The Max Emfinger Brownwood HS Profile And Baylor Freshman Profile. Long Version

The Max Emfinger Brownwood High School Profile!
And Baylor Freshman All-SWC Season

As a Senior, I was Being Recruited-Off of The Brownwood High School Football Team in Brownwood, Texas where I was a member of The Brownwood High School 1960 Texas 3A High School State Football Championship Team as a Junior. Also as a Senior, I was Team Captain of The Brownwood High School Track Team that won the 1962 Texas 3A State Track Championship. I was a Two-Time All-State Football Player and I was High Point Man at the 1962 Texas 3A State Championship Track Meet. Both State Championships Were The First In The History of Brownwood High School Athletics.

Image may contain: 1 person, smilingMax Emfinger Three-Year Varsity Career as Follows:

2,214-Yards Rushing – 4,285-Yards of All-Purpose Yardage – 178-Points Scored – Two Touchdown Passes – and Seven Interceptions.

In My Three-Year Varsity Career, With My 4,285-Yards of  Total All-Purpose Yards, I Averaged 11.1-Yards Per Touch on 386-Touches.

I Was Also Responsible for Scoring a Touchdown In Seven Different Ways, including Rushing, Pass Receiving, Kickoff Return, Punt Return, Defensive Fumble Return Recovery for Touchdown, Interception Return for Touchdown, and I also Threw Two Touchdown Passes to Lawrence Elkins (San Angelo Central and Mineral Wells).

I also Recorded Six Interceptions in The 1960 State Championship Season, including Four Interceptions in The San Angelo Central Opening Game and Two More Interceptions (Waco University and Graham) and One Interception in The 1961 Season Against Weatherford.

Also, In Football, I was the Leading Rusher and Leading Scorer on The 1960 State Championship Football Team with 1,363-Yards Rushing Yards and Again in 1961 with 674-Yards. In 1960, I also Scored 10 Rushing Touchdowns and 4 Two-Point Conversions for 68-Points. I also Returned Two 90-Yard Kickoff Returns For a Touchdown (Killeen and Weatherford); Had One 65-Yard Interception Return for a Touchdown (San Angelo); and Passed For Two Touchdowns (San Angelo and Mineral Wells); giving me 98-Points Accounted-For in The 1960 State Championship Football Season.

Max Emfinger Recruiting's photo.

As a Football Player, in 31 Games that I Played-In, My Win-Loss Record was 28-2-1 in The Three Years on the Varsity Including a 1960 Football State Championship. I did not Play in 1959 San Angelo or 1961 Thomas Jefferson Losses. Then In Track, I was a Member of Two Regional Championships in 1960 and 1961 and a State Championship in 1962. I was the Only Three-Year Letterman in my 1962 Graduating Class in Both Football and Track.

After The 1961 Season, I Was Selected All-District, All-Area, All-State, and All-American by Wigwam Wisemen of America. I was Excited about making This All-American Team as I joined Five other Brownwood High School Legends, including QB Leondous Fry and OT Ben Woodson in 1952; RB Ray Masters in 1953; QB Tommy Butler in 1958; and End Lawrence Elkins in 1960.

Image result for Gordon Wood Hall of Honor 1960 Championship Photos 1960 State Championship Team Players
Fifty Years Later in 2010 –

One of the Funniest Moments that I had with Coach Gordon Wood was in the 1961 Vernon Game. We had just Scored and we were Winning-Big and we Kicked-Off to Vernon and they Fumbled. On our First Down, we ran the Football Down-To-The-Five-Yard Line. Coach Wood did not want to Run-Up the Score, so he Sent-In the Field Goal Unit, and I was the Right Blocking Back. Well! They Blocked Our Field Goal Kick and I looked over to my Right and the Football was Just-Bouncing-Around” in The Flat, so I went over and Picked-It Up and Ran For a Touchdown.

But byPicking-Up The Loose Football” and Scoring a Touchdown put me in Real Trouble with Coach Wood. When I got to the Sideline, everyone was Cheering Me, but Coach Wood pulled me over to the side and Really Blasted Me for “Running-Up” The Score. Later, we Laughed about it, but it certainly was not Funny at the Time, as we Won the Game by a 42-0 Score.


4,285-Yards of Career Total Offense

11.1-Yards Per Touch – 3 Years
27 Touchdowns Accounted-For and 170 Points

1961 – Wigwam Wisemen of America High School All-American Team. Previous Brownwood Players included 1952 – QB Leondous Fry and OT – Ben Woodson; 1953 – RB Ray Masters1958 – QB Tommy Butler; 1960 – WR Lawrence Elkins; and 1961 – RB Max Emfinger.

Brownwood Junior High School
Ninth Grade, Class Favorite, 1958, Brownwood, TX
Ninth Grade, Most Versatile Boy, 1958, Brownwood, TX
Ninth Grade, Class Vice President, 1958, Brownwood, TX
Freshman All-School Choir Vice President, 1958, Brownwood, TX

Brownwood High School
Royal Ambassadors, Baseball State Champs, 1958 and 1959, Brownwood, TX

VP, Brownwood High School Student Body, 1959, Brownwood, TX
President, Sophomore A Cappella Choir, 1959, Brownwood, TX
Top Rusher and Scorer, Texas Football State Champs, 1960, Brownwood, TX
Congress, House of Rep, American Legion Boys State, 1961, Brownwood, TX

City Athletic Director, American Legion Boys State, 1961, Brownwood, TX
Wigwam Wisemen Football All-American, 1961, Brownwood, TX
Junior Class Favorite, 1961, Brownwood, TX
All-Region Choir, 1962, Brownwood, TX

State Meet High Point Man,Track State Champs, 1962, Brownwood, TX
Member, 440-Relay – School Record, 42.2 Clocking, Brownwood, TX

Member, Mile Relay – School Record, 3:21.1 Clocking, Brownwood, TX

Baylor University
Freshman Football Leading Rusher, All-SWC Team, 1962, Waco, TX
Vice President, Baylor Freshman Class, Spring, 1963, Waco, TX
Vice President, Baylor Freshman A Cappella Choir, 1963, Waco, TX
Baylor BRH A Cappella Choir, 1966-67, Waco, TX
Cliff Barrows and the Gang Choir – Word Records, 1967, Waco, TX

Vice President, A Cappella Choir, Spring, 1967, Waco, TX
A Cappella Choir Performance, Carnegie Hall, Spring, 1967, New York, NY
AKPsi Intramural Chairman, Baylor Intramural Champs, 1967 Waco, TX

United States Navy
Player/Coach/MVP, Navy Rice Bowl Football Champs, 1967, Guam, MI

Player/Coach, All-Greater Pacific Football Champs, 1967, Tokyo, Japan
Player, All-Greater Pacific Softball Champs, 1968, Guam, MI

All-Greater Navy Volleyball Pacific Champs, 1968, Honolulu, Hawaii

Graduate Assistant Coach, North Texas, 1973, Denton, TX

Recruiting Coordinator, North Texas, 1974-75, Denton, TX
Football Super Scout, Dallas Cowboys, 1975-76, Dallas, TX

Midland Jaycees
Texas Jaycees State Director, The Midland Jaycees, 1977-78, Midland, TX
Jaycee Of The Month For Starting 4 Jaycee Chapters, 1978, Midland, TX
United States Presidential Jaycees Award of Honor, 1978, Midland, TX
Texas Jaycees District Director, Midland Jaycees, 1979, Midland, TX
Jaycee Of The Month For Starting 3 Jaycee Chapters, 1979, Midland, TX
United States Presidential Jaycees Award of Honor, 1979, Midland, TX

Coaching and Scouting
HC, Mount Carmel Freshman Football District Champs, 1969, Houston, TX
Founder of MEARS PLAYER RATING SYSTEM, 1979, Dallas, TX

Founder of First High School Football Recruiting Service, 1979, Houston, TX
Six-Time Houston Chronicle City Softball Champs, 1987-1992, Houston, TX

Founder of First Super Select Baseball Team, 1990, Houston, TX
Eight-Time Select Baseball Texas State Champs, 1990-92, Houston, TX
Founder of First HS 7 on 7 National Championship, 2001, Houston, TX
Founder of 13 High School All-American Bowl Games, 2005, Shreveport, LA
Founder of Super Elite Top Gun Camp and Combine, 2007, Honolulu, HI
Super Scout, Lestini Free Agent Super Camp And Combine, 2013, Mobile, AL

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling
Coach Gordon Wood – My 50-Year Mentor

It was in the Spring of 1960 and we had our First Team Meeting with our New Head Football Coach, Gordon Wood and he Gave-Us a Play Book that Read FOOTBALL Brownwood Lions High School Play Book. This Play Book was Given to me about 58-Years Ago and I am Currently Looking at My Brownwood Play Book that I have Used Many Times in my Lifetime.

By Gordon Wood

Football is a Game of Life played on The Gridiron. It can very well be a Reflection of What Life Holds for You in The Future. Your Reactions, Desire, Intent, and Attitude displayed in Football also displays The Type of Person That you Are and How You Will React Down the Road of Life.

RememberAnything Worthwhile Requires A Price. It must be Given a 100% Effort. Think in Terms of Success, Pay the Price, and Be A Success. Form Good Habits and You Will Be Rewarded.

On The First Page, Below THE FORWARD, The Following Poem Was included as Coach Gordon Wood Said;  “No Words can Express Our Philosophy Better than The Following Poem:

(I Have Used This Poem For All Of My Many
Life Successes)


If you think you are beaten, you are.
If you think you dare not, you don’t.
If you would like to win, but you think you can’t,
It’s almost a cinch you won’t.
It’s as true as the Stars in the skies
That out in the World you’ll find
Success begins in a fellows thoughts

Full many a race is lost
Ere ever a step is run,
And many a Task has failed
Before it was ever begun
Think Big and Your Deeds will grow
Think small and you’ll fall behind
Think that you can and you will,

If you think you are out-classed, you are,
If you’ve got to think high to rise,
You’ve got to think well of yourself
Before you can win a prize
Life’s battles doesn’t always go
To the Stronger or Faster man,
But sooner or later, the man who wins
Is the Fellow who THINKS HE CAN!



Image result for 1962 Baylor Football Helmet

Back in 1962, there were not any Recruiting Services and there were not many NCAA Rules on Recruiting. A College or University could sign as many players as they wanted and other Schools could not do anything about it. In fact, a College could actually sign every Quarterback in Their State just so they Could Not Sign with another School in Their Conference and then have to play against them.

In 1962, in The State of Texas, The University of Texas was the largest and most powerful Football School; and on National Signing Day, The Longhorns had the Ability to go  out and Sign as many Football Players as they wanted to and they did. Then, you also had smaller Church Schools and Private Schools, all playing against The Texas Longhorns, in the same Southwest Conference, like Baylor, SMU, TCU, and Rice.

Back in 1960, I was playing for a New Football Coach, in Brownwood, Texas, by the Name of Coach Gordon Wood and this New Coach Gordon Wood had brought some really “Fancy Sayings” and an Incredible, Inspirational Poem with him and he handed them out  to all of his Football Players at Our First Meeting Before Our First day of practice.

Now, also remember! The Brownwood Lions Football Team had played really Great Football for many years, but from 1920-1959, The Brownwood Lions had NEVER won a District Championship, so I was very Attentive to anything that might be able to help us win.

After reading this Poem every single day for two years and being an Invaluable Part in Winning The 1960 3A Texas State Football Championship and The 1962 3A Texas State Track Championship,fully believed that this Poem helped play an Important and Incredible Part in My Mind and Others in The Two State Championship Team Members Mental Frame of Mind. “We all did not Think that We Could Ever Be Beaten By Anyone or Any Team.” No Words can Express The Gordon Wood Winning Football Philosophy better than this Following Poem.

In January of 1962, just after my Brownwood High School Senior Football Season, I started to fulfill my Life-Long Dream of becoming a Baylor Bear as I gave Coach Herb Zimmerman a Verbal Commitment to go to Baylor. My Goal was not only to go to Baylor, but to Win a Southwest Conference Championship and I wanted other players to want to go to Baylor for the same reason, so I asked Coach Zimmerman if there were any other players that I Could Help Recruit for The Baylor Bears and he gave me a list of About 20 Names of about 20 players that they Were Recruiting.

I then wrote All of Them a Personalized Letter to try to get them to join me in Waco, and Become a Baylor Bear. I guess that’s when I Officially got into The Recruiting Service Business. Coach Zimmerman Joined Coach Gordon Wood in October of 2013.

I had Met Two West Texas Players In Track and Both Mike Jurecek and Tommy Schaffner became really good friends of mine once we got to Baylor, but it still was Very Interesting for my other Baylor Cub Teammates at Our First Baylor Cubs Football Practice with our new Football Coach Milburn “Catfish” Smith. All of my Baylor Freshman Teammates were trying to Figure-Out who was the guy That Was Sending all of them The Personalized Recruiting Letters With The Man Who Thinks He Can! Poem.

Let’s see now. At that First Baylor Freshman Football Practice, Coach “Catfish” looked around and counted 26 Scholarship Players and also around Six or Eight Walk-on Players and since The Texas Shorthorns had Signed 104 Top Texas Blue-Chippers, including Four All-State QuarterbacksFour All-State Running Backs; Four Future NFL Offensive Linemen; and a Future Two-Time All-American Linebacker Tommy Nobis. Coach Catfish said: “It looks like All of The Blue-Chippers in Texas went to Austin this year and We’ve got to play them in our First Game in Austin. I guess I’ll just have to Take all my “Cow-Chippers” to Austin and Beat The Shorthorns.”

And this is when The Gordon Wood Poem first came up. At the end of our first Baylor Cub Practice, all of The Baylor Freshmen Cub “Cow-Chippers” Gave High-Fives and said “Beat The Shorthorns” and The Amazing Fact Was That We really believed that we would Beat Them.

Let me Pause to let you know that not all of The 1962 Catfish “Cow-Chips” are still with us on this Planet.

Mike Dewlen of Amarillo, Texas was an Outstanding Offensive Guard on The 1962 Baylor Cub Team. He Later was a Second Lieutenant in The U. S. Marine Corps, and he Died In Combat in 1968 as a result of his Great, Aggressive Leadership and Courage In The Face of Hostile Action and he was Awarded Posthumously With The Silver Star. The Baylor Wall of Honor was created in 2000 by The Baylor “B” Association Directors to Honor certain Baylor Letterman who have achieved prominence, because of Meritorious Accomplishments in Public or Private life following their Baylor Athletic Careers.

Two other Baylor Cub “Cow-Chips” have also already Passed-Away and they were TE Willie Walker from Carrollton, Texas, who Passed-Away in September of 2007 and OT Ralph Dunlap from Seattle, Washington. Then, Two of my other good friends and Former Roommates, OT Michael Jurecek of Eldorado and TE Jerry Bolen of McKinney, Died a few years ago.

Coach “Catfish” Smith left The Planet in November 1994 at the age of 82 and Six Other Baylor “Cow-Chippers” have also gone on to a Higher Place in Heaven and are now playing again for Coach Catfish Smith, Coach Herb Zimmerman, and Coach Gordon Wood.

Also, I might add that Coach Morris Southall was The Assistant Head Football Coach to Coach Gordon Wood on all Nine of his Texas State Football Championships; and Coach Southall also sent two of his Quarterback Sons, Terry Southall and Si Southall, to Baylor.

Coach Southall also went to Heaven in January of 2013 and Coach Pete Murray also Left The Planet and both Coach Southall and Coach Murray recently got together with Coach Zimmerman, Coach “Catfish” and Coach Gordon Wood To Coach all of the “B” Boys from The Brownwood Lions and The Baylor Bears.

Some interesting things Started to Happen on our Baylor Cub “Cow-Chip” Team. I was an All-State Running Back, but I only weighed 175-pounds and Coach “Catfish” moved me to Flankerback to take advantage of my Great Hands and Great Speed. Our initial Baylor Cubs Starting Lineup looked like this: RE Willie Walker; R-OT Mike Jurecek; R-OG Tommy Schaffner; OC Ralph Dunlap; L-OG Mike Dewlen; L-OT Vance Smith; DE Butch Carroll; and TE Ben Love. Our Starting Backfield was QB Roger Mike Marshall; RB Bucky Bovenzi; FB Mike Wayne Marshall WB Joe Jones; and FLK Max Emfinger.

We had worked out for a couple of weeks, but then Bovenzi got his knee hurt and so Eddie Whiddon Moved-Up from Second Team Running Back to the Bovenzi First Team. After this move, Coach Smith moved me back to Running Back and put me on the Second Team with QB Donnie Laurence.

So now The Second Team looked something like this: FLK Knox Pittard of Mozell; RE Norman Rodgers of Andrews; R-OT Ellington Darden of Conroe; R-OG Dwain Finley of Anson; OC Pete Menefee of Waco; L-OG Mike Thomas of DeLeon; OG Joe George of Mineola; L-OT Tommy Boyd of Abilene; WR Tommy Smith of Corpus Christi; DE Jackie Hackler of Pittsburg; and TE Jerry Bolen of McKinney. The Second Team Backfield included QB Donnie Laurence of Rockdale; RB Max Emfingerand WB Bobby Hunt of Hallsville.

Also remember! In 1962, there was No Such Thing As Two-Platooning. You played “Both-Ways” and so this was only the Starting Lineups on Offense. When your Offense lost the Football, you then played Defense. We could Substitute one player on each play. Laurence was a Super Defensive Player and he would go in for QB Mike Marshall.

So we thought Our Two Teams were Set until one day Coach “Catfish” came to practice and said that The Two “Cow-Chip” Teams were pretty Evenly Matched and that we were going to have a Scrimmage on Saturday and the Winning Team in the Scrimmage would be The Starting Lineup Starters in the Game against The Texas Shorthorns on the Following Thursday at Austin Memorial Stadium.

To be Real Honest! I believe that The Second Team Won the Scrimmage, and Coach “Catfish” also Thought The Same Thing and so We got to be The Starters To-Start the Game in Austin. Except for Donnie Laurence and me, I really do not remember who was on The Second Team, but Both Teams Played about Half of The Game.

On the next Thursday in Austin, as we were warming up, I do remember watching at least Ten or maybe Eleven Texas Shorthorn Full Teams coming onto the Football Field in Memorial Stadium and I also remember one of The Cub “Cow-Chips” Say:

They sure have a lot of players, but, you know-what, They can only play Eleven Players at a Time!” I also remember that Donnie Laurence, Butch Carroll, and were The Defensive Stars in this “Huge-Game”Against The Texas Shorthorns whereas QB Roger Mike Marshall, FB Mike Marshall, WB Joe Jones, RB Eddie Whiddon, and Kicker Tommy Schaffner were the Offensive Stars.

October 12, 1962

The Scrappy Baylor Cubs overcame a Mammoth Texas Shorthorn Line that was destined to play in The NFL with a 13-12 Come-From-Behind Victory at Storied Austin Memorial Stadium. The Baylor Cubs voided the Pass like it was The Plague for the first Three-Quarters, on Thursday Night, but then in the clutch Fourth-Quarter, Clutch Baylor Cub Quarterback Roger Mike Marshall took to the air with telling results as he started passing and led The Baylor Cubs on Their Winning Touchdown Drive.

Mistakes by The Yearlings put The Cubs in motion for both of their scoring drives. Texas Tailback Phil Harris, The All-Stater from San Antonio Jeffersonburst through the line on a quick-trap midway through The Second-Quarter and appeared headed for a long-gainer, but then fumbled the ball.

The First Baylor Cub Touchdown was set up by this huge fumble recovery by Donnie Laurence at mid-field in The Second-Quarter and The Cubs moved 50-Yards on 14 plays to pry-open the door on the night’s scoring. The Baylor Cubs then rode the tough-running of FullBack Mike Marshall, RB Max Emfinger, and RB Eddie Whiddon until Fullback Mike Marshall, a Fullback with the same name of The Cubs Quarterback, Mike Marshall, hit off right tackle and squirmed over for the 3-Yard Touchdown with 5:56 remaining before Halftime.

Shorthorn Defensive End Richard Blakney, from Fort Worth, put-on a big-rush on the conversion-kick and the Tommie Shaffner Kick Failed.

Baylor Cub DE Butch Carroll also made a huge defensive play in That Second-Quarter as he Intercepted a lateral to stop another Shorthorn Drive.

The Yearlings trailed miserably in every department at intermission. In addition to the score, they were behind in first downs 13 to 2, and total offense, 145 to 49.

On another play, Harris broke through right tackle and streaked 45-Yards down the right sideline, before Emfinger Raced from the other Sideline and pulled him down at The Cubs 10-Yard Line. On the next play, Harris ran for One-Yard and a penalty advanced the ball to the 5-Yard line where Harris scored inside right end on the next play to Tie The Score at 6-6 in The Third-Quarter.

The Shorthorns tried to run for the two-point bonus points, but a Pitch-Out from All-State Quarterback Jake David,  from Nederland, Texas wound-up in the enemy hands and The Shorthorns did not get the ball back again until their last possession in The Third-Quarter.

Moving 34-Yards in seven plays, The Shorthorns went ahead, 12-6, on a Leslie Derrick Running Back Touchdown Pass to Wide Receiver Joe Hague, deep in The Corner of The End-Zone. Hague was running all by his lonesome and Derrick, the Houston Milby All-Stater, nailed him with an 18-Yard Pitch.

Quarterback Mike King’s Pass for the Two-Point Conversion was incomplete and it did not look too important until Baylor made its Final move in The Fourth-Quarter.

The Texas Shorthorns were winning 12-6 Early in The Fourth-Quarter, when The Winning Touchdown was Set-Up by The Second Interception of The Game by Max Emfinger, who Intercepted a desperate Phil Harris Running Back Pass at the Texas 35-yard line, and then ran it back to Midfield.

Then in Three Lighting-Quick plays, The Cubs scored The Clincher. The payoff came like a flash on a 30-Yard Marshall Pass to Wingback Joe Jones.

The First Interception by Emfinger, in The Second-Quarter, was an Unbelievable Thing of Beauty as Texas Yearling QB Mike Boxwell was attempting to throw The Football Out of Bounds, and Emfinger Reached-Out, With One-Hand, and Made a One-Handed Interception.

FB Marshall ended with 47-Yards Rushing on 18 carries; while Emfinger finished with 42-Yards on 12 carries. Future All-American Texas Running Back Phil Harris was the Leading Rusher in The Game with 61-Yards on 7 carries, but he also had Two Lost Fumbles and a Pass Interception.

After The Second Emfinger Interception, QB Roger Mike Marshall Completed 6 of 12 Passes for 95-Yards, including the 30-Yard Game-Tying Touchdown Pass to WB Joe Jones.  After The Game Tying Touchdown, OG Tommy Schaffner Kicked the Winning Extra Point with 11:18 left in the game, giving The Baylor Cubs Football Team their First Victory over The Powerful Texas Shorthorns since 1955. – End – AUSTIN AMERICAN STATESMAN

The Unbelievable “Thing” About this Game and The Baylor Cub “Cow-Chips” Victory over The Texas Shorthorn “Blue-Chip” Team was That The Baylor Cubs “Cow-Chips” Team NEVER Thought That They Would Lose This Game.

The Baylor Cubs NEVER won this Game again with The Texas Shorthorns before The SWC Freshmen Teams in The SWC stopped playing each other. A Few Years Later, No Big-12 Freshman Teams ever played Again.

This Shorthorn Team was Billed by The Media as being The Greatest Shorthorn Team ever assembled and it included at least 12 Future NFL Star Players, including QB Mike Boxwell of Dumas; LB Tommy Nobis and RB Phil Harris of San Antonio Jefferson; RB Leslie Derrick of Houston Milby; QB/DB Jake David of Nederland; OC Jack Howe of Houston Spring Branch; OG Tom Currie of Houston Lamar; OG Buddy Alldredge of Sweetwater; OT Jerry Oliver of Freeport; and OT Diron Talbert of Texas City. David and Alldredge later became Good Friends of Mine.

After beating The Shorthorns, Coach Smith finally Selected a Starting Lineup against The Texas A&M Fish which included the Following Players: QB Roger Mike Marshall or Donnie Laurence; RB Max Emfinger; FB Mike Wayne Marshall; WB Joe Jones; TE Willie Walker; WR Jerry Bolen; OT Mike Jurecek and Vance Smith; OG Mike Dewlen and Tommy Schaffner; and OC Ralph Dunlap or Pete Menefee.

The Aggie Fish Game was played in Waco at Baylor Stadium on Thursday October 19, 1962. It was also another win for The Baylor Cub “Cow-Chips” as they beat The Texas A&M Fish 10-7 to start off with an amazing 2-0 record for Coach “Catfish” Smith. Our Hearts and Prayers go out to Six of our Baylor Cub “Cow-Chip” Teammates, that I am aware of, who Started the Game against The Texas A&M Freshmen. Those Super Six “Cow-Chips” who have joined Coach “Catfish” Smith in Heaven include: Willie Walker, Jerry Bolen, Mike Jurecek, Mike Dewlen, Tommy Schaffner, and Ralph Dunlap.The 1962 All-Southwest Conference Freshman Team


In voting, The Six Head Coaches who played against each other were requested to not vote for any of their players and Arkansas and Texas Tech were not included. The Voting Freshman Head Coaches included: Coach George Carlisle of Rice; Coach Dick Johnson of Texas A&M; Coach Fred Taylor of TCU; Coach “Sleepy” Morgan of SMU; Coach Bob Schultz of Texas, and of course Coach “Catfish” Smith of Baylor.

QB Mac White of SMU and Kent Nix of TCU; RB Gene Walker of Rice and Phil Harris of Texas; FB Mike Marshall of Baylor and James Hodges of SMU; TE/DE David Schwarz of Rice and Willie Walker of Baylor; DE/TE Joe Ball of TCU and Harold Fletcher of Texas A&M; OT Jerry Oliver of Texas and Tommy Overstreet of Texas A&M; OG Tommy Schaffner of Baylor and Mac Lamb of TCU; OC Craig Christopher of Rice and Pete Menefee of Baylor; DT/OT Mike Jurecek of Baylor and Harold Majors of SMU; LB Tommy Nobis of Texas and Leroy Ryza of Rice; and DB Max Emfinger of Baylor and Richard Stark of SMU.

Gene Walker of Rice was Voted as The Most Outstanding Offensive Back, getting Four Votes to two for Mac White. Walker pounded SMU  for 110-Yards and Texas for 137-Yards before being injured. Jerry Oliver of Texas received three votes at Offensive Tackle and was The Most Outstanding Lineman; while Tom Currie of Texas; Harold Majors of SMU; and David Schwartz of Rice each got one vote. At Offensive Guard, Tommy Schaffner of Baylor and Mac Lamb of TCU had one-vote margins.

For the first time in The Seven-Year History of The Freshman All-SWC, the Starting Backfield was pretty clear with QB Mac White of SMU; RB Gene Walker of Rice; RB Phil Harris of Texas; and FB Mike Marshall of Baylor. At Defensive Back, Max Emfinger (#22) led in The Defensive Voting with four votes as he had 31 tackles and four Interceptions in Five games, including two Interceptions and eight tackles against Texas.

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In 2003, I hosted my First Annual 7on7 National Championship and I hosted a 7on7 National Championship in 2004, 2005, and 2006. My goal was to get Great Athletes to one area where I could evaluate them and then help them with all of the Various College Coaches.

The only drawback was that the College Coaches wanted to see the Hidden Gems in a game-type highlight film and so those College Coaches suggested to me that I host a real All-American Bowl Game so that they could view these Talented Players in a highlight film, playing against other Talented Players. It’s noted that the NCAA doesn’t allow the College Coaches to attend All-American Bowl Games or even the practices and so the Game Film is a great tool to College Coaches.

My Mission Statement and Goal in hosting The Max Emfinger All-American Bowl Game Classics is to search for that Hidden High School Football Talent that has not been found yet. I then Evaluate Him and try to help him to get some Publicity, therefore helping him to Receive a Football Scholarship.

In 2005, I hosted my 1st Annual All-American Bowl Game and in Thirteen Games in Thirteen Years, my wife, Ginger, and I have helped 1,268 High School Football Players to Receive a Football Scholarship. Most of these Players came to our first Bowl Game Practice without a Single Scholarship Offer. This Total Also Counts some Players who did not have a Scholarship Offer and Committed to Play in our All-American Bowl Game, but Received an Offer and did not play in our Game. Their also were over 1,000 Players who we know that we helped that also did not play in our Game.

Image result for Kareem Jackson Photos

In 2007, in my 3rd Annual All-American Bowl Game, a Player by the name of Kareem Jackson came to our First Monday Practice, without a Single Scholarship Offer. After the GameJackson (#25) Signed with Alabama and then, after Three Years, he decided to come out early and he became a #1 Draft Choice in the 2010 NFL Draft for the Houston Texans.

Image result for Alfred Morris PhotosAnother 2007 Player, RB Alfred Morris (#46), who Signed with Florida Atlantic and was Drafted by the Redskins and is Currently with the Dallas Cowboys, also did not have a Single Offer at the First Monday Practice.

Image result for max emfinger photosOther 2007 Players included SLOT Marquis Maze, OT Marcel Jones, OT Lee Ziemba, DT Terrell McClain, DT Alfred McCullough, DT Drake Nevis, MLB Brandon Maye, and RET Phillip Livas and LeMarcus Gibson (In Photo Above),  who both Coached in our 2012 All-American Bowl Game.

My First Annual Max Emfinger’s Super Elite Top Gun Camp was in July of 2003. Later, in 2006 in Honolulu, Hawaii with some Incredible Measurables from a lot of Players, including DE Sam Fehoko.

My Super Elite Top Gun Camp Idealogy, is of course, to get as many Top Football Players to a Top Gun Camp so that all of my Coaches and I can Evaluate, Rate, Rank, and Promote him. There will always be “Diamonds in the Rough” to be found.

Image result for Max Emfinger PhotosIn 2010, at the Fifth Annual Super Elite Top Gun Camp, there were some Amazing and Incredible Unknown Players, including WR Odell Beckham Jr (In Photo), ATH Ronald Martin, ATH Ameer Abdullah, CB Terrence Tusan, RB Julian Hayes, ATH Derrick Milton, ATH Denzeil Warner, CB Corey Trim, and RB Tyree Bracken. 

Martin was outstanding at both Passing Quarterback for Coach Sonny Detmer and Coach John Fourcade and also for Wide Receiver Coach Wesley Walker. Tusan, from Euless-Trinity, Texas, played Cornerback at the Top Gun Camp and he was one of the best Cover Cornerbacks in his skills camp for Cornerback Coach Bobby Jackson. Bracken was Outstanding catching the Football for Running Backs Coach Leon Bray and he ran the Fastest Forty of any of all of the Skill Players with a 4.37 Forty. Ronald Martin ran a 4.0 Flat Pro-Shuttle and had a 39.5-Inch  Vertical Jump.

Odell Beckham Jr, Ronald Martin, Corey Trim, Ameer Abdullah, and Denzeil Warner were outstanding for the whole 2010 Max Emfinger Super Elite Top Gun Camp as they all made impossible catches, time and time again. In fact, Martin and Beckham made numerous one-handed catches that even had our coaches impressed.

Martin (#26) and Beckham (#43) at the 2010 Super Elite Top Gun Camp were in the Same Recruiting Class and both signed with LSU. Beckham started as a True Freshman in 2011 and was a Freshman All-American. Beckham was also Selected as an NFL First Round Draft Choice by The New York Giants in The 2014 NFL Draft and after a Very Impressive 2014 NFL Scouting Combine.

Trim and Abdullah were Incredible at Cover Cornerback on Defense in the Max Emfinger 2010 Super Elite Combine Camp. Abdullah Signed with Nebraska and Trim Signed with Louisiana Lafeyette and both became Super-Stars.

Hayes and Junior Tyree Bracken were the most impressive running backs. Marlin Lane was very impressive at times, at the Super Combine Camp, but he was still slowed by his Junior Knee Injury and he was still in rehab on it. Bracken with the fastest forty time was unbelievable at times in catching the football, coming out of the backfield. Milton recorded the best Vertical Jump when he jumped 41-Inch Vertical Jump. Milton also recorded a 125-inch Standing Broad Jump.

Hayes, made some incredible plays and he weighed 228 pounds when he ran a 4.52 Forty. Out of all of the great performances, Hayes was voted by the Top Gun Coaches as the MVP of the Super Elite Top Gun Skills Camp.

On Nebraska 2015, Pro-Day, Ameer Abdullah was pretty Incredible as he is the only player to accomplish most of the same Incredible Times that he recorded in 2010 at the Super Elite Combine as he recorded an Incredible 42.5 Vertical Jump, an equally Incredible 3.95 Shuttle, and a great 130 Standing Broad Jump.

The 29 Reps on Bench Press by Abdullah was also Outstanding at Nebraska Pro-Day and he also  did a very good 4.45 Forty in preparation for being another #1 Draft Choice from our 2010 Super Elite Combine and Camp.

Two Super-Stars from the 2010 All-American Bowl Game were TE Will Tye (6-2, 257, 4.57, 31.5, 4.54, 112) of Florida State and Stony Brook and SS Sam Carter of TCU. Both Tye and Carter were MVP’s in the 2010 All-American Bowl Game, but both of their situations changed after they left our 2010 All-American Bowl Game as MVP.

Tye #44 was an MVP Tight End on the East Team and he Signed with Florida State, but Transferred after two years to Stony Brook and has been outstanding for Three Years. Tye could become a High Draft Choice with his Incredible Measurables.

Carter was a Quarterback Super-Star, just like Ronald Martin, in High School and he was the West Team Quarterback MVP in our 2010 All-American Bowl Game. After Carter Signed with TCU, as a Super Athlete, he moved to Strong Safety and was a Super-Star Play-Man for Four Years for the Horned Frogs.

Carter #17, who was an Original Hurricane Katrina Victim, also had Sensational Measurables in High School, recording a 4.5 Forty; a 116 Standing Broad Jump; and a 4.2 Shuttle. Carter Scored an 1200 SAT. At TCU Pro-Day, Carter Recorded a 4.58 Forty; a 31.5  Vertical; a 4.26 Shuttle; and a 112 Standing Broad Jump.


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Gordon Wood Cover Story

By Max Emfinger

Personalized Copy Of Coach Of The Century Especially For Max Emfinger!
“Thanks for being a Great Player on The Lions First State Championship and Continuing to be my Friend For Fifty Years.” – Gordon Wood

My Biggest Blessing in High School!

One of My Biggest Blessings and One of My Most Incredible Blessings, Which Includes My Wife Ginger, My Son Eric, and My Grand-Son “Little Max” that I have ever had in my Entire Lifetime of Unbelievable Blessings was when Coach Gordon Wood was “Turned-Down” by San Angelo Central for The Head Football Coaching Job in 1960 and Consequently, became My New Brownwood High School Lion Head Football Coach. 

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Chapter 12 – The 1960 Brownwood Lions Incredible Quarter-Final Game Against Monahans! By Super Scout Max Emfinger


The 1960 Brownwood Lions Incredible Quarter-Final Game Against Monahans 

In The 1960 State Semi-Finals Game, one of “The Most Unbeatable West Texas Schoolboy Teams” came to Old Brownwood Lion Stadium, as The Monahans Lobos came to Town. The Monahans Game was going to be a Classic Battle between Two of the Greatest Quarterbacks in the State of Texas in the 1960 Football Season. Brownwood Quarterback and “Gordon Wood Hall of Champions” Ben Elledge, would later Sign with The Texas Tech Red Raiders and Lobos Quarterback, Norman Smith would later  Sign with The Oklahoma Sooners.

In this Huge Quarter-Finals Game, Elledge was “The Clear-Cut Victor” as The Brownwood Lions Upset The Lobos 37-16, as Elledge Scored Three Touchdowns on Runs of 5, 65, and 40-Yards, had a Two-Point Conversion Run, and led all Rushers with 154-Yards on 14 Carries. Elledge also Completed 5 of 14 passes for 91-Yards, giving him 245-Yards of Total Offense with a 12.4-Yards Per Touch Average in Front of 6,000 Fans.

Elledge had a lot more help than Smith, as I Rushed for 96-Yards on 15 Carries, Scored Two Touchdowns, Ran for a Two-Point Conversion, Returned Two Punts for another 48-Yards, and Two Kickoff Returns for 60-Yards, giving me 204-Yards of Total Offense and a 10.84-Yard Per Touch Average and 14-Points Scored.

Fullback A.D. Carnes Rushed for 46-Yards on 10 Carries, to go along with His Great Defensive Game. “Gordon Wood Hall of Champions” End Lawrence Elkins caught all Five Passes of The Elledge Pass Completions for 91-Yards and Averaged 18.2-Yards Per Catch. Two of The Elkins Catches were Incredible Catches.

The Standing-Room-Only Crowd Only was Electrified on The Fourth Play of the Game as I Circled Left End and Raced 62-Yards  for a Touchdown, with only 50-Seconds of Playing Time Elapsed. Then, when Elkins ran for the Two-Point Conversion, The Lions Took a Quick 8-0 Lead, on their way to a 37-16 Victory. I also Scored on a Six-Yard Touchdown and Two-Point Conversion.

On Defense, David Smith Recovered a Fumble; and Ronney Moore and Mike Greer Were Sensational In Leading The Lions Defense in Tackles. Other Defensive Stars Included Carnes, Elkins, Charles Coffey, Eddie Daniel, Bobby Staudt, Ronnie Davis, Terry Dummer, Gerald Pitts, and John Cadenhead. Two Super Sophomores, Doug Young and James Crow Were Also Outstanding.

Four Fabulous Plays In Monahans Game! 

This Monahans Quarter-Finals Game was over 55-Years Ago, but I can still remember Four-Plays in that Game, like it was Last Week.

The First Play that I will Always Remember was the Fourth Play of the Game. The Standing-Room-Only Crowd of 6,000 was Electrified when I Circled Left End and Raced 62-Yards  for a Touchdown, with only 50-Seconds of Playing Time Elapsed. Then, when Elkins ran for the Two-Point Conversion, The Brownwood Lions of Coach Gordon Wood Took a Quick 8-0 Lead, on their way to the Huge 37-16 Upset Victory.

The Second Play was in the Second Quarter, with about 4:00 Minutes Left, Quarterback Ben Elledge Faked a Pitch to me around the Right End and then tucked the ball on a Bootleg Play Around Left End and got-by the initial Linebackers, before any Lobo Defensive Players Realized where the Football was and he then Sprinted 65-Yards for an Incredible Touchdown, giving The Brownwood Lions a 22-0 Lead. Elledge, then ran for the Two-Point Conversion, to Up-The-Score to 24-0. I later Scored on a Six-Yard Run to give The Lions a 30-0 Lead at Half-Time.

Then the Third Play was an Unbelievable Play. I had already returned Two Punts for 48-Yards and it was at the End of the Third Quarter, and I was Back in Punt-Return Formation, getting Ready to Receive my Third Punt. On this Particular Punt, The Monahans Punter Kicked Short and I Ran-Up and Called for a Fair-Catch, and as I Made-The-Catch, The Play was Ruled Dead.

Then, “All of a Sudden” One of the Monahans Defenders, Running-Down-The-Field, covering the Football, hit me about as hard as I was ever hit and knocked me back, about Five-Yards, from where I Signaled for The-Fair-Catch.

Obviously, The Lobos were called for a Hitting-Late Penalty and they Received a 15-Yard Penalty, but a few years later, when I was at Baylor, I “Found-Out” that The Lobo Tackler was Instructed to “Get-Me-Out-Of-The-Game” if he could. The Tackler was told that they were going to Kick-Short so I would call for a Fair-Catch and it would give Them a chance to “Hit-Me-Really-Hard” and Get-Me-Out of The Game.

The Fourth Play was on An “On-Side-Kick” that John Cadenhead made a Fabulous Diving Recovery.

Every Single Day in PracticeCoach Wood and The Lions would Spend About 10-Minutes on On-Side-Kicks, but most of the time, we NEVER had to Use-It, but in this Very Important Game, Coach Wood decided to use it. We Practiced so much on these On-Side Kicks, we knew that we could “Pull-One-Off” if we needed.

In the First Quarter, Super On-Side Kicking Expert and “Gordon Wood Hall of Champions” Ronney Moore Kicked a Perfect “Bouncy Ball” near the Sideline and Speedy John Cadenhead Dived for It and Covered It. Moore, also Recovered another Fumble, in the Game, along with David Smith.

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2018 College Football MVP’s Of Week #5! By Super Scout Max Emfinger

Image result for Week #3 College Football MVP

2018 College Football MVP’s Of Week #5!
By Super Scout Max Emfinger

All MVP Players Must Be On Winning Team!


Image result for Kyler Murray Photos

  1. Oklahoma Junior Quarterback Kyler Murray (5-10, 195) had One of The  Most Incredible Games in Oklahoma School History. First of All, Murray (#1) did not even Start The Game Against Baylor, but his Incredible Game Included an Oklahoma School Record. Murray did not Start The Game, because he did not Set his Alarm Clock properly on Thursday Night and he was late For Practice on Friday, and Thus, it Meant that he could not Start The Game Against Baylor, because of team policy. He sat out as The Sooners Ran their First Offensive Series. He then, came into The Game on The Second Series and Completed 17 of 21 Passes for 432-Yards and an Amazing 6 Touchdowns and he also Ran for another 45-Yards and another Touchdown, giving him a Mind-Boggling 477-Yards of Offense and 7 Touchdowns in The Sooners 66-33 Victory over BaylorMurray Also Tied a Baker Mayfield Oklahoma School Record with his 7 Touchdowns Accounted-For and his Mind-Boggling 348.0 Quarterback Rating. Super-Star Wide Receiver Marquise Brown (5-10, 170, 4.32, 42, 3,95) Caught 5 Passes for 132-Yards and 2 Touchdowns in The Sooner Victory.
    Related image
  2. LSU Junior Quarterback Transfer Joe Burrow (6-4, 216, 4.6) from The Plains Athens High School, Ohio had been Impressive in The First Five LSU Games of The 2018 Season, but in The 45-16 Victory over Ole Miss is, by far, his Most Impressive Game Since Athens High School, after Transferring To LSU from Ohio State. In this Huge Victory over Ole Miss, Burrow (#9) Completed 18 of 25 Passes to an Impressive Nine Different Players. Burrow also Rushed for another 96-Yards and a Touchdown, giving Him 388-Yards of Total Offense and 4 Touchdowns. This Incredible Game for Burrow was The Fourth-Most Yards in a Single Game in LSU School History.
  3. Fresno State Senior Transfer Quarterback Marcus McMaryion (6-2, 203, 4.56) had another Unbelievable Game as he Completed 24 of 31 Passes for 368-Yards and 4 Touchdowns and he also Rushed for another 15-Yards and another Touchdown, giving him 383-Yards of Total Offense and 5 Touchdowns in The Fresno State 49-27 Mountain West Victory over Toledo. This Oregon State Transfer also Won His Second Consecutive Mountain West offensive Player of The Week Award and Accounted for 5 Touchdowns in Back-To-Back Games. In this Game, McMaryion Recorded an Incredible 213.3 Quarterback Rating.
  4. Central Florida  Junior Quarterback McKenzie Milton (5-11, 185) from Kapolei, Hawaii, Completed 18 of 34 Passes for 328-Yards and 4 Touchdowns and Rushed for Another 51-Yards and 2 more Touchdowns, giving him 379-Yards of Total Offense and 6 Touchdowns in The #13 Central Florida Knights 45-14 Victory over Pittsburgh as The Defending American Athletic Conference Champions Extend The Longest Winning Streak in The Country at  17 Games. This Game was also after Milton also ran for 2 Touchdowns and Gave give Him Seven Touchdowns Passing and Five Rushing in his Past Two Games. Milton Was Also Named as The Walter Camp Foundation National Offensive Player of the Week Following His 379-Yards of Total Offense and 6 Touchdowns.
  5. Boise State Senior Quarterback Brett Rypien (6-2, 203, 4.76) Had another Incredible Game in a 34-14 Victory over Wyoming as he Completed 28 of 42 Passes for 342-Yards and 2 Touchdowns and Recorded his Fourth Consecutive 300-Yard Passing Game For The Broncos this Season. The Mountain West Conference Team Scored on Four of their Fist Six Possessions in the First Half to gain a 24-0 halftime Lead and The Broncos were never threatened for the rest of the game. Rypien also entered the game with The Boise State Career Leader in 300-Yard Games with 18 and he has not thrown an Interception this season after four games, which is also Another Boise School Record.
  6. Southern Cal Senior Running Back Aca’Cedric Ware (5-11, 205, 4.47) from Desoto, Texas Rushed for an Incredible 197-Yards on 21 Carries and Scored 2 Amazing Touchdowns as The Trojans Blew a 24-Point Lead, when The Offense Bogged-Down and Piled-Up a Lot of Penalties, but The Trojans still won a 24-20 Victory over Arizona.
  7. Clemson Sophomore Running Back Travis Etienne (5-10, 200) Rushed for a Career-High 203-yards and 3 Touchdowns in The Clemson 27-23 Victory over Syracuse“They told us someone had to step up,” said Etienne, a Sophomore, from Jennings, Louisiana. “We all decided it had to be me.”
  8. Oklahoma State Junior Running Back Justice Hill (5-10, 190) Rushed for 189-Yards and a Touchdown on 31 Carries in The Cowboys 48-28 Victory over The Kansas Jayhawks.
  9. Texas A&M Junior Running Back Trayveon Williams (5-9, 200) Rushed for 152-Yards and 2 Touchdowns and Caught 1 Pass for another 13-Yards, giving him 165-Yards of All-Purpose Yards and Two Touchdowns in The Huge 24-17 Texas A&M Victory over The Arkansas Razorbacks in Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.
  10. The Nicholls State Offensive Duo of Junior Quarterback Chase Fourcade (6-0, 190) from New Orleans Archbishop Rummel, Louisiana and Freshman Running Back Julien Gums (5-10, 230) from New Orleans De La Salle, Louisiana Were Outstanding in The Colonels 50-27 Victory over The Lamar Cardinals in a Key Southland Conference Game on Saturday. In this Game, Fourcade Completed 12 of 24 Passes for 299-Yards and 3 Touchdowns and he also Rushed for Another 43-Yards and 2 More Touchdowns, on 9 Carries, giving him 342-Yards of Total Offense, 5 Touchdowns, and a 16.3-Yards Per Touch; while Gums Rushed for 152-Yards and a Touchdown on 10 Carries, with an Incredible 15.2-Yards Per Carry Average, in The Colonels Victory.
  11. The Notre Dame Offensive Duo of Junior Quarterback Ian Book (6-0, 203) and Senior Wide Receiver Miles Boykin (6-4, 228) were Unbelievably Impressive in The Irish 38-17 Victory over Stanford. This Duo Were Also The two Heroes in The Notre Dame Citrus Bowl Victory on New Year’s Day and were also The Heroes Again Againt Stanford. Book Completed 24 of 33 Passes for 278-Yards and 4 Touchdowns and Rushed for another 47-Yards, giving him 325-Yards of Total Offense and 4 Touchdowns. Boykin Caught 11 Passes for 144-Yards including an 8-Yard Touchdown Pass from Book.



Image result for Jerry Tillery Photos

  1. Notre Dame Senior Defensive Tackle Jerry Tillery (#99) from Shreveport Evangel Christian, Louisiana was Sensational in The Irish Huge 38-17 Victory over Stanford. In The Notre Dame Victory, Tillery (6-6, 305, 4.9) Recorded 6 Tackles, including an Incredible 4 Quarterback Sacks and 1 Forced Fumble. For his Unbelievable Game, This Super-Star was Also Named as The Walter Camp Foundation National Defensive Player of the Week following His Four Sacks Against Stanford on Saturday Night in South Bend, IndianaWithout a Conference Championship, The Irish must Keep-On Winning to make The Playoff, but with a 5-0 Record, a #8 Ranking, and a Win over #7 Stanford, it might be time to Consider them in Any and All Playoff Conversation.
  2. Oklahoma State Junior Defensive End Jordan Brailford (6-3, 250) has just had an Exceptional Game as he Recorded 8 Tackles, including 7 Solo Tackles, 3 Quarterback Sacks, 5 Tackles for a Loss, and 3 Pass Breakups in The Cowboys 48-28 Big-12 Victory over The Kansas Jayhawks.
  3. The Miami Defensive Duo of Junior Linebacker Shaquille Quarterman (6-1, 240) and Junior Free Safety Romeo Finley (6-1, 205) were Unbelievably Impressive in The Hurricanes 47-10 Victory over North Carolina on Thursday Night. Quarterman Recorded 5 Tackles, including 3 Solo Tackles, 2 Quarterback Sacks, 1 Forced Fumble, and 1 Pass Breakup; while Finley Recorded 2 Solo Tackles and Returned an Interception, 83-Yards for a Touchdown Chain. Another Major Story for The Florida State Week is The Injury Status of Quarterman, who Sprained his Ankle in the first half and then Returned in The Third Quarter, but Aggravated The Ankle Again, but The X-Rays were Negative.
  4. Another Miami Defensive Linemen Duo of Junior Defensive Tackle Joe Jackson (6-5, 258) and Sophomore Defensive End Jonathan Garvin (6-4, 235) were also Very Impressive in Helping The Miami Turnover Chain To Become The Touchdown Chain. Jackson Recorded 5 Tackles, including 3 Solo Tackles, 1 Quarterback Sack, 2 Forced Fumbles, 1 Pass Breakup, 1 Quarterback Hurry and Returned an Interception 42-Yards for another Miami Touchdown Chain. Garvin Recorded 2 Tackles, including 1 Tackle for a Loss, 1 Pass Breakup, and Forced 2 Fumbles, including One Fumble that he Scooped-Up and Raced For another Touchdown. In This Game, Miami tied a Miami School Record with 3 Defensive Touchdowns and 6 Forced Turnovers.
  5. Texas Senior Defensive Tackle Charles Omenihu (6-6, 275) Recorded 5 Solo Tackles, 3 Tackles for a Loss, a Safety, and 2 Quarterback Sacks in The Longhorns Huge 19-14 Victory over Kansas State in Manhattan, KansasThe Longhorns Leaned-On their defense in the First Half, as Omenihu Recorded his Two Sacks and of them was for a Safety, in Helping To-Shut-Down The Very Powerful Kansas State Running-Game.
  6. Ohio State Sophomore Defensive End Chase Young (6-5, 265) was The Defensive Super-Star for The Buckeyes as he Recorded 6 Tackles, including 3 Solo Tackles, 2 Quarterback Sacks, 3 Tackles for a Loss, 3 Pass Breakups and The Defensive Play of The Game in The Huge 27-26 Big-10 Victory over Penn State. Penn State Quarterback Trace McSorley and Penn State could not come up with a response. On Fourth-and-5  from The Ohio State 43, McSorley handed off to Miles Sanders on aRead-Option” and he was Smothered by Young. “It was One of The Greatest Defensive Stops in Ohio State History,” said Head Coach Urban Meyer. Instead of Making a First Down, The Nittany Lions Blew a Huge Point Lead and Lost to The Buckeyes, for The Second Straight Year.
  7. LSU Super-Star Sophomore Strong Safety Grant Delpit (6-3, 205) was “All-Over-The-Field” Again, just as he was in The Four Previous Games. In this Huge SEC Victory over Ole Miss, Delpit Only Recorded 5 Tackles, but he had 1 Quarterback Sack, 1 Key Interception, and 2 Pass Breakups.
  8. The Kentucky Defensive Duo of Senior Linebacker Josh Allen (6-5, 260) and Senior Free Safety Mike Edwards (6-0, 200) were Outstanding in The Wildcats Huge 24-10 Victory over The South Carolina Gamecocks. Allen was Sensational as he Recorded 8 Tackles, including 6 Solo Tackles, 1 Forced Fumble, 3 Quarterbacks, and 4 Tackles for a Loss; while Edwards Recorded 5 Tackles, including 4 Solo Tackles, 1 Tackle for a Loss, and had a Key Interception. The Edwards Interception was with 3:47 Remaining in The Game and Stopped The Gamecocks Last Chance to Score and Give The Wildcats Their Fifth Straight Victory to Start The Season and Continue Their Best SEC Start since 1977.
  9. The West Virginia Defensive Duo of Junior Cornerback Keith Washington (6-0, 180) and Junior Linebacker David Long (5-11, 221) Unbelievably Impressive in The Mountaineers Huge 42-34 Victory over The Texas Tech Red Raiders in Lubbock, Texas. Washington Recorded 7 Tackles, including 5 Solo Tackles, 3 Pass Breakups, and Returned an Interception 51-Yards for a Touchdown; while Long Recorded 15 Tackles, including 10 Solo Tackles in The Big-12 Victory.
  10. The Michigan Defensive Linebacker Duo of Sophomore Linebacker Kwity Paye (6-4, 265) and Junior Linebacker Josh Uche (6-3, 240) were both Very Impressive in The Wolverines 20-17 Victory over Northwestern. In this Game, Paye Recorded 4 Solo Tackles, and 2 Quarterback Sacks; while Uche Only Recorded 2 Solo Tackles, but he also had 2 Quarterback Sacks.
  11. The Oregon Secondary Duo of Senior Safety Ugochukwu Amagi (5-10, 201) and Freshman Free Safety Jevon Holland (6-1, 192) were Incredible in The Huge 42-24 PAC-10 Victory over The California Golden Bears as They Both Recorded an Unbelievable 2 InterceptionsAmadi had an Interception Return for a Touchdown in The Second Half and he also Recorded 7 Solo Tackles and a Pass Breakup for The Ducks (4-1, 1-1), while Holland Recorded 3 Solo Tackles, 2 Interceptions, and a Pass Breakup.
  12. Oregon Junior Linebacker La’Mar Winston, Jr (6-2, 218) Recorded 4 Tackles, had a Half a Sack, and Returned a Fumble for a Touchdown in The First Half in The #19 Oregon Ducks 42-24 Victory, in The PAC-10 Conference.
  13. Virginia Tech Junior Defensive End Houshun Gaines (6-3, 240) Recorded 4 Tackles, including 2.5 Quarterback Sacks in The 31-14 Hokies Victory over Duke.
  14. Florida Junior Defensive Tackle Jachai Poute (6-2, 265) Recorded Only 3 Solo Tackles, but 2 of The Solo Tackles were Quarterback Sacks and he also had 1 Pass Breakup in The Gators 13-6 SEC Victory over Mississippi State.
  15. Arizona State Junior Linebacker Malik Lawal (6-1, 228) Recorded 6 Tackles, including 5 Solo Tackles, 2 Quarterback Sacks, and 1 Forced Fumble, in a Sun Devils 52-24 Victory over Oregon State.



Related image

  1. Alabama Freshman All-Purpose Back Jaylen Waddle (#17) was Sensational in The Crimson Tide 56-14 Victory over ULL as he Caught 3 Passes for 138-Yards, and 2 Touchdowns, including an Incredible 94-Yard Touchdown Catch, and he also had a 63-Yard Punt Return for another Touchdown, giving him 201-Yards of All-Purpose Yards and 3 Touchdowns in The Crimson Tide VictoryWaddle (5-10, 177) Returned his  63-Yard Punt Return Almost Untouched to increase The Alabama lead to 21-0
  2. Texas Freshman Cornerback and Return-Man D’Shawn Jamison(5-0, 180, 4.43, 38, 4.11was Spectacular for The Longhorns in The 19-12 Victory over Kansas State as he Returned 2 Kickoffs for 37-Yards and Returned a Punt 90-Yards for a Touchdown, giving him 127-Yards of All-Purpose Yards as The Longhorns opened a 19-0 lead by Halftime which Helped The Horns (4-1, 2-0) get Their Big-12 Victory.
  3. Texas A&M True Freshman Kick-Returner Jashaun Corbin (6-0, 191, 4.4, 38) Opened The Game with Arkansas with an Incredible 100-Yard Kickoff-Return for a Touchdown. It was The First Texas A&M 100-Yard Kickoff-Return To Start The Game Since 1994Corbin Fielded his First Career Kick-Return at The Edge of The End-Zone and took off before Getting-Through a Big Open Gap In The Middle of The field and Running To The Opposite Sideline. He the Streaked by The A&M Football Bench and with The Whole Aggie Bench Going Crazy and Scored Untouched To Put The Aggies Ahead To StayTexas A&M Head Football Coach Jimbo Fisher got his first Southeastern Conference Victory at Texas A&M, with a 24-17 Victory over The Arkansas Razorbacks, but he was not Completely Happy about The Final Score.
  4. Nicholls State Junior Punter Winston Jones (6-1, 220) from Thibodaux E.D. White, Louisiana had 2 Punts for 115-Yards, including a Mind-Boggling 75-Yard Punt, and an Incredible 57.5-Yards Per Punt Average in The Colonels 50-27 Victory over The Lamar Cardinals in a Southland Conference Game, after having a 44.5-Yard Average Per Punt Against Sam Houston State in The Colonels Victory Last Week.



  1. Miami Defensive Coordinator Manny Diaz Led The Hurricanes Defense as They Recorded an Amazing 3 Defensive Touchdowns and They Tied The Miami School Record with the 3 Defensive Touchdowns in The 47-10 Miami Victory over North Carolina on Thursday Night“It was a sight to see,” said Manny Diaz. “We always say, turnovers, they seem to come in bunches. The fact that we turned our Defense into Offense on those was quite a sight to see.”
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2018 College Football MVP’s Of Week #4! By Super Scout Max Emfinger

Image result for Week #3 College Football MVP

2018 College Football MVP’s Of Week #4!
By Super Scout Max Emfinger

All MVP Players Must Be On Winning Team!


Image from UCF Knights football

  1. Central Florida Junior Quarterback McKenzie Milton (5-11, 185) Completed 21 of 32 Passes for 306-Yards and 3 Touchdowns and Rushed for Another 81-Yards and 3 More Touchdowns, giving him an Incredible 387-Yards and 6 Touchdowns in The Knights 56-36 Victory over Florida Atlantic. This was The 10th 300-Yard Passing Game for Milton in his Career and it was his 17th Straight Game that he has thrown for at least One Touchdown Pass, but was was even more Impressive was His 81-Yards Rushing and 3 Touchdowns. It was Also His First Game that he Recorded a Multiple of Rushing Touchdowns in a Game and his Second Time that he Recorded 6 Touchdowns in a Single Game. This is The Sixth Career Player of the Week MVP Honor for Milton, who earned Four MVP Honors in 2017. Milton was also named as One of The Eight Manning Award Stars of the Week for The Second time on Monday.
  2. Kentucky Junior Running Back Benny Snell, Jr (5-11, 223) Rushed for 165-Yards and 4 Touchdowns in The Incredible 28-7 UPSET Victory over Mississippi State. The 165-Yards and 4 Touchdowns by Snell Broke a Kentucky Career Scoring Record, including Two Touchdowns in the fourth quarter. The Wildcats held #14 Mississippi State to 56-Yards Rushing in The UPSET. After a Tyrell Aiijan Interception, Snell Scored his Third Touchdown with 8-Minutes Left in The Game to Break The Randall Cobb Previous Record of 37 Total Touchdowns. Snell Added another 23-Yard Touchdown to give The Wildcats a 21 Point Lead and Give them their Second Victory over a Ranked Team this month. Kentucky beat The #25 Florida Gators two weeks ago to break a 31-Game Losing Streak.
  3. The Old Dominion Passing Duo of Junior Quarterback Blake LaRussa (5-10, 185) and Senior Wide Receiver Travis Fulgham (6-3, 215) were Incredible in Their 49-35 UPSET Victory over #13 Virginia Tech. LaRussa Completed 30 of 49 Passes for an Incredible 495-Yards and 4 Touchdowns and Rushed for Another 6-Yards and Another Touchdown, giving him 501-Yards of Total Offense, 5 Touchdowns, and with a Fabulous 173.0 Quarterback Rating. Fulgham was Also Amazing as he Caught 9 Passes for 188-Yards and a Touchdown in The Monarchs UPSET Victory.
  4. Ole Miss Senior Quarterback Jordan Ta’amu (6-2, 210) Completed 28 of 38 Passes for 442-Yards and 2 Touchdowns Passing and 1 Touchdown Rushing, and an Incredible 183.5 Quarterback Rating in a 38-17 Victory over Kent State.
  5. Alabama Sophomore Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (6-1, 218) Completed 23 of 30 Passes for 387-Yards and 4 Touchdowns and Rushed for another 10-Yards and another Touchdown, giving him 397-Yards of Total Offense and 5 Touchdowns in The Crimson Tide 45-23 Victory over Texas A&M.
  6. Texas Tech Freshman Quarterback Alan Bowman (6-3, 210) Completed 35 of 46 Passes for 397-Yards and Two Touchdowns in Another Incredible Game, in The Red Raiders 41-17 UPSET Victory over#15 Oklahoma State which Ended a Nine-Game Losing Streak to The Cowboys and Their Last Victory in 2008.
  7. The West Virginia Trio of Quarterback Will Grier (6-2, 223) and Wide Receivers David Sills (6-4, 210) and Marcus Simms (6-0, 194) Looked Like an NFL Passing Attack as they Overwhelmed Kansas State with an Incredible 35-6 Victory in Their Big-12 Opening Game. Grier Completed 25 of 35 Passes for 356-Yards and 5 Touchdowns; while Sills Caught 10 Passes and 3 Touchdowns and Simms Caught 5 Passes for 136-Yards, including an 82-Yard TouchdownWest Virginia Head Football Coach and Good Friend, Dana Holgorsen, is not Concerned about his Quarterback being overwhelmed by The Pressure of Being a Heisman Trophy Candidate“I’m not worried about overloading him,” Holgorsen said. “He’s mature. He’s grounded. He’s comfortable on where he’s at. He knows how to handle this. He’s a professional that’s in college.”
  8. Penn State Junior Running Back Miles Sanders (5-11, 215) Rushed for 200-Yards on 22 Carries and Scored 3 Touchdowns in The Nittany Lions 63-24 Victory over Illinois.
  9. The Ohio State Passing Duo of Sophomore Quarterback Dwayne Haskins and Senior Wide Receiver Parris Campbell were Incredible in The Buckeyes 49-6 Victory over Tulane and it was in The Return of Head Coach Urban Meyer from his Suspension. Haskins (6-3, 220) Completed an Unbelievable 21 of 24 Passes for 304-Yards and 5 Touchdowns and Rushed for Another 5-Yards, giving him 309-Yards of Offense and 5 Touchdowns for an Incredible 262.7 Quarterback Rating; while Campbell (6-1, 208) Caught 8 Passes for 147-Yards and 2 Touchdowns and an 18.4-Yards Per Catch. The Amazing Thing about These Stats were that all were in The First Half, because they did not Play in The Second Half.
  10. Stanford Junior Quarterback K.J. Costello (6-5, 215) Threw a Pass in OVERTIME with The Score Tied at 31-31 and he then watched as This OVERTIME PASS was Tipped In-Midair by his Tight End Colby Parkinson and For an Unbelievable Moment, as The Football was “Dangling” In The Air, Parkinson (6-6, 228) then Grabbed The Football “Out of The Air” for The Winning Touchdown. “As I was holding my breath, Colby Came-Down with The Winning Touchdown and it was Pretty Awesome.” Costello Completed 19 of 26 Passes for 327-Yards and 3 Touchdowns, including The Last 23-Yard Touchdown Pass that Parkinson “Tipped” to himself in The End-Zone. This was an Incredible 38-31 Comeback Victory for #7 Stanford over #20 Oregon. Parkinson Caught 3 Passes for 50-Yards and The Winning Touchdown Pass.
  11. Notre Dame Junior Quarterback Ian Book (6-1, 200) Completed 25 of 34 Passes for 325-Yards and 2 Touchdowns and Rushed for another 43-Yards and 3 more Touchdowns, giving him 368-Yards of Total Offense and 5 Touchdowns in The Irish 56-27 Victory over Wake Forest.


Image result for Kenneth Murray Photos

  1. Oklahoma Sophomore Linebacker Kenneth Murray (#9) (6-2, 238, 4.62) Recorded an Incredible 28 Tackles, including 6 Solo Tackles, 22 Assists, and a Tackle for a Loss and was Named as The Big-12 Defensive Player of The Week in The Sooners 28-21 OVERTIME Victory over Army. The Missouri City Fort Bend Elkins Super-Star was Also Named as The Walter Camp Foundation National Defensive Player of the Week following His Oklahoma School Record-Setting Game Against Army. The 28 Tackles by Murray is The Most Tackles Recorded by an FBS Player since The NCAA started Tracking The Tackle Stat in 2000. The Big-12 Award by Murray was his First Award. My Son, Eric, went To Fort Bend Elkins HS as a Freshman.
  2. Alabama Senior Defensive Tackle Isaiah Buggs (6-5, 286) Recorded 7 Tackles, including 3 Quarterback Sacks, 3.5 Tackles For a Loss, and 2 quarterback Hurries in The Crimson Tide 45-23 Victory over The Texas A&M Aggies.
  3. Texas True Freshman Free Safety Caden Sterns Recorded Five tackles, including 2 Solo Tackles and 2 Interceptions for 33-Yards in The Longhorns 31-16 Victory over #17 TCU. Sterns became The First Longhorn True Freshman to Record Two Interceptions in a game since 2015. The Big-12 Honor is The First for Sterns.
  4. Georgia Senior Linebacker D’Andre Walker (6-3, 245) Recorded 4 Solo Tackles, 2 Quarterback Sacks, 2 Forced Fumbles, and a Pass Breakup in The Huge Georgia Bulldogs 43-29 Victory over Quarterback Drew Lock and his Missouri Tigers.
  5. The LSU Defensive Linebacker Duo of Junior Devin White (6-1, 240) and Sophomore Jacob Phillips (6-4, 229) were Outstanding in The Tigers 38-21 Victory over Louisiana Tech. White Recorded 11 Tackles, including 1 Quarterback Sack, 2.5 Tackles for a Loss, Recovered a Fumble, had 3 pass Breakups, and 2 Quarterback Hurries; while Phillips Recorded 13 Tackles, including 3 Solo Tackles, 1.5 Tackles for a Loss, 1 Pass Breakup, and a Quarterback Hurry.
  6. Ole Dominion Senior Defensive End Oshane Yimines (6-4, 255) Recorded 7 Tackles, including 2 Quarterback Sacks, 2.5 Tackles for a Loss, and a Quarterback Hurry in Their 49-35 UPSET Victory over #13 Virginia Tech.
  7. South Carolina Junior Defensive Tackle Javon Kinlaw (6-6, 305) Recorded 4 Solo Tackles, including 2 quarterback Sacks and a Pass Breakup in The Gamecocks 37-14 Victory over Vanderbilt.
  8. The Ole Miss Defensive Ends Duo of Senior Markel Winters (6-3, 252) and Sophomore Charles Wiley (6-2, 242) were both Outstanding in The Rebels 38-17 Victory over Kent State. Markel Only Recorded 4 Tackles, but 3 of his Tackles were Quarterback Sacks; while Sophomore Wiley Only Recorded 5 Tackles, but 2.5 of his Tackles were for Quarterback Sacks in The Victory.
  9. Purdue Sophomore Linebacker Derrick Barnes Recorded 6 Solo Tackles, including 2 Quarterback Sacks and a Pass Breakup in The Boilermakers 30-13 Victory over Boston College.


Clyde Edwards-Helaire

  1. LSU Sophomore All-Purpose Back Clyde Edwards-Helaire (#22) Rushed for 136-Yards on 20 Carries and Scored 2 Touchdowns and Returned 2 Kickoffs for another 41-yards, giving him 177-Yards of All-Purpose Yardage and 2 Touchdowns in The LSU 38-21 Victory over Louisiana Tech. Edwards-Helaire has a Very Unusual Name, but All LSU Fans will Start to Know him Even More, because he is Going to Become a Household-Name. He has The Tools To-Become a Future NFL #1 Draft Choice. Edwards-Helaire (5-9, 213, 4.37, 40, 4.1) has not seen a lot of playing time, but he is Still Going to become The “Big-Time” Leader for The Tigers.
  2. Auburn Sophomore Kick Return Man Noah Igbinoghere (5-11, 196) Returned a Kickoff, 96-Yards for a Touchdown in The Auburn 34-3 Victory over Arkansas. The Kickoff Return by Igbinoghene was The Quick  Answer to a 10-Play Field-Goal Drive For The Razorbacks To-Open The Second Half for their Only Points of The Game. Arkansas consumed two of its three timeouts before settling for a Conner Limpert 29-Yard Field-Goal, Which Cut The Auburn Lead to 17-3 and a Few Minutes Later, after The incredible Return, The Score was 24-3.
  3. Baylor Senior Punter Drew Galitz (6-0, 221) Recorded Five punts for 228-Yards and an Average of 45.6-Yards Per Punt Average in The Bears 26-7 Victory over Kansas. What was Incredible about All Five of his Punts Were-Downed Inside The 20-Yard Line. This is his First Big-12 Award.
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Chapters 23 Through Chapter 27 – The Gus Snodgrass Story And Track State Championship – Long Version



The Incredible Gus Snodgrass Story!

The Incredible 1962 Brownwood Lions Track State Championship Story!

With all of the Great Moments that I Experienced in my High School Career, there was One Moment that I will Never Forget! I was not a Super-Star Basketball Player in High School, but I had worked really hard to Perfect my Jump-Shot and my Tough Defense, as a Senior, and I was a Starter on the Varsity for Coach Murray. I had Missed Two Friday Night Games as  I took Official Football Visits to Texas A&M and Baylor.

I had just got back from a Weekend Visit with Baylor and I went to Basketball Practice on Monday, after missing the Friday Night Game. Then, on Tuesday, I did not get to Start The Game. I was concerned, but I was a Team-Player and I Came-Off of the bench and Scored 10-Points and so I did not think too much about the situation.

The Next Day on Wednesday, just before Basketball Practice was to begin, I was Called-Into Coach Murray’s Office. When I got to Coach Murray’s Office, to my Astonishment, there were Three Future Hall of Champion Coaches sitting there, including Coach Wood, Coach Snodgrass, and Coach Murray and they were all three waiting for me. “What’s going on?” I asked all three Head Coaches collectively.

“We want you to “Turn-In” your Basketball Stuff and get to our First Track Practice at 4:00 Today,” said Coach Murray and Seconded by Coach Snodgrass and Coach Wood.

“You are our only Two-Year Letterman and Returning Member of both Relay Teams and you can help this Track Team to win the Regional Championship and maybe get enough people to the State Meet and win the State Championship, but you need to be at our First Track Practice Today,” said Coach Snodgrass.

“Coach, I really like Basketball and I have really worked hard to get to where I am today in Basketball. Do you think that I could do both?”

Max. we think that you are too Valuable to our Track Team to only give half of your effort and I think that you can lead us to a Great Season,” said Coach Snodgrass!

“You have worked hard and you have improved as much or more than any of our players, but we probably can get by without you, and you will be such a tremendous asset to the Track Team,” said Coach Murray.

Maxer! We just really feel that you are are so much more valuable to our Track Team than our Basketball Team,” said Coach Wood.

“OK, Coach! I will turn-in all of my Basketball stuff today and I will be at the 4:00 Track practice,” as I collectively told all three Brownwood Head Coaches.

When I got to Track Practice at 4:00, all of the other Track Guys were waiting for me to arrive for Track practice from basketball. It had been raining all day, so we were really not going to Practice, but I was there to give my Pep-Talk and so I did. Everyone was Sitting on the top of some Sideline Seats and we were in the Middle of Old Lion Stadium.

I did not disappoint them as I gave my Speech! I drew a line in the Mud and Grass, in the middle of Lion Stadium and I told all of them:

“I am going to do everything that I can do, to help win the Track State Championship and Everyone that wants to try to help me To Win the State Championship, please Cross this Line.”

“Every single Track-Star in Lion Stadium Crossed The Line and about Four Months later, we went on to win the 3A Track State Championship.”

I was the “Curve-Runner” Second Leg Man, on the 1962 400-Meter Relay Team that won the 3A State Championship Relay with an Incredible 42.2 Clocking and a New Brownwood School Record and It was also the #5 400-Meter High School Relay Team in the Country. I also Anchored the Mile Relay Team with another Brownwood High School Record of 3:21.1.

Brownwood District 4-3A Track Meet With
And Team Scoring!

(The Top Two In Each District Event Qualifies For Regional Track Meet)

The Key in winning a Track State Championship is to get as many plays for the Next Qualifying Track Meet. In the District Track Meet, the Top Two Players in each event will Qualify for the Regional Track Meet and then in the Region Track Meet, again the Top Two in each Event will Qualify for the State Track Meet. Also, each player who Scores a Point in the District Track Meet is a Track Letterman and gets a Track Letterman Jacket.


DISTRICT TEAM TOTALS: 1. Brownwood – 167 1/3 Points; 2. Vernon – 104 Points; 3. Graham – 57 Points; 4. Breckenridge – 56 Points; 5. Mineral Wells – 53 Points; 6. Weatherford – 18 1/2 Points; and 7. Wichita Falls Rider – 12 1/3.

440 Yard Relay: 1. Vernon; 2. Brownwood; (Ronnie Jones, Ben Elledge, Jeff Smith, and Jerry McCullough); 3. Mineral Wells; 4. Breckenridge; 5. Graham. Time: 42.8

880 Yard Run: 1. Ronnie Davis, Brownwood; 2. Ray Oakman, Weatherford; 3. Jim Hughey, Mineral Wells; 4. Tommy Hunter, Wichita Falls Rider. Time: 2:00.6

120 High Hurdles: 1. Ben Elledge, Brownwood; 2. Willie Henderson, Graham; 3. Bob Simmons, Brownwood; 4. Gordon Nees, Graham; 5. James Crow, Brownwood. Time: 1:15.6

100 Yard Dash: 1. Ted Harris, Brownwood; 2. Jim Bob Coody, Breckenridge; 3. Larry Castleberry, Vernon; 4. Earl  Davis, Vernon; 5. Jerry McCullough, Brownwood. Time: 10.3

440 Yard Dash: 1. Tommy Keene, Vernon; 2. Max Emfinger, Brownwood; 3. Curtis Knight, Mineral Wells; 4. Eddie Larner, Brownwood; 5. Bill Webb, Graham. Time: 48.7 (New District Record)

High Jump: 1. Joe Graff, Vernon; 2. Tommy Keene, Vernon; 3. (Tie) Phillip Fenton, Brownwood; Joe Wolforth, Graham; and Roger McQuary, Mineral Wells.

Pole Vaught: 1. (Tie) Gene German, Brownwood and Charles Coffey, Brownwood; 3. (Tie) Cy Barcus, Breckenridge and Jimmy Freeland, Brownwood; 5. Denzel Ingram, Wichita Falls Rider. Height: 10-6.

180 Yard Low Hurdles: 1. Ben Elledge, Brownwood; 2. James Crow, Brownwood; 3. Bob Simmons, Brownwood; 4. George Mees, Graham; 5. James Henderson, Graham. Time: 20.1

220 Yard Dash: 1. Ronnie Jones, Brownwood; 2. John Belew, Vernon; 3. Bill Wiggins, Breckenridge; 4. Jerry McCullough, Brownwood; 5. Ishmael Benavides, Brownwood. Time: 23.0

Discus: 1. Doug Young, Brownwood; 2. Ben Elledge, Brownwood; 3. Joe Ball, Graham; 4. Leonard Talbert, Breckenridge; 5. Jack Connally, Brownwood. Distance: 134-9

Shot Put: 1. Leonard Talbert, Breckenridge; 2. Doug Young, Brownwood; 3. Joe Graft, Vernon; 4. Larry Ditto, Breckenridge; 5. Mike Lochner, Graham, Distance: 52-9 1/2

Long Jump: 1. Joe Graft, Vernon; 2. Curtis Knight, Mineral Wells, 3. Jim Brock, Mineral Wells, 4. Jerry Brock, Mineral Wells; 5. Tommy Keene, Vernon; 6. (Tie) Willie White, Brownwood and James Bunnell, Brownwood. Distance: 20-1 1/2

Mile Run: 1. Dale Ruth, Weatherford; 2. David Marchant, Graham; 3. Grayson Wetzel, Brownwood; 4. Bennie Lawrence, Graham; 5. Jim Clayton, Vernon. Time: 4:46.8

Mile Relay: 1 Brownwood (James Crow, Ronnie Jones, Jeff Smith, and Max Emfinger); 2. Vernon, 3. Mineral Wells, 4. Breckenridge, 5. Graham. Time: 3:25.4 (Ties District Record Set by Brownwood in 1961).

Brownwood Lions Lettermen and District Point Totals

Ben Elledge – 32 Points; Ronnie Jones – 19 Points; Doug Young – 18 Points; Max Emfinger – 13 Points; James Crow – 11 Points; Jerry McCullough – 10 Points; Ronnie Davis – 10 Points; Ted Harris – 10 Points; Jeff Smith – 9 Points; Bob Simmons – 6 Points; Grayson Wetzel – 6 Points; Charles Coffey – 5 Points; Gene German – 5 Points; Eddie Larner – 4 Points; Phillip Fenton – 3 Points; Ishmael Benavides – 2 Points; Jack Connally – 2 Points; James Bunnell – 1 Point; Willie White – 1 Point; and Manager – Ronnie Early.

Ben Elledge captured High-Point Man in the District 4-3A Track Meet as he scored an Incredible 32-Points. The Lion workhorse won the Low Hurdles, High Hurdles, finished second in the Discus, and ran the Second Leg on the Second Place 440 Relay Team. The hobbling Ted Harris was still able to win the 100-Yard Dash; while Ronnie Jones won the 220-Yard Dash and Ronnie Davis won the 880-Yard Run.

In the Field Events, Doug Young won the Discus and Finished Second in the Shot Putt; while Gene German and Charles Coffey tied for the Pole Vaught Championship. The Lions Qualified for an Incredible 11 Events, including both Relays for the Region Track Meet.

A SPECIAL NOTE: Tommy Keene, of Vernon and who later Signed with The University of Texas Track Team, Scored 29-Points, to Finish #2 in Total Points Scored, behind Ben Elledge, who Scored 32-Points.

This was an Incredible Team Effort for Coach Gus Snodgrass and his 1962 District Championship Track Team. Twenty Brownwood Lions scored a Single Point or more and became a 1962 Track Letterman.


Region Track Meet With Individual And Team Scoring

(Top Two In Each Event Qualified For State Meet) 

REGION TEAM TOTALS: 1. – Brownwood – 88 Points; 2. Vernon – 47 Points; 3. Corsicana – 41 Points; 4. Greenville – 38 1/2 Points; 5. Richardson – 37 Points.

440 Yard Relay: 1. Brownwood (Ronnie Jones, Ben Elledge, Jeff Smith, and Jerry McCullough); 2. Vernon; 3. Richardson; 4. Corsicana; 5. Cleburne; 6. Waco LaVega. Time: 43.3

880 Yard Run: 1. (Tie) Ronnie Davis, Brownwood and Pete Grabe, Richardson; 3. John Bailey, Paris; 4. Wade Blackford, Corsicana; 5. Miles Bramblett, Sulphur Springs; 6. Don Rogers, Mesquite. Time: 1:59.3

Shot Put: 1. Harold Magers, Gainesville; 2. Leonard Talbert, Breckenridge; 3. Wayne Bell, Waco University; 4. Doug Young, Brownwood; 5. Charles Walker, Mesquite; 6. Lester Rivera, Killeen. Distance: 60-3 3/4 (New Record. Old Record of Robert Young, Brownwood, 59-11 3/4, in 1960)

Discus Throw: 1. Harold Majors, Gainesville; 2. Buddy Stidham, Hurst Bell; 3. Doug Young, Brownwood; 4. B.W. Sellers, Mesquite; 5. Lester Riveria; 6. Gary Hainey, Sulpher Springs. Distance: 170-8 (New Record: Old Record of Ray Ragland of Killeen , 169-4 in 1961)

Pole Vaught: 1. (Tie) Garvin Claunch, Gainesville; Zane Abbott, Waco University; and James Surber, Killeen; 4. Sherwood McKiney, Bowie; 5. Charles Coffey, Brownwood; 6. (Tie) Gene German, Brownwood and D.D. Ward, Corsicana. Height: 11-6

220 Yard Dash: 1. Ronnie Jones, Brownwood; 2. Jay Upton, Corsicana; 3. J.C. Gilman, Ennis; 4. John Belew, Vernon; 5. Max Miller, Richland; 6. Tom Kennedy, Corsicana. Time: 21.6

100 Yard Dash: Jay Upton, Corsicana; 2. Darrell Roddy, Paris; 3. Ted Harris, Brownwood; 4. Steve Adams, Carrollton; 5. James King, Mount Pleasant; 6. Johnny White, Stephenville. Time: 9.7

440 Yard Dash: 1. Tommy Keene, Vernon; 2. Max Emfinger, Brownwood; 3. Rodney Wallace, Sulpher Springs; 4. James Voss, Greenville; 5. Bill Stephens, Richardson; 6. Melvin Blair, Belton. Time: 48.5 (New Record: Old Record of 49.5 in 1961)

180 Yard Low Hurdles: 1. Steve Samson, Greenville; 2. Phil Clagg, Greenville; 3. Butch Miller, Cleburne; 4. Mike Pittman, Belton; 5. James Crow, Brownwood. Time: 10.8

Mile Relay: 1. Brownwood (James Crow, Ronnie Jones, Jeff Smith, and Max Emfinger); 2. Killeen; 3. Vernon; 4. Greenville; 5. Cleburne; 6. Belton. Time: 3:22.2 (New Region and Brownwood Record: Old Record of 3:24.2 set by Graham in 1960)

Brownwood Individual Scoring: Ronnie Jones – 20 Points; Max Emfinger – 13 Points; Jeff Smith – 10 Points; Doug Young – 10 Points; Ronnie Davis – 9 Points; James Crow – 7 Points; Ted Harris – 6 Points; Jerry McCullough – 5 Points; Ben Elledge – 5 Points; Charles Coffey – 2 Points; and Gene German – 1 Point.

Brownwood Point Total: 88 Points.



Although our 1962 Track Team was Very Successful all Season, “The Universe” had planned for this Brownwood State Championship for a long time and although we Broke a lot of School Records, there were some Really Strange Things Happened that happened in Austin, Texas on May 5th at the Texas State Track Meet.

Future Hall of Honor Doug Young, our Super Weight-Man did not Qualify for State in the Shot Put or Discus, but “We Received another Miracle From The Universe” as one of the Qualifiers, Buddy Stidham of Hurst Bell, in the Discus got hurt and Young was able to take his place at the State Meet and he was Sensational as he Threw the Discus 153-5 Feet and Finished Fourth, giving The Lions Four Points.

Then, our Super-Star Half-Miler and one of my Best Friends, Ronnie Davis, Ran a Career-Best 1:56.8 and Finished in Third Place, and with Six Points, but he was Disqualified for Cutting in Front of a Runner on the Gun Lap and they took the Six Points Away from us.

Our Sprint-Relay Team went to Austin with the #3 Timing and Our Mile Relay Team went to Austin with the best Mile Relay Timing and Going into the Last Event, the Lions were Trailing Robstown by 38-28 and they Needed at least a Third Place Finish in that Last Event, The Mile Relay. A Third-Place Finish for the Lions would give the Lions a 40-38 State Championship.

Junior James Crow and Senior Ronnie Jones ran Tremendous First and Second Legs, and then Sophomore Jeff Smith ran another Incredible Third Leg and Handed The Baton to me with a Slight Lead for my Anchor Leg. As we Rounded The Final Curve, San Antonio Lee, Lamesa, Del Rio, and I were All Four Bunched Really Close Together and it was going to be a Real Challenge for me to get First, but I knew that I Had to get at Least a Third-Place Finish to Win the State Championship.

As the Four of Us were about 10-Yards from the Finish Line, all Four Anchormen were Really Close Together and the the San Antonio Lee and Lamesa Anchors Looked like they were about a Yard Ahead of the Del Rio Guy and me. Then at the Finish Line, I Lunged-Forward and I Finished in Third Place, beating the Del Rio Team by One-Tenth of a Second for the 3A State Championship. Just as we Crossed the Finish Line, I Immediately ran over to the Judges and asked if we Finished Third and they said YES.


Brownwood Lions Track State Champs!
“Lord! We
Give You All The Glory!”

The 1962 Brownwood Track State Championship was as Huge and as Shocking as our 1960 Football State Championship. It also was one of the Biggest State Championships in the History of Texas Track Championships. The Reason that it was so Huge was because of the Final Point Totals. We worked Very Hard, Set Very High Goals, and we had the “Universal Laws” working for us, but the biggest “Things” that helped us were The Universal Laws” because there were not any Really Super Teams at the 1962 State Meet.

EXAMPLE: When Jerry McCullough and Jeff Smith were Seniors in 1964, they went to the 1964 State Meet with a Much-More Talented Brownwood Track Team and they Scored over 100-Points in the State Meet, but they did not win the State Championship. The 1962 Brownwood Track State Champinship was “A Gift” from our Lord, in Heaven.

STATE MEET TEAM SCORING: Brownwood – 40; Robstown – 38; Lamesa – 32; Vernon – 26; San Antonio Lee – 26; Silsbee – 20; Gainesville – 20; Del Rio – 20; Wharton – 18; Henderson – 18; Channelview – 17; and Kingsville – 15.

440 Relay: 1. Brownwood (Ronnie Jones, Max Emfinger, Jeff Smith, and Jerry McCullough); 2. Vernon, 3. Levelland, 4. Kingsville, Palestine, and San Antonio Lee. Time: 42.2 – Brownwood School Record.

440 Yard Dash: 1. Tommy Keene, Vernon; 2. Gale Harrison, Robstown; 3. Charles Lowe, La Marque; 4. Ed Beck, San Antonio Lee; 5. Max Emfinger, Brownwood; and 6. Ken Northcutt, Colorado City. Time: 48.2

220 Yard Dash: 1. Martin James, Alvin; 2. Wayne Brandt, Wharton; 3. Scotty Middlebrook, Alvin; 4. Jay Upton, Corsicana; 5. Ronnie Jones, Brownwood; 6. Phil Everett, Kerrville. Time: 21.7

Discus Throw: 1. William Black, Silsbee; 2. Harold Magers, Gainesville; 3. Sammy Oats, Bay City; 4. Doug Young, Brownwood; 5. Kenneth Golden, Odessa Ector; 6. Jesus Yanes, San Benito. Distance: 160-3 3/4

Mile Relay: 1. San Antonio Lee, (3:20.2); 2. Lamesa, (3:20.4); 3. Brownwood (James Crow, Ronnie Jones, Jeff Smith, and Max Emfinger), (3:21.1); 4. Del Rio, (3:21.2); La Marque; 6. Bay City. Time: 3:20.2 – Brownwood School Record, 3:21.1

My “Thank-You Lord” Prayer! 

Lord! I Thank You so much for Helping us to Win the 1962 Texas Track State championship. We Certainly did not Win it the Way that we thought that we would. Coach Gus and I thought that since Senior Ted Harris, who was our Fastest Returning Sprinter and one of my Best Friends, Eddie Daniel, who was our Second Fastest Quarter-Miler; that they would be Two of our Most Important Parts of our Success in Trying to Win The State Championship, but they both had Injured Hamstrings all Season.” Harris came-back and Won the District 100-Yard Dash, but got Third in the Regional.

“We did not know that Our Lord and “The Universe” had Other Plans in Sending-Us  the Two Young, Super Sophomores, Super Sprinter Jerry McCullough and Super Quarter-Miler Jeff Smith. We also did not know that “The Universe” was Sending Us another Miracle in Senior Sprinter Ronnie Jones, who had NEVER Run Track before! Lord, we know that you Sent us Ronnie Jones by the Universe” and we Thank You, Lord!

BROWNWOOD SCORING: Max Emfinger and Ronnie Jones – 10-Points; Jeff Smith – 8-Points; Jerry McCullough – 5-Points; Doug Young – 4-Points; James Crow – 3-Points = 40-Points

SPECIAL NOTE: Two very Important Super-Star Players on this 1962 State Championship Track Team, but Did Not Score a Point at the State Track Meet included Half-Miler Ronnie Davis, who Ran a Career-Best 1:56.8 and Finished in Third Place, at the State Meet, for Six Points, but was Disqualified for Cutting in Front of a Runner on the Gun Lap and they took the Six Points Away from us.

And also, Sprinter Ben Elledge should be given Special Mention, on this State Championship, because for half of the Season, when I had an injured hamstring, he ran my Second Leg on the Sprint Relay Team. Elledge is another huge surprise. He worked very hard and improved his Speed tremendously over the course of the season.

SIDEBAR I: During Track Season, I had Seventh Period, World History and Coach Snodgrass was my Teacher. Every day, near the end of the Class, Coach Gus would give me the Workout Schedule for the day, for the Sprinters and Quarter-Milers. Then, when we got warmed-up, he would Start the Workout. Some days, the Quarter-Milers would Run Three Quarter-Miles and other days, they would run a 500.

SIDEBAR II: I also ran the Second-Leg on the Sprint Relay, because I was a Really Good “Curve-Runner” in Running into the Curve. I figured-out that when Running into the Curve, if you ran on the Inside-Line of the Lane, you were going to be running less yards than the guy that was running in the Middle of the Lane.

On the Sprint Relay, Running the Second “Curve-Runner” Leg, although I was not always the fastest, I would Always be able to Make-Up Two or Three Staggers. One day Coach Gus said: “You are the Greatest “Curve-Runner” that I have ever Coached.”

Also, Lord! Thank You for Helping us with Junior James Crow, who Virtually Came-Out of Nowhere to become one of Our Best Quarter-Milers. Coach Gus and I knew that it would Take a Few Miracles for us to win the 1962 Track State Championship, but Lord, we did Expect a Miracle ever since my Pep-Talk on the First Day of Practice.

“Above All Lord! We Give You All The Glory! Amen!”


My Biggest Blessing in High School!

One of the Biggest and Most Incredible Blessing that I have ever had in my entire lifetime of Unbelievable Blessings was when Coach Gordon Wood was “Turned-Down” by San Angelo Central for the Head Coaching Job and Consequently became the New Brownwood High School Head Football Coach, in the Spring of 1960, in time to “Put-In” the New Gordon Wood Wing-T Offense with the 1-4 Cutback and 2-8 Cutback being the Most Valuable and Most Important Play.

Randy Allen, left, and Gordon Wood in 1987.Brownwood Coaches Randy Allen and Coach Gordon Wood in 1987.

Everyone who has ever played for Coach Wood, knows that those Two Plays are the Tailback Running Right and Left with Seven Blockers Leading the Way and I was the Tailback in 1960 and 1961. As a Sophomore, I Rushed for 177-Yards and so if you Subtract the 177-Yards from my 2,424 Career Total Rushing Yards, Basically, the Total Rushing Yards with the 1-4 Cutback and 2-8 Cutback gave the Brownwood Lions 2,247-Yards Rushing in the 1960 and 1961 Campaigns.

Coach Wood set a State and National Record with an Unbelievable Record of 396-91-15 in 43 Seasons as a Head Coach in Texas High School Football with an Incredible 80% Winning Record. Over those 502 Games, Coach Wood Coached at Eight High Schools and Won an “Eye-Popping” Eleven Texas State Championships, with Nine Football State Championships.

His First State Championship was the 1948 Seminole Track State Championship and his Second was the 1954 Stamford Golf State Championship. He then Won the 1955 and 1956 Stamford State Football Championships.  He Won Seven State Championships in 1960, 1965, 1967, 1969, 1970, 1978, and 1981. Coach Wood also Won or Shared 25 District Championships.

When Coach Wood Retired, his Original Record had him with a 405-88-12 Record and with an 81% Win/Loss Percentage. Coach Wood was also the First Football Coach on the Planet To Win 400 Games, but some Very Politically and Liberal Wood-Haters went back and Found that he was given some Victories for some Forfeits in 2001 and they took the Victories away from him.


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