Chapters 1 – 6 – Preface And Introduction

By Super Scout Max Emfinger

2013 ABG Max Emfinger with teamRoyal Ambassadors, Baseball State Champs, 1958 and 1959, Brownwood, TX
VP, Brownwood High School Student Body, 1959, Brownwood, TX
President, Sophomore A Cappella Choir, 1959, Brownwood, TX

Top Rusher and Scorer, Texas Football State Champs, 1960, Brownwood, TX
Athletic Director, American Legion Boys State, 1961, Brownwood, TX
Wigwam Wisemen Football All-American, 1961, Brownwood, TX
State Meet High Point Man, Texas Track State Champs, 1962, Brownwood, TX
Top Rusher, Freshman All-SWC Team, Baylor University, 1962, Waco, TX
VP, Baylor Freshman Class, Spring, 1963, Waco, TX
VP, Baylor Freshman A Cappella Choir, 1963, Waco, TX
VP, Baylor A Cappella Choir Performing In Carnegie Hall, 1967, New York, NY
Player/Coach/MVP, Military Rice Bowl Football Champs, 1967, Guam, MI
Player/Coach/MVP, Greater Navy PAC Football Champs, 1967, Tokyo, Japan
All-Greater Military Softball Champs, 1967, Guam MI
All-Greater Navy Volleyball Pacific Champs, 1968, Honolulu, Hawaii
Graduate Assistant Coach, North Texas, 1972, Denton, TX
Recruiting Coordinator, North Texas, 1973, Denton, TX
Super Salesman, Lanier Business Products, 1974, Dallas, TX

Football Super Scout, Dallas Cowboys, 1975-76, Dallas, TX
District Manager, Lanier Business Products, 1977-79, Midland, TX

Texas Jaycees State Director, The Midland Jaycees, 1977-78, Midland, TX
United States Presidential Jaycees Award of Honor, 1978, Midland, TX
Texas Jaycees District Director, 1979, Midland, TX
Founder of MEARS PLAYER RATING SYSTEM, 1979, Dallas, TX

Founder of First HS Football Recruiting Service, 1979, Houston, TX
Six-Time Houston Chronicle City Softball Champs, 1987-1992, Houston, TX

Founder of First Super Select Baseball Team, 1990, Houston, TX
Founder of First 7 on 7 National Championship, 2001, Houston, TX
Founder of HS All-American Bowl Game, 2005, Shreveport, LA
Founder of Super Elite Top Gun Combine, 2007, Honolulu, HI
Super Scout, Lestini Free Agent Super Combine, 2013, Mobile, AL


“The Universe has a Plan for you Max! It is still your Great Talent that is in High Demand. There will be many others who will be Jealous and Covetous of your Great Talent and “Gift” but Remember The Prime Directive: “Keep your Motives Pure” and “The Universe” will Serve, Protect, and Guide You. You Have Already Been Chosen By “The Universe”,  so just follow where it takes you. You and your dreams are still there and Always Available for You and Your Endeavors! – Words of Wisdom – Ben-U

So, just what does all of these words really mean? I believe that it means that each and every Human Being on the Planet Earth is here for aReason” and Every Person is here for a Reason” and Nothing is By-Chance. Every Action has a Consequence and a Reaction. Ever since I was Ole-Enough to Know about Good and Evil, I have believed that I was Put-Here on this Planet Earth for a “Special-Reason” and that I was “Put-Here” to Help People. For many years, I have been led by a Higher Force of Good in The Universe and in the last few years, my LifePlan has constantly Changed and a Great-Deal of Spiritually has been Laid-Out for Me!


Life Is A Journey of Crossing Paths!

“Life is a Journey of Crossing Paths as we Take Different Steps each moment in our life, on our Journey. Sometime when we Cross-Paths with a Person, we will Change their life forever and sometime they will change our life forever! Everyone has their own path to Seek!”Emfinger

I have had Four Facebook Pages for about 15-Years and Everything Seemed to be Fine and then in 2009, one of my Best Friends, Greg Schulte, called me from Houston one day and asked me if I was on Twitter and I asked him: “What is Twitter?” Then when I realized that I might be able to Contact Players and Coaches on it, I decided to get a Twitter Account.

Then, Both Liberal Social Media Accounts, Facebook and Twitter, Realized that I was a Super Conservative and that was when they Started Deleting My Facebook Likes and Then Later, My Twitter Followers.

When I asked Greg what did I need to put on my Twitter Profile and he said to put the Things” that I Really Believed-In and I put the Following:



Nuff Said!


In this Book, you will read  about Great Challenges that I “Took-On” and Prevailed. A few years ago, I finally came “To-The-Realization” that what I had “Already-Believed” and was already “Putting-Into-Practice” for my Entire Life, was The Simple Belief of The Universal Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is the Most Powerful Law in the Universe.

The Universal Law of Attraction States That “Like-Things” are Drawn-Together. When you say: “Birds of a Feather will Flock-Together” you are actually talking about “The Universal Law of Attraction” and when “Like-Players” on a Football Team or a Track Team or Any Team That Really and Truly Believe that they Can Win a “NEVER-BEFORE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP; Then They Will Win It.

EXAMPLE: I’m Even Amazed Myself, but I have been Associated with 41 Championship Teams in My Career and my Two “Universal Laws” were in Total-Effect in All of Them, including Seventeen Player-Only Championships; Twelve Player/Coach Championships; and Twelve Coaching-Only  Championships. In this Book, I have Included These Amazing Stories on all 41 Championships.

Another Law of the Universe that I have always “Lived-By” all throughout my life is the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. The Universal Law of Cause and Effect in the Universe goes “Hand-And-Hand” with the Universal Law of Attraction. This is a Very Simple Law. “If You do “Good Things” in your life, then “Good Things Will-Happen to You” but the Opposite is Also True and Will Automatically Be In Effect.

what is the law of cause and effect

Also, “Everything Happens For A Reason” forThings” That Happen to You, but Most of the Time, however, You will Not Know what the Real Reason Why these “Things” Happened to You. Sometimes, You May Not Understand What the Real Reason why these “Things” Happened Until at a Later Date.

EXAMPLE: One of the Most Incredible Tragedies Happened to My Son, Eric and his New Bride, Jennifer! Although these “Things” that Happened to Eric and Jennifer, did “Happen for an Unbelievable Reason”, and we were Able to Find-Out the Real Reason why it Happened only Six Days after it Happened. I will Share This Incredible Miracle Story that Saved Eric’s Life.

Knowing and Understanding these Two “Universal Laws” have Helped Me to Fully Understand why I have been Persecuted and Politically Victimized by Some People. Just as Ben-u Said: “There are Many People that are Jealous of My Talents and Tremendous Success and Want Me “To-Fail” and they have Tried to Make me Fail in many of my Life’s Goals of Helping People and Young High School Football Players.”

In this Book, I will also Share Some Political Stories that you will Absolutely not Believe. I still Can Not Believe Some of The Stories. Some Stories are “Heart-Breaking” but they happen in Every Single Football Recruiting Season and in Every Single Recruiting Class.

I also have Included Stories About My Career and how, in 1979, I Founded the First High School Football Recruiting Service and how the NCAA has Tried to put me out of Business on More than One Occasion. I have also been Victimized on both sides of these Politics.

ATTENTION PARENTS: In one of my Chapters, you can read exactly what you need to do to get your Son Recruited for a Football Scholarship. If you Deviate From This Plan your Son will NEVER be Recruited, because he will NEVER be able to get on a College Coaches Recruiting List.


Early Success On The Baseball Diamond!

I was born and raised in Brownwood, Texas. I also graduated from Brownwood High School in 1962. I was a Pretty Good Athlete in a lot of Sports and I played on a lot of Very Successful Teams, while Growing-Up in my Hometown.

In June of 1956, as a 12-Year Old in Brownwood Little League Baseball, I Played for Shaw’s Laundry as a Pitcher and a Shortstop and I realized at a Very Early Age that I was Truly Blessed. Playing for Shaw’s Laundry, Against Denman Insurance, in June 1956, I Re-Wrote the Brownwood Little League Strikeout Record, as I Struck-Out 16 Batters in a Single Six-Inning Game, as Shaw’s Laundry beat Denman Insurance 5-1.

Then in an All-Star GameI Hit The First-Pitch, Lead-off Home-Run Against The North Austin Lions All-Star Team, from Austin, Texas in a Little League All-Star Game. In that North Austin Game, I Hit the Very First Pitch of the GameOver the Center-Field Fence at Wendell Mayes Park in Brownwood, Texas.

In that All-Star Season, I also Batted .486 for the Season, as a 12-Year Old Pitcher and Shortstop.

In That Game, in 1956, and a 5-1 Victory Against The Denman Cubs Insurance, my Super Fastball was Moving and Extremely Hard to Hit and I Broke the Brownwood Little League Record of 15 Strike-Outs by Lawrence Elkins of Bradley Transfer in 1955 and Clark Murray of The Austin Braves earlier in 1956. The Biggest Reason that I was “Truly Blessed” was because my First Baseman Dropped the Baseball on a Routine Ground-Out from Shortstop to First-Base.

If he had not Dropped the Baseball, I would have only had 15 Strike-Outs. I will NEVER Forget that Play. Murray had just Tied the Elkins Record, only three nights before our Game, Against that Same Denman Insurance Team.

SIDEBAR: Then, 37-Years Later in 1993 in My Missouri City, Texas, Quail Valley Little League Team, that my Son, Eric Emfinger, was on, was in the Exact Same Situation. With his Sensational Knuckle-ball, Eric Struck-Out 16 Batters and his Second Baseman Dropped an Easy Popup. If he would have Caught the Easy Popup, Eric would have only had 15 Strike-Outs.

In this 1992 Little League Baseball Season, I was Politically Victimized by some  Disgruntled Little League Parents when I did not Select their Son on My Quail Valley Little League 1990 and 1991 All-Star Teams. It will be in a Later Chapter.

In 1956, Austin Braves Pitcher, Clark Murray led the National League with 104-Strikeouts; while I was Second with 89-Strikeouts; Eddie Daniel of The Conoco Oilers was Third with 70-Strikeouts; Jim Thompson of The Conoco Oilers was Fourth with 65-Strikeouts; and Charles Coffey of The Denman Cubs was Fifth with 61-Strikeouts.


1958 and 1959 Royal Ambassadors
Baseball State Championships

Image result for Royal Ambassadors For Christ Logos

In 1958, 1959, and 1960, I was an Integral-Part of Two First Baptist Church Youth Baseball State Championships. These Two State Baseball Championships were Associated with The Royal Ambassadors (RA’s) for Christ, a Baptist Youth Organization Group that met every Wednesday Night, just before our Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting.

Back in the Summer of 1958, I was 14-Years Old and I was at an RA Christian Summer Camp, at Lake Brownwood Encampment Grounds, on the Shores of Lake Brownwood. My First Baptist Baseball Teammates and I did not know that there was going to be a State Baseball Tournament and the Winner, getting a Berth to the 1957 Texas State Championship Baseball Tournament, but I Immediately helped to “Put-Together” a Pretty Outstanding Team-Together. Although we had a Great Team, we were Beaten in the Finals by another Team from Austin, which basically had the Players from a 15-Year Old State Championship Team from the Austin Area.

So, then in 1959, I was a 15-Year Old and I was able to Recruit an Unbelievable Team and we were able to Win our First Royal Ambassador Texas State Championship, and the Championship Game was Played at the RA Summer Camp.

Then in 1960, as a 16-Year Old, we won the Summer Camp Tournament, but the State Tournament had gotten a lot bigger. There were Eight Regions around the State that had an Entry into the State Baseball Championship Tournament, and the 1959 Royal Ambassador State Baseball Championship Tournament was going to just so happen to be played in Brownwood, Texas, at our Teenage Sportsman Park Baseball Stadium.

Our Second Royal Ambassador State Baseball Championship was Between The Brownwood RA Team and The Odessa RA Team and This Championship Game was for the Championship Game in the 16-and-Under Bracket. The Brownwood RA’s were Representing District 16 and the Odessa RA’s were Representing District Eight. The Game was Played in Brownwood on August 1, 1959 at the Old Brownwood Sportsman Baseball Park on the Brady Highway.

Brownwood Bulletin
By Bill Stovall

AUGUST 9, 1960 – “The Brownwood First Baptist Church RA’s won the 1959 RA State Baseball Championship Game with a 1-0 State Championship Victory over Immanuel Baptist Church RA’s of Odessa, Texas by a 7-3 Score.

Brownwood First Baptist successfully Defended Their State Royal Ambassador Teen-Age Baseball Championship and they had Little-Competition in the Tourney as they Beat a San Antonio Team by a 7-3 Score to get to the Championship Game.

Lawrence Elkins and Ronnie Davis, a Pair of Hard-Throwing First Baptist Right-Handed Pitchers, Pitched First Baptist to the Championship Game. Elkins Pitched the First Three Innings and Davis came into the Fourth Inning and Finished the Game in the 7-3 Victory.

Max Emfinger got the Brownwood First Baptist Team off to a Roaring-Start by Slapping the First Pitch of the Tournament over the Left-Field Fence for a Home-Run. Brownwood Never trailed throughout the Tourney as they Opened with a 13-3 Win over Odessa Emmanuel and then reached the Finals with an easy 19-2 Victory over Vernon.” – End

As the “Universe” had it Planned! Two of the First Baptist Starting Players, Eddie Daniel and James Bunnell, were Tied-Up in another State Baseball Tourney and were not available at the Start of the RA Tourney, leaving First Baptist without enough Players to Start the Tourney. But then, Bobby Pitts and Gerald Wolfe Stepped-In on Friday Night to Rescue the Team until Daniel and Bunnell could Return to the Team on Saturday.

The Brownwood RA Team also had Advanced to the Championship Game by beating that Pesky 1958 Austin Team by a 13-1 Score; after beating Robstown 5-3 and Blanking a Monahans Team by a 4-0 Score.

Tommy Fine, Jr Pitched a Fabulous Game for us and his Incredible Curve-Ball was Unbelievable and Grayson Wetzel got the Winning Hit to win the Game. Fine, whose Dad, Tommy Fine, Sr, Who Pitched in the Major Leagues, Struck-Out Nine Batters, in a Pitcher’s Dual with Charles Thompson of Odessa, who Struck-Out Ten. Our Only Run was Scored in the Fifth-Inning as Fine Walked, Stole Second, and Scored the Winning-Run, on a Single to Right Field by Wetzel.

Several of the Players on the Odessa RA Team were Members of the Odessa Ector High School team that Advanced to the 1960 High School 3A State Championship Game. Their Super-Star Pitcher, Thompson, was the Starting Pitcher in the 3A State Championship Game that Odessa Ector lost.

Other Members of The 1960 Brownwood RA State Baseball Championship Team, other than Tommy Fine, Jr, Grayson Wetzel, and Max Emfinger, included Ray Bledsoe, Jackson Bowers, James Bunnell, Eddie Daniel, Ronnie Davis, Lawrence Elkins, Donnie Howard, Jimmy Hutton, Tommy Womack, and of Course Bobby Pitts and Gerald Wolfe. Our RA Director, Baseball Coach, and Sponsor was Former Brownwood High School Lion Great Football Player, Grady Chastain.

How Unique was it that the Universe” and “Things” that the Pitchers on this 1960 State Championship Team were in the D, E, and F Group, including Davis, Daniel, Elkins, Emfinger, and Fine. Plus the “Universe” also only had Players on this Team that were in the B, D, E, F, H, P, and W Group.

My Senior Quartet of Eddie Daniel, Ronnie Davis, Max Emfinger, and Tommy Womack were in the Quartet and also on this RA State Championship Team. The Senior Quartet would Sing at Christian Functions and Church Services. Those Four Players, along with Donnie Howard and Jimmy Hutton were  also Brownwood All-Region Choir Members in the Brownwood A Cappella Choir. Tommy Womack was also a Brownwood HS All-State Choir Member.


The 1959 Brownwood Lions Football Team Was Loaded With Senior Talent!

Then, in 1959, The Fall Football Season was Just-Around-The-Corner for The Brownwood Lions and also for a Skinny Sophomore Running Back. Just as School Started, the Brownwood High School Student Council Elections took place. As a Sophomore, I was Elected as Vice President of the Brownwood High School Student Council. Senior Jeff Harrell was Elected President and Senior Sarilyn Bay was Elected Secretary.

The Brownwood A Cappella Choir, Under the Direction of One of my Favorite Teachers, Dorothy McIntosh, Elected their Officers and they Included: President – Jack Matthews; Vice President – Rowland Winn; and Secretary – Gerald Pitts.

The Brownwood Sophomore All-School A Cappella Choir also Elected their Officers for the Year and they included President – Max Emfinger – Vice President – Gene German; and Secretary – Jo Margaret Oldham.

The Brownwood National Honor Society also Elected their Officers, including President – Junior Camacho; Vice President Larry Crutsinger; and Secretary – Carol Moore. The Senior Class Officers included President – Larry Crutsinger; Vice President – Joe Laudermilk; and Secretary – Judy Hickman. The Sophomore Class Officers included President – David Smith; Vice President – George Causey; and Secretary – Myrna Faye Ford. The Ninth Grade Class Officers included President – James Crow; Vice President – Marsha Teague; and Secretary – Nancy Watson.

The High School also had their Election of Mr. and Miss Brownwood High School and the winners were Larry Crutsinger and Carolyn Piper; and then James Crow and Sharon Piper were Elected Mr. and Miss Brownwood Junior High School.

The 1959 Brownwood Lions Football Team was Loaded with Senior Talent, and in fact, had something-like 20 Senior Returning Lettermen coming back for Head Coach Roland “Slim” Warren, for their Senior Year of High School Football. The Star of the Team was a Senior Running Back by the name of Dale Smith and he was a Returning All-District Running Back who was looking to make the All-State Team as a Senior. Senior Joe Loudermilk was going to be the Starting quarterback. Loudermilk and Smith were also Two of my Longtime Childhood Heroes.

When I was a 10-Year Old Little Leaguer, Loudermilk was the Super-Star Pitcher for the American League All-Stars that nearly made it to the Little League World Series. Smith wore Jersey Number 44 and that was my Favorite Jersey Number that I had always wanted to wear when I got to the Brownwood High School Varsity. Another Brownwood Hall of Champion Running Back Ray Masters, also wore Number 44. Masters was the Brownwood Super-Star when I was Younger.

Other Senior Super-Stars, included DE Larry Crutsinger, DT/OT Robert Young, RB/DB Buster Weatherman, WR/CB Junior Camacho, DT/OT Roy Utzman, OC Joe Ellis, DE Don Foster, and OG Jackie Joe Bullion. There were also Five Seniors who would receive their Third Letter, including Smith, Loudermilk, Young, Bullion, and Crutsinger. Earning their Second Letter included Juniors Lawrence Elkins and FB A.D. Carnes. Junior Super Stars getting their First Letter, included OT/DT Ronney Moore, OT Mike Greer, and QB Jimmy Herman.

I Weighed 155-Pounds, dripping-wet. My Ninth Grade Football Teammates and I had Won Most All of our Games in 1958 and most of our Victories came against some Really Tough Junior High School Teams in Abilene, Texas, but with all of those Seniors coming back, it was going to be Very Difficult for any of us to make the Varsity and we would Probably be Playing on the “B” Team, as Sophomores.

In July and August, most of the Varsity Players would meet every afternoon, after work, at Coggin Park to start working-out on their own and start getting in shape for the upcoming Football Season. Then, All-Of-A-Sudden, the “Universe” Came Calling!

On a Very Special Day, along with one of my Best Friends, Bobby Staudt, we ran-into our Old Pal from East ElementaryRonney Moore.”Hey guys! Why aren’t you coming over to the Park for Practice?” We told him that we would come over to Coggin Park that afternoon and we did.

I knew that they were working-out at the Coggin Park, but I did not want to tell Ronney Moore that I was too Scared to go over-there and Work-Out. There were some Really Big Guys and I was afraid that I might get Beat-Up, so I originally did not want to go over-there.

After Staudt and I went over there that afternoon and found-out that it wasn’t that bad, we kept on going and I got to meet all of those Really Big Senior Football Players that I would someday, and soon, be playing with on the Varsity.

SIDEBAR: When Talking about Former Brownwood Head Coach Coach Roland Warren, I will Never Forget one of the First Days of Practice in 1959. On the School Loud-Speaker in the School, there was an Announcement for Max Emfinger and Ben Elledge to Meet with Coach Warren in his Office Before Football Practice.

Coach Warren wanted Ben and I to come to his Office to Try to get us to Change Positions on the Football Field. Ben was a Big Quarterback and about 20-Pounds Bigger than me and Coach Warren wanted him and me to Trade Positions. He wanted Ben to Start Playing Running Back and he wanted me to move to Quarterback.

Well! Needless to Say, Neither of us Wanted “Any Part Of This Position Change” and we Immediately Told Him So. Ben was a Member of the National Honor Society and he was a Very Smart Quarterback and I certainly did not want the Responsibility of having to Learn The Plays and then Call The Plays.

I had been a Star Running Back for Nine Years and Ben had been a Star Quarterback for the Same Length of Time, and we Did Not Change Positions. Coach Warren was a Little Upset, but I think that we all Will Agree that “Things” turned-out Pretty Good For Everyone by Staying at our Best Position.

Ben Signed with Texas Tech as a Quarterback and he once Threw Seven Touchdowns in one Game For The Red Raiders, while I Signed with Baylor as a Running Back/Safety and was Selected to the Freshman All-SWC Team as a Running Back/Safety.

As it turned-out, the Varsity needed another Running Back and I was Brought-Up to the Varsity on the very first day of practice. I played behind Dale Smith and of course he wore Jersey Number 44, and I had to Select another Jersey Number and Basically there were only a few Jersey Numbers available and so I chose Jersey Number 35.

I did not play in the in the First Game of the Season against the San Angelo Central Bobcats and we lost that Game, but then we won Eight Straight Games and were 8-1 and going into our Last Game of the Regular Season Against the Breckenridge Buckaroos for the District Championship.


The 1959 Brownwood And Breckenridge Game Was For The District Championship!

Now remember, in 1959, the Rules were that Only The District Championship Team advanced to the First Round of the Texas High School Playoffs. The Brownwood Lions were going To-Play the Breckenridge Buckaroos and Head Coach Emory Bellard, in Breckenridge, Texas and both teams were supporting an Identical 8-1 Record.

Breckenridge was Ranked #1 in the State and Brownwood was Ranked #5 in The State in Class 3A. The Highest Division in the State, at that time, was Class 4A. Later, Class 4A moved to Class 5A and Class 3A moved to Class 4A. Also, the Texas Rules were changed to include Three or more teams in each District to be in the Football Playoffs, but in this Game, in 1959, only the District Champion would play in the Playoffs.

To Make Matters Even Worse I: Brownwood had NEVER beaten Breckenridge in 20-years, but if they did not beat Breckenridge, in this Game, they would not make the Playoffs for the 20th Straight Year. The Brownwood Head Coach was Coach Roland “Slim” Warren. He was a Good Coach, but he had NEVER led the Lions into the Playoffs. This was going to be a Very Tough Game for Brownwood and his Assistant Coaches included Gus Snodgrass, Cecil Elkins, Nelson Turnbow, and Dale Biggs.

To Make Matters Even Worse II: The Buckaroos had the Best Quarterback in The State of Texas in Jerry Gibson; one of the Best Fullbacks in the State in Dickie Rogers; and the Best Defensive Lineman in the State in Glen Dixon.

SIDEBAR: In this “Big-Game” I was on the Sideline and there was a Play, involving Glen Dixon, that I will NEVER for the Rest of my Life. The Lions had the Football and there was going to be a Play near our Sideline “And here comes Glen Dixon and he was Running Full-Speed.”  On the PlayThe Chain-Gang was Too Slow in dropping the Chains Quick Enough and Dixon plowed right-into the First Down Pole at Full Speed with his body and he bent the Pole in Half, like a “C”.  Everyone rushed-over to see him to see if he was OK and Dixon jumped-up and ran back on the field, like nothing had happened.

Breckenridge also had an All-State Offensive Guard, Jimmy Wright, who was also their Second Team Quarterback, behind Jerry Gibson. The Buckaroos had all of these Fabulous Players, but Jerry Gibson was their catalyst and the Lions were going to have to Stop-Him to Win. Also, remember all of these Names, because they are going to “Come-Up” again.

The Buckaroo Player that was Second Team Fullback, behind Dickie Rogers was Sophomore Troy Kennedy, who only a year before had lived in Brownwood at 1905 Vine Street, just behind my house at 1904 Vincent Street. Two of My Very Best Friends from Brownwood and Sadly, They Died Very Premature, were Troy Kennedy and Bobby Staudt.

Both Kennedy and Staudt and I went to East Elementary with Ronney Moore, Eddie Daniel, and David Smith until the School Boundaries Changed after our Third Grade Year and we had to change to South Elementary. Three others, including Susan Timmons, Claudette Clark, and Dawn Stephens; plus Larry Kennedy Transferred to South Elementary from East Elementary and, except for Larry Kennedy in the Second Grade with Moore, we were all in the First Grade, with Miss Velma Martin, as our First Grade Teacher in 1950-51.

After our Ninth Grade Year, the Single-MomMother of Troy and Larry Kennedy got a Great, New job in Breckenridge and their Family Mysteriously left Brownwood and moved to Breckenridge, over the weekend. Troy, later told me at Boys State, about their Incredible First Play from Scrimmage in the Brownwood Game.

The Very First Play from Scrimmage, in the “Big-Game” Was Incredible. Most People would not believe this Play, but it worked and I later found-out, from Troy Kennedy, that the Play was Called The Camacho Special.

The Lions had a Senior Left Cornerback Named Junior Camacho and he was about 5-8. He also was one of my Best Friends on the Team and then again at Baylor University. Now, Remember that the Bucks Starting Right Guard, Jimmy Wright, was their Second Team Quarterback and Sophomore Jerry Coody was their Third Team Quarterback. Coody Started the Game at Quarterback.

The Best Athlete on the Team was their #1 Quarterback Jerry Gibson and he Started the Game at Right Flanker, right in front of Camacho. Also, Remember that Their #2 Quarterback was at Offensive Right Guard and their #3 Quarterback took The First Snap From Center. After taking The First Snap from Center, Coody paused for a Second, and then dropped-back for a pass, but he then Yelled-Out-Fumble.

Meanwhile, Camacho Rushed-Up to Try to Recover the Fumble and Gibson Streaked-Past Him, as Coody Handed The Football-Off to Wright. Wright, then slowly Dropped-Back and Hit Gibson, in the Clear, for a 77-Yard Touchdown to give the Bucks a Quick 7-0 Lead and the Bucks were on their way to a 44-6 Victory and the District Championship; while the Lions Finished their season with an 8-2 Record.

In This Game, Jerry Gibson was Incredible as he Caught a 77-Yard Touchdown; completed 8 of 13 Passes for 141-Yards; and Rushed for 55-Yards, giving him 273-Yards of Total Offense and a 15.17-Yards Per Touch Average. Gibson was able to get away from Lion Defenders on Numerous Occasions when he seemed to be trapped.

Image result for Emory Bellard Photos

The Buckaroo Victory gave Coach Emory Bellard (In Photo) another District 4-AAA Championship and sent his Perennial Powerhouse Team into the Playoffs with an Excellent Chance of Defending their 1958 State 3A Championship, but in the 1959 State Championship Game, the Bucks Tied Cleburne and Became Co-Champs for the 1959 State Championship. Bellard was a Very Young Coach and so don’t forget his name, because it is going to “Come-Up” again and Soon.


Before The Lions Could Win The 1960 State Championship, They Needed A State Championship  Head Coach!

When you Read this Chapter, it is Almost Impossible to Believe and Understand how The Universe worked-out these seemingly Impossible and Incredible “Things” for Brownwood, Texas High School Football. And Yes! Politics was the Most Important aspect in Brownwood getting their new Head Football Coach and Politics also Played one of the Most Important Parts in my Life and at that time and also for the Rest of my Life.

Coach Gordon Wood (On The Left In Photo) was Coaching at Victoria High School in Victoria, Texas, but because of some “Big-Time Politics” with Teachers in Victoria not being able to participate in their Social Security Program, Coach Wood was looking to get back to a Head Coaching job in West Texas. Coach Wood was from Abilene, Texas, a West Texas Town, and he had also already Won Two 2A State Championships in 1955 and 1956 at another West Texas Town of Stamford. His Stamford Teams both had 15-0 Records and they also had a 35-Game Winning Streak, before they lost to Sweetwater, another West Texas Team.

Right after the 1959 Football Season, Coach Gordon Wood Interviewed with San Angelo Central High School for their Head Coaching Job and since he had already won Two 2A State Championships at Stamford, just down the road from San Angelo, it seemed like the San Angelo Head Coaching Job was probably going to be a “Shoe-In” for him to get the job. The San Angelo Central Head Coaching Job was Probably the #1 Head Coaching Job in the State of Texas, but because of another Unbelievable Political Dispute, their School Board of Trustees was Split Right-Down-The-Middle with Three Trustees on each Political Side.


Coach Gordon Wood – My 50-Year Mentor

It was in the Spring of 1960 and we had our First Team Meeting with our New Head Football Coach, Gordon Wood and he Gave-Us a Play Book that Read FOOTBALL Brownwood Lions High School Play Book. This Play Book was Given to me about 58-Years Ago and I am Currently Looking at My Brownwood Play Book that I have Used Many Times in my Lifetime.

By Gordon Wood

Football is a Game of Life played on The Gridiron. It can very well be a Reflection of What Life Holds for You in The Future. Your Reactions, Desire, Intent, and Attitude displayed in Football also displays The Type of Person That you Are and How You Will React Down the Road of Life.

RememberAnything Worthwhile Requires A Price. It must be Given a 100% Effort. Think in Terms of Success, Pay the Price, and Be A Success. Form Good Habits and You Will Be Rewarded.

On The First Page, Below THE FORWARD, The Following Poem Was included as Coach Gordon Wood Said;  “No Words can Express Our Philosophy Better than The Following Poem:

(I Have Used This Poem For All Of My Many
Life Successes)


If you think you are beaten, you are.
If you think you dare not, you don’t.
If you would like to win, but you think you can’t,
It’s almost a cinch you won’t.
It’s as true as the Stars in the skies
That out in the World you’ll find
Success begins in a fellows thoughts

Full many a race is lost
Ere ever a step is run,
And many a Task has failed
Before it was ever begun
Think Big and Your Deeds will grow
Think small and you’ll fall behind
Think that you can and you will,

If you think you are out-classed, you are,
If you’ve got to think high to rise,
You’ve got to think well of yourself
Before you can win a prize
Life’s battles doesn’t always go
To the Stronger or Faster man,
But sooner or later, the man who wins
Is the Fellow who THINKS HE CAN!

The Incredible Gordon Wood Story Is Next!

In 2003, just before Coach Wood went to Heaven in December, he is Sitting in the Stands (On the Right) with Coach Emory Bellard (In Photo) at the San Angelo Central game Against Brownwood in San Angelo Stadium.

Remember, I told you not to forget Coach Emory Bellard?


About maxemfingerrecruiting

My mission and goal is to search for that hidden high school football talent that has not been found yet. I then evaluate him and try to help him to get some publicity. In 2003, 2004, 2005. and 2006, I hosted my Annual 7on7 National Championship. My goal was to get great athletes to one area where I could evaluate them and then help them with college coaches. The only drawback was that college coaches wanted to see the hidden gems in a game-type highlight film and so the college coaches suggested to me that I host a real All-American Bowl Game so that they could view these talented players in a highlight film, playing against other talented players. It's noted that the NCAA doesn't allow the college coaches to attend All-American Games or practices and so the Game Film is a great tool for the college coaches. In 2005, I hosted my 1st Annual All-American Bowl Game. In nine games in nine years, my wife and I have helped 549 HS football players to get a scholarship that came to our first Bowl Game practice without a single scholarship offer. This also does not count over 1,000 players who we have helped that did not play in our game, including over 100 players in the 2010 Recruiting Season. My Super Elite Top Gun Camp idealogy, is of course, to get as many Top Football Players to a Top Gun Camp so that all of my coaches and I can evaluate them, rate them, rank them, and promote them. There will always be "Diamonds in the Rough" to be found. My First Annual Max Emfinger's Super Elite Top Gun Camp was in July of 2010. The Camp was amazing and loaded with unknown and known talent. Many of them were invited to play in our 2011 All-American Bowl Game Classic. In 2007, in my 3rd Annual All-American Bowl Game, a player by the name of Kareem Jackson came to our first Monday practice, without a single scholarship offer. Jackson decided to come out early and he became a #1 Draft Choice in the 2010 NFL Draft for the Houston Texans.
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