LSU Quarterback Joe Burrow Is Heading Toward Being The Second LSU All-American Quarterback. By Super Scout Max Emfinger

Joe Burrow Is Heading Toward Being The Second LSU All-American Quarterback.

January 17, 2020
By Super Scout Max Emfinger

Image result for Joe Burrow Photos Against Texas

SIDEBAR I: This is an Incredible Re-Published Story About Quarterback Joe Burrow and The LSU Tiger Wide Receivers That Was Originally Published on September 11, 2019!


The LSU Tiger All-Americans

Every Year, Since 1935, An All-American College Football Team Has Been Selected By Various Organizations That Recognizes The Most Outstanding  Football Players in The Country at Every Position on Offense and Defense.

The LSU Tigers Football Team Has Had 34 Football Players To-Be Recognized as a Consensus All-American Football Player, with nine of them being Unanimous Selections.

Four LSU Tiger Football Players Were Selected Unanimously Twice To The All-American Football Team, Including Offensive End Gaynell Charles “Gus” Tinsley in 1935 and 1936; Running Back Billy Cannon in 1958 and 1959; and Running Back Charles Alexander in 1977 and 1978. Defensive Back Tommy Casanova in 1969, 1970, and 1971 Was The Only LSU Tigers Football Player To Be Selected Three Times. Bert Jones, in 1972, Was The Only LSU Tiger All-American Quarterback. 

Out of All of These LSU Tiger All-Americans, where are The LSU Tiger Quarterbacks? Bert Jones is The Only LSU Tiger All-American Quarterback. For About 13 or 14 Years, I Have Been Scouting and Evaluating The LSU Tigers and The LSU Tiger Fans have been told in Every LSU Tigers Spring Training that The LSU Tigers Were Going To Unleash a Fabulous New Offense, but Then in The Fall, That New Offense Has Never Materialized, because The LSU Tiger Head Football Coaches, In-The-Past, Were Always Limiting The LSU Tiger Quarterbacks.

I Also Have Been Watching and Evaluating Those LSU Tiger Quarterbacks For About 30 Years and The LSU Tigers Have Never Had a Quarterback Like Their New Quarterback, Joe Burrow. Burrow (#9) is The Most Impressive LSU Tiger Quarterback in This Decade After The LSU Quarterbacks Were Always Playing in a Poorly Controlled and Poorly Coached Passing Game and The LSU Tiger Running Backs Always Took-Over.

Burrow (6-4, 216, 4.6) Started all 13 Games in 2018, Passing for 2,894-Yards with 16 Touchdown Passes and He also Rushed For Another 399-Yards and 7 Touchdowns, Giving Him 3,293-Yards Of Total Offense and 23 Touchdowns. His 7 Rushing Touchdowns Tied The LSU Tiger Quarterback All-Time Record For A Quarterback

In That 2018 Football Season, The LSU Tigers Were Predicted To-Finish in Fifth Place in The Southeast Conference Western Division, but with Burrow, at The Helm, The LSU Tigers Finished with their First 10-Win Season since 2013 and The LSU Tigers Won their First New Year’s Six Bowl Game of The Playoff Period as The LSU Tigers and The Fiesta Bowl Offensive MVP Quarterback Joe Burrow Defeated The Undefeated Central Florida 40-32!

Image result for Joe Burrow PhotosThe Fiesta Bowl Offensive MVP Quarterback Joe Burrow After The Tigers Defeated Central Florida 40-32 In The Fiesta Bowl!

LSU Quarterback Joe Burrow (With The Fiesta Bowl Offensive MVP Trophy And Game-Ball) Was Awarded The Fiesta Bowl Offensive MVP After Passing For 394-Yards and Four Touchdowns. LSU Defensive Tackle Rashard Lawrence (On The Right In Photo) Was Awarded The Fiesta Bowl Defensive MVP After He Recorded An Unbelievably Fantastic Game with Five Tackles and two Quarterback Sacks.  LSU Tiger Head Coach Ed Orgeron (In The Middle In Photo).

In The Off-Season, LSU Head Football Coach Ed Orgeron Went To LSU Tigers Offensive Coordinator, and a Long-Time Friend of Mine, Steve Ensminger and Told Him: “We Have Got To-Go To THE SPREAD-OPTION OFFENSE.”

Both LSU Coaches Agreed That They Needed To-Get A Coach Who Knew All of The OPTIONS For This Spread-Option Offense and Let Him Put The Spread-Option Offense Into The LSU Tiger Offensive System and Playbook.  

Related image Joe Brady Arrived On The LSU Tiger Campus With The Expert Knowledge Of The Run-Pass Option Offense That he had Learned and Had Perfected From Mississippi State Head Football Coach Joe Moorhead When He Was Offensive Coordinator For The Penn State Nittany Lions. “Joe Brady Has Put-In a Lot of Plays,” LSU Head Football Coach Ed Orgeron Said, but Coach Orgeron Also Stressed That The New Spread-Option Offense is Still LSU Offensive Coordinator Steve Ensminger (In Photo Above) Offense To-Call.  “I Do Not Have An ‘Ego Problem’ When It Comes To-Working On The Spread-Option Offense With Coach Joe Brady,” Said Coach Ensminger.

Related imageAlthough Joe Brady (In Photo Above) Learned The Run-Pass Option Spread Offense at Penn State, when he was a Graduate Assistant Coach Under Coach Joe Moorhead (In Photo Below), Brady Spent the Last Two Football Seasons on The New Orleans Saints Coaching Staff, and working under The Saints Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael. 

Image result for Joe Moorhead Photos

In The 2019 Season, With The New Explosive LSU Tiger Run/Pass Option Offense, Will Be Completely Different, Because With This New LSU Offense, It Will Give Joe Burrow an “Unbelievable Opportunity” To-Pass for Over 400-Yards in Every Single Game, Including The First Two or Three Games of The Season Which Would Put His Name on The Heisman Trophy List. The New LSU Tiger Run/Pass Offense, With as Many as Four or Five Wide Receivers in The Game at The Same Time Would Also Guarantee Joe Burrow and The New LSU Spread Offense of Keeping Pressure on The Defenses and Guarantee The “Opportunity” For Burrow To-Win The Heisman Trophy Award.

Burrow Will Get at Least Two Chances To-Compete Against Two Other Heisman Trophy Award Quarterback Candidates in Sam Ehlinger of The Texas Longhorns in The Second Game of The Season and Tua Tagovailoa of The Alabama Crimson Tide, Later in The Season. It is Also Going To Be Interesting To Note That The LSU Tigers Hired A Young Expert of The New Explosive Run/Pass Option Spread Offense and Passing Game Coordinator, Named Joe Brady, Who is a “Brilliant Expert” of  The New LSU Offense.

Coach Joe Brady Was Appalled Over The LSU Tigers Dropped Passes in 2018!

When Joe Brady Got To Researching The LSU Tiger Passing Spread Offense, He Was Appalled When He Found-Out About The Amount of Passes That Were Dropped in The 2018 Season, by The LSU Tiger Wide Receivers and He Realized That “The Dropped Passes” Problem Had To Be Rectified, Before The 2019 Season Started.

In Fact, The NCAA Stats Speak For Themselves. In 2018, The LSU Tiger Passing Offense Finished 96th Among All FBS Teams in Pass-Catching Percentage, As They Only Caught 84.3% of All Catchable Targeted Passes, and This is Factual, According to THE PRO FOOTBALL FOCUS (PFF). In 13 games, The LSU Tigers Dropped an Unbelievable 26 Targeted and Catchable Pass-Catches and The LSU Wide Receivers, Accounted For 21 of Those Catchable Dropped Passes.

The The LSU Passing Problem Was Dropped Passes and The Solution, is Literally “Behind-Closed-Doors” and While The Rest of The Team is Working on SPECIAL TEAMS, The Brady Wide Receivers Would Be Put To an Incredible Pass-Catching Drill as They Would Be Standing Behind a Closed Door and When The Door Opens, a Thrown Football Had Just Been Thrown About One-Second Earlier by Coach Brady and The Receiver Must Make The Catch and If He Drops the Football; The Wide Receiver Drops To The Ground For 20 Pushups.

“The open door that was definitely new for me,” Said Junior Justin Jefferson.  “It was Like, You’re going To Hit Me with The Football. But as time went on, and the more we did it, The More Comfortable I Felt With it.”

Comfort With The New Passing Drill Was The key Word for Coach Brady and His Wide Receivers and He Gave All of His Wide Receivers A Huge Goal For The 2019 Summer To-Catch 10,000 Thrown Balls. Catch The Ball Behind The Door. Catch The Football on The Jugs Passing Machines. Just Make 10,000 Pass-Catches. Just Catch Them, Wherever and However You Can. Droped Passes Would Not Be Acceptable in 2019, because Coach Brady Believed That His Outstanding Wide Receivers held in their hands The Entire Fate of The LSU Tigers Football Team.

Of Course, Quarterback Joe Burrow (#9) Needed To Throw Thousands of Footballs and so Burrow and His Receivers Worked-Hard All Summer.

“I told these guys every single day: ‘This team is going to go as The Wide Receivers go,'” Coach Brady Said. “‘There is not a day that we can take off. This Wide Receiver Unit is going to make this team who we are and I want them to have that Mentality.”

SIDEBAR II: I Was an All-State and All-American Running Back, Free Safety, Kick Returner, and Punt Returner in High School, but I Played Wide Receiver, Free Safety, Kick-Return, and Punt Return in College After My Baylor Freshman All-SWC  Season and Then Double MVP’s in The Guam Military Rice Bowl Championship and The All-Greater Pacific Military Tokyo Bowl Championship For The 1967 All-Greater Pacific Military World Championship Team. I Honestly Can Not Remember Ever Dropping a Pass, but I Probably Did. Concentration and Focus Were The Most Important Things For Me as a Receiver and Returner. In Almost Every Game That I Started, I Made One-Handed Catches and Several One-Handed Interceptions. In Fact, in Three of My Biggest Games in High School and a Baylor Freshman, I had 8 Interceptions and 3 Were One-Handed Catches. 

The LSU Tigers Shocked The SEC, College Football, And Heisman Voters In Opening Two Games With Their New Offense!


“What We Saw Here Tonight Was What We Have Seen In Practice For The Last Few Days,” Said LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron after The First Game. “The Guys Have Really Worked Very Hard and We Are Very Pleased With The New LSU RUN/PASS SPREAD OPTION OFFENSE!

I Think The LSU Tigers Are going To Score a Lot of Points This Year, and I Really Do Not Think That a Lot of People are Used to The LSU Tigers Scoring 40, 50, and Even 60 Points Per Game. The New Explosive LSU Tiger Run/Pass Option Offense Lived-Up To All of Its Off-Season and Pre-Season Hype in Their First Game of The Football Season in Their 55-3 Over-Whelming Victory over Georgia Southern In The LSU Tiger Football Stadium.

Image result for Joe Burrow Georgia Southern Photos

Joe Burrow and The New LSU Run/Pass Option Offense Were “Outright” Incredible as The LSU Tiger Offense Amassed 473-Yards of Total Offense in The 55-3 Victory. It Was The Most Points Scored By The LSU Tiger Offense Since They Scored 49 Points Against Louisiana Tech in The 2003 Season.

It Was Also The Largest Margin of Victory Since Defeating Sam Houston State by a 56-0 Score in The 2014 Football Season. Joe Burrow Was Unbelievably Incredible as He Completed His First Five Passes, on his way, To Completing 23 of 27 Passes, Five Touchdown Passes, an 85.2 Completion Per-Cent, and a “Mind-Boggling” 232.8 Quarterback Rating.

Also, With His Five Touchdown Passes, Burrow Tied LSU Tiger Quarterback Zach Metterberger’s Record for Passing Touchdowns in a Single Game. Remember That Burrow only Played Two Quarters and One Series in The Third Quarter. If You Add The Game Stats For Burrow, in his Last Two Games, He Has Passed For 672-Yards and an Incredible Nine Touchdown Passes in Only Six Quarters of Play and With Only One Interception. With The New Explosive LSU Tiger Run/Pass Option Offense, The Tigers Scored 21 Points in The First and Second Quarter and Were 7-For-7 in The Red-Zone. 


LSU Tiger Quarterback Joe Burrow and The New LSU SPREAD-OPTION OFFENSE Were Again “Outright” Incredible in The 45-38 Victory over The Texas Longhorns as The Incredible Burrow (6-4, 216, 4.6) Completed an Amazing 31 of 39 Passes for 471-Yards and Four Touchdown Passes Which was The Second Most Single-Game Passing Yards From An LSU Tiger Quarterback Since Rohan Davey Passed for 528-Yards Against The Alabama Crimson Tide in 2001.

Another Incredible Stat Was That The LSU Tigers Had Three Big and Freaky Wide Receivers Who Recorded Over 100-Yards in Receiving. Junior Justin Jefferson (6-3, 192, 4.42) Caught 9 Passes for 163-Yards and an Incredible Three Touchdowns, including Touchdown Catches of 3, 21, and 61-yards; while Sophomore Ja’marr Chase (6-1, 205, 4.42) Caught 8 Passes For 147-Yards and Sophomore Terrace Marshall (6-4, 209, 4.4) Caught 6 Passes For 123-Yards and a 26-Yard Touchdown.

The LSU Tigers Needed The 61-Yard Touchdown by Jefferson, because The Texas Longhorns Stormed-Back With a 15-Yard Touchdown Pass from Texas Longhorn Quarterback Sam Ehlinger to Devin Duvernay.

On This Play, The Texas Longhorns Blitzed Two Linebackers and Burrow Was Surrounded by Defenders, But Burrow Eluded Them and Hit Jefferson at About 15-Yards To The Left. Then When The Texas Longhorn Sterns Lunged To-Make The Tackle and Missed, Jefferson Raced Down The Left Sideline For The 61-Yard Touchdown.

The LSU Tigers Head Football Coach Ed Orgeron was Super Excited About The New LSU SPREAD-OPTION OFFENSE Especially After It Totaled 573-Yards and 45 Points Against in The Texas Longhorns In Darrell K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin,Texas. ‘We have said that if we had To Score 40-Points, then We Will win The Game,” Said Coach Orgeron.


The Heisman Trophy Award Formula is Really Very Simple. Find an Outstanding Quarterback on a National Championship Contending Team and You Find Alabama Crimson Tide Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and Clemson Tigers  Quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Both of These Quarterbacks faced each other in The 2018 National Championship Game and They are The Two Heisman Trophy Award Front-Runners and Favorites in The 2019 Heisman Trophy Award Two Other Candidates and Quarterback Transfers Include Ohio State Transfer and LSU Tiger Quarterback Joe Burrow; Plus Alabama Transfer and Oklahoma Quarterback Jalen Hurts. So Both Burrow and Hurts Literally Have The Odds in Their Favor To-Win the Heisman Trophy!

In his Very First Game as an Oklahoma Sooner, Jalen Hurts Was Incredible in Playing an Almost “Perfect-Game” as He Passed For 332-Yards and Three Touchdowns; While Rushing for Another 176-Yards and Another Three Touchdowns, giving him 506-Yards of Total Offense and Six Touchdowns In  The Oklahoma Sooners 49-31 Victory Over The Houston Cougars!

High School Quarterback Sensation!

Quarterback Joe Burrow (#10) Was an Unbelievable and Incredible High School Passing quarterback Freak at Athens, Ohio High School in Athens, Ohio. Coming Out of His School, He Signed With The Home-State and Favorite Team, The Ohio State BuckeyesBurrow Was The Top Quarterback Prospect in the 2015 Recruiting Class With a Super-Strong Arm To-Go With a Very Impressive High School Football IQ. Burrow Was A Natural-Born Leader with The Unbelievable Ability To-Throw or Run, and Skills To-Stretch The Field, Passing or Running.

His Senior Season at Athens High School, Burrow Completed 250 passes out of 346 Attempts for 4,445-Yards and an Incredible 63 Touchdowns and a 151.6 quarterback Rating. Burrow also Rushed for Another 642-Yards and 5 Rushing Touchdowns, Giving Him 5,087-Yards of Total Offense and 68 Touchdowns as a Senior. Burrow Finished his 41-Game Three Year High School Varsity Career with 11,416-Yards and 157 Touchdown Passes and 2,067-Yards Rushing and 27 Touchdown Runs, Giving Him A “Mind-Boggling” 13,483-Yards of Total Offense and 184 Touchdowns. Burrow Had an Incredible HS Career, but he Only Played in 3 Games For The Buckeyes In The 2017 Football Season, and Everyone Knew That Burrow Would Eventually Transfer!

SIDEBAR III: This Weekend, I Will Be Very Honored and Privileged Again on Saturday and Sunday of January 18 and 19, The Weekend Before The Annual College Football All-American Senior Bowl Game, to be Their Super Scout Again at The Nineteenth Annual Lestini Group National Pro Football Free Agent Tryout Camp in Mobile, Alabama. Camp Director John L. Lestini Jr and his Wife Mary Jo Lestini, who is The Camp Coordinator have been Putting-On this National Free Agent Tryout Camp and Super Combine for 19 Years. This Will Be My Eighth-Year at The Lestini Super Camp and Combine.

About maxemfingerrecruiting

My mission and goal is to search for that hidden high school football talent that has not been found yet. I then evaluate him and try to help him to get some publicity. In 2003, 2004, 2005. and 2006, I hosted my Annual 7on7 National Championship. My goal was to get great athletes to one area where I could evaluate them and then help them with college coaches. The only drawback was that college coaches wanted to see the hidden gems in a game-type highlight film and so the college coaches suggested to me that I host a real All-American Bowl Game so that they could view these talented players in a highlight film, playing against other talented players. It's noted that the NCAA doesn't allow the college coaches to attend All-American Games or practices and so the Game Film is a great tool for the college coaches. In 2005, I hosted my 1st Annual All-American Bowl Game. In nine games in nine years, my wife and I have helped 549 HS football players to get a scholarship that came to our first Bowl Game practice without a single scholarship offer. This also does not count over 1,000 players who we have helped that did not play in our game, including over 100 players in the 2010 Recruiting Season. My Super Elite Top Gun Camp idealogy, is of course, to get as many Top Football Players to a Top Gun Camp so that all of my coaches and I can evaluate them, rate them, rank them, and promote them. There will always be "Diamonds in the Rough" to be found. My First Annual Max Emfinger's Super Elite Top Gun Camp was in July of 2010. The Camp was amazing and loaded with unknown and known talent. Many of them were invited to play in our 2011 All-American Bowl Game Classic. In 2007, in my 3rd Annual All-American Bowl Game, a player by the name of Kareem Jackson came to our first Monday practice, without a single scholarship offer. Jackson decided to come out early and he became a #1 Draft Choice in the 2010 NFL Draft for the Houston Texans.
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