Obama Controls The American People With Free Obama Phones! By Max Emfinger

Obama Controls The American People With  Free Obama Phone Phones!

By Max Emfinger

In 1995, United States Attorney Eric Holder was caught on Television with some very interesting things to say about Gun Control and what we have got to do about it.

“We need to Brainwash people into submitting to Gun Control. We need to Brainwash them every day. It cannot be something that we do every Monday or every Friday. We have got to Brainwash the American People every single day,” said Attorney General, Eric Holder.

Some time, during the Obama White House First Term, we might not have caught Obama or Holder on Television, but there is little doubt that this Speech happened.

“We need to Brainwash the American People by giving them FREE CELL Phones and other FREE Stuff. By giving them FREE Cell Phones and other FREE Stuff, the American People will submit to ANYTHING that we want or need. We need to Brainwash them every day. It cannot be something that we do every Monday or every Friday, but by Controlling their Communications in their Cell Phones, we will have Total Control of the American People. We also will know exactly were they are at all times of the day. We have got to Brainwash the American People every single day!”

The Free Government Obama Cell Phone was not started by the Obama White House, but it was made extremely popular by this Obama White House and it helped King Obama to get Re-Elected when, the Obama Phone Lady in Cleveland, Ohio was “Ranting and Raving” about her FREE Obama Phone and how everyone would be able to get a Free Obama-Phone is we Re-Elect Obama.

Last month, I went to visit my Aunt in a Nursing Home and one of the young ladies that had just started working there was complaining about how she had just moved to Plaquemine and she could not get Cell Phone Service from T-Mobile. I told her that I had the same problem when I moved there and I switched to AT&T.

This is not a joke!

This young lady said that’s OK, I just called and I got me a Free Obama-Phone.

Now, this young lady is employed and she has a full-time job and now she’s getting a FREE Obama-Phone. Here I am, Semi-Retired, with no Salary, and I have three AT&T Cell Phones and pay around $150.00 per month. On top of that, my Internet and Fax Phone Bill is over $100.00 per month.

A few months ago, I had a former Coach call me to see if I needed any help in my All-American Bowl Game and after we got through talking, he gave me a new phone number. I then asked him if this was a new cell phone number and he told me that it was his new “Obama Cell Phone” from Obama.

I asked him how he got an “Obama Cell Phone” when he still had a job and he told me that all welfare recipients are now eligible to receive one FREE New Cell Phone and two approx 70 minutes of FREE Minutes every month. I could not believe him, so I Binged it and found out the Following Information:


This program was started earlier this year.

When is enough; enough with King Obama? Every single day, Obama pulls off another Scheme or Deal against our Constitution or gives money or arms to Foreign Militaries. Our ship is gradually sinking and it is sinking a lot faster that we realize. People are either asleep or they want FREE Stuff.

I still can remember when the Great Concepts of God and Country were of utmost importance and that Family and Honest Hard Work were also very important. In Our United State of America of today with King Obama, these Concepts have been replaced with “Hope and Change” and “Where’s my Free Stuff?” You can click on the link below to read more about the Obama Free Phone, but get ready to get even madder when you finish reading.


King Obama has initiated a Scheme in which low-income earners can receive a Free Cell Phone along with a monthly phone allowance of around 70 minutes. According to the message the “Obama Phone” Scheme is being funded by American Taxpayers.

The Truth is that the Obama White House did not institute this Free Cell Phone Program, but Obama has taken Full Credit and Full Advantage of the Program and he actually calls these Free Cell Phones the Free Obama Cell Phones.

Obama is the one who made the Cell Phone Program famous and remember the Obama Phone Lady in Cleveland, Ohio just before the Obama Re-Election. Obama uses people like this Lady as he lies to the American People. The Obama Phone Lady means a lot of different things to different people, but she really is the perfect person that represents the Obama Government-Fostered Dependency Program. The Obama Phone Lady may not know who George Washington or Abe Lincoln were, or even what Benghazi was, but she knows that if she helps get Obama Re-Elected, then she is going to get a Free Cell Phone or Two and a lot more Free Stuff.

According to the Federal Communications Communication, The Free Obama-Phone has doubled in Ohio over the past year, to cover more than a Million people. The Dayton Daily News reported that the Free Obama-Phone cost the State of Ohio almost $27 Million in the first quarter of 2012. That was more than a $11 Million increase from the same period in 2011.

The State of Ohio Taxpayers are covering this program two ways: direct cash expenditures, and a raise in phone rates via the “Universal Service Fund” charge on phone bills. No wonder there are so many Obama Voters in Ohio, because they all are getting their Free Obama Phones.

We have been in trouble for a long time with Corrupt Polititions, but when a Corrupt Politition like Obama starts to outright give Free Stuff to Voters for Votes in a Highly Critical Swing State, like Ohio, and then he gets away with it; we are in Deep, Deep Trouble in the World of Politics.

The Cell Phone Lady is the typical Obama Voter who is on Welfare and Obama is depicting her as the perfect American, who he is trying to help. The Obama Phone Lady is also in the 53% that will not vote for any other Candidate, because she is being bribed by the Obama White House to vote for Obama.

With One out of Seven Americans receiving Food Stamps and the same Country that is handing-out the Food Stamps in a 16 Trillion Debt, how long does the Free Cell Phone Takers think this can go on?

The really sad thing about the Food Stamp Program is the fact that the original idea of Food Stamps was to help the really poor people with some extra food to survive. Obama and his corrupt Government Agents uses the Food Stamp Program to give all of his potential Voters some extra Free Stuff. Do you realize that over half of the people on Food Stamps have jobs and make monthly incomes. Obama has his Government Agents looking the other way and letting anyone and everyone that is a potential Voter a Food Stamp Card.

So my question to the Obama Phone Lady and the Lady at the Nursing Home is this! Since Obama and the United States of America is running out of money, what is going to happen to your Free Cell Phone and Other Free Stuff, when there is absolutely no more Free Stuff left to give you.

Is Obama going to Stiff all of the Old People by taking their Social Security Checks or will he Steal Money from our Savings Accounts or will he just blatantly Steal Money from our Bank Accounts if we have any Bank Accounts left once Obama is through giving you all of the Free Stuff.


About maxemfingerrecruiting

My mission and goal is to search for that hidden high school football talent that has not been found yet. I then evaluate him and try to help him to get some publicity. In 2003, 2004, 2005. and 2006, I hosted my Annual 7on7 National Championship. My goal was to get great athletes to one area where I could evaluate them and then help them with college coaches. The only drawback was that college coaches wanted to see the hidden gems in a game-type highlight film and so the college coaches suggested to me that I host a real All-American Bowl Game so that they could view these talented players in a highlight film, playing against other talented players. It's noted that the NCAA doesn't allow the college coaches to attend All-American Games or practices and so the Game Film is a great tool for the college coaches. In 2005, I hosted my 1st Annual All-American Bowl Game. In nine games in nine years, my wife and I have helped 549 HS football players to get a scholarship that came to our first Bowl Game practice without a single scholarship offer. This also does not count over 1,000 players who we have helped that did not play in our game, including over 100 players in the 2010 Recruiting Season. My Super Elite Top Gun Camp idealogy, is of course, to get as many Top Football Players to a Top Gun Camp so that all of my coaches and I can evaluate them, rate them, rank them, and promote them. There will always be "Diamonds in the Rough" to be found. My First Annual Max Emfinger's Super Elite Top Gun Camp was in July of 2010. The Camp was amazing and loaded with unknown and known talent. Many of them were invited to play in our 2011 All-American Bowl Game Classic. In 2007, in my 3rd Annual All-American Bowl Game, a player by the name of Kareem Jackson came to our first Monday practice, without a single scholarship offer. Jackson decided to come out early and he became a #1 Draft Choice in the 2010 NFL Draft for the Houston Texans.
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