The 2015 Lestini Free Agents Combine Ratings And Rankings! By Super Scout Max Emfinger

By Super Scout Max Emfinger

  Super Safety Le’Marcus Gibson of ULL Making a Tackle on Oklahoma State Quarterback J.W. Walsh!

A Brief Lestini Group Free Agents Super Combine Overview!

ATTENTION:  Football Free Agents, Football Sports Agents, and Football Sports Representatives: The John Lestini Group is a Certified Sports Management Group that has Hosted a Football Free Agent Tryout Super Combine and Camp for Fourteen Years. It was held this year on Saturday and Sunday of January 17-18 at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama during the start of The Senior Bowl Week.

John L. Lestini Jr. – 2015 Mobile Camp Director
Lestini Group Certified Sports Management
P. O. Box 58
Imperial, Pa. 15126
1-724-695-1355 -Office; 1-412-716-3237 – Cell; Email:

Each Free Agent and Sports Agent can expect The following Benefits by All Free Agent Athletes that Attend their Annual National Pro Football Free Agent Tryout Camp at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama.

1. The Lestini Super Free Agent Combine and Camp is the result of Fourteen Years of constant improvement until is has become the Number One Free Agent Tryout Super Combine Camp in the country.

2. The Highly Trained Personnel running the Super Free Agent Tryout Camp are Professional in every aspect; and that includes all of the Support People, Coaches, and Scouts who conduct the drills.

3. All Evaluations are Incredible and Outstanding and includes input from every possible source; including Scouts, Coaches, and other Camp Personnel, who are a part of the entire process.

4. Every Free Agent Athlete attending this camp can expect a thorough and complete opportunity to “Show-Case” his Athletic and Football Talent.  No phase will be overlooked.

5. In brief: The best chance for a Free Agent Player to make a CFL, NFL, AFL, or New Pro Football League Roster is to attend this camp and come prepared to be part of the best camp in the country – bar none! BE PREPARED TO RECORD GREAT MEASURABLES!

Super Coach Ron Estay is a former Defensive Lineman for the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League. After graduating from Louisiana State University in 1972, Estay was Drafted by the Denver Broncos in the 8th Round of the 1972 NFL Draft. After that 1972 NFL Draft, Estay moved to Canada and played for the British Columbia Lions in 1972 and then Edmonton Eskimos from 1973 to 1982, and helped lead them to Five Straight Canadian Grey Cup Championships from 1978 – 1982 as a key member of the “Alberta Crude” Defense. Coach Estay also played in 1983 for the Washington Federals of the USFL.

Super Coach Dave Hochtriff is a Former Eleven-Year Professional Football Veteran Scout and Former Regional Scout of the Edmonton Eskimos; In 1988, he coached the Offensive and Defensive Linemen for the New York Knights of the fledgling Arena Football League. After one year as Offensive Line Coach at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Coach Hochtritt returned to Canada and in 1994, Coach Hochtritt Coached the Defensive Linemen of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. In 1995, Coach Hochtritt was named Defensive Line Coach and Special Teams Coach of the Ottawa Rough Riders and in 1996 and 1997, he was a Scout for both the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League. During the 1999 Season, Coach Hochtritt Scouted NFL Pre-Season training camps for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Coach Hochtritt assisted Coach Ron Estay in the Timing of the Pro-Shuttle in this Super Combine and both of them really did a Great Job in helping these Great Free Agent Athletes to Record an Outstanding Pro-Agility Shuttle in one of their most important Speed Measurables in the Lestini Super Combine.

Coach Dick Adams and Coach Tom Cudney, Former Canadian Player and Coach, and Co-Founder of one of the New Professional Football Leagues, both assisted with the Quarterbacks and Receivers at the Camp on Sunday.

Before we Started the Super Combine on Sunday, Wisconsin “House of Speed” Super Sports Trainer, Wes Courier, Jr led all of the Free Agent Athletes in an Incredible and Spectacular Warm-Up Workout. This Warmup, as I said last year, is not like any other Warm-Up that I have ever seen before. Later, Coach Courier helped Coach the Wide Receivers.

Super Coach/Trainer Wes Courier, Jr is the Owner of One World Sports Performance, which is a Speed/Agility Company that offers Training for Athletes who compete in Every Sport. Coach Courier has over 20-Years of Experience in the Speed Training Industry and has Trained Thousands of Athletes at the Grade School, High School, College, and Professional Levels. Coach Courier has also Coached Football and Track at Big Foot High School in Wisconsin for the Last 16-Years.

Super Coaches Ron Estay and Dave Hochtritt are Former Lestini Camp Coaches  for last 14 Years.

Super Scout Max Emfinger is a Former Dallas Cowboys Scout and Founder of Max Emfinger’s 2015 Eleventh Annual All-American Bowl Game Classic. Emfinger Attended the 2014 and 2015 Free Agents Super Camp and in 2014, he Evaluated every player and sent their Evaluations to 72 NFL Scouts. Emfinger was again one of the Super Scouts in the 2015 14th Annual Lestini Free Agent Super Combine and Camp and he will again send out the Free Agent Evaluations.

2013 ABG Max Emfinger with team
Former Dallas Cowboys Super Scout Max Emfinger And Founder Of THE MEARS RATING and Eleventh Annual All-American Bowl Game! 

The Lestini Free Agents Super Combine Camp Is Divided into Five Sections!

The Lestini Group Free Agents Super Combine and Camp is really broken down into Five or Six Sections, with each Session being just as important as the Previous Session and the Following Session. The First Session is, of course, on Saturday Night, in the Hotel,  at the the “Greet and Meet” as all of the Free Agents get a chance to meet all of the Coaches.

It was pretty interesting for me to be able to meet two of the Best Quarterbacks in both parts of the First Section. On Saturday Night, I just happened to be sitting next to #21 QB Brendan Crawford from Langston University. I also found out that Crawford (6-5, 220) was with the Tampa Bay Storm in 2014. With his great Height and Experience, I was especially excited and looking forward to seeing Crawford in action in throwing the Football on Sunday.

The Second Part of the First Section is to watch the Free Agents as they Warm-Up prior to the Official Start of the Super Combine. I always like to walk around and watch particularly Great-Looking Players as they are warming-up. As I was walking around, I noticed another Quarterback who was really throwing a nice, tight spiral with no wiggle on it. It was #5 Justin Billiot (6-2, 215) of Westminster College and I found out that he played in the 2014 Gridiron Development Football League.

One of the Most Impressive Free Agents that was Warming-Up before the Lestini Free Agents Camp Officially started on Sunday was #20, a Two-Way Player named Leon Jackson from The University of Delaware and his Agent came over to me to show me some of his Running Back Highlights, along with his Linebacker Highlights. To be Honest, I believe that Jackson can play either Position for a lot of Professional Sports Teams at the Next Level.

There were also a few other familiar faces from 2014 that were impressive in Warm-Ups, including #23 WR Trayon Nash of Graceland;#24 WR Jusmon Rivers of North Alabama; #26 WR Tristan Purifoy of North Alabama; #28 CB Efe Osawemwenze of Southern; #71 TE/DE Thomas Logan of Stillman College; and #117 WR Ronald Bracy of The Mobile Sharks and all of them were returning again in 2015. Purifoy (#4 In The Photo) was a 2014 Super-Star, along with Thomas Logan. Their 2014 MEARS RATINGS Are Listed Below:

WR Tristan Purifoy^  6-0 200 4.5 38 3.94 124 25 North Alabama 2,230 MEARS
#71 DE Thomas Logan^                6-3 259 4.59 36 4.06 110 24 Stillman 2,218 MEARS
#28 CB Efe Osawemwenze^ 6-0 195 4.48 38 4.22 117 – Southern Univ 2,185 MEARS
#24 WR Jusmon Rivers^   5-10 180 4.47 38 4.19 121 – North Alabama 2,040 MEARS
#23 CB Trayon Nash^ 5-10 190 4.55 36 4.44 112 18 Graceland College 2,026 MEARS
#117 FS Ronald Bracy^       5-10 183 4.49 39 4.0 116 25 Mobile Sharks 2,025 MEARS

Other very Impressive Specimens at Wide Receiver, included #4 Jamal Nixon of Arkansas Monticello; #12 Marquis Fruge’ of Southeastern Louisiana University; #14 Theron Allen Jr of Bethany College; #33 Lavender Bryant of South Alabama; and #30 George Whigham of North Carolina at Pembrook. These Great Wide Receivers continued to Make Great Catches One after Another.

I also thought that #78 OG Cam Edwards (6-4, 310) of University of St Francis, Indiana was a Great-Looking Physical Speciman; along with #115 DE Jonathon Frink (6-2, 243) of Stanford; #32 SS Le’Marcus Gibson (5-11, 210) of University of Louisiana Lafayette; and #72 DE James McDevitt (6-3, 275) of University of Kentucky. There were a lot of Great Specimens, but these Four really stood-out to me initially as Tremendously Looking Athletic Freaks. These Four are the Players that you want at the Front of Your Bus and to be the First Players getting off of your Bus before your Game.

For whatever reason, these Four Super-Looking Free Agent Specimens did not Record Super Great Measurables. #72 McDevitt, a Two-Tour Iraq Veteran, did not even find out about the Lestini Group Camp until Saturday Night and he obviously did not have a chance to Prepare for it. On Top of That: McDevitt had to Work until 10:00 A.M. on Sunday Morning and he did not even have a chance to Warm-Up before the Camp Started. McDevitt actually got his #72 T-Shirt at 10:15 A.M.  #78 Edwards might have been the Best-Looking Physical Speciman on Sunday; while #32 Gibson has been Coaching, and #115 Frink is a Weight-Lifting Freak and he also made two Impressive Catches at Tight End; so I included some of their Previous Best Super Measurables as Follows:

#32 SS Le’Marcus Gibson^      5-11 214 4.4 36 4.1 116 22 UL Louisiana 2,228 MEARS
OG Cam Edwards^     6-4 310 5.2 28 4.88 105 – St Francis Indiana 2,220 MEARS
DE Jonathon Frink^     6-2 243 4.6 34 4.28 121 36 Stanford Univ 2,206 MEARS
#72 DE James McDevitt^  6-3 275 4.8 33 4.4 110 34 Univ of Kentucky 2,100 MEARS

My Good Friend #32 SS Le’Marcus Gibson, (In The Photo) who played in Three New Orleans Bowl Games for Louisiana Lafayette after Transferring from Hawaii and a Mississippi Junior College. Gibson was Captain of the 2012 ULL Football Team that Beat East Carolina in the 2012 New Orleans Bowl and he is a Tremendous Leader and Playmaker at either Safety or Linebacker. Only two weeks ago, Gibson, after Participating in my Third Annual 2007 All-American Bowl Game, was one of my Eleventh Annual All-American Bowl Game Coaches at Safety for the East Team.

Another important group of Players were Three Free Agent Players who were not able to Record Any Measurables. #10 WR/SS Donald Fusilier (6-1, 200) of Lindenwood (#9 In The Photo) and The IFL Colorado Ice in 2014, pulled a Hamstring after his First Forty and then was done for the day. I was still watching the Forties and I Told him to get with a Personal Trainer and work hard to Re-Hab his Hamstring and then I would Help him get back onto the Football Field. At the End of the Day, Fusilier handed me a DVD Tape Highlight Film and I’m really glad that he did, because he is a Real Super-Star and he would have also been a Super-Star on Sunday.

Two other Free Agents who were not able to Record Measurables at The Lestini Combine And Camp included #118 TE/FB Michael Colee of Bridgewater (6-0, 250); and #147 OT Jarrad Hernandez (6-5, 325) of Nicholls State University. Colee was Outstanding at the End of the Camp when the Backs and Receivers went against the Linebackers and Secondary.

In Fact, I was Standing in the Secondary, when Colee made two Unbelievable Catches, from both Billiot and Crawford, coming out of the backfield, with a Linebacker Guarding-Him, really close  Man-On-Man. Colee played Tight End in College, and he has Super-Hands, but he would also make a Fabulous Fullback at the Next Level. After some Intensive Research, I have Listed All Three Players with their Best Measurables and their Best 2015 MEARS RATINGS Listed Below:

#10 WR Donald Fusilier^         6-1 200 4.4 39 4.06 128 20 Lindenwood 2,230 MEARS
#118 FB Michael Colee^          6-0 250 4.63 36 4.27 109 27 Bridgewater 2,165 MEARS
#147 OT Jarrad Hernandez^     6-5 325 5.21 28 4.7 102 32 Nicholls St 2,140 MEARS

After Coach Wes Courier Jr worked out the entire Free Agent Group with about an Unbelievable Fifteen Minute Speed and Agility Warm-Up, it was time to go to Session Two or the Start of the Lestini Super Combine and the Forty-Yard Dash.

When I Host my Super Elite Top Gun Combines and Camps; it is very important to have Great Forty Timers and that is why I am always the Lead Timer in the Forty. Last year in the Lestini Group Free Agents Combine, the Forty Times were extremely slow and so this year, I decided to Check out the First Few Forties to see how they were Timed and Measured.

In my Super Combines, I am the Lead Forty Timer and I have Two other Timers: Timer #2 and Timer #3. My Forty Time is the Lead Time and Timer #2 and Timer #3 times are averaged to go with My Lead Forty Timing. After a few Timings, if Timer #2 or Timer #3 is Slow; then they are excused and Timer #4 is added. I learned this Timing Technique and Method when I was with the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys Biggest Goal was to be as Completely Accurate As Possible.

The real problem of Forty Timers is that all Forty Timers are not properly trained and even if an average is given, most of the averages are from Slow Timers and this is what happened again this year, so I did not spend much time in watching or evaluating the Forties. After Evaluating each 2015 Forty Time, I found that most of the Forty Times this year were not as bad as I first expected that they might be, and in Fact, they were much better than I had anticipated. I also can always adjust their Forty Times later after I have seen what each Free Agent can do in the Pro-Agility Shuttle and/or Standing Broad Jump.

Out of 53 Free Agents, there were 13 that had a Really Great Forty Time, for their Position, including #3 RB Michael Walker of St Cloud University with a 4.48 Forty; #4 WR Jamal Nixon of Arkansas Monticello with a 4.49 Forty; #14 WR Theron Allen Jr of Bethany College with a 4.48 Forty; #16 WR Caleb Davis of South Carolina State University with a 4.44 Forty; #20 LB Leon Jackson of University of Delaware with an Outstanding 4.52 Forty; #25 RB Chris Douglas of Missouri State with a 4.5 Forty; #28 CB Efe Osawemwenze of Southern University with a 4.46 Forty; #34 LB Carlos Suggs of Ole Miss with a 4.63 Forty; #35 CB Darius Lewis of Central State University of Ohio with a 4.5 Forty; #51 LB Greg Worthy of Furman with a 4.52 Forty; #71 DE Thomas Logan of Stillman College with an Outstanding 45 Forty; #76 DT Randy Salmon of Louisville with a 5.05 Forty; and #115 DE Jonathon Frink of Stanford with a 4.8 Forty.

There were another 10 Free Agents that had an Outstanding Pro-Shuttle and if we took a Five-Tenths (.05) off of their Forty Time would have an Outstanding Forty for Their Position; including #2 WR Samuel Wagner of Lawrence University with a 4.48 Forty and a 4.06 Pro-Shuttle; #8 RB DeWitt Jennings III of Tulsa with a 4.57 Forty and a 4.12 Pro-Shuttle; #12 WR Marquis Fruge’ of Southeastern Louisiana with a 4.54 Forty and a 4.15 Pro-Shuttle; #13 CB Tyrie Allen of Nicholls State with a 4.48 Forty and a 4.06 Pro-Shuttle; #15 SS Keith Holliday of North Carolina A&T with a 4.54 Forty and a 4.21 Pro-Shuttle; #17 CB DeMarkus Washington of Texas Southern with a 4.47 Forty and a 4.15 Pro-Shuttle; #22 CB John Stevenson of Georgia Southern with a 4.45 Forty and a 4.03 Pro-Shuttle; #31 WR Jheranie Boyd of University of North Carolina with a 4.48 Forty and a 4.19 Pro-Shuttle; and #117 WR Ronald Bracy with a 4.47 Forty and a 4.21 Pro-Shuttle.

In Fact, as I have looked over all of the Forty Timings again, and I now realize that the Forty Timings were much better than I first thought they were going to be and they are a little better than the Forty Timings from last year.

Coach Estay was the Lead Timer in the Pro-Agility Shuttle in the Super Combine and he did an Amazing Job with his Pro-Shuttle Instruction as evidence that an Incredible 23 of 53 Players recorded a “Mind-Boggling” 4.2 Pro-Shuttle or Better.

Another Amazing Eleven Players broke a 4.1 Pro-Shuttle, including #2 CB Samuel Wagner; #3 SLOT Michael Walker; #13 CB Tyrie Allen; #20 LB Leon Jackson; #22 CB John Stevenson; #27 SLOT Triston McCathern; #30 WR George Whigham; #33 WR Bryant Lavender; #34 LB Carlos Suggs; #35 CB Darius Lewis; and #36 CB Dionte Keys. Both #3 SLOT Michael Walker, with a 3.96 Pro-Shuttle and #33 WR Bryant Lavender with a 3.97 Pro-Shuttle were able to Break a 4.0 Flat Pro-Shuttle. Lavender was also Incredible in the Passing Drills with at least Seven Great Catches that I Recorded.

Coach Hochtritt assisted Coach Ron Estay in the Timing of the Pro-Shuttle in the Super Combine and he and Coach Estay, as the Lead Timer, really did a Great Job in helping these Great Free Agent Athletes to Record an Outstanding Pro-Agility Shuttle in one of their most important Speed Measurables of the Day in the Lestini Super Combine.

The next Session would include Individual workouts with Position Coaches. Coach Estay and Coach Hochtritt worked with all of the Offensive and Defensive Linemen; while Coach Dick Adams and Coach Tom Cudney worked with the Quarterbacks, Running Backs/Linebackers; and Coach Wes Courier Jr worked with the Wide Receivers and Tight Ends.

I am still Amazed at the way Coach Courier can still throw the Football the great way that he did on Sunday in the Wide Receiver Drills. Many Years ago, I could threw a pretty nice deep pass when I led one of my Teams to the Houston City Flag Championship, but I have not thrown a Football like Coach Courier was throwing on Sunday in many, many years. I was a Wide Receiver in College, but I lived with a QB (Mike Marshall)  for three years in College and I threw a lot of passes in those years.

There were so many Great Catches in the Passing Drills, but it was Difficult to Keep-Up with all of them, and I was trying to retrieve the Footballs for Coach Courier, but I certainly tried to make a Note of many of them.

The Last Session of the Day on Sunday was when all of these Great Wide Receivers and Cornerbacks got together to go One-On-One Against Each Other. We also were going to get to see both Great Quarterbacks #5 Justin Billiot (6-2, 215) of Westminister College who had done an Outstanding 4.22 Pro-Agility Shuttle and #21 Brendan Crawford (6-5, 220) of the Tampa Bay Storm, who had recorded a Fabulous 4.13 Pro-Shuttle.

I was there when both Billiot and Crawford Recorded their Outstanding Pro-Agility Shuttles. I told Crawford, after he ran his 4.13 Shuttle, that we would give him one more Shot to Break the Record of the 4.09 Pro-Agility Shuttle Set by RGIII. He was getting ready to line-up again and I told him that he did not have to, because his 4.13 was better than the 4.18 Pro-Shuttle by Cam Newton and it is Still one of the best ever by a Quarterback and the 4.22 Pro-Shuttle by Billiot is also one of the best ever for a Quarterback. With Great Arms and Great Quickness and Agility; these two Quarterbacks should already be Signed to a Professional Football Team.


When I was with the Dallas Cowboys in 1975-76, we had a Rating System and when I left the Cowboys in 1976, I developed a similar Rating System that we had used in the 1976 NFL Draft. This was the Tony Dorsett Draft and we used this Rating System to conclude that Dorsett was our #1 Player in the 1976 NFL Draft.

Although I developed this basic System, when I left the Cowboys, I shelved the System until 2001, when NIKE Sports developed a similar rating system and called it the SPARQ RATING SYSTEM. I then decided to bring back my Rating System and I called it the MAX EMFINGER ASSET RATING SYSTEM or MEARS RATING.

ASSET stands for Agility, Strength, Stamina, Explosiveness, and Technique. These are the essential tools for a superior athletic performance in any competitive Sport or Event. This new MEARS RATING SYSTEM or a similar rating system, identifies overall Athletic Ability, and it can be used by Top College and Pro Coaches around the country as an initial indicator of the athletic potential of an athlete on the football field.

Whether you are a College Football Coach and you only have one scholarship left to give in your current recruiting class or you are an NFL Team and you only have one Draft Choice left on your current NFL Draft Board, there needs to be a Rating System that you can go to and based on the highest rated player, would give you the very best player available irregardless of position.

By 2001, all of the other Recruiting Services were using the Five-Star Rating System Method which does not Measure anything. One year, at the start of the Spring, there were 45 Wide Receivers that were Rated a Four-Star. We went to bed one night and the next morning there were only 25. Someone had decided that there could only be 25 Four-Star Wide Receivers and had demoted 20 of them to a Three-Star.

In the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine, there were some really incredible Measurables from some players who were just like many of these Free Agents were a few years ago. We had two Offensive Linemen who ran a 4.7 Forty; a Defensive Back who did a 3.85 Pro-Shuttle; and we had ten players who did a 130 or better in the Standing Broad Jump. Cornelius Washington, a linebacker, did a 39-Inch Vertical Jump.

My MEARS RATING SYSTEM or a similar type rating system is very important for the NFL Scouts, and the NFL Scouting Combine is the first time that “Accurate Numbers” are recorded on these players. It’s easy to say someone can run a 4.4 or a 4.3 in the Forty, but before an Accurate Hand-Held Timing by a Professional Scout or either by a slower, but Accurate Laser Timing is done, most Forty times are less than Accurate. Technique is also very important and that is why College Football Players entering the NFL Draft will hire a Sports Trainer to train and teach them how to do a Vertical Jump, Pro-Agility Shuttle, and a Standing Broad Jump.

In this Super Combine, The Lestini Group Coaches Tested all of these Free Agents with Two Speed Measurables, including the Forty and Pro-Agility Shuttle; plus the Standing Broad Jump.

You can get a very good idea about a High School Football Player if he participates in a Legitimate Super Football Combine, but many High School Football Players do not get a chance to participate in Super Combines. If a High School Football Player is being recruited by 40 D-1 Schools, then you have to assume that he is an outstanding Football Player, but how can you give this player a MEARS RATING if he does not have Valid Measurables? The answer is Very Simple! You either have to make-up or approximate his Measurables based upon his Game Film Evaluation or Actual Game Evaluation, giving him the Maximum Points on most of his  Measurables for his position.

Most High School and College Football Players don’t even know what their Measurables are and you would think that they would, but they don’t. Many times, a High School or College Football Player will list his best Forty Time as a 4.8 and then twenty minutes later run a 4.6 or better. Also, you must keep in mind that with a little instruction and training, most High School and College Football players can improve on their Speed Measurables by Two and Three Tenth of a Second and can improve on their Distance Measurables by as much as Six to Eight Inches.

In the 2014 NFL Draft, there were Twenty-One Players that reached the 2,200 GOLD-CHIP MEARS RATING Plateau. Below are those Twenty-One Players with all of their  Measurables, and with their MEARS RATING, and Draft Info.


#1 DE Jadeveon Clowney SCAR 6-5 266 4.49 37.5 – 123 21 2,347 TEXANS #1, #1
#2 NG Aaron Donald Pitt                6-1 285 4.61 32 4.39 116 35 2,310 RAMS #1,#13
#3 OLB Khalil Mack Buffalo       6-3 251 4.6 40 4.18 128 23 2,302 RAIDERS #1,#5
#4 OT Greg Robinson Auburn     6-5 332 4.92 27.5 4.86 113 32 2,279 RAMS #1,#2
#5 WR Sammy Watkins Clemson  6-1 211 4.35 36 4.34 126 16 2,262 BILLS #1,#4
#6 DT RaShede Hageman Minn    6-6 310 4.89 35.5 4.5 114 2,260 Falcons #2,#37
#7 OT Taylor Lewan Mich    6-7.5 309 4.87 30.5 4.49 117 29 2,258 TITANS #1,#11
#8 OLB Ryan Shazier OHST       6-1 237 4.36 42 4.21 130 25 2,244 Steelers #1#15
#9 OT Jake Matthews A&M     6-5.5 308 5.0 30 4.47 105 24 2,242 FALCONS #1,#6
#10 WR Odell Beckham LSU   5-11.5 198 4.33 38.5 3.94 122 2,241 GIANTS #1,#12
#11 CB Justin Gilbert OKST     6-0 202 4.3 33.5 4.19 126 20 2,234 BROWNS #1,#8
#12 WR Mike Evans Texas A&M        6-5 231 4.53 37 4.26 122 12 2,220 BUCS #1,#7
#12 WR Cody Latimer Indiana     6-3 215 4.4 39 4.2 126 23 2,220 Broncos #2,#56
#14 WR Brandon Crooks ORST     5-10 189 4.29 38 3.81 128 2,219 SAINTS #1,#20
#15 OLB Anthony Barr UCLA     6-5 255 4.4 34.5 4.19 119 19 2,214 VIKINGS #1,#9
#15 OT Laurent Duvernay-Tardif CN 6-5 314 4.93 31.5 34 2,214 CHIEFS #6,#200
#17 SS Brock Vereen Minnesota   6-0 199 4.4 34 4.07 117 25 2,213 BEARS #4,#131
#18 CB StanJean-Baptiste NEB    6-3 218 4.49 41.5 4.19 128 2,206 SAINTS #2,#58
#19 OLB Prince Shembo ND    6-1 253 4.62 38.5 4.31 122 26 2,206 Falcons #4,#139
#20 WR Martavis Bryant Clem  6-4 211 4.36 39 4.15 124 16 2,202 Steelers #4,#118
#21 AP Dri Archer Kent State     5-8 173 4.16 38 4.06 122 20 2,200 Steelers #3,#97

By 2001, all of the other Recruiting Services were using a Five-Star Player Rating System Method which does not Measure anything. One year, at the start of the Spring, there were 45 Wide Receivers that were Rated a Four-Star Player Rating by one Recruiting Service. We went to bed one night and the next morning there were only 25. Someone at that Recruiting Service had decided that there could not be but only 25 Four-Star Wide Receivers and he had demoted 20 Wide Receivers to a Three-Star Player Rating.


^ I Have Seen This Player Play In Person or on Film!

1. ATH Gerold Bright^AA 5-11 180 4.4 38 4.2 118 Pens Escambia, FL 2,310 UT-ST
2. CB/ATH Ethan Rose^AA 5-11 190 4.3 38 4.2 117 15 Laf Northside, LA 2,265 ULL
3. FLK Hunter Register^AA 6-4 180 4.38 38 4.1 128 15 Comeaux, LA 2,220 MINN
4. FLK Donald Stokes^AA     6-2 190 4.4 39 4.06 128 15 Carencro, LA 2,220 MEARS
5. FS Juwuan Campbell^AA 6-0 190 4.4 38 4.1 120 16 FS S-Side, AR 2,220 MEARS
6. OT Brytain Peddy^AA        6-5 300 4.9 30 4.8 106 34 Munford, TN 2,220 MEMP
7. DE McKenzie Russell^AA         6-4 230 4.7 32 4.5 116 Munford, TN 2,220 MEARS
8. CB Mah’lon Robinson^AA 6-0 185 4.38 38 4.1 118 10 Noxubee, MS 2,210 MEARS
9. RB Tyre Lee^AA          5-11 195 4.4 38 4.2 118 20 Chicago St Rita, IL 2,220 MEARS
10. AP Tiger Bech^AA  5-8 173 4.4 38 4.1 122 15 St Thomas More, LA 2,220 MEARS
11. OT O’Shea Dugas^AA      6-5 300 4.8 32 4.6 106 Laf Northside, LA 2,210 LAT
12. AP Kevon Abrams^AA    5-9 180 4.4 38 4.06 120 14 Pensacola, FL 2,210 MEARS
13. OG Josh Brister^AA      6-4 295 4.89 28 4.61 106 Laf Christian, LA 2,205 MEARS
14. CB Hakeem Wilson^AA 5-11 185 4.4 36 4.16 116 12 Pensacola, FL 2,200 MEARS
15. QB Chance Clowers^AA 6-0 180 4.6 32 4.4 112 MON Christian, LA 2,200 MEARS
16. OC Kenny Dotson^AA  6-3 255 4.9 30 4.4 124 Plaquemine, LA 2,200 NICHOLLS
17. FS Tanner Baum^AA        6-0 210 4.56 34 4.4 116 20 Windsor, CO 2,200 MEARS
18. RB Dylan Smith^AA       5-10 205 4.42 36 4.16 118 Bentonville, AR 2,200 MEARS
19. AP Keshun Wells^AA    5-7 170 4.33 39 3.82 128 – Moss Point, MS 2,200 MEARS
20. ATH Matthew Butler^AA 5-9 170 4.4 38 4.1 125 10 St Michael, LA 2,200 TSU

I have been around Recruiting and All-Star Games for four Decades and I have seen a lot of Great Football Players, but I have Never Seen the Kind of Talent that we had in our 2015 All-American Bowl Game. Based on Actual Measurable Measurables and Game Film and/or Physical Evaluation, we had 20 Bonafide Six-Star Players that played in our Eleventh Annual 2015 All-American Bowl Game.

The New Professional Football Showcase will Target many of the same Football Players that I have Targeted for my All-American Bowl Games. These are the Super Football Players with Tons of Potential Talent, but who for some crazy reason, have been overlooked; but are Super Football Players with Outstanding and Freaky Measurables and are Praying for that Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to show what they can do.


Forty Years Ago, in 1975, when I was a Talent Scout for the Dallas Cowboys, Gil Brandt invited me to Follow him down the hallway where we went into a Conference Room where Head Coach Tom Landry and Defensive Coordinator Ernie Stautner were waiting for me. “Max, we want you To Coordinate a Dallas Cowboys Team Project for us,” said Coach Landry. “We want you To Coordinate the Rating and Ranking of every Active NFL Player and then Color-Code every player in the NFL as to their Rating and Ranking.”

GOLD = NFL All-Pro Player
BLUE = NFL Future All-Pro or Past All-Pro Player
RED = Average NFL Player
GREEN = NFL Rookie or Not Enough Info To Rate

NOTE: A huge “Flip-Chart” was developed with each NFL Team. Then, a Color-Coded Business-Card with Name, Height, Weight, and Forty for each NFL player placed in the “Flip-Chart” sleeve for each position on the football field for both the Offense and Defense of each NFL Team. The Late Legendary Head Coach Tom Landry and The Late Legendary Defensive Coordinator Ernie Stautner used this Color-Coded Rating System as info in their weekly Scouting Report in preparation for their next game of the Season.

My boss was the The Legendary and Ultimate Super Scout Gil Brandt. Three of my fellow Dallas Cowboy Scouts were Cornell Green, Reid Johnson, and “Big John” Wooten. Our Resident Racquetball Champions were Super Scout Gil Brandt and Coach Mike Ditka.

My job with the Dallas Cowboys was to Evaluate, Rate and Rank College Football Players for the NFL Draft. My boss, Gil Brandt, also asked me to Evaluate, Rate, and Rank all of the Top Texas High School Football Players for the 1976 Football Recruiting Season and I made a Texas Top 100 Recruiting List to give to all of the College Football Coaches.

Then when Coach Landry asked me to Evaluate, Rate, Rank, and Color-Code Every Football Player in the NFL, I was probably the First and Last Talent Scout on the Planet who was asked to Evaluate High School, College, and Professional Football Players in the same Football Season. After finishing this Dallas Cowboys Scouting Project, Coach Landry and Coach Stautner gave me the Title of Super Scout: “Coach Stautner, I think we have us a Real Super Scout!”


1. LB Leon Jackson^ 6-2 218 4.47 41 4.03 131 25 University of Delaware 2,321 MEARS
2. DE Thomas Logan^            6-4 258 4.5 36 4.25 118 32 Stillman College 2,316 MEARS
3. WR Bryant Lavender^     5-11 183 4.45 41 3.97 125 15 South Alabama 2,316 MEARS
4. RB Michael Walker^        5-10 220 4.42 38 3.96 122 25 St Cloud State 2,250 MEARS
5. LB Carlos Suggs^       6-5 220 4.57 38 4.09 128 25 Ole Miss University 2,250 MEARS
6. CB Darius Lewis^      5-10 190 4.45 39 4.01 135 20 Central State (OH) 2,245 MEARS
7. QB Brendan Crawford^          6-5 220 4.7 34 4.13 107 – Langston Univ 2,235 MEARS
8. SS Le’Marcus Gibson^             5-11 214 4.4 36 4.1 116 22 UL Louisiana 2,228 MEARS
9. FS John Stevenson^   5-11 200 4.45 38 4.03 129 20 Georgia Southern 2,225 MEARS
10. WR Jheranie Boyd^     6-2 200 4.47 38 4.19 134 25 North Carolina U 2,230 MEARS
11. WR Donald Fusilier^            6-1 200 4.4 39 4.06 128 20 Lindenwood 2,230 MEARS
12. CB Efe Osawemwenze^  6-0 200 4.41 39 4.13 124 20 Southern Univ 2,220 MEARS
13. OG Cam Edwards^         6-4 310 5.2 28 4.88 105 – St Francis Indiana 2,220 MEARS
14. RB Chris Douglas^             5-9 210 4.45 36 4.19 129 25 Missouri State 2,215 MEARS
15. DE Jonathon Frink^           6-2 243 4.6 34 4.28 121 36 Stanford Univ 2,206 MEARS
16. LB Greg Worthy^      6-0 215 4.47 38 4.34 129 25 Furman University 2,205 MEARS

17. CB Samuel Wagner^      6-0 200 4.47 38 4.06 122 16 Lawrence Univ 2,200 MEARS


1. WR Jamal Nixon^            6-0 215 4.44 38 4.18 124 18 Ark Monticello 2,180 MEARS
2. DT Randy Salmon^    6-3 305 5.05 32 4.44 110 36 Univ of Louisville 2,170 MEARS
3. SS Keith Holliday^        6-4 220 4.54 36 4.21 132 20 N Carolina A&T 2,170 MEARS
4. FB Michael Colee^               6-0 250 4.63 36 4.27 109 27 Bridgewater 2,165 MEARS
5. WR Caleb Davis^        5-11 190 4.39 38 4.12 132 18 South Carolina St 2,160 MEARS
6. CB Tyrie Allen^                5-10 205 4.48 38 4.06 119 16 Nicholls State 2,150 MEARS
7. WR Marquis Fruge’ ^         6-0 200 4.49 38 4.15 116 20 SE Louisiana 2,150 MEARS
8. WR Theron Allen Jr^      5-9 180 4.43 38 4.16 124 – Bethany College 2,140 MEARS
9. OT Jarrad Hernandez^               6-5 325 5.21 28 4.7 102 32 Nicholls 2,140 MEARS
10. WR Triston Purifoy^    6-0 200 4.46 38 4.1 126 20 North Alabama 2,130 MEARS
11. DE James McDevitt^    6-3 275 4.8 33 4.4 110 34 Univ of Kentucky 2,100 MEARS


1. CB DeMarcus Washington^         5-10 185 4.47 38 4.15 113 16 TSU 2,085 MEARS
2. ATH Trayon Nash^ 5-10 185 4.55 36 4.34 116 18 Graceland College 2,080 MEARS
3. SLOT Ronald Bracy^      5-10 183 4.47 39 4.0 120 25 Mobile Sharks 2,066 MEARS
4. ATH Darrell Tate^         5-9 210 4.65 36 4.16 111 – Maryville College 2,065 MEARS
5. WR George Whigham^ 5-11 180 4.53 36 4.09 118 – UNC Pembrook 2,060 MEARS
6. FB Dewitt Jennings^       5-11 220 4.57 36 4.12 114 25 Univ of Tulsa 2,050 MEARS
7. SLOT Jusmon Rivers^   5-10 180 4.47 38 4.16 121 – North Alabama 2,050 MEARS
8. SLOT Triston McCathern^      5-7 185 4.54 38 4.0 112 20 Faulkner 2,020 MEARS
9. DT Shaun Jones^               6-3 275 5.01 30 4.4 109 34 Nicholls State 2,005 MEARS
10. SS Jamie Smith^             6-2 210 4.61 34 4.38 122 25 West Florida 2,000 MEARS


1. RB Keith Brown II^                    5-9 195 4.71 36 4.22 125 20 La Tech 1,965 MEARS
2. DE Cedric Herndon^      6-2 240 4.7 34 4.44 116 32 Georgia Stealth 1,960 MEARS
3. DT Chase Bowers^            6-4 285 5.3 28 4.36 104 34 Tarleton State 1,950 MEARS
4. CB Daren Kitchen^                            6-0 185 4.68 36 4.3 123 16 SMU 1,935 MEARS
5. SS Eric Agyeman^                5-9 195 4.57 36 4.47 119 20 Assumption 1,915 MEARS
6. SS Jeramy Mitchell^          5-10 195 4.56 36 4.37 108 20 Grambling 1,910 MEARS
7. DT Keyvus McKenzie^              6-0 253 5.2 30 4.53 105 32 Faulkner 1,880 MEARS
8. FS Dionte Keys^    5-8 190 4.6 34 4.1 116 16 Indianapolis University 1,880 MEARS
9. DE Hunter Cummins^ 5-11 240 4.86 32 4.26 109 32 Boiling Springs 1,875 MEARS
10. WR Wyatt Davis^    5-11 195 4.75 36 4.45 124 20 South Carolina St 1,850 MEARS
11. QB Aaron Encalade^       6-1 220 5.0 32 4.72 104 Mississippi State 1,850 MEARS
12. WR Duston Holland^  5-10 185 4.65 36 4.22 112 20 Henderson St 1,830 MEARS
13. MLB Jesse Robertson JR^   5-9 215 5.1 34 4.22 112 WV Wesleyan 1,820 MEARS
14. DT Ardale Burns^     5-11 275 5.7 28 4.84 83 Development League 1,750 MEARS
15. SLOT Brandon Viverette     5-4 160 – – – – – Gulf Coast Community N/A MEARS


About maxemfingerrecruiting

My mission and goal is to search for that hidden high school football talent that has not been found yet. I then evaluate him and try to help him to get some publicity. In 2003, 2004, 2005. and 2006, I hosted my Annual 7on7 National Championship. My goal was to get great athletes to one area where I could evaluate them and then help them with college coaches. The only drawback was that college coaches wanted to see the hidden gems in a game-type highlight film and so the college coaches suggested to me that I host a real All-American Bowl Game so that they could view these talented players in a highlight film, playing against other talented players. It's noted that the NCAA doesn't allow the college coaches to attend All-American Games or practices and so the Game Film is a great tool for the college coaches. In 2005, I hosted my 1st Annual All-American Bowl Game. In nine games in nine years, my wife and I have helped 549 HS football players to get a scholarship that came to our first Bowl Game practice without a single scholarship offer. This also does not count over 1,000 players who we have helped that did not play in our game, including over 100 players in the 2010 Recruiting Season. My Super Elite Top Gun Camp idealogy, is of course, to get as many Top Football Players to a Top Gun Camp so that all of my coaches and I can evaluate them, rate them, rank them, and promote them. There will always be "Diamonds in the Rough" to be found. My First Annual Max Emfinger's Super Elite Top Gun Camp was in July of 2010. The Camp was amazing and loaded with unknown and known talent. Many of them were invited to play in our 2011 All-American Bowl Game Classic. In 2007, in my 3rd Annual All-American Bowl Game, a player by the name of Kareem Jackson came to our first Monday practice, without a single scholarship offer. Jackson decided to come out early and he became a #1 Draft Choice in the 2010 NFL Draft for the Houston Texans.
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