Obama Sent Guns to Muslim Brotherhood in Syria! By Max Emfinger


Obama Has Already Sents Guns To Muslim Brotherhood in Syria!
By Max Emfinger

We are still living in an Upside Down World and our President and our Congress are the two biggest examples. Obama is running around all over the World trying to get other countries to back him in his threat for Military Force in Syria and thus potentially start a War with Syria. And he has most all of the Anti-War Liberals and RINO’s jumping on-board to Support him.

Obama and the White House lied about Benghazi then and are still lying about Benghazi and now, Obama and his White House are also lying about Syria. These lying aids include Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and of course RINO House Speaker John Boehner, RINO Senator John McClain, and RINO Senator Lindsey Graham.

I’m sure, by now, everyone has heard about the Shameless John McClain who was playing Poker on his I-Phone during the Three and a Half hours of Congressional Hearings about Syria. The U.S. Congress will soon vote on whether the country should send Missiles into Syria, intervening in a war that has already claimed the lives of over 100,000 innocent people.

In a Right-Side World, you would think that this important matter before the Congress would at least command some great attention, but as the Senate was conducting the hearing to discuss the details of the strike, and the arguments for and against it, RINO Senator John McCain took out his i-Phone and played Poker because he said he was bored. I’m sure he made all of his Constituents really Proud in Arizona.

Everyone of them are lying again about the real Truth about Syria and the Sad Thing is that Syria is either Indirectly or Directly related to Benghazi and we all know how that has turned out. All of the Guns used in the Benghazi Massacre were American Guns and this is one of the Obama and Congress biggest Coverups.

A few months before the Benghazi Massacre, the New York Times reported that our CIA had been working with Lybia and Turkey in Running-Guns to the Syria Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Rebels.

There also was a ship, The Lutfallah II, that sailed from America to Turkey with 400 Tons of Weapons on the ship to give to the Muslim Brotherhood who supplied them to the Syrian Rebels

There are some shocking facts that have not been brought up for fear of hurting King Obama, David Axelrod, Eric Holder, and Hillary Clinton. Obama and the White House are still trying to hide something in the “Real Benghazi Coverup” that can not get out to the American People?

And now! Obama wants to help his Muslim Brotherhood Friends again by sending more help to hurt their Syrian enemy, President Basher Al-Assad.

The truth is that before BenghaziKing Obama and our United States Congress had a “Gun-Running Operation” to the Syrian and Lybian Terrorists. The big question right now: was it done legally or illegally? If it was done legally, then there are eight congressmen, four Dems and four GOP, who knew about it. If it was done, illegally, then we need to know who authorized it.

If it was done legally, then Senator Diane Feinstein knew all about it and if it was done illegally, then she needed to know about it. Either way, these United States Congressmen are politically motivated to keep it quiet, but by doing so, they are committing Treason to the highest degree.

Side NoteDiane Feinstein fights Congress and the American People Everyday to Grab Our Guns, but then works hard in helping to supply the Lybian and Syrian Terrorists with Massive Guns to fight America and the Al-Qaeda Terrorists.

When we were talking about FastAndFuriousGate, we were talking about King Obama and Eric Holder giving away or selling guns to the Mexican Mafia to kill Americans and Mexicans, with the intention and goal that the Obama White House could shock the American People and then demand to Ban all of our Guns and this is still their plan for the Obama Second Term.

 With that ship sailing to Turkey, with 400 Tons of Guns, we’re talking about a FastAndFurious situation that is 1,000 times worse than the original FastAndFurious. If the American People found out that these guns that were used in the Benghazi Terrorist Attack were supplied by our own CIA, I believe that King Obama would have a few questions that he could not answer, although he and Holder would continue to lie and lie and lie.

Also, from very reliable sources, Obama had 13 reports on his desk on the morning after the Terrorist Attack and not one single report had anything about an anti-Muhammed video that caused the Benghazi Attack. So the bottom line is that Obama and our CIA supplied all of the guns to the Syrian and Lybian Terrorists that killed our four Americans.

And the sad thing is that all of the dead people and alive people that voted for Obama are getting Free Food, Free Housing, and Free Phones, and they do not care if Obama lies, steals, or kills, as long as they continue to get their Food, Housing, and Phones.

One more piece of information that has been uncovered is that Sean Smith sent numerous emails out that stated that he was in “Huge Danger” and if he did not make it back home, for us to check-out the “Lybian Police” that were supposed to be guarding him.

Recently, another piece of shocking information about Obama and the White House is that Russia is now reporting that The Muslim Brotherhood has 400 of our Surface to Air Stinger Missiles. Since we still are using The Muslim Brotherhood to arm the Syrian Rebels, do not be surprised if they are not used on us in the future.

In fact, another 9-11 is coming-up very soon. What if your Son or Daughter is Flying to see you and one of the Muslim Terrorist decides to use one of his Stinger Missiles to blow up the Plane that your Son or Daughter is on?

Obama is really concerned about these Missiles. Right now, he is going to Russia to talk to the Gay Community about not being able to participate in the Olympics.

President Richard Nixon was not impeached in Watergate for the Crime, but he was impeached because of the Massive Watergate Coverup.

This is one reason why Obama let Ambassador Chris Stevens and NAVY SEAL Ty Woods and Navy Seal Glen Doherty die, because Obama, Holder, Axelrod, and the White House did not want the American People to find out that the Syrian Terrorists were using our guns to kill our own American People.

Mr. Obama is so disingenuious when he is talking about my dead son,” said Charles Woods on a recent Sean Hannity Show. Mr Obama has not once contacted us and he’s lying when he says that he has contacted us.”

Charles Woods also described his brief encounter with President Obama during the ceremony for the Libya victims. “Even at the graveside funeral for Ty and Glen, Mr. Obama would not look at me straight in the face. The CIA Timeline shows that everyone knew that Ty was asking for help and that he did not get it,” Woods further stated to Hannity.

“When he finally came over to me at the Funeral, I could tell that he was rather conflicted, a person who was not at peace,” Woods said. “Shaking hands with him, quite frankly, was like shaking hands with a Dead Fish. His face was pointed towards me, but he would not look me in the eye, his eyes were over my shoulder.”

“I could tell that he was not sorry,” Woods added. “And Obama had no remorse.”

My personal opinion is that Obama is faking his outrage over the four dead Americans, because he is trying to hide something and he then will always change the subject.

“What do you think that the American People and NAVY SEALS would think if they all knew that Ty Woods and Glen Dothery were killed by American Guns used by the Syrian Terrorists?”

In Conclusion, we now know that Obama and the White House are still hiding a Massive Benghazi Coverup and this Massive Coverup that they are hiding is bigger than the BenghaziGate Coverup and many times greater than The Watergate Coverup.

Obama has actually told some people in Syria and other parts of the World that he is STILL a Muslim and he has added Six Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist to his White House Staff, so there is little doubt as to where his real loyaly is and where it will remain. So if we let Obama send more help to his Muslim Brotherhood Friends in Syria, we might never get out this without going to War and it might be WWIII.

Also, a New Threat is on the Horizon. Since they have stated that they want to Kill Us, Iran is supposed to be our Real Enemy and they have incorporated a new plan to Attack the United States of America. The Iranians know that Obama has no plans to Secure the Southern Borders, their plan of attack is to Infiltrate America with their Invisable Army through the Mexico Borders. Nuff Said!


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