The Max Emfinger Brownwood HS Profile And Baylor Freshman Profile. Long Version

The Max Emfinger Brownwood High School Profile!
And Baylor Freshman All-SWC Season

As a Senior, I was Being Recruited-Off of The Brownwood High School Football Team in Brownwood, Texas where I was a member of The Brownwood High School 1960 Texas 3A High School State Football Championship Team as a Junior. Also as a Senior, I was Team Captain of The Brownwood High School Track Team that won the 1962 Texas 3A State Track Championship. I was a Two-Time All-State Football Player and I was High Point Man at the 1962 Texas 3A State Championship Track Meet. Both State Championships Were The First In The History of Brownwood High School Athletics.

Image may contain: 1 person, smilingMax Emfinger Three-Year Varsity Career as Follows:

2,214-Yards Rushing – 4,285-Yards of All-Purpose Yardage – 178-Points Scored – Two Touchdown Passes – and Seven Interceptions.

In My Three-Year Varsity Career, With My 4,285-Yards of  Total All-Purpose Yards, I Averaged 11.1-Yards Per Touch on 386-Touches.

I Was Also Responsible for Scoring a Touchdown In Seven Different Ways, including Rushing, Pass Receiving, Kickoff Return, Punt Return, Defensive Fumble Return Recovery for Touchdown, Interception Return for Touchdown, and I also Threw Two Touchdown Passes to Lawrence Elkins (San Angelo Central and Mineral Wells).

I also Recorded Six Interceptions in The 1960 State Championship Season, including Four Interceptions in The San Angelo Central Opening Game and Two More Interceptions (Waco University and Graham) and One Interception in The 1961 Season Against Weatherford.

Also, In Football, I was the Leading Rusher and Leading Scorer on The 1960 State Championship Football Team with 1,363-Yards Rushing Yards and Again in 1961 with 674-Yards. In 1960, I also Scored 10 Rushing Touchdowns and 4 Two-Point Conversions for 68-Points. I also Returned Two 90-Yard Kickoff Returns For a Touchdown (Killeen and Weatherford); Had One 65-Yard Interception Return for a Touchdown (San Angelo); and Passed For Two Touchdowns (San Angelo and Mineral Wells); giving me 98-Points Accounted-For in The 1960 State Championship Football Season.

As a Football Player, in 31 Games that I Played-In, My Win-Loss Record was 28-2-1 in The Three Years on the Varsity Including a 1960 Football State Championship. I did not Play in 1959 San Angelo or 1961 Thomas Jefferson Losses. Then In Track, I was a Member of Two Regional Championships in 1960 and 1961 and a State Championship in 1962. I was the Only Three-Year Letterman in my 1962 Graduating Class in Both Football and Track.

After The 1961 Season, I Was Selected All-District, All-Area, All-State, and All-American by Wigwam Wisemen of America. I was Excited about making This All-American Team as I joined Five other Brownwood High School Legends, including QB Leondous Fry and OT Ben Woodson in 1952; RB Ray Masters in 1953; QB Tommy Butler in 1958; and End Lawrence Elkins in 1960.

Image result for Gordon Wood Hall of Honor 1960 Championship Photos 1960 State Championship Team Players
Fifty Years Later in 2010 –

One of the Funniest Moments that I had with Coach Gordon Wood was in the 1961 Vernon Game. We had just Scored and we were Winning-Big and we Kicked-Off to Vernon and they Fumbled. On our First Down, we ran the Football Down-To-The-Five-Yard Line. Coach Wood did not want to Run-Up the Score, so he Sent-In the Field Goal Unit, and I was the Right Blocking Back. Well! They Blocked Our Field Goal Kick and I looked over to my Right and the Football was Just-Bouncing-Around” in The Flat, so I went over and Picked-It Up and Ran For a Touchdown.

But byPicking-Up The Loose Football” and Scoring a Touchdown put me in Real Trouble with Coach Wood. When I got to the Sideline, everyone was Cheering Me, but Coach Wood pulled me over to the side and Really Blasted Me for “Running-Up” The Score. Later, we Laughed about it, but it certainly was not Funny at the Time, as we Won the Game by a 42-0 Score.


4,285-Yards of Career Total Offense

11.1-Yards Per Touch – 3 Years
27 Touchdowns Accounted-For and 170 Points

1961 – Wigwam Wisemen of America High School All-American Team. Previous Brownwood Players included 1952 – QB Leondous Fry and OT – Ben Woodson; 1953 – RB Ray Masters1958 – QB Tommy Butler; 1960 – WR Lawrence Elkins; and 1961 – RB Max Emfinger.

Brownwood Junior High School
Ninth Grade, Class Favorite, 1958, Brownwood, TX
Ninth Grade, Most Versatile Boy, 1958, Brownwood, TX
Ninth Grade, Class Vice President, 1958, Brownwood, TX
Freshman All-School Choir Vice President, 1958, Brownwood, TX

Brownwood High School
Royal Ambassadors, Baseball State Champs, 1958 and 1959, Brownwood, TX

VP, Brownwood High School Student Body, 1959, Brownwood, TX
President, Sophomore A Cappella Choir, 1959, Brownwood, TX
Top Rusher and Scorer, Texas Football State Champs, 1960, Brownwood, TX
Congress, House of Rep, American Legion Boys State, 1961, Brownwood, TX

City Athletic Director, American Legion Boys State, 1961, Brownwood, TX
Wigwam Wisemen Football All-American, 1961, Brownwood, TX
Junior Class Favorite, 1961, Brownwood, TX
All-Region Choir, 1962, Brownwood, TX

State Meet High Point Man,Track State Champs, 1962, Brownwood, TX
Member, 440-Relay – School Record, 42.2 Clocking, Brownwood, TX

Member, Mile Relay – School Record, 3:21.1 Clocking, Brownwood, TX

Baylor University
Freshman Football Leading Rusher, All-SWC Team, 1962, Waco, TX
Vice President, Baylor Freshman Class, Spring, 1963, Waco, TX
Vice President, Baylor Freshman A Cappella Choir, 1963, Waco, TX
Baylor BRH A Cappella Choir, 1966-67, Waco, TX
Cliff Barrows and the Gang Choir – Word Records, 1967, Waco, TX

Vice President, A Cappella Choir, Spring, 1967, Waco, TX
A Cappella Choir Performance, Carnegie Hall, Spring, 1967, New York, NY
AKPsi Intramural Chairman, Baylor Intramural Champs, 1967 Waco, TX

United States Navy
Player/Coach/MVP, Navy Rice Bowl Football Champs, 1967, Guam, MI

Player/Coach, All-Greater Pacific Football Champs, 1967, Tokyo, Japan
Player, All-Greater Pacific Softball Champs, 1968, Guam, MI

All-Greater Navy Volleyball Pacific Champs, 1968, Honolulu, Hawaii

Graduate Assistant Coach, North Texas, 1973, Denton, TX

Recruiting Coordinator, North Texas, 1974-75, Denton, TX
Football Super Scout, Dallas Cowboys, 1975-76, Dallas, TX

Midland Jaycees
Texas Jaycees State Director, The Midland Jaycees, 1977-78, Midland, TX
Jaycee Of The Month For Starting 4 Jaycee Chapters, 1978, Midland, TX
United States Presidential Jaycees Award of Honor, 1978, Midland, TX
Texas Jaycees District Director, Midland Jaycees, 1979, Midland, TX
Jaycee Of The Month For Starting 3 Jaycee Chapters, 1979, Midland, TX
United States Presidential Jaycees Award of Honor, 1979, Midland, TX

Coaching and Scouting
HC, Mount Carmel Freshman Football District Champs, 1969, Houston, TX
Founder of MEARS PLAYER RATING SYSTEM, 1979, Dallas, TX

Founder of First High School Football Recruiting Service, 1979, Houston, TX
Six-Time Houston Chronicle City Softball Champs, 1987-1992, Houston, TX

Founder of First Super Select Baseball Team, 1990, Houston, TX
Eight-Time Select Baseball Texas State Champs, 1990-92, Houston, TX
Founder of First HS 7 on 7 National Championship, 2001, Houston, TX
Founder of 13 High School All-American Bowl Games, 2005, Shreveport, LA
Founder of Super Elite Top Gun Camp and Combine, 2007, Honolulu, HI
Super Scout, Lestini Free Agent Super Camp And Combine, 2013, Mobile, AL



Image result for 1962 Baylor Football Helmet

Back in 1962, there were not any Recruiting Services and there were not many NCAA Rules on Recruiting. A College or University could sign as many players as they wanted and other Schools could not do anything about it. In fact, a College could actually sign every Quarterback in Their State just so they Could Not Sign with another School in Their Conference and then have to play against them.

In 1962, in The State of Texas, The University of Texas was the largest and most powerful Football School; and on National Signing Day, The Longhorns had the Ability to go  out and Sign as many Football Players as they wanted to and they did. Then, you also had smaller Church Schools and Private Schools, all playing against The Texas Longhorns, in the same Southwest Conference, like Baylor, SMU, TCU, and Rice.

Back in 1960, I was playing for a New Football Coach, in Brownwood, Texas, by the Name of Coach Gordon Wood and this New Coach Gordon Wood had brought some really “Fancy Sayings” and an Incredible, Inspirational Poem with him and he handed them out  to all of his Football Players at Our First Meeting Before Our First day of practice.

Now, also remember! The Brownwood Lions Football Team had played really Great Football for many years, but from 1920-1959, The Brownwood Lions had NEVER won a District Championship, so I was very Attentive to anything that might be able to help us win.

After reading this Poem every single day for two years and being an Invaluable Part in Winning The 1960 3A Texas State Football Championship and The 1962 3A Texas State Track Championship,fully believed that this Poem helped play an Important and Incredible Part in My Mind and Others in The Two State Championship Team Members Mental Frame of Mind. “We all did not Think that We Could Ever Be Beaten By Anyone or Any Team.” No Words can Express The Gordon Wood Winning Football Philosophy better than this Following Poem.

In January of 1962, just after my Brownwood High School Senior Football Season, I started to fulfill my Life-Long Dream of becoming a Baylor Bear as I gave Coach Herb Zimmerman a Verbal Commitment to go to Baylor. My Goal was not only to go to Baylor, but to Win a Southwest Conference Championship and I wanted other players to want to go to Baylor for the same reason, so I asked Coach Zimmerman if there were any other players that I Could Help Recruit for The Baylor Bears and he gave me a list of About 20 Names of about 20 players that they Were Recruiting.

I then wrote All of Them a Personalized Letter to try to get them to join me in Waco, and Become a Baylor Bear. I guess that’s when I Officially got into The Recruiting Service Business. Coach Zimmerman Joined Coach Gordon Wood in October of 2013.

I had Met Two West Texas Players In Track and Both Mike Jurecek and Tommy Schaffner became really good friends of mine once we got to Baylor, but it still was Very Interesting for my other Baylor Cub Teammates at Our First Baylor Cubs Football Practice with our new Football Coach Milburn “Catfish” Smith. All of my Baylor Freshman Teammates were trying to Figure-Out who was the guy That Was Sending all of them The Personalized Recruiting Letters With The Man Who Thinks He Can! Poem.

Let’s see now. At that First Baylor Freshman Football Practice, Coach “Catfish” looked around and counted 26 Scholarship Players and also around Six or Eight Walk-on Players and since The Texas Shorthorns had Signed 104 Top Texas Blue-Chippers, including Four All-State QuarterbacksFour All-State Running Backs; Four Future NFL Offensive Linemen; and a Future Two-Time All-American Linebacker Tommy Nobis. Coach Catfish said: “It looks like All of The Blue-Chippers in Texas went to Austin this year and We’ve got to play them in our First Game in Austin. I guess I’ll just have to Take all my “Cow-Chippers” to Austin and Beat The Shorthorns.”

And this is when The Gordon Wood Poem first came up. At the end of our first Baylor Cub Practice, all of The Baylor Freshmen Cub “Cow-Chippers” Gave High-Fives and said “Beat The Shorthorns” and The Amazing Fact Was That We really believed that we would Beat Them.

Let me Pause to let you know that not all of The 1962 Catfish “Cow-Chips” are still with us on this Planet.

Mike Dewlen of Amarillo, Texas was an Outstanding Offensive Guard on The 1962 Baylor Cub Team. He Later was a Second Lieutenant in The U. S. Marine Corps, and he Died In Combat in 1968 as a result of his Great, Aggressive Leadership and Courage In The Face of Hostile Action and he was Awarded Posthumously With The Silver Star. The Baylor Wall of Honor was created in 2000 by The Baylor “B” Association Directors to Honor certain Baylor Letterman who have achieved prominence, because of Meritorious Accomplishments in Public or Private life following their Baylor Athletic Careers.

Two other Baylor Cub “Cow-Chips” have also already Passed-Away and they were TE Willie Walker from Carrollton, Texas, who Passed-Away in September of 2007 and OT Ralph Dunlap from Seattle, Washington. Then, Two of my other good friends and Former Roommates, OT Michael Jurecek of Eldorado and TE Jerry Bolen of McKinney, Died a few years ago.

Coach “Catfish” Smith left The Planet in November 1994 at the age of 82 and Six Other Baylor “Cow-Chippers” have also gone on to a Higher Place in Heaven and are now playing again for Coach Catfish Smith, Coach Herb Zimmerman, and Coach Gordon Wood.

Also, I might add that Coach Morris Southall was The Assistant Head Football Coach to Coach Gordon Wood on all Nine of his Texas State Football Championships; and Coach Southall also sent two of his Quarterback Sons, Terry Southall and Si Southall, to Baylor.

Coach Southall also went to Heaven in January of 2013 and Coach Pete Murray also Left The Planet and both Coach Southall and Coach Murray recently got together with Coach Zimmerman, Coach “Catfish” and Coach Gordon Wood To Coach all of the “B” Boys from The Brownwood Lions and The Baylor Bears.

Some interesting things Started to Happen on our Baylor Cub “Cow-Chip” Team. I was an All-State Running Back, but I only weighed 175-pounds and Coach “Catfish” moved me to Flankerback to take advantage of my Great Hands and Great Speed. Our initial Baylor Cubs Starting Lineup looked like this: RE Willie Walker; R-OT Mike Jurecek; R-OG Tommy Schaffner; OC Ralph Dunlap; L-OG Mike Dewlen; L-OT Vance Smith; DE Butch Carroll; and TE Ben Love. Our Starting Backfield was QB Roger Mike Marshall; RB Bucky Bovenzi; FB Mike Wayne Marshall WB Joe Jones; and FLK Max Emfinger.

We had worked out for a couple of weeks, but then Bovenzi got his knee hurt and so Eddie Whiddon Moved-Up from Second Team Running Back to the Bovenzi First Team. After this move, Coach Smith moved me back to Running Back and put me on the Second Team with QB Donnie Laurence.

So now The Second Team looked something like this: FLK Knox Pittard of Mozell; RE Norman Rodgers of Andrews; R-OT Ellington Darden of Conroe; R-OG Dwain Finley of Anson; OC Pete Menefee of Waco; L-OG Mike Thomas of DeLeon; OG Joe George of Mineola; L-OT Tommy Boyd of Abilene; WR Tommy Smith of Corpus Christi; DE Jackie Hackler of Pittsburg; and TE Jerry Bolen of McKinney. The Second Team Backfield included QB Donnie Laurence of Rockdale; RB Max Emfingerand WB Bobby Hunt of Hallsville.

Also remember! In 1962, there was No Such Thing As Two-Platooning. You played “Both-Ways” and so this was only the Starting Lineups on Offense. When your Offense lost the Football, you then played Defense. We could Substitute one player on each play. Laurence was a Super Defensive Player and he would go in for QB Mike Marshall.

So we thought Our Two Teams were Set until one day Coach “Catfish” came to practice and said that The Two “Cow-Chip” Teams were pretty Evenly Matched and that we were going to have a Scrimmage on Saturday and the Winning Team in the Scrimmage would be The Starting Lineup Starters in the Game against The Texas Shorthorns on the Following Thursday at Austin Memorial Stadium.

To be Real Honest! I believe that The Second Team Won the Scrimmage, and Coach “Catfish” also Thought The Same Thing and so We got to be The Starters To-Start the Game in Austin. Except for Donnie Laurence and me, I really do not remember who was on The Second Team, but Both Teams Played about Half of The Game.

On the next Thursday in Austin, as we were warming up, I do remember watching at least Ten or maybe Eleven Texas Shorthorn Full Teams coming onto the Football Field in Memorial Stadium and I also remember one of The Cub “Cow-Chips” Say:

They sure have a lot of players, but, you know-what, They can only play Eleven Players at a Time!” I also remember that Donnie Laurence, Butch Carroll, and were The Defensive Stars in this “Huge-Game”Against The Texas Shorthorns whereas QB Roger Mike Marshall, FB Mike Marshall, WB Joe Jones, RB Eddie Whiddon, and Kicker Tommy Schaffner were the Offensive Stars.

October 12, 1962

The Scrappy Baylor Cubs overcame a Mammoth Texas Shorthorn Line that was destined to play in The NFL with a 13-12 Come-From-Behind Victory at Storied Austin Memorial Stadium. The Baylor Cubs voided the Pass like it was The Plague for the first Three-Quarters, on Thursday Night, but then in the clutch Fourth-Quarter, Clutch Baylor Cub Quarterback Roger Mike Marshall took to the air with telling results as he started passing and led The Baylor Cubs on Their Winning Touchdown Drive.

Mistakes by The Yearlings put The Cubs in motion for both of their scoring drives. Texas Tailback Phil Harris, The All-Stater from San Antonio Jeffersonburst through the line on a quick-trap midway through The Second-Quarter and appeared headed for a long-gainer, but then fumbled the ball.

The First Baylor Cub Touchdown was set up by this huge fumble recovery by Donnie Laurence at mid-field in The Second-Quarter and The Cubs moved 50-Yards on 14 plays to pry-open the door on the night’s scoring. The Baylor Cubs then rode the tough-running of FullBack Mike Marshall, RB Max Emfinger, and RB Eddie Whiddon until Fullback Mike Marshall, a Fullback with the same name of The Cubs Quarterback, Mike Marshall, hit off right tackle and squirmed over for the 3-Yard Touchdown with 5:56 remaining before Halftime.

Shorthorn Defensive End Richard Blakney, from Fort Worth, put-on a big-rush on the conversion-kick and the Tommie Shaffner Kick Failed.

Baylor Cub DE Butch Carroll also made a huge defensive play in That Second-Quarter as he Intercepted a lateral to stop another Shorthorn Drive.

The Yearlings trailed miserably in every department at intermission. In addition to the score, they were behind in first downs 13 to 2, and total offense, 145 to 49.

On another play, Harris broke through right tackle and streaked 45-Yards down the right sideline, before Emfinger Raced from the other Sideline and pulled him down at The Cubs 10-Yard Line. On the next play, Harris ran for One-Yard and a penalty advanced the ball to the 5-Yard line where Harris scored inside right end on the next play to Tie The Score at 6-6 in The Third-Quarter.

The Shorthorns tried to run for the two-point bonus points, but a Pitch-Out from All-State Quarterback Jake David,  from Nederland, Texas wound-up in the enemy hands and The Shorthorns did not get the ball back again until their last possession in The Third-Quarter.

Moving 34-Yards in seven plays, The Shorthorns went ahead, 12-6, on a Leslie Derrick Running Back Touchdown Pass to Wide Receiver Joe Hague, deep in The Corner of The End-Zone. Hague was running all by his lonesome and Derrick, the Houston Milby All-Stater, nailed him with an 18-Yard Pitch.

Quarterback Mike King’s Pass for the Two-Point Conversion was incomplete and it did not look too important until Baylor made its Final move in The Fourth-Quarter.

The Texas Shorthorns were winning 12-6 Early in The Fourth-Quarter, when The Winning Touchdown was Set-Up by The Second Interception of The Game by Max Emfinger, who Intercepted a desperate Phil Harris Running Back Pass at the Texas 35-yard line, and then ran it back to Midfield.

Then in Three Lighting-Quick plays, The Cubs scored The Clincher. The payoff came like a flash on a 30-Yard Marshall Pass to Wingback Joe Jones.

The First Interception by Emfinger, in The Second-Quarter, was an Unbelievable Thing of Beauty as Texas Yearling QB Mike Boxwell was attempting to throw The Football Out of Bounds, and Emfinger Reached-Out, With One-Hand, and Made a One-Handed Interception.

FB Marshall ended with 47-Yards Rushing on 18 carries; while Emfinger finished with 42-Yards on 12 carries. Future All-American Texas Running Back Phil Harris was the Leading Rusher in The Game with 61-Yards on 7 carries, but he also had Two Lost Fumbles and a Pass Interception.

After The Second Emfinger Interception, QB Roger Mike Marshall Completed 6 of 12 Passes for 95-Yards, including the 30-Yard Game-Tying Touchdown Pass to WB Joe Jones.  After The Game Tying Touchdown, OG Tommy Schaffner Kicked the Winning Extra Point with 11:18 left in the game, giving The Baylor Cubs Football Team their First Victory over The Powerful Texas Shorthorns since 1955. – End – AUSTIN AMERICAN STATESMAN

The Unbelievable “Thing” About this Game and The Baylor Cub “Cow-Chips” Victory over The Texas Shorthorn “Blue-Chip” Team was That The Baylor Cubs “Cow-Chips” Team NEVER Thought That They Would Lose This Game.

The Baylor Cubs NEVER won this Game again with The Texas Shorthorns before The SWC Freshmen Teams in The SWC stopped playing each other. A Few Years Later, No Big-12 Freshman Teams ever played Again.

This Shorthorn Team was Billed by The Media as being The Greatest Shorthorn Team ever assembled and it included at least 12 Future NFL Star Players, including QB Mike Boxwell of Dumas; LB Tommy Nobis and RB Phil Harris of San Antonio Jefferson; RB Leslie Derrick of Houston Milby; QB/DB Jake David of Nederland; OC Jack Howe of Houston Spring Branch; OG Tom Currie of Houston Lamar; OG Buddy Alldredge of Sweetwater; OT Jerry Oliver of Freeport; and OT Diron Talbert of Texas City. David and Alldredge later became Good Friends of Mine.

After beating The Shorthorns, Coach Smith finally Selected a Starting Lineup against The Texas A&M Fish which included the Following Players: QB Roger Mike Marshall or Donnie Laurence; RB Max Emfinger; FB Mike Wayne Marshall; WB Joe Jones; TE Willie Walker; WR Jerry Bolen; OT Mike Jurecek and Vance Smith; OG Mike Dewlen and Tommy Schaffner; and OC Ralph Dunlap or Pete Menefee.

The Aggie Fish Game was played in Waco at Baylor Stadium on Thursday October 19, 1962. It was also another win for The Baylor Cub “Cow-Chips” as they beat The Texas A&M Fish 10-7 to start off with an amazing 2-0 record for Coach “Catfish” Smith. Our Hearts and Prayers go out to Six of our Baylor Cub “Cow-Chip” Teammates, that I am aware of, who Started the Game against The Texas A&M Freshmen. Those Super Six “Cow-Chips” who have joined Coach “Catfish” Smith in Heaven include: Willie Walker, Jerry Bolen, Mike Jurecek, Mike Dewlen, Tommy Schaffner, and Ralph Dunlap.The 1962 All-Southwest Conference Freshman Team


In voting, The Six Head Coaches who played against each other were requested to not vote for any of their players and Arkansas and Texas Tech were not included. The Voting Freshman Head Coaches included: Coach George Carlisle of Rice; Coach Dick Johnson of Texas A&M; Coach Fred Taylor of TCU; Coach “Sleepy” Morgan of SMU; Coach Bob Schultz of Texas, and of course Coach “Catfish” Smith of Baylor.

QB Mac White of SMU and Kent Nix of TCU; RB Gene Walker of Rice and Phil Harris of Texas; FB Mike Marshall of Baylor and James Hodges of SMU; TE/DE David Schwarz of Rice and Willie Walker of Baylor; DE/TE Joe Ball of TCU and Harold Fletcher of Texas A&M; OT Jerry Oliver of Texas and Tommy Overstreet of Texas A&M; OG Tommy Schaffner of Baylor and Mac Lamb of TCU; OC Craig Christopher of Rice and Pete Menefee of Baylor; DT/OT Mike Jurecek of Baylor and Harold Majors of SMU; LB Tommy Nobis of Texas and Leroy Ryza of Rice; and DB Max Emfinger of Baylor and Richard Stark of SMU.

Gene Walker of Rice was Voted as The Most Outstanding Offensive Back, getting Four Votes to two for Mac White. Walker pounded SMU  for 110-Yards and Texas for 137-Yards before being injured. Jerry Oliver of Texas received three votes at Offensive Tackle and was The Most Outstanding Lineman; while Tom Currie of Texas; Harold Majors of SMU; and David Schwartz of Rice each got one vote. At Offensive Guard, Tommy Schaffner of Baylor and Mac Lamb of TCU had one-vote margins.

For the first time in The Seven-Year History of The Freshman All-SWC, the Starting Backfield was pretty clear with QB Mac White of SMU; RB Gene Walker of Rice; RB Phil Harris of Texas; and FB Mike Marshall of Baylor. At Defensive Back, Max Emfinger (#22) led in The Defensive Voting with four votes as he had 31 tackles and four Interceptions in Five games, including two Interceptions and eight tackles against Texas.


About maxemfingerrecruiting

My mission and goal is to search for that hidden high school football talent that has not been found yet. I then evaluate him and try to help him to get some publicity. In 2003, 2004, 2005. and 2006, I hosted my Annual 7on7 National Championship. My goal was to get great athletes to one area where I could evaluate them and then help them with college coaches. The only drawback was that college coaches wanted to see the hidden gems in a game-type highlight film and so the college coaches suggested to me that I host a real All-American Bowl Game so that they could view these talented players in a highlight film, playing against other talented players. It's noted that the NCAA doesn't allow the college coaches to attend All-American Games or practices and so the Game Film is a great tool for the college coaches. In 2005, I hosted my 1st Annual All-American Bowl Game. In nine games in nine years, my wife and I have helped 549 HS football players to get a scholarship that came to our first Bowl Game practice without a single scholarship offer. This also does not count over 1,000 players who we have helped that did not play in our game, including over 100 players in the 2010 Recruiting Season. My Super Elite Top Gun Camp idealogy, is of course, to get as many Top Football Players to a Top Gun Camp so that all of my coaches and I can evaluate them, rate them, rank them, and promote them. There will always be "Diamonds in the Rough" to be found. My First Annual Max Emfinger's Super Elite Top Gun Camp was in July of 2010. The Camp was amazing and loaded with unknown and known talent. Many of them were invited to play in our 2011 All-American Bowl Game Classic. In 2007, in my 3rd Annual All-American Bowl Game, a player by the name of Kareem Jackson came to our first Monday practice, without a single scholarship offer. Jackson decided to come out early and he became a #1 Draft Choice in the 2010 NFL Draft for the Houston Texans.
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