Is Heisman Candidate Derrius Guice Better Than Leonard Fournette? By Super Scout Max Emfinger


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Is Heisman Trophy Candidate Derrius Guice Better Than Leonard Fournette?
By Super Scout Max Emfinger

It’s Pretty Unbelievable, that a Major College Football Team could have a Heisman Trophy Candidate at the Same Running Back Position for Three Consecutive Years, but after having Leonard Fournette as a Heisman Candidate in 2015 and 2016, LSU will have another Heisman Trophy Running Back Candidate in Derrius Guice (#5 in Photo) in 2017. I also saw both of these High School All-American Running Backs play in High School and they both were Phenomenal Phenoms in Every Single Game that they Played-In.

Fournette and Guice were also the Best Player on the Football Field in Every Single Game, that they Played-In and Obviously they have been the Best Player on the Football Field in College. Oh Wait! Except when they were both on the Field at the same time for LSU.

I met Fournette of New Orleans St Augustine High School, after his Fabulous High School Freshman Football Season in which he Rushed for an Incredible 2,500-Yards and Scored 30 Touchdowns. Also, Fournette became the First Freshman Football Player to be offered a Scholarship by the LSU Tigers, and he Finished his High School Career with an Amazing 7,619-Yards and 88 Touchdowns.

Then, after Signing with LSU, as possibly the #1 Player in the 2014 Recruiting Class, Fournette quickly became a Household Name, during his Freshman Season when he Rushed for over 1,000-Yards and Scored 10 Touchdowns.

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Super Running Backs #5 Derrius Guice and  Leonard Fournette #7 

In 2015, as an LSU Sophomore, the Tigers started off with a 7-0 Record and they were Ranked in the Top 5 in the Country, with Fournette leading the way as their Heisman Trophy Candidate, but Alabama Completely Stopped-Him, but he still Finished with Outstanding Numbers with 1,953-Yards Rushing and 23 Touchdowns.

Heading into the 2016 Football Season, most all of the talk Around the SEC and about the LSU Tigers and their Backfield was whether or not Leonard Fournette should or would Sit-Out the Football Season to preserve himself for the 2017 NFL Draft. Unfortunately, Fournette decided to play Football in his 2016 Junior Football Season and it was completely Riddled by Nagging Injuries, but an Unbelievable New Super-Star Emerged for the Tigers.

At the End of the 2016 Football Season, The New Super-Star, Derrius Guice wasn’t only the best Running Back on his own LSU Football Team; but he just might be the best Running Back in the Entire Country.

If you look at the 2016 Football Season and compare the Two Running Backs, you can see that it would be a very close call. Fournette and Guice both Started Six Games in that 2016 Season. Guice Averaged 7.6-Yards Per Carry; while Fournette Averaged 6.5-Yards Per Carry. This was Very Close and you must remember that both of these Super-Stars were being “Keyed-On” on every single play.

In his Six Games, Guice also Set an LSU Single-Game Rushing Record and also scored 15 Touchdowns; while Fournette Scored Eight Touchdowns.  With these Incredible Stats, Guice finished the 2016 Season as one of the Best Running Backs in the Country.

Another Intriguing Comparion between Fournette and Guice is very Interesting. Fournette missed four games in 2016 and in those four games, Guice Rushed for 765-Yards and he had almost as many Yards as Fournette had in his Entire 2016 Season.

Then, in the 2016 Citrus Bowl Game, Guice Rushed for 138-Yards, including a Beautiful 70-Yard Touchdown Run and he also caught a Touchdown Pass as the #20 LSU Tigers UPSET #13 Louisville Cardinals, by a 29-9 Score and their Heisman Trophy Award Winning Quarterback Lamar Jackson. In that Game, Guice Completely “Over-Shadowed” Jackson, who was also Sacked Eight Times by the Super Tiger Defense and the Cards did not Score a Touchdown.

Another Fact about Fournette and Guice is that these Two Running Backs are Two of the Most Impressive Physical Specimen Freaks in the Country in the Weight Room.

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As a True Sophomore, Guice will not be Eligible for the 2017 NFL Draft, but he would be Eligible for the 2018 NFL Draft. Guice did, however, already look like a Typical #1 Draft Choice. As a Freshman in 2015, Guice, playing behind Fournette, showed flashes of his Dynamic Running Back Ability, carrying the ball only 51 Times, but Averaging an Incredible 8.5-Yards Per Carry. Then in 2016, he maintained a similar Average Per Carry, but then he Took-Over the Running Back Load from Fournette and Totally Led the Great LSU Tiger Offense.

So now, The “Heisman-Talk” about Derrius Guice!

In his Career, Guice has Racked-Up 1,249-Yards on just 157 Carries, and Scored 14 Touchdowns. He’s also Rushed for 150-Yards five times in the 2016 Season, including Two Performances of more than 250-Yards in Three Games. Regarding that last stat, Guice is in Pretty Great Company:

View image on TwitterBo Jackson #34, Herschel Walker #34, Moe Williams #10, and Derrius Guice #5 Are The only SEC Players in History to have Multiple 250-Yard Rushing Games!

The latest Super Guice Game was Thanksgiving Night in College Station, with Millions of Fans Watching, against Texas A&M, Guice broke Fournette’s freshly set LSU School Record for Single-Game Rushing-Yards, as he Rushed for 285-Yards and a Career-High Four Touchdowns, as the Tigers rolled to a 54-39 Victory over Texas A&M.

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