Most Americans Are Not Aware Of How The FabFour of Trump, Pence, Sessions, and Gorsuch Will Save America. By Max Emfinger American Patriot

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By Max Emfinger – American Patriot 

When Donald Trump and Mike Pence were Elected President and Vice President, Trump Promptly Appointed Judge Neil Gorsuch to become our Ninth Supreme Court Justice and then Appointed Senator Jeff Sessions as our Attorney General. With these Two Nominations by President Donald Trump, the Future of America just might have been Saved from further Communist Practices, including Gun Control Laws, Common Core in our Schools, Sanctuary Cities, Law and Order Police Departments, and Sharia Law.

Gorsuch became our Ninth Member of our current Supreme Court, filling a seat Vacanted for more than a year after Justice Antonin Scalia was Murdered, about a year ago. By becoming our Ninth Supreme Court Justice, we will now have a Constitutional Conservative “Rule-Of-Law” Judge, on the Supreme Court, that will Preserve our Freedom and Uphold Our Constitution and our Constitutional Rights on Every Supreme Court Decision. OK! Lets Look at the Facts!

Conservative Donald Trump  “Promptly Appointed” Gorsuch and so why is this Appointment so Important to the American People?

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Conservative Neil Gorsuch, and his Wife, Marie Louise, as Gorsuch is being Sworn-In by Justice Anthony Kennedy, to become Member of the Supreme Court.

In the Last Eight Years, most of the American People are not even Aware that our Country has become a Communist Country, under the Direction of Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and Susan Rice.

Under a Full-Blown Communism State, our Children have been Under a Socialist  “Common-Core” System where our Students have been Indoctrinated and Brainwashed with Lies and with Unfounded Principals.

The Indoctrination of Common Core will not improve our Students in the American K-12 Education. It is a Socialist, Communist experiment that will impose an inflexible, one-size-fits-all, egalitarian education scheme on all of our Children in America.  It Drastically Harms the way both Math and English is taught, and it Completely Violates the sacred Right of Parents to have a say in their Children are Educated.

EXAMPLE: I live in Louisiana and at Present, the School Systems are Under Communist Common Common. I have a 10-Year Old Niece who is a Straight “A” Student in a Private School. My Wife and I went to her 10th Birthday and we both gave her a Birthday Card and in the Birthday Card, we both Wrote her a Nice Note in Cursive about her Birthday.

She Promptly handed the Birthday Cards to her Mother and I asked her why she did not Read what we had written and she told us that she could not read them, because they were Written in Cursive and she could not Read Cursive, which means she also can not Write In Cursive.

Every American Patriotic should Vigorously Reject Common Core, and President Donald Trump is already Working-On Getting Rid of Common Core, where as if Hillary Clinton would have become President, she would have Poured Millions of Dollars in it to Keep it in all of the American School Systems.

But back to The Honorable Neil M. Gorsuch!

Communist Barack Obama used Communist China, which has Very Strict Gun Control Laws as his Example and Illustration for the Benefits of Changing our Gun Control Laws when he took over the Country and Hillary Clinton has the same Sol Alinsky Gun Control Beliefs. Both Obama and Hillary Proposed Global Gun Control Laws for the United Nations.

Both Obama and Hillary Clinton say that they want to Take Our Guns so that they can Protect Us, but in fact, what they want is to Take Our Guns so that they can Enslave Us and Destroy Our Country.

It is a Proven Fact that when Law-Abiding Citizens are Armed With Guns, the Threat of a Tyrant Take-Over can be Repelled and Turned-Away; and Obama knew this and that is why he tried, for Eight Years, to Take Our Guns. Obama continued to threaten our Gun Rights with Executive Action by Trying to “Chip-Away” at our Privacy Gun Control Laws and Hillary Clinton, as a Communist Gun-Control Globalist, if Elected President, would Execute the same Gun Control Laws, as Obama, with her Executive Action and Similar to the Secret  United Nations Gun Control Laws.

It should also come as no surprise that the Communist Party USA was on board with the President Obama Absurd Gun Control Law Plan to attack the Americans’ right to keep and bear arms as a means to “End Gun Violence” which is a Cardinal Feature of all Communist Regimes and like all Dictatorships.

If Hillary Clinton had of become President, she had a plan to Take Away All Of Our Guns!  If Congress refused to act, Hillary would have taken “Administrative Action” on Gun Control, her Campaign Constantly Boasted. As President Clinton, she would have Relied on the Executive Action Power of the Presidency to further Gun Control, but that would have little chance of becoming Law.

Hillary Clinton took Millions of Donation Dollars from Communist Countries with Sharia Law and her Goal as a “Pay-Back” was to make America a Sharia Country and by making her best Muslim Brotherhood Girl Friend, Huma Abedin, as her Secretary of State, and Hillary and Huma would be able to continue to make America a Communist Country, but now with Sharia Law!

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With the massive influx of Muslims that are Immigrating to the United States, there are more and more State and Local Courts that are facing the Introduction of the Sharia Law Principles in their Courtroom, with the result that some States are trying to take Legal Action to ensure that the United States Constitution will Continue to be the United States Law of the Land.

Alabama has become the most recent State to prohibit Sharia Law or Religious Law that might violate the Constitutional Rights of their Citizens.  Alabama joined Six other States with similar Foreign Religious Law Bans, including Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Dakota, and Tennessee.

Such Grassroot State Bans have drawn Severe Criticism from Muslim Groups, specifically from the Council on American-Islamic Relations or CAIR, claiming they are Discriminatory and Islamophobic. CAIR, however, is an American Communist Muslim Brotherhood Group who is Responsible for many of the Illegal Immigrants that are Crossing our Borders Illegally.

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This Past Tuesday, our Newly Appointed United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions explained to Sean Hannity on Fox News Channel just how our Border Security has Drastically Changed since President Donald Trump took office!

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US Attorney General Jeff Sessions Tours United States-Mexico Border-Crossing on April 11 in Nogales, Arizona!

Sessions also went on to add that it was the Intention of the Attorney General and the Trump Administration to send this Message to Any and All Illegal Immigrants and Illegal Aliens , trying to “Cross-The-Border” that the Border is not Open to them. “The Most Important Thing for us is to send a Message to the Entire World that Our Borders are not open, so Please Do Not Come and if you do come, you will be Apprehended and you will Promptly be Deported. Also, if You Are a Criminal, You Will be Prosecuted,” said Sessions.

“If you are Trying to Cross our Border and you Assault Our Officers, we are going to come at you with a “Ton of Bricks” and this is the kind of message that we will need to send and it is already being sent and with a Dramatic Effect so far.”

“I knew that a Strong Presidential Leadership, unlike the “Wishy-Washiness” that we have seen in the past Obama Administration would impact the flow, but not as much as we have already seen. The Numbers of Attempted Border Crossings are down 70 Per-Cent since President Obama left office. It is really an Unbelievably  remarkable achievement!” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Sessions also met with Law Enforcement, Military Members, and Border Patrol Agents in Nogales, Arizona, urging their Confidence in the Trump Administration as they push to Implement and Enforce Border Policies, working with Border Agents, to Secure the United States Southern Border. The tone of his comments at times echoed the explicit rhetoric President Trump himself used when discussing Illegal Immigration and Mexican Cartels during the campaign.

“When we talk about MS-13 and Mexican Cartels, what do we mean? We mean International Criminal Organizations that turn Cities and Suburbs into War-Zones, that includes the Rape and Killing of  Innocent Civilians, and who profit by  the Smuggling of Poison, Drugs, and other Human Beings Across Our Borders!

Sessions also issued a Memo to all United States Attorneys asking all of the Federal Prosecutors to renew Their Focus on Immigration and Border-Crossing Enforcement. Sessions also asked them to focus on Particular Offenses that can help Prevent and Deter Illegal Immigration and for each Federal Prosecutor to Designate a Border-Crossing Security Coordinator to oversee all of these efforts.

“Can you believe that we have had the Lowest Number of Border Crossing at the Border in 17-Years? This is the direct result of Strong Donald Trump Clear Leadership that has an Immediate Impact!



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