2016 Lestini Free Agent Camp And MEARS RATINGS! By Super Scout Max Emfinger

By Super Scout Max Emfinger

When John and Mary Jo Lestini invited the Crescent City Kings Team to their 2015 Free Agent Camp, it was the opening of a new door for both the Camp and for the Franchise. The Crescent City Kings were the first Minor League Professional Football Team in the 15-Year History to be invited as a Team to the Free Agent Super Camp. The Kings Assistant Head Coach “CJ” Maiden, also one of my 2016 All-American Bowl Game Coaches, was the Catalyst in creating this new Great Invitation Plan, that enables the Kings Players to be able to Showcase their Talent and Skills before CFL and Arena Football Scouts.

Shaun Jones was the only Crescent City Kings Player who participated in the 2015 Lestini Free Agent Camp. This year, 11 Players Participated including #25 WR Jamiah Sorapuru; #66 WR Eben Barra; #24 WR Larry Paisant; #19 WR Johnathan Warren; #34 RB Derek Williams; #20 RB Keith Brown; #72 DT Shaun Jones; #3 SS Lamont Simmons; #29 CB Bryant Carter; #28 FS Keywan Bullock; and #33 SS Harlow Pollar. The Kings Players exhibited some Great Talent and were among some of the Top Players in the Measurement Combine and also in the Player Drills.

Wide receiver #19 Johnathan Warren ran the Second Best Forty Time of the day with a 4.53. Then, #3  SS Lamont Simmons, who is a Hybrid Strong Safety and Linebacker was Impressive with a 4.6 Forty and DT Shaun Jones got a lot of excitement from the Coaches and Scouts in the Drills, after Recording a 4.31 Pro-Shuttle and a 5.0 Forty, while weighing 275-Pounds. Arena and CFL Scouts were asking: “Who are these Crescent City Kings?”


Forty Years Ago, in 1975, when I was a Talent Scout with the Dallas Cowboys, my Boss, Gil Brandt, invited me to Follow him down the hallway where we went into a Conference Room where Dallas Cowboys Head Football Coach Tom Landry and Defensive Coordinator Ernie Stautner were waiting to Talk to me. “Max, we want you To Coordinate a Dallas Cowboys Team Project for us,” said Coach Landry. “We want you To Coordinate the Rating and Ranking of every Active NFL Player and then Color-Code every player in the NFL as to their Rating and Ranking.”

GOLD = NFL All-Pro Player
BLUE = NFL Future All-Pro or Past All-Pro Player
RED = Average NFL Player
GREEN = Rookie or Second Year Player in League

NOTE: A huge “Flip-Chart” was developed with each NFL Team. Then, a Color-Coded Business-Card with Name, Height, Weight, and Forty for each NFL Player placed in the “Flip-Chart” sleeve for each position on the football field for both the Teams on Offense and Defense of each NFL Team. The Late Legendary Head Coach Tom Landry and The Late Legendary Defensive Coordinator Ernie Stautner used this First Color-Coded Rating System as info in their weekly Scouting Report in preparation for their next game of the Season. In 1975, there were 28 NFL Teams and each Team had around 50 Players; so I evaluated around 1,400 Players. It took me about three weeks, but the Flip-Chart was ready before The Fourth Game Against the New York Giants.

Coach Tom Landry, First Super Scout Gil Brandt, and Owner Tex Schramm

My job with the Dallas Cowboys was to Evaluate, Rate, and Rank College Football Players for the NFL Draft. My boss, Gil Brandt, also asked me to Evaluate, Rate, and Rank all of the Top Texas High School Football Players for the 1976 Football Recruiting Season and I made a Texas Top 100 Recruiting List to give to all of the College Football Coaches.

Then when Coach Landry asked me to Evaluate, Rate, Rank, and Color-Code Every Football Player in the NFL, I was probably the First and Last Talent Scout on the Planet who was asked to Evaluate High School, College, and Professional NFL Football Players in the same Football Season. After finishing this Huge Dallas Cowboys Scouting Project, Coach Landry and Coach Stautner gave me the Title of Super Scout: “Coach Stautner, I think we have us a Real Super Scout!”

Founder of MEARS PLAYER RATING SYSTEM, 1976, Dallas, TX
Founder of First HS Football Recruiting Service, 1979, Houston, TX
Founder of First Select Baseball Team, 1990, Houston, TX
Founder of First 7on7 National Championship, 2001, Houston, TX
Founder of HS All-American Bowl Game, 2005, Shreveport, LA
Founder of Super Elite Top Gun Combine, 2007, Honolulu, HI 


The MEARS RATING SYSTEM, or a similar type Rating System, is very important for the NFL Scouts, and the NFL Scouting Combine is the first time that Really “Accurate Measurables” are recorded on the NFL Players Before The NFL Scouting Combine. It’s easy to say someone can run a 4.4 or a 4.3 Forty, but before an Accurate Hand-Held Timing by a Professional Talent Scout or either by a slower, but Accurate Laser Timing is done, most Forty Times are less than Accurate.

Technique is also very important, and that is why College Football Players, before the Annual NFL Scouting Combine and before entering the NFL Draft, will hire a Sports Trainer to train them and teach them how to do a proper Vertical Jump, Pro-Agility Shuttle, and a Standing Broad Jump.

You can get a very good idea about a High School Football Player if he participates in a Legitimate Super Football Combine, but many High School Football Players do not get a chance to participate in Super Combines. If a High School Player is being recruited by 40 D-1 Schools, then you have to assume that he is an Outstanding Football Player, but how can you give him a MEARS RATING if he does not have Valid and Accurate Measurables? The answer is Very Simple! If you have some of his Speed Measurables, you can approximate his other Speed Measurables based upon his Game Film Evaluation or Actual Game Evaluation, giving him the Maximum Points in most of his Speed Measurables for his position.

Most High School and College Football Players don’t even know what their Measurables are and you would think that they would, but they don’t. Many times, a High School Football Player or College Football Player will list what he thinks is his best Forty Time as a 4.8 and then twenty minutes later runs a 4.6 Forty or better. Also, you must keep in mind that with a little instruction and training, most High School and College Football Players can improve their Speed Measurables by Two and Three Tenths of a Second and can improve on their Distance Measurables by as much as Six to Eight Inches. Some of this Information may not mean as much to you as other parts, but all Football Players and Coaches still need to understand How and Why the MEARS RATING SYSTEM was Developed and how it Evolved over the Years.

Before I Started Using my original MEARS RATING SYSTEM, I decided that it needed a little Tweaking and so I called one of my old Coaching Friends, The Legendary and long-time Strength Coach and Genius, Boyd Epley. Before Coach Epley (In The Photo Below) was hired by Legendary, Nebraska Cornhuskers Head Coach and Athletic Director Bob Devaney in September 1969, as The Nebraska Strength and Conditioning Coach, College Football Teams in America did not have Strength and Conditioning Coaches and this type of coach was non-existent.

Coach Boyd Epley

For years it had existed largely as an underground movement at only a handful of schools like a Knights Templar-esque Secret Society, but Coach Epley changed all of that and he is still considered today to be the Father and Founder of the new Strength and Training methods that we now use today. Coach Epley was the one person that I wanted to help me with my Tweak. In 1978, Coach Epley formed the National Strength And Conditioning Association and he is still their Director.

Max, we have got to set a Standard for every Position for every Set of Measurable that we test at a Super Combine,” said Coach Epley. Then we worked on a Set of Standards for each position. For Example: “The Standard for an Offensive Tackle, has always been 6-5 and 275 for Forty Years. The Players are always going to get Bigger, Stronger, and Faster, but we don’t need to keep changing the Medium Standard, said Coach Epley. Our MEARS RATINGS will always continue to get Higher as the Players will achieve to get Bigger, Stronger, and Faster.” Recently, I Tweaked the OT Height to 6-4.

This Formula is based on each individual positions and is based on a MEDIUM STANDARD for that position for every test or Measurable in a Super Combine. So, each position has a standard for each test and Measurable. A player will get plus points for every tenth of a second over the position standard, but a maximum of 400 points. Example: Trent Williams ran a 4.79 Forty and the standard for an Offensive Lineman is 5.3, he received Maximum 400 points.

Forty-Yard Dash (40) is a test of raw speed, stamina, and explosiveness. It is a test of pure speed from Point A to Point B. Technique is also very important. This is a very good test of measure for all skill players who may have to run 40-yards in a game. The Original Running Back standard was a 4.6 Forty, but many Great Running Backs are too “Banged-Up” at the End of the Season, so I Recently Changed the Standard to 4.8. Running Backs get ten points per each tenth over the standard. Example: In the 2010 NFL Super Combine, Trindon Holliday ran a 4.21 Forty and got 390 points; while our 2013 Game MVP Josh Cleveland ran a 4.29 Forty and received 310-points.

Patrick Peterson (6-0, 219, 4.31) of LSU was a Real Super Combine Freak. There may have never been a player who had tested as well at every Measurable, up to 2011, for his position as Peterson was able to do at the 2011 NFL Super Combine. First of all, how many Cover Cornerbacks have ever weighed-in at 219 pounds?

Most Cornerbacks are streamlined to be fast, quick, and light. So then when he ran a 4.31 Forty and did a 4.07 Pro-Agility Shuttle, you will have to admit that he’s a Super Combine Freak. Then Peterson did a 38-inch Vertical Jump; did a 126 Standing Broad Jump; and 15 Reps of 225 on the Bench Press, and set a World Record at the Time with a 2,048 MEARS RATING. Later, in the 2011 NFL Super Combine, Cam Newton broke Patterson’s MEARS WORLD RECORD with a 2,070 MEARS RATING. Jake Locker Recorded a 2,057 MEARS RATING. Under 2016 Standards, Peterson would have Recorded a 2,418 MEARS RATING and Newton an Incredible 2,492 MEARS RATING at the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine.

Before the 2012 Scouting Combine, only two Linebackers had ever Recorded a 2,000 MEARS RATING. In the 2011 NFL Super Combine, MLB Martez Wilson (6-4, 250, 4.42) of Illinois and OLB Von Miller (6-3, 248, 4.41) of Texas A&M recorded 2,000 MEARS RATING as Wilson got a 2,030 MEARS RATING and Miller recorded a 2,012 MEARS RATING. With the 2016 Standards, Miller would have Recorded an Incredible 2,492 MEARS RATING.

Then, in the 2012 NFL Super Combine, Luke Kuechly (6-3, 242, 4.49) of Boston College recorded a 38-inch Vertical Jump; did a 4.12 Pro-Shuttle; did 123-Inch Standing Broad Jump; and did 27 reps of 225 on the Bench Press. With 2016 Standards, Kuechly would have recorded an Incredible 2,439 MEARS RATING.

Vertical Jump The Vertical Jump (VJ) is a test of leg explosiveness, power, and quickness. Technique is also very important in this test. This test is a good measurable for Wide Receivers, Cornerbacks, and Safeties. The standard for an Offensive Lineman is a 24-Inch Vertical Jump, but have Recently Changed to a 22. Each inch over the standard, a player gets 20 points. Southern Cal DE Nick Perry did an incredible 38.5-inch Vertical Jump and received 290 points. The Defensive Back Standard for the Vertical Jump is a 28. Eric Berry did a 43-Inch Vertical Jump and received 300 points; Trindon Holliday did a 42-inch Vertical Jump and received 280 points; and in 2015, Byron Jones did a 44.5 VJ and Received 330 Points.

Pro-Agility Shuttle – The Pro-Agility Shuttle (SH) is a test of agility, speed, lateral quickness, change of direction, and overall body coordination. Technique is also very important is this test. An athlete should be able to do this test in about two tenths of a second faster than he can run a Forty-Yard Dash. For Example: Trent Williams did an Incredible 4.51 Pro-Agility Shuttle and the medium standard for an Offensive Lineman is a 5.2. The maximum number of points that is given in this test is 400 points, so Williams got Maximum points.

Standing Broad Jump – The Standing Broad Jump (SBJ) is a test that is similar to the Vertical Jump in that it measures how far you can jump instead of how high. It is also similar to the long jump in track, except the player will not get a running start, but rather jump from a standing position. It measures explosion, power, quickness, and lower body strength. It is a great measure for Running Backs, Tight Ends, and Linebackers. Example: WR Armand Williams did a sensational 139-inch Standing Broad Jump at my 2009 Zachary, Louisiana Top Gun Combine. The Standard for a Wide Receiver is 102-Inches and he got 5 points for every inch over 105, so Williams got 185 SBJ Points. Armand Williams also did a 42-inch Vertical Jump to go with his Incredible SBJ and was given 280 VJ Points. He then played in the 2010 All-American Bowl Game Classic and caught four passes for 218-yards and a Touchdown and was selected as the Game MVP. Williams was Offered a Late Scholarship by LSU and Signed with the Tigers. In the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine, Cornerback Byron Jones was Sensational as he Recorded an Unbelievable World Record 147-Inch Standing Broad Jump Record. The Cornerback Standard is 102-Inches and he Received 225 Points.

Bench Press – The Bench Press (BP) is a test of pure strength and stamina. The test measures how many bench press reps a high school or college athlete can do of 185 pounds or 225-pounds. Technique is also very important. This test is a good measure for every player on the football field although Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers and Cornerbacks do not need to excel in this event. College and Pro Players use 225 pounds on the Bench Press instead of 185 pounds. The points do not change. Each Athlete gets 20 points for every rep over his standard, but a maximum of 200-points. Example: Lamarr Houston did 30 Reps of 225 Pounds on the Bench Press and got 120-points. In our 2006 All-American Bowl Game Classic, OC Ryan McMahon, who later started four years for Florida State, did 48-Reps and got the maximum 200-points. 

Technique – Technique is also very important in every single event, especially in the running events. The Pro-Shuttle and Standing Broad Jump is all Technique. Getting a bad start in the other running events can make the difference in a great timing or a poor timing. Although the SPARQ RATING SYSTEM became popular, it still had some flaws, because the SPARQ RATING SYSTEM was not originally based on a player’s position, but his weight. If the System is not based on the Position of the Player, then how are you going to decide who the best Player is at that Position? If the RATING SYSTEM is based on the Player Position, you’ll know how he relates.

If you have only one Draft Choice or Scholarship left, the MEARS RATING SYSTEM will give you the highest rated player regardless of position. To get this MEARS RATING, more information, including Height, Weight, Forty, Vertical Jump, Pro-Shuttle, Standing Broad Jump, and 185-Pound Bench Press Reps for High School Football Players and 225-Pound Bench Press Reps for College Football Players are put into the formula and all of this is based upon the standard for his position. “You really don’t need the Three Cone Drill, because it is not needed if you use the Pro-Agility Shuttle with the other Measurables,” said Coach Boyd Epley.

Quarterbacks, Linemen, and Kickers are always going to be hard to measure, because they do not go to Super Combines or they do extremely poor at the Combine,” said Coach Epley. So these three positions must be evaluated very carefully on film or in person and so their MEARS is going to be estimated. Max, you will learn how to evaluate them and give them an honest rating.” Recently, if I really like an Offensive Lineman, I will give him 300-Bonus Speed Points.

1,000 Points to Start

Position HT WT 40 VJ SH SBJ 185 REPS
Quarterback 6-1 190    4.8  24   4.7   90      10
Running Back 5-10 200 4.8 24 4.8   102    15
Wide Receiver 5-10 175 4.6 28  4.6   102    10
Tight End     6-3 220     4.8  28  4.7    96    15
Off Guard     6-3 265     5.3  22  5.2    90    20
Off Tackle    6-4  275     5.3  22  5.2   90     20
Off Center    6-2  265    5.3  22  5.2    90    20
(Offensive Lineman Note: Automatically Get 300 Points)
Def End        6-1 220    4.8   22 4.7    96    20
Def Tackle    6-3 275    5.2   22 5.1    90    20
Nose Guard  6-2 275    5.2   22 5.1    90    20
Middle LB     6-1 220    4.8   28 4.7    90    15
Outside LB   6-0 210    4.7   28 4.6    90    15
Cornerback  5-8 170    4.6   28 4.6    102   5
Free Safety  6-0 180    4.6   28 4.6    102   10
Strong Safety 6-0 190 4.7    28 4.7    102   10

Standard Points For Each Position Over Their Standard!
Height = + or – 10 Points Per Inch
Weight = + or – 2 Points Per Pound
Forty = + or – 10 Points Per Tenth (400 Max Points)
Vertical Jump = + or – 20 Points Per Inch (Unlimited)
Pro-Shuttle = + or – 10 Points Per Tenth (400 Max Points)
Standing BJ = + or – 5 Points Per Inch
Bench Press = + or – 20 Points Per Rep Past Standard (200 Max)

The MEARS RATING SYSTEM Formula, Developed by Max Emfinger, Former Dallas Cowboys Super Scout Gives the Following Ratings:

2,400 + = Future NFL Super-Star – Super Gold-Chip
2,300 – 2,399 = High Div I College – Gold-Chip
2,200 – 2,299 = Division I College – Blue-Chip
2,100 – 2,199 = Division I-AA College – Red-Chip
1,800 – 2,099 = College Super Sleeper – Green-Chip

In the 2015 
NFL Super Scouting Combine, Outside Linebacker Davis Tull of Tennessee Chattanooga! In the Photo, Tull Recorded An Incredible 42.5 Vertical Jump to Add To An Also Equally Incredible 4.32 Pro Shuttle and 132-Inch Standing Broad Jump. Tull, Drafted by The New Orleans Saints, Recorded An Unbelievable 2,502 MEARS RATING. Tull Signed a $2.5M Contract With the New Orleans Saints, adding more Credence for Accurate And Outstanding Measurables.


If you will remember! This was the Weekend that 10,000 Air Flights were cancelled because of Snow, so I packed some extra clothes to wear under my regular clothes. I got-up Sunday Morning and it was 29-Degrees, so I put on my Extra Clothes. Although it was a Little Chilly, it did not seem to bother the Players who were excited to be there to “Show-Off” their Talent to the Many Coaches and Scouts.

Also Remember that although the Lestini Free Agent Combine was in Conjunction with the College Senior Bowl and was on Sunday before the Senior Bowl, the NFL Coaches and Scouts were not allowed to Participate in the Camp and Combine.

When I First got to the South Alabama Practice Field, the First Player that really stood-out to me was #2 Quarterback Justin Billiot. He was passing the football around to several Wide Receivers and I could tell that he was a great Quarterback with a Great Arm. In fact, Billiot, (6-2, 215, 4.8, 34), while playing around, threw a Perfect Spiral-Pass behind his back to a Receiver.

Another Player, who was Very Impressive in the Drills and with Great Muscle-Tone was #4 Running Back Luke Shaffer. He was one of the First Players to Run the Forty and he had a Tremendous Quick Start and Recorded a Sensational 4.38 Forty, which was the Fastest Forty of the Day. Shaffer (5-11, 210, 4.38, 37) also caught the ball really well, coming out of the backfield in the Drills and Recorded the Best MEARS RATING of the Day with a 2,395 MEARS RATING. Shaffer previously Recorded a 4.35 Forty, a 37 Vertical Jump, and a 3.9 Pro-Shuttle at Toledo.

One more thing that really impressed me was the fact that although it was colder than normal, the Athletes looked Phenomenal and even though many of them did not record really fast Forties; many of them did Record Really Fast Pro-Shuttles, indicating that they are Much Faster than their Recorded Forty and are really, really Athletic.

The Second Best Forty of the Camp was Recorded by #10 WR Brandon Renford with a 4.5. Other Skill Players with Outstanding Forties on a Cold Day included #14 WR Tobias Irby with a 4.52; #19 WR Jonathan Warren with a 4.53#9 WR Rashad Rich with a 4.56; and #36 WR/SS Dwiuan White with a 4.57. Since all of these Players were Running Much Faster in the One-On-One Drills, after it got warmer, I gave them a One or Two Second Faster Forty Time, depending on their Previous best Forty, giving them an Extra 100 or 200 Points in their Speed Measurable Forty.

We had 48 Free Agents at the Lestini Camp and we divided them into Three Groups with 16 Players in each group. I watched the First Group Run Forties while Group Two did their Pro-Shuttle and Group Three Did the Standing Broad Jump. Then I watched Group One and Group Two Do their Pro-Shuttle and I was able to see some really great Pro-Shuttles, including #4 Shaffer with a 4.06 and 4.09; #3 FS Lamont Simmons with a 4.19; #9 WR Rashad Rich with a 3.94 and 4.0; #19 WR  Jonathan Warren with a 4.0 and 4.15; #10 WR Brandon Renford with a 4.03 and 4.12; #12 FS Aaron Sam with a 4.10 and 4.13; #16 CB Alexander Dabney with a 4.13; #14 WR Tobias Irby with a 3.91 and 4.10; and Sensational Shuttles of 4.06 by #6 QB George Grant and a 4.19 by #18 QB Evan Ingram.

Some other Players who Recorded Great Pro-Shuttles for their Position included #17 LB Chris Hernandez with a 4.21; #22 WR/RET Ricky Hunt with a 4.19 and another 4.19; #24 WR Larry Paisant with a 4.19; #27 WR/SLOT/CB Tristian Burbridge with a 4.09 and a 4.15; #28 FS Keywan Bullock with a 4.15; #31 SS D’Andre Woodland with a 4.22 and a 4.26; #32 QB Davon Barber with a 4.3; #67 DE Reggie Givens with a 4.42 and a 4.47; #68 DT Clyde Johnson with a 4.68;  #71 Ty Phillips with a 4.5 and a 4.55; #72 TE/DT Shaun Jones with a 4.31 and a 4.37; #89 OT/DT Barrington Young with a 5.03; #90 DT Rockshawn McNeil with a 5.09 and a 5.1; #91 OT Charles Stevens with a 4.59 and a 4.87; and #92 OG Shawn Martinez with a 4.97.

It was a Cold Day and consequently there were very few really great Forty-Times, but there were a few Great Skill Player Forties, other than #4 RB/RET Shaffer, including #18 QB Evan Ingram with a 4.66; #14 WR/FS Tobias Irby with a 4.53; #19 WR Jonathan Warren with a 4.53; #70 DE Tyler Gilbert with a 4.68; #10 WR/RET Brandon Renford with a 4.5; and #9 WR Rashad Rich with a 4.56. A few Linemen with Great Forties included #70 DE Tyler Gilbert with a 4.68; #67 DE Reggie Givens with a 4.78; #72 DT Shaun Jones with a 5.0; and #68 DT Clyde Johnson with a 5.0.

In the other portion of the Combine, there were some really Great Standing Broad Jumps, including Seven Players with over 120-Inches and Eleven Players with over 115-Inches. Those Seven Players over 120-Inches included #9 WR Rashad Rich with a 125; #18 QB Evan Ingram with a 123; #31 CB D’Andre Woodland and #36 WR Dwiuan White with a 122; #13 WR Jacolby Cunigan with a 121; #19 WR Jonathan Warren with a 121; and #20 RB/WR Keith Brown with a 121.

Dwiuan White did a Great SBJ and 4.57 First Forty, but he pulled a muscle after that First Forty and did not get to Participate in the Shuttle or Drills. As he was coming off of the field, he came up to me and told me that his Previous Bests were a 4.38 Forty; a 38 Vertical Jump, and 22 Reps of 225 on Bench Press.

Devon Mackey of Stillman College is another Incredible Player who was unable to Participate at the Camp, but I researched him and he is a Total Freak on his Highlight Film and he also has Very Impressive Measurables. Since he was not able to Participate in the Camp, I gave him all of his Best Recorded Measurables.

Two other Outstanding Offensive Linemen, including #143 OG Roosevelt “R.J.” Harvin of Pembroke and #145 OG Corey White of LSU and Southern were not able to Participate in the Lestini Camp and Combine, but I researched their Previous Measurables and included them in the MEARS RATINGS.

The Standing Broad Jumpers over 115-Inches included #4 RB Luke Shaffer, #22 WR Ricky Hunt, and #14 WR Tobias Irby with a 119; #10 WR Brandon Renford and #71 DE Ty Phillips with a 118; #5 WR Kelvin Irving with a 117; #17 LB Chris Hernandez, #23 WR Robert Johnson, #25 WR Jamiah Sorapuru, and #29 CB Bryant Carter with a 117; and #6 QB George Grant with a 115.

After the Super Combine of the Camp, we divided the Players into Five Groups and out of the Five Groups and it was very obvious that the Strength of the Players was at Wide Receiver where we were loaded with Great Talent as we had around 16 Fabulous Wide Receivers. In the Wide Receiver Drills, we Completed about Twenty-Five Passes before we had a dropped pass. Then we Completed another 16 in a row and then 12 in a row. Some of the Catches were Incredible.

I hope I don’t leave anyone out, but the Great Wide Receivers that made Spectacular Catches in the Drills included #8 WR Charles Rhodes; #22 WR/KR Ricky Hunt; #23 WR/KR Robert Johnson; #13 WR Jacoby Cunigan; #24 WR Larry Paisant; #5 WR/CB/RET Kelvin Irving; #66 WR Eden Barra; #15 WR Chris Joseph; #10 WR/RET Brandon Renford; #19 WR Jonathan Warren; #27 WR/RB/CB Tristian Burbridge; #26 WR/RET/CB Trayon Nash; #4 RB/RET Luke Shaffer#9 WR Rashad Rich; and #5 WR/CB/RET Kelvin Irving.

After the Individual Skill Drills, we put all of the Skill Players in One-On-One Situations and this was probably the most Fun-Part of the Day.

2,300 Or Better MEARS RATINGS

1 RB Luke Shaffer   5-11 210 4.38 37 4.06 119 34 Northwood University 2,395 MEARS
2 WR Rashad Rich                  6-2 215 4.5 38 3.94 125 20 Bacone College 2,335 MEARS
3 WR Brendon Renford  5-9 180 4.5 39 4.12 118 20 Niagara CommColl 2,310 MEARS

2,200 Or Better MEARS RATINGS

1 QB Justin Billiot      6-2 215 4.8 34 4.25 100 San Angelo Bandits, TX  2,280 MEARS
2 WR Devon Mackey INJ 6-2 205 4.43 38 4.2 118 22 Stillman College 2,280 MEARS
3 OG Corey White INJ 6-4 300 5.0 28 4.9 106 30 Southern University 2,280 MEARS
4 DE Tyler Gilbert     6-3 245 4.59 32 4.3 114 28 Tulane University, LA 2,260 MEARS 
5 WR Larry Paisant 6-2 185 4.4 38 4.19 113 20 Crescent City Kings, LA 2,255 MEARS
6 SS Aaron Sam             5-10 195 4.52 38 4.13 111 20 McNeese State, LA 2,255 MEARS
7 CB D’Andre Woodland           5-10 195 4.51 38 4.22 20 Southern, LA 2,250 MEARS
8 WR Dwiuan White INJ  6-2 215 4.44 38 4.24 122 West Alabama, AL 2,240 MEARS
9 OG Roosevelt Harvin INJ 6-4 330 4.9 32 4.8 106 25 Pembroke, NC 2,240 MEARS
10 QB Evan Ingram              6-3 215 4.66 34 4.19 123 Jackson State, MS 2,235 MEARS
11 DT Shaun Jones        6-3 275 4.8 28 4.32 111 Crescent City Kings, LA 2,225 MEARS
12 DT Clyde Johnson 6-3 270 4.8 28 4.6 106 South Carolina State, SC 2,200 MEARS

2,100 Or Better MEARS RATINGS 

1 SLOT Jonathan Warren   5-9 160 4.43 38 4.1 121 Crescent City Kings 2,195 MEARS
2 SLOT Tobias Irby           5-11 175 4.42 38 4.1 119 20 Pearl River CC, MS 2,185 MEARS
3 DE Reggie Givens         6-1 255 4.7 32 4.47 113 30 Savannah State, GA 2,185 MEARS 
4 DE Ty Phillips   6-2 257 4.9 32 4.5 118 25 Missouri Valley College, OH 2,184 MEARS
5 QB George Grant           6-0 180 4.49 36 4.09 115 Savannah Steam, GA 2,175 MEARS
6 RB Derek Williams   5-11 215 4.6 34 4.34 107 Crescent City Kings, LA 2,165 MEARS
7 LB Chris Hernandez 6-0 230 4.6 36 4.21 116 DukeCity Gladiators NM 2,160 MEARS
8 RB Keith Brown    5-8 200 4.6 36 4.34 121 20 Crescent City Kings, LA 2,155 MEARS
9 WR Robert Johnson 6-2 210 4.5 38 4.38 116 20 Mississippi State, MS 2,150 MEARS
10 FS Keywan Bullock    6-1 180 4.4 38 4.15 110 Crescent City Kings, LA 2,150 MEARS
11 WR Ricky Hunt     5-10 188 4.5 38 4.19 119 Delta State University, MS 2,144 MEARS
12 RB Trayon Nash    5-10 185 4.48 38 4.47 110 20 Graceland University 2,120 MEARS


1 WR Eben Barra 6-1 190 4.57 36 4.31 118 20 Crescent City Kings, LA  2,090 MEARS
2 SLOT Tristian Burbridge    5-7 160 4.6 40 4.09 109 Rockford Univ 2,080 MEARS
3 WR Octavian Ford         6-2 206 4.6 38 4.22 114 20 Stillman College 2,062 MEARS
4 SS Kelvin Irving   5-10 190 4.5 36 4.38 117 20 Savannah Stream, GA 2,055 MEARS
5 FS Derek Allen          5-10 184 4.46 36 4.31 111 20 McNeese State, LA 2,043 MEARS
6 FS Davonte Green 6-0 180 4.52 36 4.28 111 20 Savannah Steam, GA 2,025 MEARS
7 WR Jacolby Cunigan 6-1 175 4.52 38 4.31 121 20 McNeese State, LA 2,015 MEARS
8 OT Charles Stevens             6-5 317 5.4 28 4.59 89 Southwest Baptist 2,014 MEARS
9 OG Shawn Martinez          6-3 310 5.4 28 4.97 95 Savannah Stat, GA 2,010 MEARS
10 QB Davon Barber  6-0 160 4.8 34 4.3 108 Oklahoma Semi-Pro, OK 1,990 MEARS
11 CB Bryant Carter 5-9 190 4.5 36 4.4 116 20 Southeastern University 1,960 MEARS
12 WR Charles Rhodes    6-2 195 4.5 36 4.41 113 Development League 1,895 MEARS
13 SS Steffon Mosley  6-2 185 4.9 32 4.63 101 Semi Pro Georgia Saints 1,880 MEARS
14 OT Barrington Young        6-6 335 5.4 28 5.03 87 Benedict College 1,860 MEARS
15 WR Chris Joseph    6-2 195 4.71 36 4.47 103 20 Lackawanna CC, NJ 1,845 MEARS
16 FS Alexander Dabney    5-9 172 4.6 38 4.13 107  BRouge Eagles, LA 1,825 MEARS
17 DE Chris Gilbert       6-0 225 4.74 32 4.41 108 Louisiana College, LA 1,830 MEARS
18 WR Jamiah Sorapuru 5-10 190 4.6 36 4.38 116 Crescent City Kings 1,820 MEARS
19 SS Harlow Pollar                             5-8 185 4.8 34 4.47 98 2015 GDFL 1,820 MEARS
20 DT Rockshawn McNeil 6-3 280 5.4 28 5.09 95 Atlanta Sports Acad 1,820 MEARS


In the 2015 NFL Draft, there were Twenty-Four Players that reached the 2,400 MEARS RATING Plateau and Fifty-Four Players that reached the 2,300 MEARS BLUE-CHIP RATING Plateau. Below, with Tweaked 2016 Standards, are the Twenty-Four Players, including three Super Gold-Chip Players, with their Measurables and MEARS RATINGS and Other Draft Info.

https://i0.wp.com/www.sfltimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/0004_Byron-Jones--360x200.jpgByron Jones is the Guy that you want on your Team!

1 CB Byron Jones U-Conn 6-1 199 4.38, 44.5 3.94 147 18    2,628 COWBOYS #1,#27
2 LB Vic Beasley Clemson 6-3 246 4.45 41 4.15 130 35       2,512 FALCONS #1,#8
3 DE Davis Tull Chattanooga 6-2 246 4.52 42.5 4.32 132 26 2,502 SAINTS #5,#148
4 DT Leonard Williams USC 6-5 304 4.86 29.5 4.53 106   2,498 JETS            #1,#6
5 QB Marcus Mariota Oregon 6-4 222 4.33 36 4.11 121      2,489 TITANS     #1,#2
6 WR Sammie Coats Auburn 6-1 212 4.32 41 4.06 131 23  2,489 Steelers    #3,#87
7 CB Ronald Darby FSU          5-11 193 4.32 41.5 4.14 129    2,461 BILLS       #2,#50
8 WR Kevin White WV            6-3 215 4.22 36.5 4.14 123      2,445 BEARS      #1,#7
9 CB Eric Rowe Utah                6-1 205 4.32 39 3.97 125 19   2,441 EAGLES   #2,#47
10 QB Jameis Winston FSU     6-4 231 4.81 28.5 4.36 103   2,440 BUCS          #1,#1
11 WR Breshad Perriman UCF 6-2 212 4.21 36.5 4.1 127 18 2,439 RAVENS  #1,#26
12 DE Bud Dupree Kentucky 6-4 269 4.51 42 4.48 138 –       2,439 Steelers #1,#22
13 WR Kenny Bell Nebraska 6-1 197 4.32 41.5 41.5 129 7     2,439 BUCS       #5,#162
14 DT Mario Edwards FSU     6-3 279 4.71 32.5 4.55 120 32 2,438 RAIDERS #2,#35
15 RB Melvin Gordon Wis 6-1 215 4.38 35 4.07 126 19      2,430 CHARGERS #1,#15
16 OT Jake Fisher Oregon 6-6 306 4.92 32.5 4.33 112 25    2,430 BENGALS  #2,#53
17 DT Frank Clark Michigan 6-3 271 4.61 38.5 4.05 118 19 2,430 Seahawks #2,#63
18 WR Phillip Dorsett Miami 5-10 185 4.23 38 4.03 129     2,425 COLTS       #1,#29
19 WR DeVante Parker Lous 6-3 209 4.35 36.5 4.1 125 17 2,423 DOLPHINS #1,#14
20 RB Ameer Abdullah Neb 5-9 205 4.45 42.5 3.95 120 24  2,420 LIONS       #2,#54
21 OC Mitch Morse Missouri    6-5 305 5.09 31 4.5 112 36  2,420 CHIEFS      #2,#49
22 DE Danielle Hunter LSU 6-5 252 4.51 36.5 4.35 130 25 2,414 VIKINGS    #3,#88
23 DT Erik Armstead Ore 6-7 292 5.01 34 4.52 117 24          2,411 CHIEFS      #1,#17
24 CB Kevin Johnson Wake 6-0 188 4.38 4.15 3.89 130 –  2,406 TEXANS    #1,#16


About maxemfingerrecruiting

My mission and goal is to search for that hidden high school football talent that has not been found yet. I then evaluate him and try to help him to get some publicity. In 2003, 2004, 2005. and 2006, I hosted my Annual 7on7 National Championship. My goal was to get great athletes to one area where I could evaluate them and then help them with college coaches. The only drawback was that college coaches wanted to see the hidden gems in a game-type highlight film and so the college coaches suggested to me that I host a real All-American Bowl Game so that they could view these talented players in a highlight film, playing against other talented players. It's noted that the NCAA doesn't allow the college coaches to attend All-American Games or practices and so the Game Film is a great tool for the college coaches. In 2005, I hosted my 1st Annual All-American Bowl Game. In nine games in nine years, my wife and I have helped 549 HS football players to get a scholarship that came to our first Bowl Game practice without a single scholarship offer. This also does not count over 1,000 players who we have helped that did not play in our game, including over 100 players in the 2010 Recruiting Season. My Super Elite Top Gun Camp idealogy, is of course, to get as many Top Football Players to a Top Gun Camp so that all of my coaches and I can evaluate them, rate them, rank them, and promote them. There will always be "Diamonds in the Rough" to be found. My First Annual Max Emfinger's Super Elite Top Gun Camp was in July of 2010. The Camp was amazing and loaded with unknown and known talent. Many of them were invited to play in our 2011 All-American Bowl Game Classic. In 2007, in my 3rd Annual All-American Bowl Game, a player by the name of Kareem Jackson came to our first Monday practice, without a single scholarship offer. Jackson decided to come out early and he became a #1 Draft Choice in the 2010 NFL Draft for the Houston Texans.
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