Season, Etienne Rushed for 1,658-Yards and 24 Touchdowns and an 8.1 Yards Per Carry Average. The NFL is Projecting Etienne as a 2020 #1 Draft Choice

Image result for Tee Higgins Photos in Alabama GameTee Higgins(#3) is an Unbelievable Wide Receiver who was The Top-Rated High School Recruit in The 2017 Recruiting Class After he Caught 68 Passes for 1,044-Yards and an Incredible 18 Touchdowns at Oak Ridge Tennessee High SchoolHiggins (6-4, 210, 4.33, 40, 4.08) Recorded Some Fabulous Measurables With a 4.33 Forty, 40-Inch Vertical Jump, and a 4.08 Pro Shuttle.

 “Tee Higgins is one of The Most Talented Kids I’ve ever seen on a Football Field,” Said Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney on watching Higgins play in high school.

Do you think that all of these Clemson Super Stars have Coach Swinney Drooling about More CFP National Championships in The Very Near Future.

Now is the Time.

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Super Scout Christmas All-American Team By Max Emfinger

Super Scout Christmas All-American Team
By Max Emfinger

Image result for Kyler murray Heisman photosHeisman Trophy Winner; Davey O’Brien Top QB; And AP Top Player Award Winning Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray
And Super Scout Most Valuable Offensive Player!


SCOUTING NOTE I: In Selecting College Weekly MVP’s, The Player had to be on The Winning Team, but in Selecting The Christmas All-American Teams, some of The Most Outstanding Players in The Country and with Some Unbelievable Stats were Deserving to be Rewarded and so I have gone back and added Several MVP Awards to Players, although they Had Lost their Game, but they Had Some Incredible Stats.

EXAMPLE: U-Mass WR Andy Isabella Caught Passes for 198, 191, 303, and 219-Yards, but He Lost in each Game; while UCLA TE Caleb Wilson Caught Passes for 164 and 184-Yards Against Arizona State and Stanford, but Lost; and LSU Super Linebacker Devin White Recorded 17 Tackles, including 12 Solo Tackles, 1 Sack, 4 TFL, and 1 Forced Fumble, but Lost Against Texas A&M. The SEC Still Selected White as The SEC Defensive Player of The Week.

Related image

Walter Camp Player of The Year; SEC Player of The Year; and Maxwell Award Winning Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa and Super Scout Runner-Up MVP Offensive Player!

SCOUTING NOTE II: The Three Offensive Players of The Year, with More Than 7 MVP Awards Included Super Scout MVP QB Kyler Murray of Oklahoma With 10 MVP Awards; Super Scout First Runner-Up QB Tua Tagovailoa of Alabama With 9 MVP Awards; and Second Runner-Up QB Gardner Minshew of Washington State With 8 MVP Awards.

SCOUTING NOTE III: This Super Scout Christmas All-American Team Took Longer than Anticipated, but I Hope Everyone Appreciates The Time Spent.

Image result for Gardner Minshew PhotosJohnny Unitas Golden Arm Award Winning Washington State QB Gardner Minshew And Second Runner-Up Most Valuable Offensive Player!


ATH QB – Jr Kyler Murray (5-10, 195, 4.32, 42, 3.92) Oklahoma – 10 MVP Awards
ATH QB – So Tua Tagovailoa (6-1, 218, 4.64) Alabama – 9 MVP Awards
QB – Sr Gardner Minshew
(6-2, 220, 4.92) Washington State – 8 MVP Awards
QB – Jr Dwayne Haskins
(6-3, 220, 4.6) Ohio State – 7 MVP Awards
AP RB – Jr Darrell Henderson
(5-9, 200, 4.42, 38, 4.1) Memphis – 7 MVP Awards 
AP RB – Jr Trayveon Williams
(5-9, 200, 4.37, 36, 4.12) Texas A&M – 7 MVP Awards
AP RB – So Eno Benjamin
(5-10, 201, 4.37, 38, 4.1) Arizona State – 7 MVP Awards
AP WR – Sr Deebo Samuel (5-11, 210, 4.33, 36, 4.16) So Carolina – 7 MVP Awards
AP WR – So Greg Dortch
(5-9, 170, 4.46, 36, 4.29) Wake Forest – 7 MVP Awards
RB – So Travis Etienne
(5-10, 200, 4.42, 38, 4.13) Clemson – 7 MVP Awards
RB – So Jonathan Taylor
(5-11, 221, 4.42, 38, 4.12) Wisconsin – 7 MVP Awards
SLOT Sr – Marquise Brown (5-10, 168, 4.25, 42, 3.95) Oklahoma – 6 MVP Awards
SLOT Sr – Andy Isabella (5-10, 190, 4.39, 36, 4.12) U-Mass – 6 MVP Awards
SLOT Fr – Rondale Moore (5-9, 175, 4.24, 40, 4.01) Purdue – 6 MVP Awards
SLOT So – J.J. Taylor (5-6, 184, 4.32, 38, 4.08) Arizona – 6 MVP Awards
WR – Jr A.J. Brown
(6-1, 230, 4.4) Ole Miss – 7 MVP Awards
WR – So Jerry Jeudy
(6-1, 192, 4.36, 36, 4.23) Alabama – 7 MVP Awards
FLK – Jr K’Neal Harry
(6-4, 213, 4.42, 38, 4.12) Arizona State – 6 MVP Awards
FLK – Jr Dillon Mitchell
(6-2, 190, 4.37, 38, 3.84) Oregon 6 MVP Awards
TE – Jr Jace Sternberger (6-4, 255, 4.6, 32, 4.31) Texas A&M – 6 MVP Awards
TE – Sr Caleb Wilson (6-4, 235, 4.62) UCLA – 6 MVP Awards
LOT – Jr Jonah Williams (6-5, 301, 4.92, 30, 4.72) Alabama – 7 MVP Awards
LOT – Jr Greg Little (6-5, 325, 4.96) Ole Miss – 7 MVP Awards
LOG – Sr Mitch Hyatt 
(6-5, 310, 4.93, 30, 4.59) Clemson – 7 MVP Awards
LOG – Sr Dalton Risner (6-4, 308, 4.94) Kansas State – 7 MVP Awards
OC – Sr Garrett Bradbury
(6-2, 300, 5.07) North Carolina St – 7 MVP Awards
OC – Jr Michael Jordan
(6-6, 312, 5.1) Ohio State – 7 MVP Awards
ROG – Sr Ross Pierschbacher (6-3, 309, 5.09, 28, 4.79) Alabama – 7 MVP Awards
ROG – Sr Beau Benzschawel
(6-5, 315, 5.12, 24, 4.9) Wisconsin – 7 MVP Awards
ROT – So Andrew Thomas (6-5, 320, 5.1, 32, 4.3) Georgia – 7 MVP Awards
K – Sr-Tr Cole Tracy (5-10, 188, 4.82) Louisiana State – 7 MVP Awards
K – Sr Matt Gay
(6-0, 230, 5.03) Utah – 7 MVP Awards
K – Fr Andre Szymt
(6-0, 195, 4.83) Syracuse – 7 MVP Awards
RET – So Savon Scarver
(5-11, 180, 4.33, 38, 4.13) Utah State – 7 MVP Awards
RET – Sr Michael Walker
(6-0, 195, 4.42, 37, 4.22) Boston College – 7 MVP Awards

Image result for Jerry Jeudy PhotosThe Fred Biletnikoff Award Winning Alabama Wide Receiver Jerry Jeudy And Super Scout Co-Wide Receiver MVP Player!


ATH QB – Sr Jordan Ta’amu (6-2, 210, 4.72) Ole Miss – 6 MVP Awards
QB – Sr Will Grier
(6-2, 223, 4.6) West Virginia – 6 MVP Awards
QB – Sr Drew Lock
(6-4, 225, 4.76) Missouri – 6 MVP Awards
QB – Sr Brett Rypien (6-2, 203, 4.72) Boise State – 6 MVP Awards
AP – RB – Jr Justice Hill
(5-10, 190, 4.36, 42, 4.02) Oklahoma St – 5 MVP Awards
AP – RB – Jr Benny
 Snell (5-10, 223, 4.4, 38, 4.1) Kentucky – 5 MVP Awards
AP – RB – Jr Joshua Kelley (5-11, 204, 4.42, 38, 4.1) UCLA – 5 MVP Awards
AP – RB – So D’Andre Swift
(5-9, 215, 4.37, 36, 4.12) Georgia – 5 MVP Awards
AP – RB – Jr Alexander Mattison (5-11, 219, 4.43, 39, 4.09) Boise St 5 MVP Awards
RB – Sr Dexter Williams
(5-11, 215, 4.32, 45.5, 3.9) Notre Dame – 5 MVP Awards
FB – Sr Ryquell Armstead (5-11, 220, 4.46) Temple – 5 MVP Awards
WR – So Tylan Wallace 
(6-0, 185, 4.44, 36, 4.2 ) Oklahoma State – 5 MVP Awards
WR – Sr Parris Campbell
(6-0, 208, 4.32) Ohio State – 5 MVP Awards
WR – Jr James Proche (5-11, 190, 4.46, 36, 4.16) SMU – 5 MVP Awards
FLK – Sr J.J. Arcega-Whiteside
(6-2, 225, 4.47) Stanford – 5 MVP Awards
FLK – So Laviska Shenault Jr (6-2, 220, 4.44, 36, 4.24) Colorado – 5 MVP Awards
TE – Jr Irv Smith
(6-4, 245, 4.52) Alabama – 5 MVP Awards
TE – Jr Kaden Smith (6-5, 252, 4.61, 40, 4.24) Stanford – 5 MVP Awards
TE – Jr Jared Pinkney
(6-4, 255, 4.62, 32, 4.3) Vanderbilt – 5 MVP Awards
LOT – Sr Andre Dillard (6-5, 310, 5.06, 28, 4.72) Washington St  5 MVP Awards
LOT – Sr Calvin Throckmorton
(6-6, 318, 4.97) Oregon – 5 MVP Awards
LOT – Sr Martez Ivy 
(6-5, 306, 4.92) Florida5 MVP Awards
LOG – Sr Ben Powers
(6-4, 313, 5.0) Oklahoma – 5 MVP Awards
LOG – Sr Chris Lindstrom
(6-3, 310, 4.96, 28, 4.6) BostonCollege – 5 MVP Awards
LOG – Sr Dru Samia
(6-4, 303, 5.02, 26, 4.94) Oklahoma – 5 MVP Awards
LOG – Jr Shane Lemieux (6-4, 317, 5.02) Oregon– 5 MVP Awards
OC – Sr Tyler Bladasz 
(6-2, 319, 5.16) Wisconsin – 5 MVP Awards
OC – Sr Sam Mustipher (6-3, 306, 5.92) Notre Dame – 5 MVP Awards
OC – Jr Nick Harris
(6-1, 300, 5.2) Washington – 5 MVP Awards
ROG – Jr Trey Smith (6-6, 320, 5.26) Tennessee – 5 MVP Awards
ROG – Jr Tre’Vour Wallace-Simms
(6-5, 330, 5.2) Missouri – 5 MVP Awards
ROG – Sr Bunchy Stallings
(6-3, 305, 5.2) Kentucky – 5 MVP Awards
ROG – Sr Terronne Prescod (6-5, 334, 5.31) North Carolina St – 5 MVP Awards
ROG – Sr Jordan Agasiva (6-5, 320, 5.2)
Utah – 5 MVP Awards
ROT – Sr Michael Deiter 
(6-6, 310, 5.2) Wisconsin – 5 MVP Awards
ROT – Sr Kaleb McGary
(6-7, 324, 5.1) Washington – 5 MVP Awards
K – Jr Rodrigo Blankenship (6-0, 191, 4.72) Georgia –  6 MVP Awards
K – Sr John Baron
(5-10, 190, 4.82) San Diego State 6 MVP Awards
K/P – Sr Austin Seibert
(5-9, 214, 5.0) Oklahoma – 6 MVP Awards
RET – Jr Isaiah Wright
(6-2, 220, 4.42) Temple – 6 MVP Awards


ATH QB – Jr McKenzie Milton (5-11, 185, 4.43, 36, 4.3) UCF5 MVP Awards
ATH QB – So Sam Ehlinger
(6-3, 235, 4.68, 32, 4.42) Texas – 5 MVP Awards
ATH QB – Sr Eric Dungey
(6-4, 226, 4.52) Syracuse – 5 MVP Awards
QB – Sr Ryan Finley (6-4, 212, 4.66) North Carolina State – 5 MVP Awards
AP WR – So Ceedee Lamb (6-1, 189, 4.35, 40, 4.12) Oklahoma – 4 MVP Awards
AP RB – Jr Alex Barnes (6-0, 225, 4.44, 37, 4.22) Kansas State – 4 MVP Awards
AP RB – Jr David Montgomery (5-11, 216, 4.42, 36, 4.21) Iowa St – 4 MVP Awards
AP RB – So J.K. Dobbins (5-10, 214, 4.37, 40, 4.12) Ohio State – 4 MVP Awards
AP WR – So Lynn Bowden Jr (6-1, 195, 4.4, 36, 4.12) Kentucky – 4 MVP Awards
AP WR – So Marquez Stevenson
(6-0, 190, 4.33) Houston – 4 MVP Awards
RB – Fr Kennedy Brooks
(5-11, 206, 4.4, 38, 4.16) Oklahoma – 4 MVP Awards
RB – So A.J. Dillon
(6-0, 245, 4.52, 38.5, 4.2) Boston College– 4 MVP Awards
RB – Jr Zach Moss
(5-10, 215, 4.42, 36, 4.22) Utah – 4 MVP Awards
FB – Sr Devine Ozigbo
(6-0, 235, 4.52, 34, 4.32) Nebraska – 4 MVP Awards
SLOT – Fr Pooka Williams
(5-10, 170, 4.31) Kansas – 4 MVP Awards
SLOT – Sr – Myles Gaskin (5-9, 193, 4.4, 36, 4.12) Washington – 4 MVP Awards
WR – So Marquez Stevenson (6-0, 190, 4.33) Houston – 4 MVP Awards
FLK – Jr Antoine Wesley
(6-5, 200, 4.52) Texas Tech – 4 MVP Awards
FLK – Sr Trevon Brown (6-2, 215, 4.43) East Carolina – 4 MVP Awards
FLK – Jr Preston Williams
(6-4, 210, 4.44, 34, 4.22) Colorado St – 4 MVP Awards
TE – So T.J. Hockenson
(6-5, 250, 4.66, 32, 4.36) Iowa – 4 MVP Awards
TE – So Albert Okwurgbunam (6-5, 255, 4.66) Missouri – 4 MVP Awards
LOT – Sr Paul Adams
(6-5, 315, 5.0) Missouri – 4 MVP Awards
LOT – Sr Jackson Barton (6-7, 313, 5.02) Utah – 4 MVP Awards
LOG – Sr Darryl Williams
(6-2, 310, 5.08) Mississippi State –
 4 MVP Awards
LOG – Sr Hjalte Froholdt
(6-5, 315, 5.12) Arkansas – 4 MVP Awards
LOG – Sr Chris Brown
(6-5, 310, 5.0) Southern Cal – 4 MVP Awards
OC – Sr Lamont Gaillard (6-2, 308, 5.13) Georgia – 4 MVP Awards
OC – Sr Elgton Jenkins
(6-4, 310, 5.06) Mississippi State – 4 MVP Awards
OC – Sr Erik McCoy
(6-4, 311, 5.1, 26, 4.91) Texas A&M – 4 MVP Awards
OC – Jr Levi Brown (6-3, 280, 5.03) Marshall – 4 MVP Awards
OC – Jr Jordan Johnson
(6-2, 320, 5.2) Central Florida – 4 MVP Awards
ROG – Sr Zack Bailey
(6-5, 314, 5.16) South Carolina – 4 MVP Awards
ROG – Jr Nate Herbig (6-4, 350, 5.3) Stanford – 4 MVP Awards
ROT – Sr David Edwards
(6-7, 320, 5.33) Wisconsin – 4 MVP Awards
K – Sr Chase McLaughlin
(6-0, 190, 4.86) Illinois – 5 MVP Awards
K – Sr-Tr Cole Hedlund
(5-10, 162, 4.76) North Texas– 5 MVP Awards
RET – Jr Mecole Hardman
(5-11, 183, 4.28, 41, 3.96) Georgia – 5 MVP Awards


SCOUTING NOTE IV: It’s Interesting To-Note that Most Every Great Offensive and  Defensive Player is able To Record Great Offensive and Great Defensive Stats, but some Really Fabulous Defensive Players Are Targeted and “Run-Away-From” on Every Offensive Play and thus Limiting Great Defensive Stats. Several Potential #1 Draft Choices in This Category Included DT Ed Oliver of Houston; DT  Derrick Brown of Auburn; DT Dexter Lawrence and DE Austin Bryant of Clemson; DT Raekwon Davis of Alabama; SS Johnathan Abram of Mississippi State; DT Gerald Willis of Miami; ILB Joe Dineen of Kansas; ILB Jordan Kunaszyk of CaliforniaILB Devin Bush and DE Rashan Gary of Michigan; and CB Greedy Williams of LSU, but I Included all of them on Either The Second or Third Team All-American Team.

SCOUTING NOTE V: The Two Co-Defensive Players of The Year, with 8 MVP Awards include Edge Rush End Josh Allen of Kentucky and Nose Tackle Quinnen Williams of Alabama.

Related image

Bronco Nagurski Trophy; Chuck Bednarik Award; and  Lott Impact Trophy Kentucky Edge Rush End Josh Allen And Super Scout Co-Most Valuable Defensive Player!

Edge Rush – Jr Josh Allen (6-5, 260, 4.56) Kentucky – 8 MVP Awards
Edge Rush – Jr Sutton Smith (6-1, 237, 4.62, 36, 4.25) No Illinois  7 MVP Awards
Edge Rush – Sr Jachai Polite – (6-2, 242, 4.52) Florida – 7 MVP Awards
QDT – Sr Dre’Mont Jone
(6-4, 286, 4.82) Ohio State – 7 MVP Awards
NG – So – Quinnen Williams (6-4, 295, 4.72) Alabama – 8 MVP Awards
SDT – Sr Christian Wilkins (6-4, 315, 4.82) Clemson – 7 MVP Awards
SDE – Jr – Clelin Ferrell (6-5, 265, 4.62, 32, 4.4) Clemson – 7 MVP Awards
SDE – Sr Montez Sweat (6-6, 245, 4.62, 32, 4.36) Mississippi St – 7 MVP Awards
WLB – Sr Chase Hansen (6-3, 230, 4.52, 36, 4.32) Utah – 7 MVP Awards
MLB – Jr Devin White (6-2, 240, 4.46, 37, 4.26) Louisiana State – 7 MVP Awards
MLB – Sr T.J. Edwards (6-1, 242, 4.66) Wisconsin – 7 MVP Awards
SLB – Sr Ben Burr-Kirven 
(6-0, 221, 4.62, 32, 4.29) Washington – 7 MVP Awards
CB – Jr Julian Love (5-11, 193, 4.37, 36, 4.17) Notre Dame – 7 MVP Awards
CB – Sr DeAndre Baker
(5-11, 185, 4.37) Georgia – 7 MVP Awards
CB -So Byron Murphy (5-11, 182, 4.37, 38, 4.12) Washington – 7 MVP Awards
FS – Jr Deionte Thompson
(6-1, 196, 4.37, 36, 3.98) Alabama – 7 MVP Awards
SS – So Greg Delpit (6-3, 203, 4.42, 36, 4.04) Louisiana State– 7 MVP Awards 
SS – Jr Taylor Rapp (6-1, 200, 4.46, 36, 4.09) Washington – 7 MVP Awards
P – Jr Braden Mann
(5-11, 190) (51.1 Ave)  Texas A&M – 7 MVP Awards
P – Sr Ryan Stonehouse
(5-11, 170) (48.3 Ave) Colorado State – 7 MVP Awards
P – Sr Brandon Wright (5-10, 180) (48.2 Ave) Georgia State – 7 MVP Awards

Outland Trophy Winning Alabama NG Quinnen Williams And Super Scout Co-MVP Defensive Player!


Edge Rush – Jr Kenny Willekes (6-4, 260, 4.72) Michigan State – 6 MVP Awards
Edge Rush – Sr Chase Winovich 
(6-4, 255, 4.68) Michigan – 6 MVP Awards
Edge Rush – Sr Oshane Ximines
(6-4, 255, 4.62) Ole Dominion – 6 MVP Awards
Edge Rush – Sr Nate Harvey (6-1, 225, 4.53) East Carolina – 6 MVP Awards
Edge Rush – Sr Jaylon Ferguson 
(6-5, 262, 4.72) Louisiana Tech – 6 MVP Awards
QDT – Jr Jeffery Simmons
(6-4, 300, 4.83) Mississippi St – 6 MVP Awards
QDT – Sr Charles Omenihu (6-6, 276, 4.76, 31, 4.53) Texas – 6 MVP Awards
QDT – Sr Gerald Willis (6-4, 285, 4.82) Miami – 6 MVP Awards
SDT – Jr Derrick Brown
(6-5, 325, 4.92) Auburn – 6 MVP Awards
NG – Jr Ed Oliver
(6-3, 292, 4.82, 29, 4.72) Houston – 6 MVP Awards
SDT – Jr Raekwon Davis (6-7, 316, 4.96, 28, 4.72) Alabama – 6 MVP Awards
SDT – Sr Jerry Tillery
(6-7, 305, 5.05, 28, 4.68) Notre Dame – 6 MVP Awards
SDT – Jr Dexter Lawrence (6-4, 340, 5.12) Clemson – 6 MVP Awards
SDE – So A.J. Epenesa
(6-5, 277, 4.72, 33, 4.42) Iowa – 6 MVP Awards
SDE – Sr Zach Allen
(6-6, 285, 4.77, 28, 4.32) Boston College – 6 MVP Awards
SDE – Jr Joe Jackson
(6-5, 258, 4.62, 32, 4.46) Miami – 6 MVP Awards
SDE – Jr Rashan Gary (6-5, 281, 4.56, 33, 4.38) Michigan – 6 MVP Awards
SDE  – Sr  Austin Bryant (6-6, 268, 4.71) Clemson – 6 MVP Awards
WLB – Sr D’Andre Walker
(6-3, 245, 4.52) Georgia – 6 MVP Awards
WLB – Sr Te’Von Coney (6-1, 240, 4.56) Notre Dame – 6 MVP Awards
WLB – Jr Kyahva Tezino
(6-0, 230, 4.52, 30, 4.32) San Diego St – 6 MVP Awards
MLB – Jr Devin Bush
(5-11, 233, 4.52) Michigan – 6 MVP Awards
MLB – Sr Gary Johnson (6-0, 230, 4.51, 39.5, 4.26) Texas – 5 MVP Awards
MLB – Sr Mack Wilson (6-2, 238) Alabama – 5 MVP Awards
SLB – So Paddy Fisher (6-4, 241, 4.69) Northwestern – 5 MVP Awards
SLB – Jr Tre Lamar
(6-4, 250, 4.6) Clemson – 5 MVP Awards
SLB – Jr Evan Weaver
(6-2, 245, 4.64, 33, 4.36) California – 5 MVP Awards
CB – So Greedy Williams (6-2, 184, 4.42) Louisiana State – 6 MVP Awards
CB – J
r Hamp Cheevers
 (5-10, 180, 4.42, 36, 4.32) Boston College – 5 MVP Awards
CB – Jr Bryce Hall (6-1, 200, 4.36) Virginia – 5 MVP Awards
FS – Fr Andre Cisco 
(6-0, 199, 4.44, 38, 4.14) Syracuse – 5 MVP Awards
SS – Sr Johnathan Abram (6-1, 215, 4.43, 36, 4.26) Mississippi St – 6 MVP Awards
SS – Sr Jaquan Johnson
(5-11, 195, 4.36, 36, 4.28) Miami – 5 MVP Awards
P – So Will Hart (6-2, 192) (47.6 Ave) Michigan – 6 MVP Awards
P – Sr Mitch Wishnowsky (6-2, 220, 4.84) (47.1 Ave) Utah – 6 MVP Awards
P – So James Smith (6-5, 220, 4.98) (47.0 Ave) Cincinnati – 6  MVP Awards


Edge Rush – So Curtis Weaver (6-3, 266, 4.66) Boise State – 5 MVP Awards
Edge Rush – Jr Brian Burns (6-5, 235, 4.52, 36, 4.2) Florida State – 5 MVP Awards
Edge Rush – Sr Jalen Jelks (6-6, 245, 4.66) Oregon – 5 MVP Awards
Edge Rush – Jr Julian Okwara
(6-4, 241, 4.63) Notre Dame – 4 MVP Awards
Edge Rush – Jr Bradlee Anae 
(6-3, 254, 4.64) Utah – 4 MVP Awards
QDT – Sr Cortez Broughton (6-3, 295, 4.82, 34, 4.6) Cincinnati – 5 MVP Awards
QDT – Sr Michael Dogbe (6-3, 285, 4.83) Temple – 5 MVP Awards
NG – Sr Greg Gaines (6-2, 316, 4.9, 28-4, 4.7) Washington – 4 MVP Awards
SDT – Jr Leki Fotu (6-5, 323, 5.08) Utah – 4 MVP Awards
SDT – Sr Terry Beckner Jr (6-4, 295, 4.92) Missouri – 4 MVP Awards
SDE – Sr Isaiah Buggs (6-5, 286, 4.82) Alabama – 5 MVP Awards
SDE – Sr Yetur Gross-Matos
(6-5, 262, 4.67, 30, 4.32) Penn State – 5 MVP Awards
SDE – So Chase Young
(6-5, 265, 4.64, 33, 4.3) Ohio State – 4 MVP Awards
WLB – Sr Drue Tranquill
(6-2, 235, 4.52) Notre Dame 4 MVP Awards
WLB – Sr Chris Peace (6-2, 250, 4.52, 36, 4.42) Virginia – 4 MVP Awards
WLB – Jr Anfernee Jennings
(6-3, 266, 4.64) Alabama – 4 MVP Awards
WLB – So Kenneth Murray (6-2, 238, 4.62, 35, 4.34) Oklahoma – 4 MVP Awards
MLB – Jr Markus Bailey
(6-1, 240, 4.66, 33.5, 4.28) Purdue – 4 MVP Awards 
MLB – Jr Joe Bachie
(6-2, 238, 4.72) Michigan State 4 MVP Awards
MLB – Sr Joe Dineen (6-2, 235, 4.52) Kansas – 4 MVP Awards
MLB – Sr Jordan Kunaszyk
(6-3, 235, 4.74) California – 4 MVP Awards
SLB – Sr Deshaun Davis 
(5-11, 233, 4.64, 34.5, 4.35) Auburn – 4 MVP Awards
SLB – Jr Shaquille Quarterman (6-1, 240, 4.68, 38, 4.38) Miami– 4 MVP Awards
CB – So Paulson Abebo
(6-1, 189, 4.42) Stanford – 4 MVP Awards
CB – Sr Kris Boyd (6-0, 195, 4.4, 36, 4.04) Texas – 4 MVP Awards
CB – So Jaylon Johnson
(6-0, 190, 4.43) Utah – 4 MVP Awards
CB – Jr Nevelle Clarke (6-1, 187, 4.42) Central Florida – 4 MVP Awards
FS – Sr  Mike Edwards
(6-0, 200, 4.46) Kentucky – 5 MVP Awards
SS – Jr Amani Hooker (5-11, 210, 4.44) Purdue – 5 MVP Awards
SS – Sr Andrew Wingard (5-11, 214, 4.47, 40, 4.29) Wyoming – 4 MVP Awards
P – Jr Tom Bennett (6-3, 180) (46.6 Ave) Tulsa – 5 MVP Awards
P – So Oscar Draguicevich (5-11, 180) (46.0 Ave) Washington St – 5 MVP Awards
P – Sr Stefan Flintoft (6-2, 191) 45.8 Ave) UCLA – 5 MVP Awards

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Three defensive standouts – Devin WhiteGreedy Williams and Grant Delpit – along with placekicker Cole Tracy have been named mid-season All-Americas by various news organizations for their efforts in leading LSU to a No. 5 national ranking and a 6-1 overall mark at the halfway point of the season.

Delpit, White and Williams were all named Mid-Season All-Americas by The Athletic, ESPN, and the Associated Press, while Tracy was recognized by The Athletic and was a second-team selection by the AP.

In addition to his spot on The Athletic’s Mid-Season All-America Team, Delpit was named by The Athletic national writer Bruce Feldman as the nation’s top defensive player for the first half of the season.

In Eight Games, seven games, Delpit has recorded 44 tackles and leads the Tigers in tackles for loss (7.5), interceptions (3), and is second on the team in sacks (3) and passes defended (7). He also has four quarterback hurries, four pass breakups and a forced fumble to his credit.

White, who is this week’s Southeastern Conference Defensive Player of the Week, has racked up a team-best 66 tackles, to go with 7.0 tackles for loss, one sack, three pass breakups, three passes defended and five quarterback hurries. He’s also recovered two fumbles and forced a fumble for an LSU defense that is allowing 16.9 points and 340.3 total yards per game.

Last week against Georgia, White recorded 13 tackles and recovered a fumble in the 36-16 win over the second-ranked Bulldogs. As a unit, LSU held Georgia to season lows for points (16), total yards (322) and rushing yards (113).

Williams, considered the nation’s top cornerback, has 22 tackles, a pair of interceptions and five passes defended for the Tigers.

Tracy, who leads the nation with 17 field goals, has been named the SEC Special Teams Player of the Week three times this year. He kicked the first walk-off game-winning field goal in LSU history in the 22-21 win over Auburn in week 3 and then tied a school-record with five field goals in the victory over Georgia.

Tracy ranks first in the SEC in scoring with 74 points and his 17 field goals already ranks No. 5 on LSU’s single-season list.




QB – Tua Tagovailoa, Sophomore, Alabama
RB – Jonathan Taylor, Sophomore, Wisconsin
RB – Darrell Henderson, Junior, Memphis
OT – Jonah Williams, Junior, Alabama
OT – Mitch Hyatt, Senior, Clemson
OG – Beau Benzschawel, Senior, Wisconsin
OG – Shane Lemieux, Junior, Oregon
C – Ross Pierschbacher, Senior, Alabama
TE – Jace Sternberger, Junior, Texas A&M
WR – Laviska Shenault Jr, Sophomore, Colorado
WR – Jerry Jeudy, Sophomore, Alabama
AP – Greg Dortch, Sophomore, Wake Forest
PK – Andre Szmyt, Freshman, Syracuse


DE – Clelin Ferrell, Junior, Clemson
DE – Chase Winovich, Senior, Michigan
DT – Ed Oliver, Junior, Houston
DT – Gerald Willis III, Senior, Miami
LB – Josh Allen, Senior, Kentucky
LB – Devin White, Junior, LSU
LB – Ben Burr-Kirven, Senior, Washington
CB – Julian Love, Junior, Notre Dame
CB – Greedy Williams, Sophomore, LSU
S – Deionte Thompson, Junior, Alabama
S – Grant Delpit, Sophomore, LSU
P – Braden Mann, Junior, Texas A&M



QB – Dwayne Haskins, Sophomore, Ohio State
RB – Travis Etienne, Sophomore, Clemson
RB – Benny Snell, Junior, Kentucky
OT – David Edwards, Junior, Wisconsin
OT – Greg Little, Junior, Mississippi
OG – Terronne Prescod, Senior, NC State
OG – Ben Bredeson, Junior, Michigan
C – Michael Jordan, Junior, Ohio State
TE – Noah Fant, Junior, Iowa
WR – Marquise Brown, Junior, Oklahoma
WR – John Ursua, Junior, Hawaii
AP – Rondale Moore, Freshman, Purdue
PK – Cole Tracy, Senior, LSU


DE – Montez Sweat, Junior, Mississippi State
DE – Brian Burns, Junior, Florida State
DT – Jerry Tillery, Senior, Notre Dame
DT – Quinnen Williams, Sophomore, Alabama
LB – Devin Bush, Junior, Michigan
LB – Porter Gustin, Senior, USC
LB – Curtis Bolton, Senior, Oklahoma
CB – Deandre Baker, Senior, Georgia
CB – Adrian Frye, Freshman, Texas Tech
S – Taylor Rapp, Junior, Washington
S – Ugochukwu Amadi, Senior, Oregon
P – Ryan Stonehouse, Sophomore, Colorado State

Voter Panel: Bob Asmussen, Champaign (Ill.) News-Gazette; Matt Baker, Tamp Bay (Fla.) Times; Michael Barber, Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch; Matt Brown, The Athletic; Robert Cessna, Bryan-College Station (Texas) Eagle; Rece Davis, ESPN; Pat Dooley, Gainesville (Fla.) Sun; Scott Hamilton, WECT-TV Wilmington, North Carolina; Eric Hansen, The South Bend (Ind.) Tribune; Brian Howell, ; Rob Long, WJZ-FM 105.7 The Fan Baltimore; Sean Manning; Conor O’Neill; Soren Petro, 810 WHB Kansas City, Missouri; Keith Sargeant, Star Ledger; Jon Wilner, San Jose (Calif.) Mercury New; and Max Emfinger, Super Scout.

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Walter Camp Defensive Player Ratings! By Super Scout Max Emfinger

The Walter Camp National Player
And Heismam Trophy Awards Preview!
By Super Scout Max Emfinger

Related image

These Five Players For The Walter Camp National Player Award Are Listed With Their Number of College Football Weekly Awards and it Includes Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray With Seven MVP Awards, Plus Another One in The BIG-12 Championship Game, Giving Him Eight MVP Awards; Washington State QB Gardner Minshew With Seven MVP Awards; Kentucky Edge Rush End With Seven MVP Awards; Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa With Six MVP Awards; and West Virginia QB Will Grier With Six MVP Awards.

Others With Six or Seven MVP Awards include Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins With Six MVP Awards, Plus Another One in The BIG-10 Championship Game, Giving Him Seven MVP Awards; Alabama Super Noseguard Quinnen Williams With Six MVP Awards, Plus Another One in The SEC Championship Game, Giving Him Seven MVP Awards; Texas A&M RB Treyveon Williams With Six MVP AwardsClemson RB Travis Etienne With Six MVP Awards, Counting The One in The ACC Championship GameMemphis RB Darrell Henderson With Six MVP Awards; LSU Strong Safety Greg Delpit With Six MVP AwardsLSU Inside Linebacker Devin White With Six MVP AwardsWashington LB Ben Burr-Kiren With Six MVP Awards; Clemson DE Clelin Ferrell With Six MVP Awardsand Florida Defensive Tackle Jachai Polite With Six MVP Awards.

Players With Five MVP Weekly Awards Include Boise State Quarterback Brett Rypien; Notre Dame Running Back Dexter Williams; Utah Linebacker Chase Hansen; Texas Inside Linebacker Greg Johnson; Texas A&M Tight End Jace Sternberger; Alabama Tight End Irv SmithMississippi State Defensive Tackle Jeffery SimmonsMississippi State Defensive End Montez SweatWisconsin Running Back Jonathan Taylor; California Inside Linebacker Evan Weaver; Wisconsin Inside Linebacker T.J. Edwards; and Washington Strong Safety Taylor Rapp.

Quarterbacks With Four MVP Weekly Awards Included Missouri Quarterback Drew Lock; Utah State Quarterback Jordan Love; Texas A&M Quarterback Jordan Ta’Amu; Central Florida Quarterback McKenzie Milton; Notre Dame Quarterback Ian Book; and

Running Backs and Tight Ends With Four MVP Weekly Awards Included  Iowa State All-Purpose Running Back David MontgomeryUCLA Tight End Caleb Wilson; Washington All-Purpose Back Myles Gaskin; Georgia All-Purpose Running Back D’Andre Swift; UCLA All-Purpose Running Back Joshua Kelley; Kansas State All-Purpose Running Back Alex Barnes; and Utah Running Back Zack Moss.

Wide Receivers With Four MVP Weekly Awards Included Ohio State Wide Receiver Parris CampbellOle Miss Wide Receiver A.J. BrownStanford Wide Receiver J.J. Arcega-Whiteside; Oregon State Wide Receiver Isaiah HodginsOklahoma Slot Wide Receiver Marquise Brown; Oklahoma All-Purpose Wide Receiver Ceedee LambArizona State All-Purpose Wide Receiver N’Keal Harry; and Purdue All-Purpose Wide Receiver Rondale Moore.

Defensive Linemen With Four MVP Weekly Awards Included Houston Defensive Tackle Ed Oliver; Penn State Strongside Defensive End Yetur Gross-Matos; Alabama Defensive Tackle Isaiah Buggs; Texas Defensive Tackle Charles Omenihu; Ohio State Defensive Tackle Dre’Mont Jones;Ohio State Defensive End Chase Young; Clemson Defensive Tackle Christian Wilkins; Michigan Edge Rush End Chase Winovich; Michigan State Edge Rush End Kenny Willekes; and Boise State Edge Rush End Curtis Weaver.

Linebackers With Four MVP Weekly Awards Included Michigan Inside Linebacker Devin BushClemson Inside Linebacker Tre LamarHouston Inside Linebacker Austin RobinsonCentral Florida Outside Linebacker Nate EvansVirginia Linebacker Chris Peace; North Carolina State Inside Linebacker Germaine Pratt; and

Defensive Backs With Four MVP Weekly Awards Included Washington Cornerback Byron Murphy; Iowa Strong Safety Amani Hooker; Miami Strong Safety Jaquan Johnson; Syracuse Free Safety Andre Cisco; Virginia Cornerback Bryce Hall; and

Tight Ends and Offensive Linemen were Very Difficult to Evaluate and Give a Weekly MVP Award for each Week, but there were Four Tight Ends that Were Very Impressive and they were Awarded Several Weekly MVP Awards. All Four of These Tight Ends are Super Freaks and they Include Texas A&M Tight End Jace Sternberger; Alabama Tight End Irv SmithMissouri TE Albert Okwuegbunam; and Iowa Tight End Noah Fant. All Four Super Tight Ends Are Potential NFL #1 Draft Choices.

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Kentucky Super-Star Edge Rush End Josh Allen Wins Bronco Nagurski Award! By Super Scout Max Emfinger

Kentucky Super-Star Edge Rush End Josh Allen Wins Bronco Nagurski Award! By Super Scout Max Emfinger

Image result for Bronko Nagurski Award Logo

Kentucky Senior Edge Rush Defensive End Josh Allen (6-5, 260, 4.56) From Montclair, New Jersey has just been Awarded The Bronco Naguraki Trophy Award as The Top Defensive Player in The Country after just being Named as The SEC Defensive Player of The Year.

Allen has been Sensational All Season in Leading The #15 Ranked Kentucky Wildcats to a (9-3, 5-3 SEC) Record and with Such an Incredible Season, this is Obviously Not Going To-Be his Last Defensive Award, because he is going to Receive Several More Defensive Awards.

In The 2018 Season, Allen has become The Kentucky Wildcats All-Time Quarterback Sack Record with 14 Quarterback Sacks and he also Broke The Wildcats Quarterback Sack Record for a Single Season.

Image result for Josh Allen Kentucky photos

Allen Also is a Semi-Finalist for Several Other Trophy Awards, including The Chuck Bednarik Trophy Award for The Best Linebacker in The Country; The Dick Butkus Award as The Best Linebacker in The CountryThe Lott IMPACT Trophy Award, given to The Top Defensive Player in The Country; and The Walter Camp Trophy Award for The Top Player in The Country.

As a Senior, in 2018, Allen was a Little Heavier and Stronger than in 2017 and he Put-Together another Tremendous Season in Recording an Incredible Football Season as he Recorded 52 Solo Tackles, including 14 Quarterback Sacks, 18.5 Tackles for a Loss, 5 Forced Fumblesand 4 Pass Breakups. This is not even Counting  The Kentucky Wildcats Bowl GameAllen Recorded Multi Sacks in Four Games and was Selected to My College Football Weekly MVP’s in An Incredible Seven Games, Including 3 Sacks Against South Carolina; Plus 2 Sacks Against Vanderbilt, Missouri, and Middle Tennessee.

Image result for Josh Allen Kentucky photos

Allen (#41) is  Exceptionally Fast for an Edge Rush End, Weighing in The 260-Pound Range and he also Possesses an Extremely Quick First-Step in Causing Serious Damage to Opponents Offensive Plays.

Allen was a Backup as a Freshman before becoming a Sophomore Super-Star in 2016, in Becoming a Solid Starter at Rush Defensive End. In that 2016 Season, Allen Recorded 62 Tackles, Including 7 Quarterback Sacks, 8.5 Tackles for a Loss, and 4 Forced Fumbles. Then, As a Junior, Allen became one of The Top Edge Rush Defensive Ends in the SEC, as he Recorded 65 Tackles, Including 9.5 Tackles for a Loss, 2 Forced Fumbles, and 3 Pass Breakups. After his Junior Season, Allen Considered Entering The 2018 NFL Draft, but Decided to return for his Senior Season.

Allen was also Phenomenal against The Florida Gators, leading The Kentucky Wildcats to snap their 31-Game Losing Streak to The  Gators. Allen Dominated The Gators Left Offensive Tackle in The Pass Rush and made Two Outstanding Downfield Pass Breakups, including a Critical Two-Point Conversion Attempt. After that, Allen was also Outstanding in Leading The Wildcats to Victory over Missouri, Mississippi State and South Carolina.

Related image

The Walter Camp National Player
And Heismam Trophy Awards Preview!

Related image

There were Four Quarterbacks that have been Named as Finalists in The Final Five for The 2018 Walter Camp National Player of The Year Award, including Oklahoma Quarterback Kyler Murray; Alabama Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa; Washington State Quarterback Gardner Minshew; and West Virginia Quarterback Will Grier. The only Non-Quarterback is Super Kentucky Linebacker Josh Allen.

These Five Players For The Walter Camp National Player Award Are Listed With Their Number of College Football Weekly Awards and it Includes Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray With Seven MVP Awards, Plus Another One in The BIG-12 Championship Game, Giving Him Eight MVP Awards; Washington State QB Gardner Minshew With Seven MVP Awards; Kentucky Edge Rush End With Seven MVP Awards; Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa With Six MVP Awards; and West Virginia QB Will Grier With Six MVP Awards.

Others With Six or Seven MVP Awards include Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins With Six MVP Awards, Plus Another One in The BIG-10 Championship Game, Giving Him Seven MVP Awards; Alabama Super Noseguard Quinnen Williams With Six MVP Awards, Plus Another One in The SEC Championship Game, Giving Him Seven MVP Awards; Texas A&M RB Treyveon Williams With Six MVP AwardsClemson RB Travis Etienne With Six MVP Awards, Counting The One in The ACC Championship GameMemphis RB Darrell Henderson With Six MVP Awards; LSU Strong Safety Greg Delpit With Six MVP AwardsLSU Inside Linebacker Devin White With Six MVP AwardsWashington LB Ben Burr-Kiren With Six MVP Awards; Oklahoma Slot Wide Receiver Marquise BrownClemson DE Clelin Ferrell With Six MVP Awardsand Florida DT Jachai Polite With Six MVP Awards.

Players With Five MVP Weekly Awards Include Boise State Quarterback Brett Rypien; Notre Dame Running Back Dexter Williams; Utah Linebacker Chase Hansen; Texas Inside Linebacker Greg Johnson; Texas A&M Tight End Jace Sternberger; Alabama Tight End Irv SmithMississippi State Defensive Tackle Jeffery SimmonsMississippi State Defensive End Montez SweatWisconsin Running Back Jonathan Taylor; California Inside Linebacker Evan Weaver; and Washington Strong Safety Taylor Rapp.

Other Players With Four MVP Weekly Awards Include Missouri Quarterback Drew Lock; Oklahoma All-Purpose Wide Receiver Ceedee Lamb; Utah State Jordan Love; Texas A&M Quarterback Jordan Ta’Amu; Central Florida Quarterback McKenzie Milton; Central Florida Outside Linebacker Nate Evans; Houston Defensive Tackle Ed Oliver; Houston Inside Linebacker Austin Robinson; Clemson Inside Linebacker Tre LamarNotre Dame Quarterback Ian Book; Washington Cornerback Byron Murphy; Washington All-Purpose Back Myles Gaskin; Penn State Strongside Defensive End Yetur Gross-Matos; Virginia Linebacker Chris Peace; Alabama Defensive Tackle Isaiah Buggs; Texas Defensive Tackle Charles Omenihu; Ohio State Defensive Tackle Dre’Mont Jones; Ohio State Defensive End Chase Young; Clemson Defensive Tackle Christian Wilkins; and Boise State Edge Rush End Curtis Weaver.

Tight Ends and Offensive Linemen were Very Difficult to Evaluate and Give a Weekly MVP Award for each Week, but there were Five Tight Ends that Were Very Impressive and they were Awarded Several Weekly MVP Awards. All Five of These Tight Ends are Super Freaks and they Include Texas A&M Tight End Jace Sternberger; Alabama Tight End Irv SmithMissouri TE Albert Okwuegbunam; UCLA Tight End Caleb Wilsonand Iowa Tight End Noah Fant. All Four Super Tight Ends Are Potential NFL #1 Draft Choices.

Sternberger (6-4, 255, 4.6, 32, 4.31) From Kingfisher, Oklahoma has Tremendous Size, Great Athleticism, and Outstanding Speed for a Huge Tight End. He Will Go-Up and Catch Clutch Passes Against Cornerbacks and then Run for Extra Yardage, after Making Contact.

Image result for Jace Sternberger Photos

Sternberger (#81) Caught 5 Passes Against Kentucky for 95-Yards; Caught 7 Passes Against South Carolina for 145-Yards; Caught 4 Passes for 76-Yards Against Ole Miss; and Caught 5 Passes Against LSU for 75-Yards and 2 Touchdowns. These Outstanding SEC Stats helped Sternberger to be Voted To The All-SEC First Team All-Conference.

Image result for Albert okwuegbunam Photos

Okwuegbunam (6-5, 255, 4.66) was Incredible in The Memphis Tigers Game as he Caught 6 Passes from QB Drew Lock for 159-Yards and an Incredible 3 Touchdowns. In this Game, Lock and Okwuegbunam (#81) Took Full-Advantage of One-On-One Coverage by The Memphis Defensive Secondary as he Caught a 58-Yard Touchdown in The Second Quarter and then Another 47-Yard Touchdown at The End of The Second Quarter. Then, at The End of The Third Quarter, Okwuegbunam Caught a 23-Yard Touchdown Pass, giving The Missouri Tigers a 65-33 Victory over The Memphis Tigers.

Image result for Irv Smith Photos

Smith (6-4, 245, 4.52) From New Orleans Brother Martin, Louisiana was Incredible all year, but he was Especially Unbelievable in The Arkansas Game, as he Only Caught 2 Passes, but One of the Catches was an Incredible 76-Yard Touchdown and The Other Catch was a 47-Yard Catch, giving Smith (#82) him a Mind-Boggling 61.5-Yards Per Catch Average in The Crimson Tide 65-31 Victory over The Arkansas Razorbacks. In 2018, Smith Caught 38 Passes for 648-Yards and 7 Touchdowns and a 17.0-Yard Average Per Catch. Smith Caught 5 Passes for 70-Yards Against Mississippi State and he Caught 4 Passes for 74-Yards Against Texas A&M.

Image result for Caleb Wilson Photos

Wilson (6-4, 235, 4.62) had a Tremendous 2018 Season with 60 Catches for 965-Yards and Four TouchdownsWilson (#81) kept Picking-Up a First Down with a 10-Yard Plus Gain, but his biggest Catch went for 66-Yards. The Bruins did not have a Great Season, but Wilson has been Outstanding All Year Under UCLA Head Coach Chip Kelley, and The NFL Scouts Really Appreciate his Great Receiving Ability whenever he Declares for The NFL Draft. Wilson is a Red-Shirt Junior and he Averaged 16.1-Yards per catch with his 60 Catches.

Image result for Noah Fant Photos

Fant (6-5, 245, 4.68) is an Iowa Junior and he has Already Announced his Decision to Enter The 2019 NFL Draft and Skip The Hawkeyes Bowl Game. In 2018, Fant (#87) Caught 39 Passes for 519-Yards and 7 Touchdowns. In 2017, Fant Set an Iowa Hawkeyes Record with 11 Touchdowns and he Led The Country for Touchdowns by a Tight End.

The Walter Camp National Player of The Year Awards and The Dick Butkus Awards will be Announced on Thursday December. 6. The Walter Camp Award will be Announced During The 6:00 PM Edition of ESPN SportsCenter and then will be Presented on Saturday January 12, 2019 at The Yale University Lanman Center.

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2018 College Football MVP’s Of Week #12! By Super Scout Max Emfinger

Image result for Week #3 College Football MVP

2018 College Football MVP’s Of Week #12!
By Super Scout Max Emfinger

All MVP Players Must Be On Winning Team!


Super Passing Quarterback

Image result for Gardner Minshew Photos

  1. Washington State East Carolina Transfer And Super Passing Quarterback Gardner Minshew (6-2, 220, 4.92) from Brandon, Mississippi had another Incredible Game Against The Arizona Wildcats as he Completed 43 or 55 Passes for an Incredible 473-Yards and 7 Touchdowns, a 11-Yard Average Per Catch, and a 192.4 Quarterback Rating in The #18 Ranked Washington State Cougars 69-28 Victory over The Arizona Wildcats. In this Game, The Cougars Super-Star Quarterback Broke The Washington State School Record of Seven Touchdown Passes and The Cougars Might have given themselves a Real Longshot for a Spot in The College Football Playoffs. Minshew (#16) is being Pushed as a Heisman Trophy Candidate and has been named to The Walter Camp Player of the Year Watch List. Minshew is one of 15 players named to the watch list for the fourth-oldest football award in the country. The East Carolina Graduate Transfer is the only player from The PAC-12 to be named to This  Watch List. Former Cougar Defensive Lineman Hercules Mata’afa was named as a Finalist for The Award Last SeasonMinshew is also a Semi-Finalist for The Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award and Maxwell Award, and Also Named to The Top 15 for The Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award. Washington State (10-1, 7-1 PAC-12) was Unbelievable as they Built-Up a 55-14 Halftime Lead and were not Ever Seriously threatened on their way to their Seventh Consecutive VictoryMinshew is The Big Reason why The Cougars are 9-1 and Ranked #8 The College Football Playoff Rankings. Minshew currently Leads the Nation in Yards Passing with 3,852-Yards, Passing Yards-Per-Game with 385.2-Yards, and Total Offense-Per-Game with 393.8-Yards. Minshew is also sixth in The Country with a PAC-12 Best 29 Touchdown Passes and leads The Country with Five Games of 400-Plus Passing Yards. He has also thrown for at least 300-Yards in Every Single Game this Season. With their 10th Victory of the Season, The Cougars matched their School Record that was last accomplished in 2003. They also won their 13th straight home game and set a season high for pointsThe Cougars host Their Archrival and Ranked #17, Washington Huskies on Friday, and The Apple Cup Winner taking The PAC-12 North Championship.

Super Athletic Quarterbacks

Image result for Dwayne Haskins Photos

  1. Ohio State Sophomore Athletic Quarterback Dwayne Haskins (6-3, 220, 4.6) had an Incredible Game Against The Maryland Terripins as he Completed 28 of 38 Passes for 405-Yards and a Touchdown and he Rushed 15 Times for Another 59-Yards and 3 Touchdowns, giving him a Mind-Boggling 464-Yards of Total Offense and 4 Touchdowns and a 184.0 Quarterback Rating in The Buckeyes 52-51 Overtime Comeback Victory over The Maryland TerripinsAfter a 5-Yard Touchdown Run by Haskins (#7) and Giving The Buckeyes a 52-45 Lead in Overtime, Maryland Interim Head Coach Matt Canada made a Gutsy-Call to go for a Two-Point Conversion Attempt Call and Win The Game and it would have Probably Worked, but the Quarterback and Receiver were not on the Same Page, as the Quarterback Had an Easy Pass for The Victory, but he Overthrew His Target and The Buckeyes avoided one of the most stunning Upsets of This Football Season.

Image result for Taylor Cornelius Photos

  1. Oklahoma State Red-Shirt Senior Athletic Quarterback Taylor Cornelius (6-5, 232, 4.81, 32, 4.51) had Another Incredible Game Against The West Virginia Mountaineers as he Completed 30 of 46 Passes for 338-Yards and 5 Touchdowns and he also Rushed for Another 106-Yards on 13 Carries and Another Touchdown, giving him 444-Yards of Total Offense and 6 Touchdowns in The Oklahoma State Cowboys 45-41 Comeback and UPSET Victory over The #7 Ranked West Virginia Mountaineers. Last Week Against The Oklahoma SoonersCornelius (#4) was Almost Flawless as he Passed for 501-Yards and 3 Touchdowns, but on one play on a 2-Point Conversion with 1:03 Left in The Game, he Misfired on a Pass to Super-Star Wide Receiver Tylan Wallace in a 48-47 Loss to The Sooners. On this Saturday, However, this Same Connection To Wallace Worked. With 42-Seconds Left in The Game, Cornelius threw an Incredible Touchdown Pass to Wallace and The Oklahoma State Cowboys beat The No. 7 West Virginia Mountaineers in a 45-41 Come-From-Behind Victory.

Image result for Kyler Murray Photos

  1. Oklahoma Junior A&M Transfer Athletic Quarterback Kyler Murray (5-10, 195, 4.38) From Allen, Texas had Another Sensational Game on Saturday Against The Kansas Jayhawks as he Completed 21 of 32 Passes for 272-Yards and 2 Touchdowns and he also Rushed for Another 99-Yards on 9 Carries and 3 more Touchdowns, giving him 377-Yards of Total Offense, 5 Touchdowns,12.8-Yards Per Touch, and a 151.4 Quarterback Rating. Murray (#1) Completely Sealed the Game with an Incredible 75-Yard Touchdown Run with Only 13:44 Remaining In-The-Game that Sparked a 20-Point Fourth Quarter. Murray, then Added Another Touchdown in that Final Quarter and and This Helped The #6 Ranked Sooners To-Survive The Kansas Jayhawks Super Freshman Running Back Pooka Williams Jr, who Rushed For a Career-High 272-Yards and 2 Touchdowns. Oklahoma (10-1, 7-1 Big-12) moved a Little Closer For a Spot in The Big-12 Conference Championship Game, and Murray Helped his Heisman Trophy Campaign in what is likely his Final Oklahoma Football Game. “Murray is a special player,” Kansas Head Coach David Beaty said. “The Heisman needs to go to him.”

Image result for Tua tagovailoa Photos

  1. Alabama Sophomore Athletic Quarterback Tua Tagouvailoa (6-1, 218, 4.64, 34, 4.34) had Another Incredible Game Against The Citadel Bulldogs as he Completed 18 of 22 Passes in only Three Quarters, including Touchdowns of 21 and 5-Yards to Jaylen Waddle and an Incredible 68-Yard Touchdown to Super-Star Tight End Irv Smith (6-4, 245, 4.56). In this Incredible Game, Tagouvailoa  (#13) also Rushed for Another 37-Yards and Another Touchdown, giving him 377-Yards of Total Yards, 4 Touchdowns, and an Unbelievable 256.6 Quarterback Rating in The Crimson Tide 50-17 Victory over The Citadel BulldogsTagouvailoa also Broke The Alabama School Record for Touchdown Passes in a Single Season of 30, that was Set by A.J. McCarron, as he Reached 31 Touchdown Passes. “Thirty-One touchdowns, that’s cool,”Tagovailoa said. “But we’ve got another game to finish off this season and another game after that. We are more focused on finishing this season the right way.” Alabama still has Auburn and then The #5 Ranked Georgia Bulldogs in The SEC Championship Game.
  2. East Carolina Freshman Athletic Quarterback Holton Ahlers (6-3, 236, 4.72, 28, 4.43) had an Outstanding Game Against The U-Conn Huskies as he Completed 22 of 31 Passes for 242-Yards and 4 Touchdowns and he also Rushed for Another 130-Yards and Another Touchdown, giving him 372-Yards, 5 Touchdowns, and a 179.1 Quarterback Rating in The East Carolina Pirates 55-21 Victory over The Huskies.
  3. Florida State Junior Athletic Quarterback Deondre Francois (6-1, 215, 4.56) had an Outstanding Game Against Boston College as he Completed 19 of 39 Passes for 322-Yards, including a 74-Yard Game-Winning Touchdown with 1:49 Left in The Seminoles Unbelievable 22-21 UPSET Victory over The #22 Ranked Boston College Eagles. Francois also Rushed for Another 26-Yards, giving him 348-Yards of Total Offense. Francois  was Selected as The ACC Rookie of The Year in 2016, but he Experienced a Season-Ending Knee Injury in The Opening Game in 2017.

Super Running Backs

Image result for Jonathan Taylor Wisconsin Photos

  1. Wisconsin Sophomore Super-Star Running Back Jonathan Taylor (5-11, 231, 4.42, 36, 4.1) had another Unbelievable and Incredible Game Against The Purdue Boilermakers as he Rushed for an Incredible Career-High 321-Yards and 3 Touchdowns in The Wisconsin Badgers 47-43 Victory over The Boilermakers in Triple Overtime. Taylor was Pretty Special for The Badgers as he Completely Wore-Down The Purdue Defense as he Scored Three Touchdowns in The Second Half, including The Winning 17-Yard Touchdown Run in The Third Overtime. Taylor also Equaled his Career-High Carries with 33, while Averaging 9.7-Yards Per-Carry and his Three Touchdown Runs, included Runs of 80, 12, and 17-Yards, Especially-When The Struggling Badgers needed a Huge Boost after their Playoff Hopes and Big-10 Championship Hopes had been Derailed by Three Losses in their last Five GamesTaylor Quickly Jump-Started The Badgers Offense with his Incredible 80-Yard Touchdown Run on The Badgers First Offensive Play in The Second Half, that helped Open-Up the passing game with his strong runs and eventually created enough headaches for The Boilermakers to help Wisconsin overcome a 27-13 deficit in the final seven minutes of Regulation Play before reaching the end zone in All Three Overtimes. Wisconsin (7-4, 5-3, BIG-10) have won 13 Straight in this Purdue Football Series and they needed to win this game and next week in Their Regular-Season Finale to improve their Bowl Potential and Prospects. As a Super-Star Freshman in 2017, Taylor was an Exceptional Freshman Running Back as he Averaging 6.6-Yards Per-Carry for 1,977-Yards and 13 Touchdowns.

Image result for J.K. Dobbins Photos

  1. Ohio State Sophomore Super-Star Running Back J.K. Dobbins (5-10, 214, 4.42, 43.1, 4.09) From La Grange, Texas was Outstanding as an Incredible Workhorse on Saturday in The Huge Ohio State Buckeyes 52-51 Overtime Victory over The Maryland Terripins as he Carried The Football 37 Times and Rushed for an an Amazing 203-Yards. Without The Press or Maryland Coaches knowing about a Quad-Bruise Injury to The Buckeyes Second Team Running Back, Mike Weber, who Suffered The Injury on Tuesday in Practice and it was not Reported until after The Game, even The Sports Announcers on ABC National Television were Puzzled as to why Dobbins was getting all of the Carries, along with Quarterback Dwayne Haskins. In this Incredible Comeback and Overtime Victory, The Buckeyes Rushed for 283-Yards with Dobbins Rushing for a Career-High 203-Yards and Haskins Rushing for 59-Yards, along with 405-Yards Passing, as he was a Surprising Complement to Dobbins, who shouldered most of the Rushing Load. Dobbins came into his Sophomore Season with Outstanding Heisman Trophy Potential, but that has Quickly Gone to Super-Star Quarterback Haskins, who is also having an Incredible and Unbelievable, Explosive Season for The Buckeyes, while Dobbins is only 85-Yards from having his Second-Straight 1,000-Yard Rushing Season, after Rushing for 1,403-Yards as a Freshman. Dobbins has already Eclipsed his 7 Touchdowns in his Freshman Season with 8 Rushing and 1 Receiving Touchdowns and Dobbins also has Incredible Measurables.

All-Purpose Running Backs

Ohio vs. Akron - 11/23/18 College Football Pick, Odds, and Prediction

  1. Ohio Red-Shirt Senior All-Purpose Running Back A.J. Ouellette (5-10, 209, 4.4, 38, 3.05 SH, 425 BP) had an Incredible Game Against The Buffalo Bulls as he Rushed for 196-Yards on 26 Carries and 2 Touchdowns and he also Caught 2 Passes for Another 16-Yards and Another Touchdown in The Ohio Bobcats 52-17 Victory over The Buffalo Bulls in a Key MAC East Division Game. Ouellette (#12) Absolutely Dominated this game on the ground with his 196-Yards, but he Also Caught 2 Passes for 18-Yards, including an Incredible Eight-Yard Touchdown Pass in the Third Quarter, giving him 212-Yards of All-Purpose Yards and 3 Touchdowns. This was The Third game for Ouellette for of at least 135-Yards Rushing in his last Four Games and now has 973-Yards Rushing for The Season and Needing only 27-Yards Rushing against The Akron Zips in The Regular-Season Final Game to Reach 1,000-Yards for the SeasonThe Bobcats have gotten themselves into The MAC East Championship Contention as they Scored Early and Often with a 646-277 Yardage-Edge while forcing Five Turnovers and they had a Huge 43-Plus Minutes of Possession Against The BullsOuellette is also having an Outstanding Senior Season and he already has 3,496-Career-Yards and 30 Touchdowns Scored. A.J. Ouellette Matched J.K. Dobbins with Incredible Measurables as he Bench Pressed 425-Pounds in High School and he also Ran a Legitimate 4.3 in The Forty and did a Mind-Boggling 3.05 in The Pro-Shuttle. Ouellette also Ran a 4.4 in The Forty at The North Carolina State Summer Camp, before The 2018 Season and it was with a Sore Hamstring.
  2. Boise State Junior All-Purpose Running Back Alexander Mattison (5-11, 219, 4.47, 38, 4.09) had a Great Game Against The New Mexico Lobos as he Rushed for 145-Yards and a Touchdown and Caught 3 Passes for 40-Yards, giving him 185-Yards of All-Purpose Yardage and an 8.1-Yards Per Touch in The #23 Ranked Broncos 45-14 Victory over The LobosMattison and Broncos Quarterback Brett Rypien will be Super-Stars on Offense against Fresno State in The Mountain West Championship Game.


Edge Rusher Defensive Ends

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  1. East Carolina Senior Edge Rusher Defensive End Nate Harvey (6-1, 225, 4.56) had another Outstanding Game Against The U-Conn Huskies as he Recorded 5 Tackles, including 4 Solo Tackles, 3 Quarterback Sacks, 3.5 Tackles for a Loss, 1 Forced Fumble, 1 Recovered Fumble, and 2 Quarterback Hurries in The East Carolina Pirates 55-21 Victory over The U-Conn Huskies. Harvey (#40) is having a Sensational Senior Season as he Ranks Third in The Country in Quarterback Sacks with 13.5 Quarterback Sacks and he also Leads The Country in Tackles for a Loss with 25.5 in Ten Games. The Great News for The Pirates is that there is a chance that The Pirates may be able to get his Services for Another Year. The Possibility and Potential of a Fifth Year of Eligibility for Harvey would come as a Result of his First Year at Georgia Military College in 2015 when he Should have been Red-Shirted, because he only played “A Few Plays” in The Entire Season. While Harvey declined to talk about specifics of the 2015 Season, he said he only played in “Like 12 Snaps” as a freshman in what was ruled a full year. The Pirates are Currently in The Process of putting together The Paperwork to send to The NCAA in hopes of Getting-Back another Year, in what Should have been his Red-Shirt Season with an Extra Season of Eligibility for Harvey for The 2019 Season. Harvey spent his First Two Years in College at Georgia Military College in 2015 and 2016. He then Transferred to The East Carolina Pirates as a Walk-On and he Participated in All 12 Games in 2017 as a Junior on Special Teams before moving to an Edge Rusher Defensive End this season and Becoming a Real Super-Star

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  1. Clemson Junior Edge Rusher Defensive End Clelin Ferrell (6-5, 265, 4.62) had Another Great Game Against The Duke Blue Devils as he Recorded 5 Tackles, including 2 Solo Tackles, 2 Quarterback Sacks, 2.5 Tackles for a Loss, 1 Pass Breakup, and 2 Quarterback Hurries in The #2 Ranked Clemson Tigers 35-6 Victory over The Blue Devils. The Tigers Overall Performance was not Great, but The Tigers still ended with a Blowout and Remained Undefeated with a 11-0 Record and an 8-0 Record in The Atlantic Coast Conference. In 2017, Ferrell (#99) Totaled 66 Tackles with 18 Tackles for a Loss, 9.5 Quarterback Sacks, and Two Forced Fumbles. In 2016, Ferrell had an impressive Red-Shirt Freshman Season for The Tigers as he Recorded 44 Tackles with 12.5 Tackles for a Loss, and Six Quarterback Sacks. In 11 Games in 2018, as a Red-Shirt Junior, Ferrell has Currently Recorded 38 Tackles, 10.5 Quarterback Sacks, and 3 Forced Fumbles. Since he is a Potential #1 Draft Choice, The Quarterback Sack Stats for Ferrell Draw Most of the Attention and rightfully so, but his ability to stop the run is just as Impressive and as Valuable.

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  1. TCU Senior Edge Rusher Defensive End Ben Banogu (6-4, 249, 4.61, 40.4, 4.31) From McKinney, Texas had Another Outstanding Game Against The Baylor Bears as he Recorded a Career-High and Team-High 10 Tackles, including 9 Solo Tackles, 1 Quarterback Sack, 4 Tackles for a Loss, 1 Forced Fumble and 2 Quarterback Hurries in The TCU Horned Frogs 16-9 Victory over The Bears. Banogu (#15) was Especially Sensational on The First Two Offensive Plays of The Game as he Recorded a Tackle for a Loss and Forced a Fumble on The First Two Offensive Snaps of The Game for The Bears. Banogu is a Transfer from ULM and he Sat-Out The 2016 Season and then Started all 14 Games in 2017 and became one of The Top Edge Rush Ends in The Country. In that 2017 Season, Banogu Led The Big-12 with 16.5 Tackles for a Loss and was Second in Quarterback Sacks with 8.5 Sacks. He was Also Selected as the Big-12 Newcomer of the Year and First Team Big-12 All-Conference. Banogu has also been Selected as a Semi-Finalist for The Bronco Nagurski Trophy Watch List as The Defensive player of The Year.

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  1. Central Florida Strongside Defensive End Titus Davis (6-3, 250, 4.72, 36) had an Outstanding Game Against The Cincinnati Bearcats as he Recorded 5 Tackles, including 5 Solo Tackles, 3 Quarterback Sacks, and a Forced Fumble in The #11 Ranked UCF Knights 38-13 Victory over The #14 Ranked Bearcats on ESPN College Game Day from The UCF Campus.
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