2016 SUPER 75 PLAYERS FOR 2016 NFL DRAFT! By Super Scout Max Emfinger

Ohio State Defensive End Joey Bosa Will Be Drafted In First Few Selections!

By Super Scout Max Emfinger

SCOUTING NOTE I : If the Player did run two Forties at the NFL Scouting Combine, I averaged both of those Two Forties with their best Forty on Record. If they did not run the Forty at the Combine, I averaged both of his best two Forties on Record. On all of their Speed Measurables, if they did not run at the Scouting Combine, that Measurable will be in RED, but will be Updated by April 1.

SCOUTING NOTE II: All Measurables that were Improved at Pro Day will be Listed in Blue and with his NEW MEARS RATING, the Player will be moved up with  his NEW MEARS RATING.



2,375 Or Better MEARS RATINGS

SPECIAL NOTE I: The 2016 NFL Draft Class might be one of the Most Incredible and Most Talented Classes in Recent Years. Out of the Top 35 Players, there are at least Five Players, and maybe Six Players including FS Jalen Ramsey, OLB Myles Jack, OT Laremy Tunsil, DE Joey Bosa, DE DeForest Buckner, and possibly RB’s Derrick Henry or Ezekiel Elliott who could be the First Selection in the Draft. With some NFL Teams Trading Players to “Move-Up” with a Higher #1 Draft Selection, and maybe get the #1 Selection, there are another Two Players who have a chance to be the #1 Selection, including QB’s Carson Wentz and Jared Goff.

1 FS Jalen Ramsey              6-1 209 4.35 41.5 4.18 135 14 Florida State 2,525 MEARS

Jalen Ramsey (#8 in Photo) might be the Very Best Athlete in the 2016 NFL Draft and he is also the Most Versatile Defensive Back in this Class. At the Scouting Combine, Ramsey really “Put-on-a Show” for the NFL Scouts with some Incredible Measurables. His 41.5 Vertical Jump, 4.1 Pro-Schuttle, and 135 Standing Broad Jump had all of the NFL Scouts talking about him and trying to decide whether he was best suited to play Free Safety or Cornerback.

Obviously, with these Fabulous Measurables and the Ability to Line-Up at any Position in the Secondary, his Potential is Totally Off The Charts. His Aggressive Style of Play on the Run is also like having another Linebacker on the Field. Ramsey, with his Incredible Measurables is one of my Top Rated Players in Draft.

2 OLB Myles Jack                   6-1 245 4.44 40 4.32 124 19 UCLA PD 2,520 MEARS

One Player that every NFL Scout and Pro Team wanted to see perform at Pro Day was Super-Star Linebacker Myles Jack at the UCLA Pro Day. All 32 NFL Teams were in attendance at their Pro Day and most of them were there to see Linebacker Myles Jack, a potential Top-Five Selection and also a Potential #1 Selection Pick. Jack  was unable to participate in the Scouting Combine and then on Pro Day, he was unable to perform in every Pro Day Drill, but he was Spectacular in everything that he was able to do, as he continues his rehab from his September Meniscus Injury.

Jack (#30 in Photo) did Perform in a Two Events as he Recorded a Fabulous 40-Inch Vertical Jump and a Great 124-Inch Standing Broad Jump.  These Two Event Results would have ranked him among one of the Top Linebacker Performances at the Scouting Combine. Jack Performed One Measurable at the Scouting Combine, as he recorded 19 Bench Press Reps and then he chose to stand on that number.

Jack was also Spectacular as he performed in the Pro Day Linebacker Drills. Not being able to work out, at 100% for the NFL Scouts doesn’t mean too much, because on Film, Jack is a Phenom and he will be Drafted in the First Few Draft Selections of the First Round in the 2016 NFL DraftJack has scheduled a Personal Pro Day for NFL Scouts on April 1 to continue his workout.

3 OT Jason Spriggs             6-6 301 4.94 35 4.44 115 31 Indiana PD 2,517 MEARS

Jason Spriggs (#78 in Photo) had an Unbelievably Incredible Day at the Scouting Combine with Off-the-Chart Measurables. When an Offensive Tackle runs a 4.94 Forty, does a 35-Inch Vertical Jump, runs a 4.44 Pro-Shuttle, and does 31 Reps in the Bench Press, all of his Measurables get Maximum Points for his Position.

Spriggs was Outstanding in 2015 as he was Selected to the Second Team All-Big Ten Team. The Four-Year Starting Offensive Tackle also was named to the First Team All-American by the Football Writers Association of America and Third-Team All-American  by the Associated Press.

When NFL Scouts start talking about the Great Offensive Tackle Talent in the 2016 NFL Draft, the First Names that Come-Up are Laremy Tunsil, Ronnie Stanley, Taylor Decker, and Jack Conklin. Those Four Offensive Tackles have Dominated all of the Mock Drafts by all of the Draft Analysis People, but none of the Four Recorded the “Mind-Boggling” Measurables that Spriggs did at the Combine.

The one Offensive Tackle that is missing from the First Round Conversation is the Fabulous Offensive Left Tackle Jason Spriggs of Indiana who dominated all Big Ten Pass Rushers all season for the Hoosiers. Spriggs Completely Shutdown every single Edge Rusher who was trying to get to his Quarterback. The Indiana Offensive Line was one of the Best in the Country, only allowing 13 Sacks all season. That’s 5th in all of College Football and the adjusted sack rate was Eighth best in 2015.

What’s really impressive about the Athletic Spriggs is his Lateral Movement, Excellent Quick Feet, and Outstanding Ability to keep Edge Rushers away from his Quarterback on the Left Side. With his Uncanny Athletic Measurables at the Scouting Combine, Spriggs could become one of the Surprise Draft Picks in the First or Second Rounds of the 2016 NFL Draft.

4 OT Laremy Tunsil              6-5 310 5.07 28.5 4.8 111 34 Ole Miss PD 2,515 MEARS

Every NFL Scout agreed that Super-Star Laremy Tunsil of Ole Miss is the Very Best Offensive Lineman in the 2016 NFL Draft in an absolute Fabulous Offensive Lineman Crop. Tunsil put on an Incredible Performance in the Offensive Lineman Drills at the Scouting Combine, but he chose not to take part in the Measurables. With this in mind, Scouts from all 32 NFL Teams were present and excited about Evaluating Tunsil at his Ole Miss Pro Day.

Tunsil did not run the Forty at the Scouting Combine or again at the Ole Miss Pro Day, but he did Turn Heads in the Bench Press, as he Recorded an Incredible 34 Reps. Tunsil (#78 in Photo) did not compete in the Bench Press at the Scouting Combine, but no Offensive Linemen did as many Reps in Indianapolis as Tunsil did at Ole Miss Pro Day.

Tunsil was Spectacular in Offensive Linemen Positional Drills in Indianapolis and it was easy to see why as he Demonstrated that he had Incredible Quickness, Outstanding Athletic Agility, and Excellent Balance. At the Ole Miss Pro Day, Tunsil Solidified his Left Offensive Tackle Position Status and a Possible Top One, Two, or Three Draft Selection in the 2016 NFL Draft.

5 RB Ezekiel Elliott                 6-0 225 4.42 32.5 4.3 118 25 Ohio State 2,510 MEARS

Ezekiel Elliott (#15 in Photo) is a Super Freak at Running Back. In 2014, Elliott Rushed for 1,878-Yards and 18 Touchdowns and also caught 28 Passes. In the 2015 Sugar Bowl, against Alabama, he Rushed for 230-Yards on 20 Carries and then in the 2014 National Championship Game Against Oregon, he Rushed for 246-Yards and Scored Four Touchdowns.

Then in 2015, Elliott Rushed for 1,821-Yards and Scored 23 Touchdowns. Elliott is one of the most Impressive Running Backs that I saw play in 2015, along with Derrick Henry of Alabama. Elliott also joined WR Corey Coleman of Baylor, WR Josh Doctson of TCU,  QB Jared Goff of California, and Derrick Henry of Alabama in making my 2015 Weekly All-Backfield of the Week with Three Selections.

Elliott is a Tremendously Gifted Running Back with Unbelievable Speed, Agility, Balance, and Physical Toughness. He is also a Great Receiver, coming out of the backfield, and a Tremendous Blocker, although he will not be Blocking too much in the NFL. Elliott will be the #1 Running Back to be Drafted in the 2016 NFL Draft and he will become an Instant NFL Starter.

6 RB Derrick Henry                  6-3 247 4.53 37 4.38 130 22 Alabama 2,504 MEARS

Derrick Henry (#2 in Photo) was the Heisman Trophy Award Winner and he was Sensational at the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine as he “Put-Up” some Incredible Measurables for a Running Back, including a 37-Inch Vertical Jump and a 130-Inch Standing Broad Jump. And this was while Weighing-In at 247-Pounds.

Henry also joined WR Corey Coleman of Baylor, WR Josh Doctson of TCU, QB Jared Goff of California, and RB Ezekiel Elliott of Ohio State in making my 2015 Weekly All-Backfield of the Week with Three Selections.

Henry is a Freak at Running Back and he has Good Hands. I do not see how Henry would not be Drafted by some NFL Team in the First Round and his Measurables are Unbelievable for a Player at his Position. Henry would be the “Perfect Running Back” for a Power-Run Oriented Offense, but not every NFL Team needs a Running Back and is looking for a Running Back.

7 DE Joey Bosa                   6-5 269 4.72 32 4.3 121 28 Ohio State PD 2,498 MEARS

After an Incredible Junior Season, Super-Star Edge-Rusher Joey Bosa Announced, before the Fiesta Bowl Game, that he would not come back for his Senior Season and that he would Declare for the 2016 NFL Draft. His thinking was that he was Ready for the NFL, after Recording 26 Quarterback Sacks including 7.5 in his Freshman Season. This year, Bosa (#97 in Photo) was Selected as the Big Ten Defensive Lineman of The Year, after Recording 16 Tackles for a Loss.

At the Scouting Combine, Bosa was Extremely Impressive in the Drills and then at the Ohio State Pro Day, he Improved his Forty from a 4.86 to a 4.72 and Improved his Bench Press Reps from 24 Reps to 28 Reps. When you Add a 32-Inch Vertical Jump to  his 269 Size, and you have a Very Impressive Physical SpecimanBosa also has Great Versatility in that he can play with his Hand on the Ground or as a Stand-Up Defensive End. This Ability will enable him to be the First Edge-Rusher to come off of the Big Board in the 2016 NFL Draft.

8 OLB Darron Lee           6-1 232 4.42 35.5 4.2 133 17 Ohio State PD 2,489 MEARS

Darron Lee (#43 in Photo) is another Really Great Athlete in the 2016 NFL Draft. In fact, Lee might be the Best Athlete in this 2016 Draft Class. With his Unique Speed, Quickness, and Agility, it is pretty easy to see why Lee will be one of the First Athletes to be Drafted. By saying Lee is one of the Most Athletic Linebackers in the Draft is saying a lot, because this Draft Class is Full of Impressive Athletic Players.

Another thing about Lee that makes him so Impressive is that he is such a Great and Versatile PlaymakerAt the Scouting Combine, Lee Recorded some Outstanding Speed Measurables, including a 35.5-Inch Vertical Jump, a Great 133-Inch Standing Broad Jump, and a Combination Average 4.43 Forty

In High School, Lee played Quarterback on Offense and Cornerback on Defense and he has Demonstrated the ability to cover Running Backs in the slot and stop the run and still be able to Blitz from his Outside Linebacker Position. The two years that Lee spent on the Football Field have the NFL Scouts Excited about his Outstanding Potential and Promise.

Lee Recorded 146 Tackles in those Two Seasons with the Buckeyes and his Uncanny Ability to Make the Big Play, especially in the Passing Game has NFL Scouts excited about the possibility of getting him in the NFL Draft. Lee had 27 Tackles for a Loss, three Interceptions, and 11 Quarterback Sacks, making him one of the Most Productive Pass-Rushers “Off-the-Ball” of any Outside Linebacker in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Lee was a Super-Star in the 2014 National Championship Semifinal Playoff Game against Alabama, showing off his Game-Changing AbilitiesAlthough Lee did not have as dominant a year in 2015, he still made a lot of Big Plays in the backfield. He  Saved the Buckeyes against Northern Illinois with his Famous Pick-Six for a 41-Yard Touchdown, in the Third Quarter, that Saved the Buckeyes 16-Game Win-Streak and remain Undefeated. That “Huge-Play” showed both Great Anticipation and Great Athleticism.

9 NG Sheldon Rankins           6-1 299 4.91 34.5 4.59 118 28 Louisville 2,488 MEARS

Sheldon Rankins is an Incredible Defensive Tackle with Unbelievable Explosion Power and he can play anywhere on the Defensive Line. Rankins played all of the Defensive Line Positions in the Hybrid Louisville Defensive Scheme and he was Highly Successful at every Position.

Then when you add his Tremendous Speed Measurables, including a 4.91 Forty, a 34.5-Inch Vertical Jump, a 4.59 Pro Shuttle, and a 118-Inch Standing Broad Jump; you have a Sensational Defensive Player. Rankins also did 28 Reps of 225 on the Bench Press to go with his Great Quickness, Speed, and Agility.

Rankins (#98 in Photo) is probably the Top Rated Pass-Rushing Defensive Tackle in the 2016 NFL Draft Class. His Quick Feet and Powerful Hands are a serious challenge for any Offensive Lineman, and he’s already developed a Killer Spin Move that will enable him to make Huge Plays in the NFL.

10 QB Carson Wentz      6-5 237 4.77 30.5 NA 110 NA North Dakota St 2,485 MEARS

Carson Wentz (#11 in Photo) is one of the Most Talked About Players in the 2016 NFL Draft. His 2015 Football Season was Cut-Short, because he sat out Eight Games with a Broken Wrist, but he was a Super-Star at the Senior Bowl, and Mike Mayock said he was clearly the best Quarterback at the Senior Bowl. Mayock also said he was sold on Wentz after attending his Pro Day in North Dakota.

Wentz can make every kind of throw, whether it involves power and velocity or pace and touch. He played in a very Multiple Offensive System in College and he called the protections at the Line of Scrimmage.  His Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, and Quarterback Coach, all said that he Controlled the Line of Scrimmage and that he never got less than an ‘A’ in the Classroom. His Work Ethic is off the Charts.

At the NFL Scouting Combine, Wentz was Especially Impressive as he Zipped Very Tight Spirals in Short-to-Intermediate Pass Routes and he Demonstrated a Very Quick Release with Great Velocity and Excellent Timing.

“The more I see of this kid and the more I hear from NFL Scouts and NFL Teams, on Wentz, the more I’m convinced that he will be a Top 10 Pick,” said NFL Network Scout Analyst Mike Mayock. The Rams are in Desperate Need of a Quarterback and they have recently made a Huge Trade with the Tennessee Titans to get their #1 Selection in the Draft so they could Select a Quarterback and Carson Wentz is Rated Higher than Jared Goff. The Rams will Select one of them as their #1 Selection and I believe that Wentz will become a Los Angeles Ram.

11 QB Jared Goff                         6-4 215 4.78 27 NA 110 NA California 2,484 MEARS

Jared Goff was a Super-Star Quarterback coming out of High School and he was given the chance to be the California Starting Quarterback almost immediately after getting on Campus.  In 2013Goff was Unbelievably Impressive as a True Freshman Starting Quarterback as he Completed 60.3 Percent of his Passes for 3,508-Yards and an 18 Touchdowns with 10 Interceptions. Then in 2014, Goff was an Incredible Sophomore Sensation as he Completed 62.1 Percent of his Passes for 3,973-Yards and 35 Touchdowns with only 7 Interceptions.

Goff (#16 in Photo) never did have a Great Supporting Cast in his First Two Years, but after two years, he still entered his Junior Year in 2015 with 19 California School Passing Records already in the books. In the 2015 Season, Goff Passed for 4,719-Yards and 43 Touchdowns and had a Tremendous 64.5 Passing Completion Percentage. He also had 467 -Yards Passing and Six Touchdowns in the First California Bowl Game since 2011, in a Victory over Air Force. Goff also joined WR’s Corey Coleman of Baylor and Josh Doctson of TCU and RB’s Ezekiel Elliott of Ohio State and Derrick Henry of Alabama in making my 2015 Weekly All-Backfield of the Week with Three Selections.

It is no secret that Goff has Emerged and has Impressed a lot of NFL Scouts over his  Three Seasons at Cal before being acclaimed as arguably One of the Most Outstanding Quarterbacks in the Country for the 2016 NFL Draft. With some NFL Teams Trading Players to “Move-Up” with a Higher #1 Draft Selection, and maybe get the #1 Selection, there are two Quarterbacks who have a chance to be the #1 Selection, including Jared Goff and Carson Wentz. Goff and Wentz have the possibility of entering the NFL as the Franchise Quarterback of his NFL Team.

12 OLB Leonard Floyd      6-6 244 4.56 39.5 4.3 127 NA Georgia 2,483 MEARS

Leonard Floyd played one  year at Hargrave Military Prep School before going to Athens and then he started eight of 13 games in 2013, while being Selected to the All-SEC Freshman Team after recording 9.5 Tackles for a Loss and 6.5 Quarterback Sacks. In 2014, Floyd became the Defensive MVP for the Bulldogs, although he missed the Georgia Bowl Game after having knee surgery.

In 2015, in his final Season with the Bulldogs, Floyd (#84 in Photo) led them in Quarterback Sacks for the Third Straight Year with 4.5 Sacks and tied for the team lead with 10.5 Tackles for a Loss. Also in 2015, Floyd was Selected to the All-SEC Second Team and he was a Finalist for the Dick Butkus Award.

Floyd is Extremely Rangy and Extremely Athletic. If Unblocked, he has the Unbelievable Playmaker Ability to Chase Down Ball Carriers from Sideline to Sideline and make Big Plays. As a 6-6 Edge Rusher, Floyd is a Real Freak and he is also able to get a Quick Start and Cover a lot of ground on every play.

At the Scouting Combine, Floyd really impressed the NFL Scouts with his Outstanding Speed and Quickness Measurables, including a 39.5-Inch Vertical Jump, 127-Inch Standing Broad Jump, and 4.32 Pro-Shuttle.

13 NG Andrew Billings        6-1 311 4.92 27.5 4.78 113 31 Baylor PD 2,477 MEARS

Andrew Billings is an Incredible Physical Specimen from Waco, Texas. He  became a full-time starting Nose Tackle in 2014 as a Super Sophomore and he finished third on the team with 11.5 Tackles for a Loss to go with Two Sacks and Quarterback Tackles. He then finished his Junior Season in 2015 with a team-high 15 Tackles for a Loss and 5.5 Quarterback Sacks to go with 40 tackles and a Forced Fumble. One thing to remember about the Billings Stats is that the Bears were so Dominating, Billings rarely played in the Third or Fourth Quarter.

With only Three Years at Baylor, Billings still recorded some Incredible Stats, considering the fact that the Bears were so Dominant in the First Half, Billings rarely played in the Second Half. With this in mind, Billings still Ranked Ninth in Career Tackles for a Loss with 30 Tackles for a Minus 112-Yards and Totaled 106 Tackles, including 75 Solo Tackles.

Billings (#75 in Photo) is Incredibly Strong! In High School, he is a Former Record-Breaking Weightlifter who broke a 22-year-old Texas High School State Meet Record with a 2,010-Pound State Meet Record, including an 805-Pound Squat, a 500-Pound Bench Press, and a 705-Pound Dead Lift in 2012. Also in High School, he did a 32-Inch Vertical Jump and a 4.94 Forty.

In 2015, Billings was Selected as the Co-Big-12 Defensive Player of the Year and he was also Selected First Team All-American by the Associated Press. He had all of the NFL Scouts Buzzing at the Scouting Combine when he ran Two Forties at 5.05, but when he did 31 Reps on the Bench Press, his NFL Draft Stock went Off the Charts. His 31 Reps was Four Better than the Next Best Defensive Tackle at the Combine. After the Combine, NFL.com Named Billings as College Football Strongest Player. He then ran an Incredible 4.92 Forty at Baylor Pro Day.

Billings has been so Impressive to the NFL Scouts, his NFL Draft Stock has Skyrocketed. As a Defensive Tackle, Billings has added his name to an already great group of Defensive Tackles to be Drafted in the First Round of the NFL Draft, including Sheldon Rankins of Louisville, Robert Nkemdiche of Ole Miss, A’Shawn Robinson of AlabamaChris Jones of Mississippi State, Jarran Reed of Alabama, Javon Hargrave of South Carolina State, Vernon Butler of Louisiana Tech, Kenny Clark of UCLA, and Austin Johnson of Penn State who could be Drafted in the First Round.

14 DE DeForest Buckner          6-7 291 4.98 32 4.47 116 21 PD Oregon 2,472 MEARS

Deforest Buckner weighs 291-Pounds which is what most Defensive Tackles weigh, but he plays Defensive End and is being projected as a Defensive End. With his Unbelievable Quickness and Agility, I still have Rated him as a Defensive Tackle.

There are not too many Players in the 2016 NFL Draft who can do a 32-Inch Vertical Jump and a 4.47 Pro-Shuttle while weighing 291 Pounds. Buckner (#44 in Photo) also recorded 17 Tackles for a Loss and 10.5 Quarterback Sacks in the 2015 Season, demonstrating a Great Ability to Stop the Run.

Buckner has his Motor Running at Full Speed on every single play and with his Great Strength, Power, and Versatility, he is going to be One of the Top Defensive Players in the 2016 NFL Draft. His Great Dominance in Shedding Blockers has All of the NFL Scouts Drooling to Draft him in the First Round.

15 WR Corey Coleman     5-11 194 4.33 42 3.94 128 17 Baylor PD 2,468 MEARS

Corey Coleman has always been a Super Combine Freak. He was also a Three-Sport Star at Richardson Pearce High School in Texas, starring in Football, Basketball, and Track. He was a Football Super-Star and in the Spring of 2011, Coleman ran a 4.3 Forty at a Super Combine in Dallas. Since he did not have any Scholarship Offers; I called him and Invited him to play in my 2012 All-American Bowl Game and he Accepted. He also was Scheduled to play on my 7on7 Team in the Summer. Later in December, he Committed to Baylor and the Bears did not want him to play in my game for fear he would get hurt.

Then in the Fall of 2012, his Baylor Football Career started slowly, but then ended with an Incredible 2015 Season as he was Selected as the Fred Biletnikoff Award Winner as the Best Wide Receiver in the Country. Coleman was a Unanimous All-American in 2015 after being a Unanimous All-Big-12 in 2014 and 2015.

Coleman (#1 in Photo) Finished his Incredible 2015 Season with 74 Catches for 1,363-Yards and 20 Touchdowns and finished his Baylor Career with 33 Career Touchdowns, including 20 Touchdown Catches. Coleman also joined WR Josh Doctson of TCU,  QB Jared Goff of California, RB Ezekiel Elliott of Ohio State, and RB Derrick Henry of Alabama in making my 2015 Weekly All-Backfield of the Week with Three Selections.

Coleman was injured at the NFL Scouting Combine and he did not run any of the Speed Measurables. On Baylor Pro Day, 32 NFL Teams were present to see Coleman perform. Every NFL Team knew that Coleman was a Speed Demon with all of his previous Mind-Boggling Speed Measurables, including a Previous 45-Inch Vertical Jump, a 3.89 Pro-Shuttle, and a 4.3 Forty, but they still wanted to see Coleman perform after his injury.

Although he already had recorded those Incredible Speed Measurables, the NFL Scouts were still anticipating some more at Baylor Pro Day. Coleman did not disappoint the Scouts as he Recorded a 4.37 Forty and a 42-Inch Vertical Jump. It would be real easy to Average his best two Forties and his best two Pro Shuttles and come-up with a 4.33 Forty and a 43.5 Vertical Jump. For any NFL Team, Coleman becomes an Immediate Game-Breaker at either a Slot Receiver, Outside Receiver, Punt Returner, or Kickoff Returner

16 DT Robert Nkemdiche          6-3 294 4.82 35 4.6 116 28 Ole Miss 2,468 MEARS

Robert Nkemdiche (#5 in Photo) might be the Most Intimidating Physical Freak in this NFL Draft Class and although he had some “Off the Field” Questions, he is still going to be a First Round Draft Choice in the 2016 Draft.

Nkemdiche recorded 28 Reps of 225 Pounds at the Scouting Combine which was good for 11th best at the Combine, but that number doesn’t really tell the story about his Incredible Game Strength. On some plays, when properly Self Motivated, Nkemdiche can and will toss Offensive Linemen Around like Little Toys.

Nkemdiche is also Freaky Fast and Freaky Athletic for a Monster of his Size. Among all of the Scouting Combine Defensive Linemen who Weighed-In at least 280 Pounds, Nkemdiche tied for first in the Forty with 4.82 Clocking, Second in the Vertical Jump with an Amazing 35-Inch Jump, and sixth in the Standing Broad Jump with a 116-Inch Jump. And like on the Bench Press, his 4.82 40 time doesn’t really tell the Real Story. All you need to do is watch his Highlight Film to see that he is much Faster than a 4.82 in the Forty.

In High School, Nkemdiche was Rated as the #1 Player and #1 Defensive End in the Country, but when he got to Ole Miss, he spent most of his time as a Defensive Tackle. Since he has the Speed and Quickness, he can play either position in the NFL. In 2012, as a True Freshman, he Started 10 Games and he made the Freshman All-SEC Team along with Freshman All-American. In 2014, he made 35 Tackles and was Selected to the All-SEC Team. As a Junior in 2015, Nkemdiche was Selected to several All-American Teams, but he was Suspended for the 2016 Sugar Bowl, because of his “Off the Field” Problems.

There is Absolutely No Doubt in my Mind that Robert Nkemdiche is one of the Most Athletic and Most Dominating Defensive Lineman in the 2016 Draft and he will be Drafted very Quickly on the First Day of the Draft.

17 CB Vernon Hargreaves   5-10 204 4.42 39 3.98 130 15 Florida 2,466 MEARS

Vernon Hargreaves went to the Scouting Combine as one of the Top Cornerbacks in the NFL Draft and the NFL Scouts were anticipating some Outstanding Measurables and Hargreaves (#1 in Photo) did not disappoint them. Although he did not run a Super Fast Forty with his 4.5, he proved to the Scouts that he has some of the Quickest Twitch Muscles with some Incredible Speed Measurables, including a 3.98 Pro-Shuttle, a 39-Inch Vertical Jump, and a 130-Inch Standing Broad Jump. All of these Speed Measureables prove that Hargreaves can run a much faster Forty than he did at the Combine and I have averaged his best three Forties and have given him a 4.42.

As a Senior at Tampa Wharton, Florida, Hargreaves was Selected as the National Defensive Player of the Year by the Touchdown Club of Columbus and he was a Finalist for  Mr Florida Football Award. Hargreaves was also Voted  Most Valuable Player at the Under Armour All-American Game.

It was no surprise that Hargreaves Played for the Gators as a True Freshman in 2013 and he started 10 Games and  had 11 Pass Break-Ups and 3 Interceptions.  In his True Freshman Year, Hargreaves was Selected First Team All-SEC, Freshman All-American, and National Freshman Defensive Player of the Year. In his Three Years as a Starter for the Gators, Hargreaves recorded 10 Interceptions and had 38 Past Break-Ups.

Hargreaves is a Super Playmaker with Great Explosion and he is a Great Competitor who is Unwilling to Stay Blocked. This Premier, Quick Twitch Athlete will be Selected in the First Round of the NFL Draft. Many Coaches and Scouts feel that Hargreaves will become an NFL All-Pro in a few years.

18 RB Darius Jackson         6-1 220 4.36 41 4.27 133 20 E Mich PD 2,465 MEARS

Another one of the most Incredible Performances of the 2016 Draft Campaign has got to be Darius Jackson of Eastern Michigan, who showed-up at the University of Michigan Pro Day. Jackson (#6 in Photo) played at Eastern Michigan, but he did not put-up that great of a season to really be considered as a Draft Choice, but after the Incredible Measurables that he recorded, he has got to be considered as not only a Draft Choice, but maybe an even High Draft Choice.

Jackson ran two Very Impressive Forties with a 4.35 and 4.38 at the Michigan Pro Day and then Recorded a 41-Inch Vertical Jump; a 133-Inch Standing Broad Jump; a 4.27 Pro-Shuttle; and 20 Reps of 225-Pounds on the Bench PressJackson was an afterthought in this NFL Draft after playing at Eastern Michigan, but after this Unbelievable Pro Day Combine, Jackson has a Great Chance to be Drafted.

His 41-Inch Vertical Jump would tie for the Eighth-Best among all Running Backs at the NFL Scouting Combine since 2006, while his 133-Inch Standing Broad Jump would tie for Fifth-Best among all Running Backs in that same span.

Jackson was not that impressive at Running Back in his First Two Years, but he enjoyed an Impressive Breakout Year in 2015, running for 1,078-Yards and Scoring 14 Touchdowns, He also Caught 21 Passes for 201-Yards and Two more Touchdowns.

19 OT Jack Conklin       6-6 308 4.95 30 4.57 103 25 Michigan State 2,461 MEARS

It is Hard to Believe that Super-Star Offensive Tackle Jack Conklin did not have any D-1 Scholarship Offers coming out of High School and the Really Hard thing to Believe is that he had all of the Tools and Michigan State gave him a Preferred Walk-On Opportunity. So in the Spring of 2012, Conklin came out for the Spartans Football Team. After Man-Handling Highly Recruited Defensive Ends in Practice, he Received a Scholarship Halfway into his Freshman Red-Shirt Year in 2012. Then Conklin started 13 of 14 games in 2013, 10 at Left Offensive Tackle and three at Right Tackle and Earned Freshman All-American Honors.

In his Sophomore Season in 2014, Big-10 College Coaches started to realize that Conklin (#74 in Photo) was actually a Real Super-Star and they Selected him as All-Big-Ten Second Team at Offensive Left Tackle. Although Conklin missed two games in his Junior Season with a leg injury, he still was Selected to the All-American Team, in addition to Consensus First-Team All-Big Ten, mainly for his Great Ability to protect Quarterback Connor Cook. His Great Leadership and Blocking Skills in East Lansing helped the Spartans beat Ohio State Buckeyes and Win the Big Ten Championship.

Conklin showed All-American Defensive End DeForest Buckner of Oregon what it was like to be bounced around at the point of attack. Conklin plays with Great Strength and Impressive Power with his hands. He is Technically Sound in pass protection with a Wide Base and Athletic Ability.

At the Scouting Combine, Conklin ran a Very Impressive 4.98 Forty, did an Outstanding 30-Inch Vertical Jump, and also an Outstanding 4.57 Pro-Shuttle. All of the NFL Scouts were very Impressed with his Great Speed, Quickness, Agility, and Strength. There are about Four or Five Offensive Linemen that will come off the NFL Board on Draft Day in the First Round, including Laremy Tunsil, Jason Spriggs, Ronnie Stanley, Ryan Kelly, and Jack Conklin.

20 DE Shaq Lawson            6-3 269 4.6 33 4.21 120 NA Clemson PD 2,458 MEARS

Shaq Lawson (#90 in Photo) has been a Defensive Freak in every Football Season for his Whole Football Life. He was the #1 Rated Prep School Player and then was a Member of the Freshman All-American Team in 2013. Then in 2015, Lawson became a Super-Star as he recorded 25.5 Tackles for a Loss and 12.5 Quarterback Sacks and was Selected to the All-ACC Team and First Team All-American Team.

Lawson anticipates the snap count and he has Tremendous Quickness and Closing Speed to the Ball Carrier or Quarterback. He is a Difference-Maker and a Complete Defensive End who is a Tremendous Run-Stopper and Edge Rusher. In fact, Lawson is considered to be one of the Top Three or Four Edge Rushers behind maybe Joey Bosa, DeForest Buckner, and Teammate Kevin Dodd.

21 WR Laquon Treadwell 6-2 221 4.52 33.5 4.3 117 12 Ole Miss PD 2,457 MEARS

Coming out of High School in 2012, I had Laquon Treadwell Rated as the #1 Wide Receiver in the Country. Then he was Selected SEC Freshman of the Year in 2013 and made First Team All-SEC and Third Team All-American as a Junior in 2015.

Treadwell is a Freak at Wide Receiver and he has been making Big-Plays to help Win Games for his whole career. He is a Very Physical WR who has worked Extremely Hard to get Bigger and Stronger. The Biggest Question about Treadwell is, of course, is that he does not have Sprinter-Speed, but in his case, Speed is Overrated, because he is able to make the Huge Plays in critical situations in every single game and he has Tremendous Hands. He is also a Freak on Highlight Film.

Treadwell (#1 in Photo) leaves Ole Miss with several School Records and he led the SEC with 1,153-Yards Receiving in the 2015 Season. Treadwell played in all 13 Games and helped them to a 10-Win Season, one year after breaking his leg in a game against Auburn. His Unbelievable Unique Combination of Strength and Speed made him the Rebels Most Consistent Playmaker.

Although WR Corey Coleman, WR Josh Doctson, and WR Will Fuller are also Big-Time Big Play Receivers and have Sprinter Speed, Treadwell  or Coleman will be probably be the First Wide Receiver to be Drafted in the 2016 NFL Draft.

22 OT Ronnie Stanley 6-6 312 5.13 30 4.69 106 24 Notre Dame PD 2,454 MEARS

Ronnie Stanley was on Three State Championships in Football and one State Championship in Basketball in Nevada before going to Notre Dame. So Stanley was a Huge Winner Coming out of High School.

Stanley played sparingly as a True Freshman before taking a Medical Red-Shirt Year with an Elbow Injury in 2012. Then Stanley Started all 13 Games during his 2013 Red-Shirt Freshman Season, and he was part of an Offensive Line that allowed only Eight Sacks. Then in 2014, Stanley replaced the Outstanding Left Offensive Tackle Zack Martin, who later became a #1 Draft Choice. Stanley ended that 2014 Season, starting all 13 Games and recorded 16 Knockdown Blocks, and ending with a similar type season that Martin had before being a #1 Draft Choice of the Dallas Cowboys. Stanley also only gave-up one Sack in 2014 and then was Selected as the Notre Dame Offensive Lineman of the Year award.

In 2015, his Red-Shirt Junior Season, Stanley (#78 in Photo) was not as Outstanding as in 2014 as he allowed Three Sacks. Nevertheless, Stanley elevated his game by Improving his Overall Technique, by keeping his hands inside his frame, as well as, showing improvement in change of direction movement. Stanley also Showed a Great improvement in each and every single game throughout the year.

Stanley showed his Great Foot Quickness and Great Athleticism at the Scouting Combine, and in Drills at Notre Dame Pro Day, but his Measurables were not as good as anticipated by the NFL Scouts. The NFL Scouts, however, were impressed with his  36-Inch Arms, a nearly 11-Inch Hands, and a Massive Frame. Stanley also impressed NFL Scouts with his Intelligence.

23 OC Ryan Kelly                         6-4 311 4.91 30 4.59 103 26 Alabama 2,447 MEARS

Ryan Kelly (#70 in Photo) of a Alabama is the #1 Center Prospect in the 2016 NFL Draft and there are a Few NFL Teams that have a Great Center as their Top Priority, but the Indianapolis Colts are looking for a Great Center to help Protect Quarterback Andrew Luck. Kelly is a Very Athletic Offensive Linemen and he also Possesses the Great Strength, Agility, Quickness, and he is Pro-Ready to play at any of the three Offensive Line Positions.

Kelly took over for Barrett Jones who was the 2012 Rimington Trophy Award Winner as the Best Center in the Country. Kelly played Great over the last Three Seasons and has Emerged as the Top-Rated Center Prospect in 2015.

Kelly is a Really Special Center as he finished his Crimson Tide Career with a National Championship Victory in his 35th Career Start and Followed in Barrett Jones Footsteps as he was Awarded the 2015 Rimington Trophy Award as the Top Center in the Country.

At the Scouting Combine, Kelly was Especially Outstanding in the Speed, Quickness, and Athletic Ability Measurables with a Great 4.96 Forty, a 30-Inch Vertical Jump, and a 4.59 Pro Shuttle. Kelly was also Very Impressive in the Scouting Combine and Pro Day Position Drills. Kelly is Definitely a #1 Draft Choice in the 2016 NFL Draft.

24 OT Taylor Decker      6-7 310 5.14 29 4.76 101 22 Ohio State PD 2,446 MEAR

Taylor Decker is Another Super Specimen Freak. When you look at Decker, the First thing that you notice, is that he is 6-7 or 6-8 and he is always going to be this size and this large in the NFL. With his Long Arms and Athletic Ability with his Wide Base, Decker is going to become a Super Pass Blocker and be able to keep Edge Pass Rushers away from his Quarterback. This certainly is not the case with most Offensive Left Tackles. His Great Length makes him a Super Elite Prospect at his  position and will limit the way that Edge Rushers can come at him. This is the Main Reason that some NFL Team will Invest a First Round Draft Choice on him.

Decker has started every game over the last three years for the Buckeyes, and he’s played against the best teams in the Country. In Every Game the Buckeyes were on their way to a National Championship and with their huge Bowl Game Victory in 2015 over Notre Dame. In every game, Decker was the Anchor and the Best Offensive Lineman in the Big Ten. Most Linemen could not have accomplished this Feat, but Decker has an Incredible Durability Factor working for him. Decker started 42 Games for the Buckeyes.If you play for the Ohio State Buckeyes and Coach Urban Meyer, you had better be able to push piles in the Running Game.

Not only is Decker a great Run Blocker, but he’s been part of one of the most Dominant Running Attacks in NCAA Football History over the last three years. In 2015, Decker was the Big 10 Offensive Lineman of the Year and also was a Unanimous All-Big 10 First Team.When you watch the Taylor Decker Highlights, the First Thing that you notice is that Decker actually Manhandles Edge Rushers like a Man playing against Boys as he looks like he is throwing the the 250-Pound Edge Rushers around like a Rag Doll. Decker handles defenders with ease, as he uses his Long Arms and Strong Hands, but his Unbelievable Run Blocking Ability is where Decker Really Excels.

There is Absolutely no question that Decker is a First Round Draft Choice and an Immediate Starter for his NFL Team. When NFL Scouts start talking about the Great Left Offensive Tackle Talent in the 2016 NFL Draft, the First Names that Come-Up are Laremy Tunsil, Ronnie Stanley, Taylor Decker, and Jack Conklin. Those Four Offensive Tackles have Dominated all Mock Drafts by all of the Draft Analysis People. It just Depends on which NFL Team will get all Four Players.

25 WR Josh Doctson                   6-2 202 4.43 41 4.08 131 14 TCU 2,445 MEARS

Josh Doctson (#9 in Photo) is another Wide Receiver Freak who started his Collegiate Football Career at Wyoming before Transferring-Back to TCU in his home state of Texas. Upon returning, Doctson immediately became the #1 Go-To Wide Receiver for Heisman Trophy Candidate Trevone Boykin.

As a Junior in 2014, Doctson Caught 65 Balls for 1,018-Yards and 11 Touchdowns. Then as a Senior in 2015, he had an Incredible Season with 79 Catches for 1,337-Yards and 14 Touchdowns and being Selected Consensus All-American. Doctson Matched WR Corey Coleman of Baylor, RB Ezekiel Elliott of Ohio State, RB Derrick Henry of Alabama, and QB Jared Goff of California with Three Games on one of my 2015 Weekly All-Backfield of the Week Award.

The 2015 Fred Biletnikoff Award Finalist finished Second in TCU History in Career Receptions and Career Yards, and he set the record for Touchdown Receptions, despite starting his career at Wyoming.

At the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine, although his was still nursing a Wrist Injury, Doctson really Put-On a Show for the NFL Scouts with some Incredible Speed Measurables. His Best Three Forties Averaged-Out to a 4.43 and he Recorded other Spectacular Speed Measureables with a 41-Inch-Inch Vertical Jump, a 4.08 Pro-Shuttle, and a 131-Inch Standing Broad Jump. Doctson was also Spectacular in the Combine Position Drills. With his Incredible Hands, Tremensous Explosion, and Great Play-Making Ability, I can not see Doctson not being Drafted in the First Round.

26 QB Paxton Lynch                    6-7 244 4.79 36 4.26 118 Memphis 2,428 MEARS

Paxton Lynch was an Unbelievable Physical Speciman at the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine and all of the NFL Scouts were watching him with great anticipation of his Quarterback Skills and he did nothing to disappoint them as one of the Top Quarterbacks in the 2016 NFL Draft. He also recorded Outstanding Measurables for a 6-7 and 244 Pound Quarterback with an Incredible 36 Vertical Jump and a 4.26 Pro-Shuttle. Lynch was also Very Impressive in Position Drills.

Lynch (#12 in Photo) Demonstrated Great Velocity on his Passes, but he has the Least Experience at Quarterback of the Top Four Quarterbacks, including Carson Wentz, Jared Goff, and Connor Cook, at the Combine in a Pro-Style Offense. As a result, some of his Footwork on his Passes in the Workouts were not as Fluid as the other Three Quarterbacks. Lynch, however, was still able to display some Really Great Raw Talent that has led several NFL Teams to Project him as being Drafted in the First Round.

Lynch finished his Memphis Football Career with 8,863-Yards Passing and 28 Touchdowns while Rushing for 687-Yards and 17 more Touchdowns. Lynch might be a Real Super Freak at Quarterback, but remember that he has Never Taken a Snap from Center in the Memphis Pro Passing Attack. Mike Mayock: “The more snaps he gets, the better Lynch will be.”

27 CB Eli Apple                6-1 199 4.37 38 4.08 128 13 Ohio State PD 2,428 MEARS

Eli Apple is a Red-Shirt Sophomore that has Declared for the 2016 NFL Draft. He was a two-year Starting Cornerback who made 27 starts in 28 games. The one start he missed in 2014 was due to an injury, but he was on the field in that game against Michigan State in the First Quarter. In those Two Years as a Starter, Apple (#13 in Photo) Recorded 86 Tackles, had 18 Pass Break-Ups, and Four Interceptions and was Voted to the Second Team All-Big Ten in 2o15.

Apple was Outstanding at the Scouting Combine with some Incredible Speed Measurables, including a 4.08 Pro-Shuttle, a 38-Inch Vertical Jump, and a 128-Inch Standing Broad Jump. He also Possesses several other Outstanding Assets for a Super Cornerback, including Great Size, Aggressive Style, Great Run Support, and Super Athleticism. Since Great Athletic Cornerbacks with Great Speed and Great Run-Stoppers are hard to find, look for Apple to be Drafted in the First Round on the First Day of the Draft.

28 OG Connor McGovern      6-4 306 4.98 33 4.65 109 33 Missouri 2,427 MEARS

29 SS Kentrell Brice      5-11 200 4.43 42 4.3 133 21 La Tech PD 2,425 MEARS

Kentrell Brice is an Unbelievable Super Combine Freak. His Super Competitiveness was also displayed in the 2014 Season Opener, as he Crushed the Oklahoma Running Backs with Nine Tackles to Demonstrate that he could have played in the Big-12 instead of “Staying-Home” and playing for the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs in Ruston, Louisiana.

Brice (#23 in Photo), making a tackle on Oklahoma RB Samaje Perine, was the Bulldogs leading tackler in 2015 with 86 Tackles which is Unbelievable for a Secondary Player. He also made “Big Plays” in Coverage and Out of Coverage and he is also a Super Blitzer with Four Quarterback Sacks in 2015. His Measurables at the Louisiana Tech Pro Day as he Recorded a Fabulous 42-Inch Vertical Jump, a 133-Inch Standing Broad Jump, and 21 Reps of 225-Pounds on Bench Press.

With these Incredible Speed and Strength Measurables, it will be interesting to see  how many NFL Teams will be interested in Drafting Brice in the top half of the 2016 NFL Draft as a Special-Teams Super-Star and an eventual starter in the Secondary.

30 DT Ashawn Robinson           6-4 307 5.1 26 4.74 106 22 Alabama 2,424 MEARS

Ashawn Robinson (#86 in Photo) is a Tremendous Football Player who is an Unbelievable Specimen Freak who has Outstanding Athletic Ability, Quickness, and a High Motor who is going at 100% on every play. Robinson is not going to Wow the NFL Scouts with Mind-Boggling Measurables, but his 26-Inch Vertical Jump, 4.74 Pro-Shuttle, and 106-Inch Standing Broad Jump are Outstanding for a 307-Pound Defensive Lineman and he received Bonus Coaching Points.

When Robinson was at Fort Worth Arlington Heights High School in Texas, he had the look of a Grown-Man and he was Nicknamed as the “Man Child” while growing-up. His Mother had to literally keep his Birth Certificate in her purse to prove that her son was playing in the appropriate Age Group. Robinson Showed-Up for the First U.S, Army All-American Bowl Game Practice with a Full Beard and most of the All-American Bowl Game Players thought he was their Defensive Line Coach.

Robinson is a Two-Year starter in the Outstanding Alabama 3-4 Defense and he also lined-up everywhere from Nose Guard to a Six-Technique on the right side of the Defensive Line, showing his Versatility to play all of the Defensive Line Positions

Robinson became a Full-Time Starter in 2014 as a Sophomore and recorded 49 Tackles, including 6.5 Tackles for a Loss, and splitting time at Nose Guard and a Five-Technique Position. He started all 15 games as a Junior in 2015 and finished with 46 Tackles, 7.5 Tackles for a Loss, and 3.5 Quarterback Sacks. In 2015, Robinson also earned First Team All-SEC and was a Consensus All-American First Team. Robinson was the Team Leader on and off of the field for the Alabama Team that Won the 2015 National Championship and he was also a Finalist for the Outland Trophy Award.

Robinson is Definitely one of the Top Defensive Tackles in the NFL Draft and he will be one of the Top Three or Four Defensive Tackles to come off of the NFL Draft Board. Also remember that there are about 10 Defensive Tackles and also another 10 Defensive Ends that will probably be Drafted in the First Few Rounds. Robinson is coming into the Draft with relatively fresh legs playing in just 57 Percent of the Alabama Defensive Snaps over last two seasons. He has Tremendous Brute Force to Dominate NFL Offensive Linemen immediately.

31 DT Vernon Butler   6-4 323 5.05 33.5 4.76 111 26 LA Tech PD 2,423 MEARS

Vernon Butler (#9 in Photo) is one of the Biggest Defensive Tackles in the NFL Draft, but he is still one of the Most Athletic. Butler is projected as a possible #1 or #2 Round Draft Choice in a Very Talented Group of Defensive Tackles, but he did not start playing Football until his Junior Year in High School. Butler was a Super-Star Basketball Player at Summit North Pike High School who once scored 38 Points in one game and get 17 Rebounds in another game.

Butler was Recruited to Louisiana Tech from Mississippi and he played for Four Seasons for the Bulldogs, Recording 169 Tackles, 29 Tackles for a Loss, and Six Quarterback Sacks. With his Outstanding NFL Potential, Butler will be the First Louisiana Tech Player to be Invited to Attend the NFL Draft and he also is the First Bulldog to have a chance to be Drafted in the First Round of the Draft.

Butler is an Incredible Specimen at 6-4 and 323 Pounds and he has a Massive 35.6-Inch Arms and 10.75-Inch Hands. He’s also a Great Athletic Talent, who had a 5.05 Forty, a Tremendous 33.5-Inch Vertical Jump, and a 111-Inch Standing Broad Jump at the Louisiana Pro Day. Butler also ran an Outstanding 4.76 Forty at the Scouting Combine.

While Butler did not Put-Up any Mind-Boggling Stats as a Bulldog, he was often Double and Triple-Teamed by Offenses that knew from watching his film, if they did not Double-Team him, he would Wreck Havoc to their Offense in the game. Many NFL Scouts feel that he is a Future Star in the NFL and for this reason ,he has a Chance to to become a #1 Draft Choice in the 2016 NFL Draft.

32 OLB Kamalei Correa 6-3 248 4.62 34 4.15 117 21 Boise St PD  2,423 MEARS

Although he is a Little Under-Sized for a Pass Rusher, the NFL Draft Stock on Kamalei Correa of Boise State has continued to be on the Rise, because Correa uses his great Speed and Athletic Ability to really put pressure on the Quarterback. The 2016 NFL Draft does not have a really strong group of Pass Rushers and this enables a player like Correa to really move up the Draft Board.

Correa (#8 in Photo) uses his Great Athleticism and Great Burst of Speed to put Tremendous Pressure on Quarterbacks, but he is also able to Drop in Pass Coverage or be Aggressive on the Run. His Athleticism makes him a Very Versatile Defender capable of Coming off the Edge and Dropping into Pass coverage. This is important because with his lack of size, he might become a Linebacker in the NFL.

The Great Versatility and Savvy of Correa is a Very Important Fact for his Tremendous Draft Stock, but his Incredible Pass-Rushing Ability is what gives him this Great NFL Draft Value.

33 RB Daniel Lasco                6-0 209 4.43 41.5 4.26 135 23 California 2,423 MEARS

Daniel Lasco (#2 in Photo) is an Unbelievably Intriguing Running Back. At The Woodlands High School, he was One of the Top Running Backs in the Country and he finished his Career with 3,821-Yards Rushing and 43 Touchdowns. He was also a Track Super-Star with a 10.5 in the 100 Meters. In 2011, Lasco Surprised a lot of people when he Signed with California and then Red-Shirted as a True Freshman. Then in 2012, Lasco played in 12 Games and was a Special Teams Super-Star with 12 Special Teams Tackles.

SIDE NOTE: I used to live Three Miles from The Woodlands High School, which is just off of I-45, coming out of Houston on your way to Dallas.

Lasco had a Sensational Junior Season, although he was often overshadowed at California by Super-Star Quarterback Jared Goff, but he had an Injury-Filled Senior Season in 2015. In 2014, Lasco Rushed for 1,115-Yards and 12 Touchdowns, and was the Cal Football MVP, but with the 2015 Injuries, he was able to only Put-Up 331-Yards and Three Touchdowns. He still was Invited to the Shrine Bowl Game, where he recorded a couple of explosive runs in the first half and ultimately led all of the Shrine All-American Players with an 52-Yards Rushing on just three carries.

After his Great Shrine Bowl Game, Lasco got an Invite to the NFL Scouting Combine and while at the Combine, he made all of the NFL Scouts remember his Great Junior Season. Also at the Combine, Lasco really Wowed everyone with his Outstanding Speed Measurables, including a 4.4 Forty in the Drills, a 41.5 Vertical Jump, a 135-Inch Standing Broad Jump, and then he did 23 Reps on the 225-Pound Bench Press.

With all of these Intriguing Skills, Lasco is a Potential NFL Running Back with all of the Athletic Skills, Agility, and Speed to become a Great NFL Player and as a Plus, the NFL Team that gets him in one of the the Mid-Rounds, will also have a Super Special Teams Player.

34 SS Clay Fejedelem    6-0 204 4.5 40.5 4.3 121 20 Illinois PD  2,423 MEARS
35 DT Chris Jones 6-6 310 4.83 29.5 4.62 106 26 Mississippi St PD 2,420 MEARS

Chris Jones might be the Most Athletic Defensive Linemen in the 2016 Draft as Evidence that he was a Former High School Basketball Star. He plays with tremendous natural power and has great strength in his hands and upper body to shed blockers without much effort when he has to put Pressure on the Quarterback.

Jones (#96 in Photo) had an Incredible Combine and then Recorded an Amazing 29.5 Vertical Jump at Mississippi State Pro Day. He has Very Quick Feet and uses this asset for Leverage to get into and Disrupt Offensive Plays. As a Senior, Jones Recorded 34 Quarterback Pressures and had 11.5 Quarterback Sacks.

36 ILB Elandon Roberts    5-11 235 4.53 37 4.26 120 25 UH PD 2,418 MEARS
37 OLB Deion Jones             6-1 222 4.38 35.5 4.16 120 18 LSU PD 2,417 MEARS

The LSU Pro Day for the NFL Scouts was Extremely Exciting and especially for Linebacker Deion Jones, who had already been Rated and Ranked Extremely High as an  NFL Prospect at the recent 2016 NFL Scouting Combine. At that NFL Scouting Combine, Jones (#45 in Photo) Recorded some Great Measurables, but he was even More Impressive in the Linebacker Drills and he Finished the Combine with an Outstanding 2,244 MEARS RATING.

At the LSU Pro-Day, Jones improved his Forty with a 4.38 and a 4.39 Forty. According to NFL.com, the Fastest Time for a Forty at the Scouting Combine was a 4.4 by Jon Alston in 2006 and the fastest Linebacker Forty at the 2016 Combine  was a 4.47. Jones also improved his Vertical Jump to a 35.5 Vertical Jump. With these Two Measurables, his MEARS RATING improved to a 2,417 MEARS RATING, which moved him from a BLUE-CHIP to a SUPER GOLD-CHIP.

Deion Jones is a Super Fast-Twitch, well-muscled Athletic Outside Linebacker with a tapered waist and a very powerful trunk. He has a Super Quick lateral movement  from gap-to-gap in chasing-down Running Backs. With his Outstanding Speed, Jones has the Outstanding Athletic Ability to chase down these Running Backs from Sideline to Sideline. He also has great Acceleration off his Standing Spot on Defense and into his target and he prefers to wrap up and drive his powerful hips into and through the Ball-Carrier.

“Not many Linebackers in history will run a Forty like that,” said LSU Head Coach Les Miles. “Deion Jones may be the fastest Linebacker I have ever been around that had any size to him at all.”

38 DE Shilique Calhoun   6-4 251 4.76 35 4.25 115 23 Michigan State 2,417 MEARS

Shilique Calhoun (#89 in Photo) was Voted as the Big-10 Defensive Lineman of the Year in 2014 as he Finished with a Career-Best 10.5 Quarterback Sacks among his 49 Tackles, and 15 Tackles For a Loss. Most of the Spartan Fans would not have  blamed Calhoun if he would have made the Decision to go to the NFL after that Junior Season when he was Voted the Big-10 Defensive Lineman of the Year, but by returning to Michigan State for his Senior Season in 2015, he probably improved his NFL Draft Status and Draft Value.

In 2013, Michigan State was forced to Replace All-American William Glolston as its Best Edge Rusher and Calhoun Stepped-In as a First Year Starter and led the Spartans with 14 Tackles For a Loss and 18 Quarterback Hurries. Calhoun also Received Several All-American Votes. In Fact, not many College Football Players are named to All-American Teams even once during their College Football Career, much less twice, but Calhoun was able to earn All-American Votes in three straight years, making big plays for the Spartans each year as they competed for Big Ten Title.

Calhoun Usually Wins the Edge Rush with Outstanding Speed and an Unbelievable Quick Step and a Relentless Style of Play to Try to Make Every Single Tackle. He also Demonstrates an Impressive Strength, Tremendous Agility, and Tremendous Speed in Stopping the Run. He uses these Skills and Comes off the Snap in a Freaky Quick Flash and is Instantly in the Backfield.

39 OG Connor McGovern      6-4 306 4.99 33 4.65 109 33 Missouri 2,417 MEARS
40 DT Jarran Reed                   6-3 307 5.07 31 4.75 110 NA Alabama 2,414 MEARS
41 OT Germain Ifedi       6 -6 324 5.21 32.5 4.74 109 24 Texas A&M 2,413 MEARS

Germain Ifedi (#74 in Photo) is one of the Most Aggressive and Most Physically Gifted Offensive Lineman in the 2016 NFL Draft and the ability to play both Left Offensive Tackle and Guard makes him a Very Unique Player. He is also one one of the Most Powerful and he has Unbelievable Film at both Guard and Tackle.

With Great  Quickness and Balance, Ifedi is Coveted by every NFL Team to play Offensive Left TackleAt 6-6 and 324 Pounds, Ifedi Recorded an Outstanding 4.74 Pro-Shuttle and a Great 109 Standing Broad Jump at the NFL Scouting Combine.

42 DT Javon Hargrave  6-1 309 4.83 34.5 4.7 109 29 S Carolina St 2,413 MEARS
43 CB William Jackson               6-0 189 4.3 38 4.2 116 10 Houston 2,413 MEARS
44 CB Sean Davis     6-1 201 4.41 37.5 3.97 126 21 Maryland PD 2,412 MEARS

45 DT Kenny Clark                       6-3 314 5.01 28.5 4.62 102 29 UCLA 2,408 MEARS

Kenny Clark knows he worked hard to get to where he is today. As a kid, in 2005, Clark  was dealt a tough hand when his Father went to Prison. This might cause some people to lose focus on their goals, but for Clark, these experiences gave him the Mental Toughness to become one of the Top Defensive Tackles in the 2016 NFL Draft. 

Clark is a mature Person and has made himself into a Tremendous Football Player in the shadow of a Very Difficult Situation in preparing for the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine and NFL Draft. In his Preparation, Clark trained at Proactive Sports Performance and he went through an Intense Lower-Body Workouts designed to increase his Tremendous Explosiveness that he already had and it caught the Attention of many of the NFL Scouts.

Clark (#97 in Photo) is Leaving UCLA after his Junior season and he will not even be of Legal Drinking Age until after a Few Games in the NFL on October 4, 2016.  In three years,  Clark played in 37 Games and started 30 of those Games, including the final 29 Games of his College Football Career.

Clark had a Sensational Junior Season as he Recorded 75 Tackles which Ranked him Second in Tackles on the UCLA Team. Clark also Recorded 11 Tackles for a Loss and Six Quarterback Sacks, earning him AP All-American Third Team and All-PAC-12 First Team. Most of the NFL Scouts Believe that Clark could be an Immediate Impact Player as a Pass Rusher in a 4-3 Defense or even a Defensive End in a 3-4 Defense.

46 TE Hunter Henry   6-5 250 4.66 31.5 4.41 113 21 Arkansas PD 2,405 MEARS

Hunter Henry is considered to be the #1 Tight End in the 2016 NFL Draft and he Excels at Catching the Football from his Tight End Position. As a Junior, in 2015, Henry Caught 51 Passes for 739-Yards and Three Touchdowns and was Selected to the First Team All-SEC. As an Outstanding Tight End, Henry was also Selected as the 2015 John Mackey Award Winner as the Top tight End in the Country.

Henry (#84 in Photo) is an Outstanding Athlete for his Size and Speed and has Great Hands and Great Body Control. Another thing that the NFL Scouts like about Henry is that he is Especially Dangerous after making the catch and he rarely drops the Football. Another thing that the NFL Scouts love about Henry is his Outstanding Run-Blocking Skills and his Experience as a Dominating Run-Blocker in the Great Arkansas Running Offense Success.

Henry was not able to take part in the NFL Scouting Combine, but he was Really Impressive at the Arkansas Pro Day as he Recorded a Great 4.66 Forty, did a 4.41 Pro-Shuttle, and a 113-Inch Standing Broad Jump. This was after Weighing-In at 6-5 and 250-Pounds. Henry was also Impressive in the Drills at Pro Day.

47 DT Kevin Dodd        6-5 277 4.8 30.5 4.44 110 22 PD Clemson 2,404 MEARS

Kevin Dodd (#98 in Photo) had to Wait to Become a Super-Star. He was buried on the Clemson Depth Chart for his first three seasons. He also had a Knee Injury in 2013 and then the Deep Clemson Talent Pool. Dodd entered the 2015 Season with very little Fanfare, but then when Super-Star Shaq Lawson was injured, he came off of the Radar and became a Real Dominant Defensive Player and Super-Star.

In 2015, Dodd recorded 15 Tackles for a Loss and 8 Quarterback Sacks during the Regular Season and then Wrecked the Oklahoma Offense with a Sack and 3.5 Tackles for a Loss. Then, in the National Championship Game, Dodd was Incredible as he Recorded 3 Sacks and 5 Tackles for a Loss. By this Time, every NFL Scout knew exactly what Kevin Dodd could do on a Football Field.

48 SS Kevin Byard     5-11 212 4.43 38 4.15 108 22 Mid Tenn PD 2,404 MEARS
49 ILB Reggie Ragland        6-1 247 4.62 31.5 4.28 116 NA Alabama 2,404 MEARS
50 FS Justin Simmons 6-2 202 4.49 40 38.5 126 16 Boston Coll PD 2,404 MEARS
51 OC Nick Martin                  6-4 299 5.14 28 4.72 97 28 Notre Dame 2,403 MEARS
52 DT Hassan Ridgeway        6-3 303 4.94 32 4.69 113 24 Texas PD 2,401 MEARS

Hassan Ridgeway did not play Football in High School until his Sophomore Season, but as a Senior, he was a Texas All-State and an All-American Defensive End. For a Big Defensive Lineman, Ridgeway has Outstanding Speed, Quickness, and Agility.

Ridgeway is also a Very Physical Player and he plays with Great Passion and ViolenceRidgeway (#98 in Photo) played Multiple Defensive Positions at Texas and his Great Versatility is a Real Plus for the NFL Team who gets the Opportunity to Draft Him.

Ridgeway did not put together a Great Productive Junior Year in 2015, but that was due partly due to Nagging Injuries. You can watch his Outstanding Highlight Film and see that he Demonstrates an Incredible Combination of Strength, Power, and Athleticism that gives him the Rare Potential to Completely Dominate the game on Every Single Down. This Great Talent could make Ridgeway one of the most Impacted Defensive Tackles to come out of the 2016 NFL Draft, but he is Rated Lower to most of the other Super-Star Defensive Tackles, because of the  concerns over Health. His Potential is still Off The Charts.

53 DT Jonathan Bullard            6-3 285 4.86 32 4.56 116 23 Florida 2,400 MEARS
54 OG Joe Dahl                  6-4 304 5.15 31 4.77 109 28 Washington St 2,393 MEARS
55 FB Dan Vitale             6-1 239 4.51 38.5 4.12 123 30 Northwestern 2,393 MEARS
56 OG Josh Garnett                    6-4 312 5.25 29 4.64 99 30 Stanford 2,389 MEARS
57 DE Noah Spence  6-2 251 4.68 35 4.35 121 25 East Kentucky PD 2,389 MEARS
58 QB Connor Cook               6-4 217 4.75 33 4.28 113 Michigan State 2,389 MEARS
59 ILB B.J. Goodson               6-1 242 4,61 34.5 4.38 118 30 Clemson 2,388 MEARS
60 OG Joe Thuney                     6-5 304 4.9 28.5 4.54 110 28 NC State 2,388 MEARS
61 QB Cardale Jones                    6-5 253 4.76 36 4.46 116 Ohio State 2,386 MEARS
62 CB Mack Alexander 5-10 190 4.37 37 4.21 121 11 Clemson PD 2,385 MEARS
63 RB Zac Brooks           6-1 200 4.32 36 4.38 129 18 Clemson PD 2,385 MEARS

Still, Another Unbelievable Performance happened at the Clemson Pro Day. Zac Brooks finished his Clemson career with only 115 Rushing Attempts, 18 Receptions and 809-Yards of All-Purpose Offense. but after an Incredible Pro Day has got all of the NFL Scouts interested and he has a great chance to be Drafted in one of the Early Rounds of the 2016 NFL Draft.

At the Clemson Pro Day, Brooks (#24 in Photo) had an Incredible Mind-Boggling Performance,  where he ran an Incredible 4.32 Forty; recorded a 36-Inch Vertical Jump; and did a 129-Inch Standing Broad Jump. He also did 18 Reps of 225-Pounds on the Bench Press. Had Brooks been invited to the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine, and been able to put up these Impressive Measurables, he would have Ranked in the Top Five Running Backs in the Forty and Standing Broad Jump.

While Brooks was a career backup at Clemson, that was more a result of circumstance than him not being a Great Running BackBrooks was set to be the Clemson Starting Running Back in 2014, but he suffered a Season-Ending foot injury in Fall Pre-Season Camp. That ultimately led to Redshirt Freshman Wayne Gallman who emerged as the Clemson Starting Running Back, leaving Brooks as his backup. Then, Gallman became one of the Top Running Backs in the ACC in 2015.

64 FS T.J. Green               6-2 207 4.3 35.5 4.22 129 13 Clemson PD 2,383 MEARS
65 WR Will Fuller             6-0 186 4.26 33.5 4.17 126 10 Notre Dame 2,382 MEARS
66 OG Cody Whitehair   6-4 301 4.97 25.5 4.58 110 16 Kansas State 2,382 MEARS
67 TE Austin Hooper        6-4 254 4.66 33 4.32 117 19 Stanford PD 2,382 MEARS

Tight End Austin Hooper (#18 in Photo) seems to be one of the most Intriguing Stanford Players who will be heading for the 2016 NFL Draft. The fact that he Declared for the NFL Draft after only two seasons on the field with the Cardinal makes it difficult to place what kind of talent he really is. Most NFL Scouts and General Managers like to see at least three Football Seasons to determine what kind of Potential a Player might have Demonstrated in those Three Years of Preparation for the NFL Draft. Hooper, Athletically, is what many  NFL Teams are looking for in a Pass-Catching Tight End.

Hooper had Great Measurables at the Scouting Combine and his Two Great Seasons at Stanford makes him one of the hottest Tight Ends in the NFL Draft this year. His Eight Touchdown Receptions and 937-Yards Receiving in those Two Football Seasons can not be overlooked. Most NFL General Managers love a Great 40-Yard Clocking and I believe that Hooper, with one of the Fastest Forties of all Tight Ends, will be Drafted in the Early First or Second Rounds. Regardless of where Hooper  is Drafted, whoever gets him, will be Very Excited to get him.

68 DE  Emmanuel Ogbah  6-4 273 4.55 35.5 4.5 121 20 Okla State 2,381 MEARS
69 RB Tyler Ervin          5-10 192 4.37 39 4.2 130 17 San Jose State 2,380 MEARS
70 DT Austin Johnson        6-4 314 5.18 26 4.75 104 25 Penn State 2,380 MEARS
71 CB Prince C Iworah  5-10 194 4.32 38 4.12 128 25 W KY PD 2,378 MEARS
72 WR Braxton Miller  6-2 210 4.35 35 4.07 123 17 Ohio State PD 2,375 MEARS

Joey Bosa had a Teammate Named Braxton Miller. Miller was the Starting Quarterback until injured and then when he got well, he moved to Wide Receiver. Every NFL Scout knew that Miller was a Great Athlete and they were looking forward to the Scouting Combine to see his Athleticism, but he ran a Disappointing 4.5 Forty. At the Scouting Combine, Miller did run an Incredible 4.07 in the Pro-Shuttle, but he was disappointed with his Forty.

Much of the College Success of Miller (#1 in Photo) came from playing Quarterback, where he was a Two-Time Big Ten Offensive Player and Quarterback of the Year. Miller set the Ohio State Record after Recording 88 Touchdowns Rushing, Passing, or Pass Receiving which  Ranked him Second in Ohio State History with 8,609-Yards of Total Offense.

Miller missed the 2014 Season with a Shoulder Injury and then made his Unbelievable Debut as a Wide Receiver Against Virginia Tech as he made a 54-Yard Touchdown Catch and a 53-Yard Touchdown Run in the Third Quarter.

At the Ohio State Pro Day, Miller ran a Great 4.35 Forty and with this Forty, it Raised his 2,227 MEARS RATING to a Great 2,375 MEARS RATING.

73 TE Jerrell Adams     6-5 247 4.57 32.5 4.31 117 18 S Carolina PD 2,369 MEARS
74 OG Christian Westerman 6-3 298 5.07 25 4.71 98 34 Ariz State 2,368 MEARS
75 ILB Nick Kwiatkoski  6-2 243 4.64 32 4.22 120 19 West Virginia 2,366 MEARS


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About maxemfingerrecruiting

My mission and goal is to search for that hidden high school football talent that has not been found yet. I then evaluate him and try to help him to get some publicity. In 2003, 2004, 2005. and 2006, I hosted my Annual 7on7 National Championship. My goal was to get great athletes to one area where I could evaluate them and then help them with college coaches. The only drawback was that college coaches wanted to see the hidden gems in a game-type highlight film and so the college coaches suggested to me that I host a real All-American Bowl Game so that they could view these talented players in a highlight film, playing against other talented players. It's noted that the NCAA doesn't allow the college coaches to attend All-American Games or practices and so the Game Film is a great tool for the college coaches. In 2005, I hosted my 1st Annual All-American Bowl Game. In nine games in nine years, my wife and I have helped 549 HS football players to get a scholarship that came to our first Bowl Game practice without a single scholarship offer. This also does not count over 1,000 players who we have helped that did not play in our game, including over 100 players in the 2010 Recruiting Season. My Super Elite Top Gun Camp idealogy, is of course, to get as many Top Football Players to a Top Gun Camp so that all of my coaches and I can evaluate them, rate them, rank them, and promote them. There will always be "Diamonds in the Rough" to be found. My First Annual Max Emfinger's Super Elite Top Gun Camp was in July of 2010. The Camp was amazing and loaded with unknown and known talent. Many of them were invited to play in our 2011 All-American Bowl Game Classic. In 2007, in my 3rd Annual All-American Bowl Game, a player by the name of Kareem Jackson came to our first Monday practice, without a single scholarship offer. Jackson decided to come out early and he became a #1 Draft Choice in the 2010 NFL Draft for the Houston Texans.
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