Our 13th Annual 2017 All-American Bowl Game Could be the Best Ever!

2017 Strawberry Stadium13th Annual 2017 All-American Bowl Game Classic – December 31, 2016
Strawberry Stadium – Southeastern University – Hammond, Louisiana 

If you are putting together an All-American Bowl Game, there are a few things that you have got to remember. First of all, if you are going to run a Spread Passing Offense, you have got to have Shotgun Center Snappers and if you don’t have them, then you are in Trouble. In our 2008 All-American Bowl Game, the West Team had three Shotgun Center Snappers, on the Big Board, but one did not show-up and another one got hurt in the First Practice, leaving only one Center Snapper and although he could Shotgun Center Snap, he could not Center Snap on Punts, and since the West Team could not Punt, they Lost 42-0. The West Team Coach Never Told me until after the Game.

Then, if you are going to Run a Passing Spread Offense and you are trying to get the Football to your All-American Wide Receivers, you have got to have a Dropback Passing Quarterback. And then, if you can Pass the Football, then you also can hand the Football off to your All-American Running Backs and everyone is happy as they are making “Big-Plays” and scoring Touchdowns on their way to having a Great Time and a Big Victory.

In the 2015 All-American Bowl Game, we had three Dropback Passers on both teams, on the Big Board, before we got to the Hotel, but when only one of them showed-up for both teams, both Teams Still had one Great Passing Quarterback and the East Team Won 31-28 in the Most Exciting Game Ever and everyone on Offense on both teams was Extremely Happy.

So this brings us our Latest 2016 All-American Bowl Game in what became one of  the Most Incredible Defensive Games that I have ever seen or even heard of; if you know the Facts behind why it was such a Great Defensive Game.

First of all, Two Weeks before the First Practice, both the East Team and West Team had Three Dropback Passing Quarterbacks on the Big Board. Then One West Team Passing Quarterback and Two East Team Passing Quarterbacks Cancelled, so we replaced them with Athletic Quarterbacks, but not Dropback Quarterbacks, leaving both Teams with Three Quarterbacks for the 2016 Game.

At our First Practice on Wednesday, The East Team still had the Three Athletic Quarterbacks, but Two of the West Team Dropback Quarterbacks did not show-up or call us to let us know they was not coming, leaving Head Coach John Fourcade with only one Quarterback. We also found out at Practice that only One of Three Tight Ends Showed-up.  On Wednesday Night, after our Second Practice, Coach Fourcade and other West Team Coaches spent Five or Six Hours trying to find a couple Passing Quarterbacks.

At 11:00 P.M., one Local Area Quarterback and his Tight End showed-up and I put both of them on the Big Board. Then just before we went to Practice on Thursday Morning, QB Aaron Feazelle of Kiln Hancoack County, Mississippi showed-up and joined QB Daron Williams of Napoleonville Assumption, Louisiana on the West Team. Oh Yes! The Local Quarterback and Tight End did not show-up for Practice on Thursday and we never saw them again. But at least the West Team had Two Passing Quarterbacks.

During the week of Practice, I made Friends with East Team Defensive Tackle Mark Spicer of Covington St Paul. Then on Friday Night, Spicer and Two of his Defensive Teammates came-up to me at my Big Board in the Lobby of the Hotel. “Mr. Max, who has the best team and who do you think will win on Saturday,” Spicer asked.

“Both Teams are Outstanding with Incredible Talent, but the Key to Victory is how the Quarterbacks do in the Game. The East Team has Three Great Athletic Quarterbacks. If they can not pass, they might be able to run, but if they can not get the Football to any of their Great Receiver and Running Backs, then they are not going to be successful, which is the to a Key to an East Victory. If you and your Defensive Players can not put pressure on the Two West Team Quarterbacks, it could be a Key for a West Team Victory.”


With the Fabulous West Team Defensive Ends putting-on an Incredible Pass Rush, the East Team Quarterbacks were having a hard time getting the football off, giving the West Team Secondary a chance to be Super-Stars. On two straight plays, in the second quarter, Juwan Johnson of Port Allen made two Bone-Crunching Tackles and a Pass Breakup. His Port Allen Teammate Kevin Ransom had two tackles and caused a fumble that Tre’Veon Epps, of Southern Lab, picked-up the Football and ran Six-Yards down to the 28-Yard Line, to give the West Team Great Field Position.

With this Great Field Position, the West Team and Bowl Game MVP QB Daron Williams of Napoleonville Assumption, LA hit WR Darnell Williams of New Orleans McMain, LA on a 11-Yard Touchdown Pass and then with the Landry Extra Point; the West Team went ahead 14-0. Then, on the Ensuing Kickoff, with 5:59 Left in the Second Quarter, East Team Super-Star Devin White Returned the Football 72-Yards, giving the East Team a chance to Score and get back into the Game, but the West Team Defense Rose-Up again and put on the Stops with Two More Tackles for Losses and went ahead 14-0 at Halftime.

Eric Lewis of LaPlace St Charles Catholic also Recorded an Interception in a Defensive Secondary that allowed an Incredible One-Yard Passing for the Entire Game.  One East Team Quarterback had a Minus Six-Yards Passing and another East Team Quarterback had a Minus Nine-Yards. East Team QB Desmond Hunter Completed 3 of 10 for 16-Yards.

At the Start of the Game, it was Obvious that the Defensive Ends, including Jahaziel Lee and Cordell Jones of Ponchatoula, Louisiana and Carlos Chester, Jr of Manor, Texas were not going to be able to be blocked by anyone and they were going to play Havoc with the East Team Quarterbacks and their Offensive Blockers. Linebackers Adrian Hunter of Manor, Texas and Tanner Wiggins of Central Catholic, Louisiana had Six Tackles. Hunter had a Tackle for a Loss; while Wiggins had Two Pass Breakups with one resulting in an Interception.


DE Jahaziel Lee – 12 Tackles, 5 Solo, 3 TFL, 2 Sacks, 2 QB Hurries
DE Carlos Chester, Jr – 9 Tackles, 5 Solo, 2.5 Sacks
DE Cordell Jones – 8 Tackles, 3 Solo, 2 TFL, 1 Sack, 2 QB Hurries
FS Kevin Ransom – 8 Tackles, 2 TFL, 2 Pass Breakups, 1 FF
LB Tanner Wiggins – 6 Tackles, 2 Pass Breakups
LB Adrian Hunter – 6 Tackles, 1 TFL
CB Juwan Johnson – 6 Tackles, 2 Pass Breakups
CB Eric Lewis – 5 Tackles, One Interception
FS Tre’Veon Epps – 5  Tackles, Fumble Recovery
LB John McGowan – 5 Tackles, 1 TFL
DT Ben Mason – 5 Tackles, 3 Solo and 2 Assists
LB Casper Williams – 5 Tackles, 1 Pass Breakup
LB/DE Kaelan Onezine – 5 Tackles
DE Justin Wade – 5 Tackles, 1 QB Hurry


One Quarterback – Completed 3 of 10 For 16-Yards
One Quarterback – Completed 1 of 1 For Minus Six-Yards
One Quarterback – Completed 3 of 5 For Minus Nine-Yards

As you can see! The 2016 West Team took full advantage of the East Team and their inability to Pass the Football as they Recorded only One-Yard Passing. Also, Three All-American Wide Receivers, Calif Gossett of Pensacola, FL; while Hunter Campbell and Zachary Catoe of Lugoff-Elgin, SC, were not able to catch a single pass.


One of my Great All-American Bowl Game Coaching Friends, Coach C.J. Maiden, has just become the Baton Rouge Tara Offensive Coordinator and he has done some Miracles again with his New Skill Team Players in this current Summer 7on7 Competition.

Before taking over as Offensive Coordinator for Tara High School, his Coaching Career spanned over Four Decades and with many teams across the country. At each coaching stop, Coach Maiden has been known for making an impact and touching the lives of young Football Players. In the past, he spent time coaching Arena Football Teams, including the Houma Bayou Bucks and Houma Conquerors and then last year at Houma Ellender High School. In 2014, Coach Maiden was Inducted into the Minor League Football Hall of Fame.

Maiden has served in the coaching ranks for 42 Years, and he has held successful stops with various Minor League Football Teams during his career, including the Kenner Knights, Hammond Thunder, and Mississippi Firedogs. Coach Maiden also holds the title as the “Winningest Coach in Minor League Football History” with a record of 257 Wins and 42 Losses with Four Championships.

OK! So what about his Tara Quarterback Freak?

Last week, LSU had a Huge 7on7 and Lineman Camp and Coach Maiden invited me to come watch his Quarterback and Wide Receiver; plus another Slot Receiver and Offensive Linemen from Houma South Terrebonne.

First of all, the Weather was great, but Super Hot at about 100 Degrees. The First Two Hours, they had Drills for all of the Positions and they did not start the 7on7 until 12:00 in he Hottest Part of the Day.

In the First 7on7 Game for Tara, Super-Star Quarterback Patrick Arnold (6-4, 200, 4.6) threw a Touchdown Pass on the First Play of the Game. The Pass Pattern was a Super Quick Skinny Post. Then he ran the same play again for the Extra Point. So now, he’s Completed 2 for 2 for a 45-Yard Touchdown and a Three-Yard Extra Point.

Arnold might be the Most Impressive 7on7 Quarterback that I have seen in recent years. In four Tara 7on7 Series, Arnold Completed either 14 of 16 or 17 of 19. I only saw two Incomplete Passes. One pass was a little high and the other Incomplete Pass was dropped by the Wide Receiver. Arnold then led his Tara Team to the 7on7 Championship Game where they lost in the Championship.

Two other 0f my Great All-American Bowl Game Coaches, Gary Cowart and Brett Bennett, are Coaching another Quarterback Freak at Pensacola Pine Forest in Florida named Xavier Saulsberry. Saulsberry (#15) is a Southpaw and he has a Super Strong Passing Arm, but he might be the Strongest Quarterback in the Country with an Incredible 375 Bench Press and a 425 Squat to his Credit.

Saulsberry (6-1, 228, 4.62, 32, 4.41, 118, 30) also has one of the Best MEARS RATING of any High School Football Player in the Country, with a 2,426 MEARS and he probably has the Best MEARS RATING for any Quarterback.

The Third Quarterback is Venchenza McCray of McComb, Mississippi who is another Super Athlete who can play a lot of Positions at the Next Level, including Quarterback, Free Safety, and Strong Safety. In 2014, as a Super Sophomore, McCray (#2) started his First Game of his Career in the Season Opener and he Rushed for Three Touchdowns against Vicksburg in the Vicksburg Red Carpet Classic to lead the Tigers to a 26-21 Victory.

McCray (6-3, 190, 4.56, 32, 4.4, 118) will Play Quarterback, along with Saulsberry for the East Team in our All-American Bowl Game.

And the Fourth Quarterback who has been Found and Invited is Elijah Walker of Amite, Louisiana. Walker ( 6-2 200 4.6 37 4.3 118) has a Really Strong Passing Arm and he is Very Athletic. Walker would Team with Arnold of Tara on the West All-American Bowl Game Team.

I also have found Three Great Left Offensive Tackles in Justin Henderson (6-8, 330, 5.3, 28, 5.0) of Denham Springs, Louisiana; L-OT or L-OG Everett Rodrigue (6-4, 290, 5.0, 28, 4.8) of Houma Terrebonne, Louisiana; and L-OT Dalton Hoover (6-6, 310, 5.0, 28) of Pearl River, LA.

2017 offensive lineman stands 6-7 and weighs 325. OT Justin Henderson of IMG Academy, FL and Denham Springs, LA 

The Justin Henderson Story is one of the Most Unusual Stories that I have ever heard of in 40-Years of Scouting Players.  Justin has three older Brothers and they were all Great Football Players. I know his oldest Brother, Josh Henderson, who may be our 2017 West Team Chaplain.

Joe Henderson and Jon Henderson both played and graduated from Denham Springs High School, a Suburb of Baton Rouge, a few years before Justin got into High School. His other Brother, Jon, was only two years ahead of Justin.

When Jon was a Junior Football Player at Denham Springs, he was Outstanding  and IMG Academy in Florida came to Denham Springs to Recruit him to play for their IMG Team as a Senior. When the IMG Coaches got to Denham Springs, to Recruit Jon, they thought that Justin, who had just finished his Freshman Year, was the Better Prospect and so they Offered him a Scholorship, instead of Jon, and he accepted it for his Sophomore Season.

Even as a Super Sophomore, Justin Henderson was always the biggest and best Offensive Lineman on the field, on his way to becoming one of the Top Offensive Lineman Prospects in the Country, but then some of his IMG Coaching Friends left IMG and he decided to Transfer back to Denham Springs for his Junior Season. During his Junior Season, back at Denham Springs, Justin broke his hand and he then Quit Football after his Junior Season.

OG Everett Rodrigue, Houma Terrebonne, Louisiana

I met Everett Rodrigue at the LSU 7on7 and Linemen Camp and he was Very Impressive and a Great-Looking Physical Specimen. I also met his Mom, Stacy and his Dad, Brad. I have already talked Stacy into being a Team Mom for the West Team.

When I got home, I took a look at Everett on his Hudl Film. On his First Play, Rodrigue blocked his man about 15-Yards Down the Field. Then on Play #2, he acted like a Pulling Guard and Blocked the Defensive End, allowing the Running Back to gain about 25-Yards. Then, on Play #3, Rodrigue Pass-Blocked and kept his man from getting to the Quarterback. Finally, on Play #4, he recorded a great Pancake Block on the Defensive TackleRodrigue is not only Very Quick and Agile, but he also Bench Presses around 400-Pounds.

Two of the Best Linebackers in the South are .on the same Covington St Paul, Louisiana Team. On their HUDL Highlight Film, MLB Josh Tourelle (6-3, 235, 4.6) and DE/LB Hayden Ocman (6-4, 230, 4.56, 36) are Unbelievable Tackling Machines. These two Defensive Players can not and refuse to be blocked. Both Players do not realize how Great they are and they both are much Faster and Quicker than they list on their Player Form.

Josh Tourelle's (31) goal for the season is to be the leading tackler in the state and with his run stopping ability, that goal can be a reality for 2016.

I watched these Two Players play twice in 2015 and they were Outstanding in both games. In the 5A Louisiana State Semi-Finals against John Curtis, Tourelle (#31 in Photo) was “Flat-Out” Incredible as he Recorded 17 Tackles including 5 Tackles for a Loss; one Sack, and caused one Fumble; although John Curtis won 37-30.

Ocman (#46) is one of the Most Aggressive, Most Relentless, and Quickest Defensive Ends that I have seen in a few years. He says that he runs a 4.6 Forty, but I think that he is probably faster than that and he is also much Quicker than most Defensive Ends. In the St Paul Opening Game in 2015 against Edna Karr, Ocman Recorded 3 1/2 Sacks to go with his 15 Tackles. Ocman plays Strong Defensive End, and of course, after that Initial Game, every team tried to run away from him.


1 QB Xavier Saulsberry AA 6-2 228 4.6 36 4.4 118 30 Pine Forest, FL 2,466 MEARS
2 QB Patrick Arnold AA            6-4 200 4.6 36 4.3 118 20 BR Tara, LA 2,420 MEARS
3 OT Justin Henderson AA 6-8 330 5.3 28 5.0 106 30 Den Spngs, LA 2,410 MEARS
4 OG Everett Rodrigue AA 6-4 290 5.0 28 4.8 105 32 Terrebonne, LA 2,405 MEARS
5 OT Elliott Campbell   6-6 275 4.76 28 4.56 106 25 Lugoff-Elgin, SC 2,400 MEARS
5 OT Dalton Hoover            6-6 310 5.3 28 5.0 106 30 Pearl River, LA 2,400 MEARS
7 NG Lucky Davis AA                   6-2 320 5.2 28 5.0 106 McComb, MS 2,392 MEARS
8 WR Davontavean Martin  6-4 185 4.42 38 4.2 122 15 Ellender, LA 2,390 MEARS
9 OT Columbus Willis      6-6 305 5.3 26 5.0 103 25 White Castle, LA 2,385 MEARS
10 MLB Josh Tourelle AA           6-3 235 4.6 36 4.3 116 25 St Paul, LA 2,382 MEARS
10 QB Venchenza McCray        6-3 190 4.56 34 4.4 118 McComb, MS 2,382 MEARS
12 WR Jabari Coston               6-4 190 4.4 38 4.2 120 15 Loranger, LA 2,380 MEARS
12 RB Jakyle Holmes      5-10 200 4.5 38 4.3 118 20 Ponchatoula, LA 2,380 MEARS
14 DE Hayden Ocman AA       6-4 230 4.56 36 4.3 118 25 St Paul, LA 2,378 MEARS
15 QB Elijah Walker                      6-2 200 4.6 37 4.3 118 15 Amite, LA 2,375 MEARS
16 DE Dante Harris        6-1 225 4.56 32 4.0 116 28 BR Parkview, LA 2,370 MEARS
17 MLB Mathew Murla  6-1 230 4.6 32 4.18 116 20 BR Parkview, LA 2,355 MEARS
18 DT Steven Conerly AA   6-0 275 4.8 28 4.4 106  Plaquemine, LA  2,350 MEARS
19 FS Rodney Reddick 5-9 185 4.45 38 4.2 118 15 Anniston Saks, AL 2,340 MEARS
20 CB Larenz Clark AA               6-0 170 4.4 38 4.16 120 Berwick, LA 2,330 MEARS
20 DE  Tyrique Gibson     6-2 250 4.7 32 4.4 106 28 Ponchtoula, LA 2,330 MEARS
22 SLOT Malcolm Smith AA 6-1 175 4.45 36 4.2 118 Terrebonne, LA 2,300 MEARS
22 FLK Tysin Meads AA                6-5 190 4.5 38 4.3 122 Berwick, LA 2,300 MEARS
24 FS D.J. Robacheaux AA 5-11 180 4.42 36 4.2 116 12 Berwick, LA 2,288 MEARS
25 OG Joshua Mote             6-3 275 5.3 28 5.0 102 30 Oak Grove, LA 2,280 MEARS
26 OC Abraham Delfin AA 6-2 300 5.3 28 4.9 103  Plaquemine, LA 2,275 MEARS
26 LS Trey Icamina AA                  6-2 235 4.9 Conington St Paul, LA 2,275 MEARS
26 OG Austin Vercher AA           6-3 275 5.2 28 5.0 103 Berwick, LA 2,275 MEARS
29 P/K Trevor Bisson           6-1 165 4.8 Baton Rouge Episcopal, LA  2,250 MEARS

2016 NFL TOP 25

2,400 Or Better MEARS RATINGS

1 FS Jalen Ramsey              6-1 209 4.35 41.5 4.18 135 14 Florida State 2,525 MEARS
2 OLB Myles Jack                     6-1 245 4.44 40 4.32 124 19 UCLA PD 2,520 MEARS
3 OT Laremy Tunsil          6-5 310 5.07 28.5 4.8 111 34 Ole Miss PD 2,515 MEARS
4 RB Ezekiel Elliott                 6-0 225 4.42 32.5 4.3 118 25 Ohio State 2,510 MEARS
5 RB Derrick Henry                  6-3 247 4.53 37 4.38 130 22 Alabama 2,504 MEARS
6 DE Joey Bosa                  6-5 269 4.72 32 4.3 121 28 Ohio State PD 2,498 MEARS
7 OT Jason Spriggs          6-6 301 4.97 35 4.44 115 31 Indiana PD 2,517 MEARS
8 OLB Darron Lee           6-1 232 4.42 35.5 4.2 133 17 Ohio State PD 2,489 MEARS
9 NG Sheldon Rankins         6-1 299 4.91 34.5 4.59 118 28 Louisville 2,488 MEARS
10 QB Carson Wentz   6-5 237 4.77 30.5 NA 110 NA North Dakota St 2,485 MEARS
11 QB Jared Goff                         6-4 215 4.78 27 NA 110 NA California 2,484 MEARS
12 OLB Leonard Floyd              6-6 244 4.56 39.5 4.3 127 NA Georgia 2,483 MEARS
13 NG Andrew Billings        6-1 311 4.92 27.5 4.78 113 31 Baylor PD 2,477 MEARS
14 DE DeForest Buckner      6-7 291 4.98 32 4.47 116 21 PD Oregon 2,472 MEARS
15 WR Corey Coleman        5-11 194 4.33 42 3.94 128 17 Baylor PD 2,468 MEARS
16 DT Robert Nkemdiche          6-3 294 4.82 35 4.6 116 28 Ole Miss 2,468 MEARS
17 CB Vernon Hargreaves     5-10 204 4.42 39 3.98 130 15 Florida 2,466 MEARS
18 RB Darius Jackson     6-1 220 4.36 41 4.27 133 20 E Mich PD 2,465 MEARS
19 OT Jack Conklin        6-6 308 4.95 30 4.57 103 25 Michigan State 2,461 MEARS
20 DE Shaq Lawson           6-3 269 4.6 33 4.21 120 NA Clemson PD 2,458 MEARS
21 WR Laquon Treadwell 6-2 221 4.52 33.5 4.3 117 12 OleMiss PD 2,457 MEARS
22 OT Ronnie Stanley 6-6 312 5.13 30 4.69 106 24 NotreDame PD 2,454 MEARS
23 OC Ryan Kelly                        6-4 311 4.91 30 4.59 103 26 Alabama 2,447 MEARS
24 OT Taylor Decker       6-7 310 5.14 29 4.76 101 22 Ohio State PD 2,446 MEARS
25 WR Josh Doctson                        6-2 202 4.43 41 4.08 131 14 TCU 2,445 MEARS
26 QB Paxton Lynch                     6-7 244 4.79 36 4.26 118 Memphis 2,428 MEARS
27 CB Eric Apple                6-1 199 4.37 38 4.08 128 13 Ohio State PD 2,428 MEARS
28 OG Connor McGovern      6-4 306 4.98 33 4.65 109 33 Missouri 2,427 MEARS
29 SS Kentrell Brice      5-11 200 4.43 42 4.3 133 21 La Tech PD 2,425 MEARS


About maxemfingerrecruiting

My mission and goal is to search for that hidden high school football talent that has not been found yet. I then evaluate him and try to help him to get some publicity. In 2003, 2004, 2005. and 2006, I hosted my Annual 7on7 National Championship. My goal was to get great athletes to one area where I could evaluate them and then help them with college coaches. The only drawback was that college coaches wanted to see the hidden gems in a game-type highlight film and so the college coaches suggested to me that I host a real All-American Bowl Game so that they could view these talented players in a highlight film, playing against other talented players. It's noted that the NCAA doesn't allow the college coaches to attend All-American Games or practices and so the Game Film is a great tool for the college coaches. In 2005, I hosted my 1st Annual All-American Bowl Game. In nine games in nine years, my wife and I have helped 549 HS football players to get a scholarship that came to our first Bowl Game practice without a single scholarship offer. This also does not count over 1,000 players who we have helped that did not play in our game, including over 100 players in the 2010 Recruiting Season. My Super Elite Top Gun Camp idealogy, is of course, to get as many Top Football Players to a Top Gun Camp so that all of my coaches and I can evaluate them, rate them, rank them, and promote them. There will always be "Diamonds in the Rough" to be found. My First Annual Max Emfinger's Super Elite Top Gun Camp was in July of 2010. The Camp was amazing and loaded with unknown and known talent. Many of them were invited to play in our 2011 All-American Bowl Game Classic. In 2007, in my 3rd Annual All-American Bowl Game, a player by the name of Kareem Jackson came to our first Monday practice, without a single scholarship offer. Jackson decided to come out early and he became a #1 Draft Choice in the 2010 NFL Draft for the Houston Texans.
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