This Past Wednesday In February Was National Signing Day Week And It Triggered Some Really Great Memories! By Super Scout Max Emfinger

This Past Wednesday In February Was 
National Signing Day Week And It Triggered Some Really Great Memories!
By Super Scout Max Emfinger

Former Dallas Cowboys Super Scout Max Emfinger

Last Wednesday Was National Signing Day. I Guess that most of You Are Not Even Aware of What This Really Means in The College Recruiting World ! It Simply Means That on This Particular First Wednesday in February is The Day That High School Football Players Sign Their National Letters of Intent with their Favorite College!

I Thought About Writing this Story Last Night, but this morning, I just was not “Fired-Up” to Write it. I Will Honestly Say, However, That at one time in my Life, This National Letter of Intent Day Was One of The Biggest Days of the Year, For Me, In My Life. So when I went to the Store and Heard on the Radio that this was a Huge Day for High School Football Players, at 2:00 P.M. I Went Home and Started Writing This Story.

In 1972, I Got Into Scouting as I Became a Graduate Assistant Coach For College Football Hall of Fame Head Coach Hayden Fry at North Texas State University and Then in 1973, I Was Made The North Texas State Recruiting Coordinator.

Later, in 1974, I Got a Call from Gil Brandt of The Dallas Cowboys and He Told Me That he Had an Opening for a Talent Scout with The Dallas Cowboys and Wanted To Know if I was Interested in Becoming a Dallas Cowboys Talent Scout and Of Course, I DidI Interviewed and was All Set to Take The Job, but Then They Decided not To Hire Another Talent Scout at That Time.

In The Meantime, I had Interviewed with Lanier Business Products To-Get Back Into Sales. Later, I got Another Call from Lanier Business Products and I took Their Job as a Salesman with Lanier Business Products in The Dallas Area as a Word-Processing and Dictating Salesman.

I Then Became One of Their Top Salesmen in The Dallas Area and also in The Entire Country and I was Already Being Groomed To Become a Lanier Sales Manager or a Lanier National Sales Trainer. I also was Awarded Three Lanier Salesman of The Month Awards. in a 10-Month Period. Then, About a Year Later, I was on a Sales Call in Garland, Texas and I Got Another Call from Gil Brandt. “Max, We Are Ready To Hire Another Talent Scout and I Was Wondering if you were still Interested in Becoming a Cowboys Scout?”

Let’s Be Serious Folks! This Was a Call From The Dallas Cowboys! So, I Became a Dallas Cowboys Talent Scout!

SIDEBAR I: One of The Biggest Reasons, In The Past, That The Dallas Cowboys Were Always Successful in The NFL Draft Was Because They Always Had More Information On Every Single Player in The NFL Draft and They Were Always Able To Make More Valid Decisions on Each Player, Based on all of that Accurate and Valid Information. Their Philosophy Was That They Always Wanted More Accurate Information on a Player, so That They Could Make a More Valid Decision as To-Draft Him or Not. In this Computer Age, all of The Current NFL Teams Basically Feel The Same Way.

So I Became a Personal Talent Scout Assistant For NFL Hall of Fame Gil Brandt and Later Was Given The Title of “Super Scout” by The Dallas Cowboys and NFL Hall of Fame Head Coach Tom Landry. 



The Dallas Cowboys Quick Story!

The Dallas Cowboys Quick Story Quickly Explains How I Was Given The Name Super Scout.

Forty-Five Years Ago, in 1975, when I was a Talent Scout with The Dallas Cowboys, My Boss, Gil Brandt Invited me to Follow Him Down The Hallway and We Went into a Conference Room Where Head Coach Tom Landry and Defensive Coordinator Ernie Stautner Were Waiting to Talk to me.

“Max, we want you To Coordinate a Dallas Cowboys Team Project for us,” said Coach Landry. “We want you To Coordinate the Rating and Ranking of Every Active NFL Football Player and then Color-Code Every Player in the NFL as to Their Rating and Ranking.”

NOTE: Then, I Developed a Huge “Flip-Chart” With Each NFL Team. and a Color-Coded Business-Card With Name of The Player, Height, Weight, and Forty for each NFL Player Was Placed in the “Flip-Chart” Sleeve for Each Position on The Football Field for both The Teams on Offense and Defense of each NFL Team. The Late Legendary NFL Hall of Fame Head Coach Tom Landry and The Late Legendary NFL Hall of Fame Defensive Coordinator Ernie Stautner Used This First Color-Coded Rating System as Info in Their Weekly Scouting Report in Preparation for Their Next game of the Season.

My Main Job with The Dallas Cowboys was to Evaluate, Rate, and Rank College Football Players for The NFL Draft. My Boss and NFL Hall of Fame, Gil Brandt, also Asked me to Evaluate, Rate, and Rank all of The Top Texas High School Football Players for The 1976 Football Recruiting Season and I Make a Texas Top 100 Recruiting List To-Give All The College Football Coaches.

GOLD = NFL All-Pro Player
BLUE = Future or Past All-Pro Player
RED = Average NFL Future

So Then, When Coach Landry asked me to Evaluate, Rate, Rank, and Color-Code Every Football Player in The NFL, I was probably the First and Last Talent Scout on The Planet who was asked to Evaluate High School, College, and Professional NFL Football Players in The Same Football Season. After Finishing This Dallas Cowboys Scouting Project, Coach Landry and Coach Stautner gave me the Title of Super Scout: “Coach Stautner, I Think We Have Us a Real Super Scout!”

Coach Tom Landry, First Super Scout Gil Brandt, and Dallas Cowboys Team Owner Tex Schramm

Then, In 1976, Shortly after Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Tom Landry had given me The Title of Super Scout, I left The Dallas Cowboys, For Monetary  Reasons and went Back To-Work for Lanier Business Products as a Sales Manager in Midland, Texas. I left The Cowboys, Only Because The Job Offer from Lanier Business Products was About Four Times The Amount of Money That I was Making with The Dallas Cowboys.

I Stayed With The Lanier Business Products For About Two Years and then Another Business Products Company, MiCom Business Products, Hired me Away From Lanier and Sent me to Houston, Texas where I Had Previously Married My Current Wife, Ginger, of 48-Years, in 1971. By now, it was 1979 and I was Still Anxious to get back into The Scouting of Players, so Ginger, said: “If you Don’t like What The Sportswriters and Sports Pages are saying, Why Don’t You Just Start Your own Football Recruiting Service.”

So in 1979, I Founded The First High School Football Recruiting Service. In Three Years, I had 12,500 Paid Subscribers to my National High School Football Recruiting Service and I was Doing Recruiting Radio Guest Appearances from Coast to Coast. I also Became The First Independent Football Scout Who Rated and Ranked The National Recruiting Classes in The Country and I Started Appearing on all of The Major TV Sports Talk Shows on either National Signing Days or on The Day after.

Starting in 1983, I Selected The USA Today All-American Team For Three Years and I was a Consultant on The Parade All-American Team. One of Those Three Years, One High School Football Player had Drown in an Accident, in the Summer and Did Not Even Play in The Fall, But He Was Mistakenly Still Selected To The Parade All-American Team Ballot in December Until I Corrected Them and Got His Name Taken-Off The Ballot.

In 1985, I Was Flown To Los Angeles And Picked-Up By a Limousine and Took To The Roy Firestone Office and Then I Appeared on The Roy Firestone Show on ESPN. Also in that Same Year, on National Signing Day, I appeared on 26 Radio Talk Shows and 39 Radio Shows in Two or Three Days, Across The Country, From Coast-To-Coast.

Although It Has Been Around 40-Years, The Politics is Still as Prevalent as Ever Before and Nothing Has Ever Really Changed. Whether You Are a College Football Coach and You Only Have One Scholarship Left To-Give in your Current Recruiting Class or You Are an NFL Team and You Only Have One Draft Choice Left on Your Current NFL Draft Board, There Needs to be a Rating System that You Can Go-To and Based on The Highest Rated Player, would Give you The Very Best Player Available Irregardless of a Position.

By 2001, There Were Several New Recruiting Services That Had “Popped-Up” and They All Were Using The Old Obsolete Five-Star Rating System Method Which Actually Does Not Measure Anything and They Are Still Using The Same Old Obsolete Five-Star Rating System Method.

One year, At The Start of The Spring, One Recruiting Service, And It Is Still Around Today, Had 45 Really Great Wide Receivers and They Were All Rated With a Four-Star Rating, But Then They Arbitrarily Decided That There Only Needed To-Be 25 Four-Star Rating Wide Receiver Recruits.

Everyone Went To-Bed One Night and Then The Next Morning, Everyone Woke-Up, To-Find-Out That There were Only 25 Four-Star Rated Wide Receivers and That 20 Really Great Wide Receiver Recruits Had Just Been Lowered To a Three-Star Recruit-Rating. Someone, Who Was Not Even a Scout and Who Had Never Evaluated any of The 45 Four-Star Rated Wide Receivers had Decided that There Could only be 25 Four-Star Rated Wide Receiver Recruits and He Had Demoted 20 of Them to a Three-Star Recruit.

After 24-Years of This Constant Politics, I Gave-Up an Unusually Very Profitable High School Football Recruiting Service Business, so That I Could Help More High School Football Players That Were “Flying Under The Recruiting Radar” To-Get A Lot More Publicity so That They Could Get a College Football Scholarship.

After The 24-Years, With My National High School Football Recruiting Service and Helping To-Get 1,819 Documented Players a Scholarship, I Thought That I Could Help Even More Players by Getting as Many Players as I Could Get Together, In Action For an Event. I Also Thought That By Hosting a National 7on7 Championship Tournament Was a Great Idea.

During this time, it always Broke-My-Heart when a Mom or Dad would call me in the Middle of December, asking me if I could help their Son to get a Football Scholarship, Knowing that they were probably A Year or Two too late, because of the Politics.

Then in 2001, after making a Very Lucrative Living for My Family, I decided that I needed To-Help more of These “Flying Under-The-Recruiting-Radar” Players and so I Started Working on The First National High School 7on7 National Championship Tournament with The Idea to be able to get a lot of  “Flying Under-The-Recruiting-Radar Players” Together where My Coaches and I Could Evaluate them and help them with a Scholarship. This Worked for Four Years, but after Two Years, the College Coaches Suggested That An All-American Bowl Game With Full Pads and Helmet, So In 2005, I Founded My First Annual All-American Bowl Game Classic.

In 2003, However, As I Had Been Working on my National 7on7 Championship Tournament and although I could not get Any Major Sponsors, I Was Still Going to Take-On The Project, but on April 15, 2003, My 31st Wedding Anniversary, I found myself on The Critical Intensive Care Ward for Six Days. While on that Ward, at The University Hospital in New Orleans, Six of the Eight Patients Died. A lot of Prayer Groups were Praying for me and although I had some Very Critical Moments, I always knew that I had some Major Projects to do for these Under-The-Radar Players, before Being Called-Up.

So then in the Summer of 2003, after having The Two Major Lung Surgeries in April, I Hosted The First Annual 7on7 National Championship on The University of Houston Campus. I also Hosted a National 7on7 Championship Tournament in 2004, 2005, and 2006.

The Biggest Drawback of The 7on7 National Championship Was that The College Coaches Wanted To-See The Hidden Gems in a Game-Type Game With a Highlight Film and so The College Coaches Suggested To Me that I Host a Real All-American Bowl Game, so that They Could Evaluate The “Under The Radar” Players in a Real Game, Playing Against other Talented Players

Since MAJOR SPONSORS Wanted Only The So-Called Top Players, WE HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO GET ANY MAJOR SPONSORSbut since we have helped so many “Under-The-Radar” Players, I have taken The All-American Bowl Game Classic as My Mission-In-Life, and I Have Continued to Host The All-American Bowl Games, with My 13th Game in 2017 and Then After Having Double Knee Replacement, I Plan To Continue With My 2021 14th Annual All-American Bowl Game in January of 2021. 

The Sportswriters and Recruiting Services of Today Are Just Like They Were 20 and 30-Years Ago. They Only Want To-Write Stories About The Top Players that are Rated Fairly or Unfairly as The Best Football Players, While Many of Those Players are Overrated and The Sportswriters Do Not Care About The Super Players That Are Not Being Heavily Recruited.

I Was Immediately Able To-Find Many of  Those “Super Under The Recruiting Radar” Players. Two of Those “Super Under The Recruiting Radar Players” That None of The Various Sportswriters Knew Anything About and Did Not Care About, Played in One of My First 13 All-American Bowl Games. In Fact, Kareem Jackson Came to My Third Annual 2007 All-American Bowl Game With No Offers and He Became One of The #1 Draft Choices in 2010. Alfred Morris was Also Another Player in That Third 2007 All-American Bowl Game and Morris was NFL Rookie of the Year in 2012.

I am an Eternal Optimist and I see things quite differently than most people. I see these Unfortunate Situations as Reversible and Worth Putting Time into Fixing. These Really Great Players, That Are Not on The Major College Coaches Recruiting Lists, Are Many of The Players That I Invite To-Play in My All-American Bowl Game Classic.

2013 ABG Max Emfinger with team

Many of Those Great High School Football Players, from all over America, Hawaii, Australia, British Columbia, Mexico, and Canada are from Low Economic, Low Opportunistic, Minority, and Players of Foreign Descent.

I Evaluate every one of Those Players and Measure Them on Their Own Ability and Not Whether They Are On Some Major Recruiting Lists or Not. Those Players SPEED and STRENGTH MEASURABLES are Very Important, but Their MEARS RATING of All Their Measurables Are The Most Important.

For All of 2004, I Worked on Getting My First Annual 2005 All-American Bowl Game Classic Off of The Ground. I said My Father Seelos Prayer For A Miracle Every Single Day and The Miracle happened on January 13, 2005.

Although I Was Still Hosting a 7on7 National Championship Tournament  in 2004, 2005, and 2006, I Started Working On-Putting Together My First Annual All-American Bowl Game Classic in 2005. 

We Need To-Give a Very Special Thanks To My Beautiful Wife, Ginger, of 48 Years, Who Let Me Do This First Annual Event Without a Single Sponsor. I Also Want To-Thank Ginger For Washing 125 Pair of Game Pants In Cold Water and Letting Them “Hang-Dry” in Our Home For About Two Days, You Could Not See The Insides of Our House, Because All of Those 125 Game Pants Were “Hang-Drying” on All of Our Furniture and All Over The Floor. 

I Have Told All of These Many Great Players That Were “Flying Under The Recruiting Radar” That They Only Needed One Scholarship Offer To-Get Their Education Paid-For and Get To The NFL. Drew Brees, Barry Sanders, Andy Dalton, and Kliff Kingsbury Only Had One Offer and They All Went To New York for The Heisman Trophy Awards Ceremony.

In My Tenth Annual All-American Bowl Game, We Had 106-Players that Played in it and Some of Those Players Were Sensational. In fact, We Had Two Wide Receivers, Two Quarterbacks, and Two More Linebackers that Were as Good as Any of The Players at Their Positions that Would Eventually Sign Their National Letters of Intent With Their Favorite School on National Signing Day.

In The 13 Games, The All-American Bowl Game Classic, Has Helped 1,396 Documented Players To-Get a Football Scholarship and In Fact, in Our Sixth Annual 2010 All-American Bowl Game Classic, We Helped 106 Players Who Did Not Even Play in Our Game, To Receive a Football Scholarship. All of Those Players Were Fabulous Football Players, Who, For Various Reasons, Had Been “Flying Under The Recruiting Radar” With College Coaches.

Then in My Eleventh Annual All-American Bowl Game, We Had 67-Players Who Came To Our First Practice With Absolutely No-Offers and They All Signed Their National Letters of Intent With Their Favorite School on National Signing Day.

There is One Thing That I Tell All Of My Players That I Evaluate!

“Every Single Time that you Compete; You Need to Play as Hard as you can on Every Single Play, Because You Never Know When Someone is Watching-You and Who Is “Looking At You And Your Position For The Perfect Player”  For His College Football TeamSince The College Coaches Cannot Come to An All-American Bowl Game, Then It is Impossible To-Know Who Is  Watching You on Your Highlight Film and Looking at You for his Team.

Our All-American Bowl Games and Top Gun Super Camps and Combines Have Been For The Super High School Football Players Who Have Great Speed and Quickness Measurables; Plus Great Athletic Talent, but for some Reason are “Flying Under The Recruiting Radar” With Most of The College Football Coaches.” – Emfinger






Image result for Andy Dalton Photos

The Max Emfinger’s All-American Bowl Game Classic Has Already Had Some Very Distinguished Alumnus, Including Two #1 NFL Draft Choices; Two #2 NFL Draft Choices; and Four #3 Draft Choices. CB Kareem Jackson, RB Alfred Morris, LB Lawrence Wilson, and RB Vic Ballard Did Not Have Single Scholarship Offer When They Reported For Their First Football Practice. QB Andy Dalton (Top Photo) and OG/OC Joe Looney (#73) Had One Scholarship Offer When They Reported For Their First Football Practice.

Image result for Joe Looney Football Photos




Image result for NFL Draft Logo Photos

1. OT Trent Williams, Oklahoma – Washington Redskins – 2010 #1 – #4 Overall
2. CB Kareem Jackson, Alabama – Houston Texans – #1 – #20 Overall
3. QB Andy Dalton, TCU – Cincinnati Bengals – 2011 #2 – #35 Overall
4. DT Lamarr Houston, Texas – Oakland Raiders – 2010 – #2 – #44 Overall
5. WR Damian Williams, USC – Tennessee Titans – 2010 – #3 – #77 Overall
6. DT Terrell McClain, S Florida – Carolina Panthers – 2011 – #3 – #65 Overall
7. DE Damontre Moore, Texas A&M – NY Giants – 2013 – #3 – #81 Overall
8. NG Drake Nevis, LSU – Indianapolis Colts – 2011 – #3 – #87 Overall
9. OG Joe Looney, Wake Forest – San Francisco 49ers – 2012 – #4 – #117 Overall 10. DT Jay Howard, Florida – Seattle Seahawks – 2012 – #4 – #170 Overall
11. TE Lee Smith, Marshall – New England Patriots – 2011 – #5 – #159 Overall 12. CB Lorenzo Doss, Tulane – Denver Broncos – 2015 – #5 – #164 Overall
13. RB Vic Ballard, Miss State – Indianapolis Colts – 2012 – #5 – #170 Overall
14. LB Lawrence Wilson, U-Conn – Carolina Panthers – 2011 – #6 – #166 Overall 15. RB Alfred Morris, FAU – Washington Redskins – 2012 – #6 – #173 Overall 16. FS Charles Mitchell, Miss State – Atlanta Falcons – 2012 – #6 – #192 Overall 17. RB Charles Scott, LSU – Philadelphia Eagles – 2010 – #6 – #200 Overall
18. NG Everett Dawkins, FSU – Minnesota Vikings – 2013 – #7 – #229 Overall 19. OT Marcel Jones, Nebraska – New Orleans Saints – 2012 – #7 – #234 Overall 20. OT Lee Ziemba, Auburn – Carolina Panthers – 2011 – #7 – #244 Overall

1. RB Cordera Eason, Ole Miss – Cincinnati Bengals – 2010 – FREE AGENT
2. OC Ryan McMahan, FSU – Atlanta Falcons – 2011 – FREE AGENT
3. OG Roy Watts, Houston – St Louis Rams – 2011 – FREE AGENT
4. SLOT Marquise Maze, Alabama – Pittsburgh Steelers – 2012 – FREE AGENT
5. TE Will Tye, FSU and Stoney Brook – New York Giants – 2015 – FREE AGENT
6. SS Sam Carter, TCU – 2015 – FREE AGENT


Image result for Sam Fehoko Photos

We Had a Tremendously Successful Max Emfinger’s 2006 Sixth Annual Super Elite Top Gun Camp And Combine in Honolulu, Hawaii and I Invited Sam Fehoko (#41) and Several Other Hawaiians To-Play in My Third Annual 2007 All-American Bowl Game Classic.

Strong Offensive Tackle Lee Ziemba and Sam Fehoko Were Both Great Players, in Our Third Annual 2007 All-American Bowl Game Classic, but on Wednesday, after about Five Practices, I Noticed That Ziemba and Fehoko were Hanging-Out Together and Eating Lunch with each other. I could not Resist in Asking what was Going-On. “Sam is The Best Defensive End that I Have Ever Faced,” said Ziemba. “We have had some Great Battles in Practice.”

Then, In The 2007 Max Emfinger All-American Bowl Game Classic, Fehoko Recorded Three Quarterback Sacks and Two Other Tackles For a loss in The West Team Victory. Ziemba Wanted Fehoko To Join Him as his College Teammate as an Auburn Tiger, but Head Football Coach Tommy Tuberville and The Auburn Tigers Did Not Have A Scholarship Available For him.

Lee Ziemba was a Huge Offensive Tackle from Rogers, Arkansas who had over 40 offers and he was one of the Top Offensive Linemen in the Country. Ziemba was Also The Offensive Lineman MVP in The 2007 All-American Bowl Game Classic. Ziemba (6-7, 320, 5.1) Recorded 52 Consecutive Career Starts for The Auburn Tigers; made Consensus First Team College All-American; and played in The 2010-2011 BCS National Championship Game. Ziemba was also Drafted in the Seventh Round of The 2011 NFL Draft by The Carolina Panthers and Ironically Later, Coach Tuberville Coached Sam Fehoko after Becoming The New Head Coach For The Texas Tech Red Raiders.

In 2007, Sam Fehoko was The Defensive End Freak and Game Defensive MVP who had just Recorded 22.5 sacks as a Senior in 2006 at Honolulu Farrington High School. He had a Few Minor Offers, But He was still Flying Under the Recruiting Radar When He Arrived at Our First All-American Bowl Game  Practice, but He Then Signed With The Texas Tech Red Raiders. Then, Sam Fehoko Was On The Texas Tech Red Raiders 2011 Football Guide Cover!

Sam Fehoko Played For My Good Friend and Texas Tech Red Raiders Head Coach Mike Leach and New Mississippi State Head Coach. Fehoko Was Known For His Firey Spirit and Game-Day War Paint That Made The Honolulu Fehoko Family a Lubbock Favorite. Sam Always Seemed To Always Find Where The Football Was and Then Make The Tackle.

Image result for Terrence Tusan Photos

The Max Emfinger’s 2010 Tenth Annual Elite Top Gun Camp And Combine Has Also Had Some Very Distinguished Alumnus, Including WR Odell Beckham Jr (#43), QB/ATH Ronald Martin, RB/CB Ameer Abdullah, “The Late” CB Terrence Tusan, RB Julian Hayes (In Photo Below), RB Derrick Milton, WR/CB Denzell Warner, CB Corey Trim, SS Zachary Jackson, DE Cody Horstman, DE Theiren Cockran, MLB Joe Voight, FS Carl Williams, and RB Tyree Bracken; Who Were Not Only Outstanding, but They Were Incredible in The Max Emfinger’s Tenth Annual Top Gun Camp/Combine.

Image result for Julian Hayes Football Photos

Every Single One of Those Players Showed-Up For The First Practice Without a Single Scholarship Offer, but With My Former NFL Players and Coaches Coaching Them, That Quickly Changed. I Also Invited Every One of Them To-Play in My 2011 All-American Bowl Game Classic, But Some of Them Were Able To Play in Another All-American Bowl Game in  2011.

There Were Twelve Players, However, Who Did Play in My 2011 All-American Bowl Game Classic, Including CB Terrence Tusan (In Photo Below), CB Corey Trim, SS Zachary Jackson, FS/CB Denzell Warner, MLB Joe Voight, FS Carl Williams, DE Cody Horstman, WR Josh Covington, DE Theiren Cockran, OG Justin Bell, OG Earnest Lang, and OC/OG Collins Langley.

Terrence Tusan Was a Star Running Back For The Howard University Bisons and He Was Home For Christmas in 2014 and He Was Horribly Killed on His Holiday-Break from From The Washington D.C. School. I Was With Tusan in Both 2010 in The Top Gun Camp/Combine and Again in 2011 in My 2011 All-American Bowl Game Classic, and We Became Really Good Friends.

Image result for Terrence Tusan Photos

I Also Went To See Him Play as a Senior. At Tusan Was a at Cornerback and Coach Bobby Jackson “Nicknamd” Him as “The Little Deion” in Comparing Him To The Famous Deion Sanders. Tusan (5-8, 165, 4.3, 38} was Also a Great Running Back and in The Game That I Went-To, Tusan Was an Unbelievable Freak, as He Rushed For 271-Yards on Only 6 Carries and He Also Scored on Touchdown Runs of 83-Yards, 65-Yards, 30-Yards,and 30-Yards, While Averaging 42.2-Yards Per Carry. What Was Even More Incredible was That This Was All in The First Half and He Did Nor Play in The Second Half.

There Were Also Two Other Players, Including Super QB/ATH Ronald Martin and RB Julian Hayes Who Were Sensational at The Tenth Annual Top Gun Camp/Combine and Were Going To-Play in My 2011 All-American Bowl Game Classic, But They Were Injured and Could Not Play. Martin Recorded a 4.0 Flat Shuttle and a 40-Inch Vertical Jump; While Hayes, Weighing 228-Pounds, Recorded a 37-Inch Vertical Jump and Did 38 Bench Press Reps. Hayes Was Also Selected By The Coaches as The Skills MVP of The Combine.

Jeremy Hill (#33) Was a Running Back Freak in High School and Although He Had Already Committed To LSU, I Still Invited Him To My Tenth Annual Top Gun Camp/Combine, Thinking He Might Help Get Some Of His Friends To-Come With Him and They Did. I Went To Redemptorist HS To-See Him Play and He Gained Over 200-Yards and He Was a Freak and One of The Top Backs in The Country. Hill Finished With 2,260-Yards Rushing and an Incredible 36 Touchdowns.

There Were 3 Top NFL Draft Choices at My Tenth Annual Top Gun Camp, Including Odell Beckham, Who Signed With LSU and Drafted #1 and #12 Overall By The New York Giants in The 2014 NFL Draft; Jeremy Hill, Who Also Signed With LSU and Drafted #2 and #55 Overall By The Cincinnati Bengals in The 2014 NFL Draft; and Ameer Abdullah, Who Signed With Nebraska, and Drafted #2 and #54 Overall, By The Detroit Lions in 2015.

1. WR Odell Beckham Jr, 2010 Camp – LSU – NY Giants – 2014 – #1, #12 Overall
2. RB Jeremy Hill, 2010 Camp – LSU – CINCY Bengals – 2014 – #2, #55 Overall
3. RB Ameer Abdullah, 2010 Camp  – NEB – DET Lions – 2015 – #2, #54 Overall
4. QB Greg McElroy, 2005 7on7 MVP – ALA – NY Jets – 2011 – #7, #208 Overall

Greg McElroy (#12) With Head Coach Nick Saban Was a Senior Super-Star at Southlake Carroll High School in Texas. In His Sophomore and Junior Seasons, McElroy Played Behind Chase Daniel, Who Was Later a Heisman Trophy Candidate, Later For The Missouri Tigers. Southlake Carroll Head Football Coach Todd Dodge Brought McElroy and His 7on7 Teammates To My 2005 7on7 National Championship Tournament, and They Won The 7on7 National Championship as McElroy Was a Passing Freak and Won The MVP.

Image result for Greg McElroy Football PhotosThe 7on7 MVP Was in The Summer, But In The Fall of His First Season As a Starter, in 2005, McElroy Passed for 4,636-Yards and 56 Touchdowns and Led His Team To an Incredible 16-0 Record and The Texas 5A Football State Championship. McElroy Then Was Named as The Texas 5A Player of The Year and To Various All-American Teams.

McElroy Was Going To Join Several of His Teammate in My 2006 All-American Bowl Game Classic, But The Alabama Crimson Tide Was Playing That Week in a Bowl Game and Invited Him To-Be Their Guest and He Cancelled and He Was Offered an Alabama Crimson Tide Scholarship. His 4,646-Yards Passing Still Ranks Fifth on The All-Time Passing List in Texas.

McElroy Finished His Final Game With The Alabama Crimson Tide With an Alabama School Record 2,987-Yards Passing. McElroy Also Graduated from Alabama in Three Years With a BBA Degree in Marketing. and With A 3.85 GPA. In December 2010, McElroy Obtained a Masters Degree in Sports Management With An Even More Incredible 4.0 GPA. Oh Yeah, In 2009, As a Junior, McElroy Led The Crimson Tide to an Incredible 14-0 Record and The SEC and BCS National Championship

1. DE Sam Fehoko, 2006 Camp – Texas Tech – 2010 NFL FREE AGENT
2. WR Armand Williams, 2009 Camp – LSU – 2014 NFL FREE AGENT
3. WR Reggie Travis, 2009 Camp – Memphis, McNeese – 2015 – FREE AGENT 
4. SS Ronald Martin, 2010 Camp – LSU – SEA Seahawks – 2015 – FREE AGENT
5. RB Julian Hayes, 2010 Camp – Monmouth – 2015 – NFL, IFL – FREE AGENT

About maxemfingerrecruiting

My mission and goal is to search for that hidden high school football talent that has not been found yet. I then evaluate him and try to help him to get some publicity. In 2003, 2004, 2005. and 2006, I hosted my Annual 7on7 National Championship. My goal was to get great athletes to one area where I could evaluate them and then help them with college coaches. The only drawback was that college coaches wanted to see the hidden gems in a game-type highlight film and so the college coaches suggested to me that I host a real All-American Bowl Game so that they could view these talented players in a highlight film, playing against other talented players. It's noted that the NCAA doesn't allow the college coaches to attend All-American Games or practices and so the Game Film is a great tool for the college coaches. In 2005, I hosted my 1st Annual All-American Bowl Game. In nine games in nine years, my wife and I have helped 549 HS football players to get a scholarship that came to our first Bowl Game practice without a single scholarship offer. This also does not count over 1,000 players who we have helped that did not play in our game, including over 100 players in the 2010 Recruiting Season. My Super Elite Top Gun Camp idealogy, is of course, to get as many Top Football Players to a Top Gun Camp so that all of my coaches and I can evaluate them, rate them, rank them, and promote them. There will always be "Diamonds in the Rough" to be found. My First Annual Max Emfinger's Super Elite Top Gun Camp was in July of 2010. The Camp was amazing and loaded with unknown and known talent. Many of them were invited to play in our 2011 All-American Bowl Game Classic. In 2007, in my 3rd Annual All-American Bowl Game, a player by the name of Kareem Jackson came to our first Monday practice, without a single scholarship offer. Jackson decided to come out early and he became a #1 Draft Choice in the 2010 NFL Draft for the Houston Texans.
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