BenghaziGate Is Larger Than First Thought And Where Are The Survivors? By Max Emfinger

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BenghaziGate Is Larger Than First Thought And Where Are The Survivors?
By Max Emfinger

It seems like every single day that we wake up, there is another Obama Liberal Law that is passed or is under consideration. Living in America is like living in a Fantasy World. Up is Down; Down is Up; Bad is Good; Good is Bad; and if you really thought that Obama and his White House Thugs were going to permit Congress to interview any of the Benghazi Survivors, you are just living in the Fantasy World.

When King Obama hires Obama people to look into the findings of any of his Criminal Dealings and if those people hired want to keep their jobs, then you know exactly  what their findings will be even before they get started. We knew that they would not find anything incriminating on either Communist Obamsky or Communist Hillarsky.

So now, Obamsky and Hillarsky are going about their daily business just like any other day and without a single consequence for their murders of four Americans in BenghaziGate.

But wait! Hillary is getting ready to publish the Hillary Memoirs. Now, lets get serious. Hillary is not going to say anything that would incriminate her, but in order to make herself look good, she might publish some Benghazi information that might incriminate King Obama. And of course, Obama and The Obama White House Thugs have warned her not to publish those Hillary Memoirs.

And what about the “So-Called” 30 Benghazi Survivors and where are they?

I think that it is really strange that most of the American People and Liberal Media have not shown any interest in finding the Benghazi Survivors of the U.S. Consulate Massacre in Benghazi? It seems like they would want to know where these Survivors are, or even who they are or what they might have to say about this ordeal. Maybe they aren’t asking, because it would make the Obama White House look bad. As it turns out, these Benghazi Survivors are probably being hidden in plain sight or just plain hidden. Even worse, the Benghazi Survivors might be held in plain sight, right under the eyes of Liberal, Apathetic Washington Media.

Congresional Sources say “as many as seven Americans have been or are currently being treated,” at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Washington, D.C., less than 11 miles from the U.S. Capitol and “as many as 30 Americans, including State DepartmentCIA Officers and Government Contractors injured in the attack.

You can be guaranteed that if these Benghazi Survivors and witnesses had anything good to say about how The Obama White House handled this, that we would have heard from someone by now. These Benghazi Survivors may have a “Gag-Order” on them not to talk, so do not be surprised if we NEVER hear from them.

The real sad thing about this Secondary BenghaziGate Coverup is that most of the American People are still not even aware of the Obama Gun-Running Operation that either went bad on purpose or by accident. Either way, the American People are still unaware and un-informed on the the Gun-Running Operation.

The Morons or “Low-Information” voters do not care, but to most Americans, this Gun-Running Operation and Massive BenghaziGate Coverup is what got our four brave Americans killed after Obama gave the Order to Stand-Down.

Now, the real truth on why Obama and the White House have got to lie and continue to  lie to keep the real Massive BenghaziGate Coverup from getting out to the American People.

A lot of Americans don’t even know this, but a few months before Benghazi, the New York Times reported that our CIA had been working with Lybia and Turkey to run guns to the Syrian Terrorist Rebels. There also was a ship, The Lutfallah II, that sailed from America to Turkey with 400 Tons of Weapons on the ship to give to the Muslim Brotherhood who supplied the guns to the Syrian Rebels.

The Lutfallah II, sailed from America to Turkey with 400 Tons of Weapons on the ship to give to the Muslim Brotherhood who supplied them to Syrian Rebels.

When we were talking about FastAndFuriousGate, we were talking about King Obama and Eric Holder giving away or selling guns to the Mexican Mafia to kill Americans and Mexicans, with the intention and goal that the Obama White House could shock the American People and then demand for Gun Control for his Second Term. Since FastAndFurious did not work, Holder and Obama went to Plan B and are still trying to get Plan B to work and implement their new Gun Control Law.

With this ship sailing to Turkey, we’re talking about a FastAndFurious situation that is 1,000 times worse than the original FastAndFurious. If the American People found out that the guns that were used in the Benghazi Terrorist Attack were supplied by our own CIA, I believe that Obama would have a few questions that he could not answer, although he would continue to lie and lie and lie. 

Also, from very reliable sources, Obama had 13 reports on his desk on the morning after the Terrorist Attack and not one single report had anything about an anti-Muhammed video that caused the Benghazi Attack. So the bottom line is that Obama and our CIA  supplied all of the guns to the Syrian and Lybian Terrorists that killed our four Americans.

And the sad thing is that all of the dead people and alive people that voted for Obama and are getting Free Food and Free Phones, do not care if Obama lies or kills, as long as they continue to get their Free Food and Free Phones.

One more piece of information that has been uncovered is that Sean Smith sent numerous emails out that stated that he was in “huge danger” and if he did not make it back home, for us to check-out the “Lybian Police” that were guarding him. 

Still another piece of shocking information about Obama and the White House is that Russia is now reporting that The Muslim Brotherhood has several of our Stinger Missiles. Since we are using The Muslim Brotherhood to arm the Syrian Rebels, do not be surprised if they are not used on us.

There is definitely something bigger going on here and it’s much bigger than we first thought. So the Next Big Question is this: Are the Russians involved in this BenghaziGate Coverup? Before you Answer that Question, you need to watch this great Josh Tolley Youtube Video:

Some of this makes a lot of sense, because we know that King Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin are really great Friends.

All of this sounds like an episode of NCIS or NCIS-LA, but in those stories, we always have Gibbs or Callan or Sam and the other great NCIS Agents to foil the Terrorists plot, but in this current plot, we do not.

Our good Friend Glenn Beck sums it up in a Different Way in another great Youtube Video so Click the Link  to view this Glenn Beck YouTube Video:

President Richard Nixon was not impeached in Watergate for the Crime, but he was impeached, because of the Massive Watergate Coverup.

Now, a starkly different picture is emerging, one that threatens the longstanding White House narrative that claims the Obama White House has only supplied non-lethal aid to the Rebel Terrorists.

The New York Times has recently confirmed that our CIA had been aiding The Arab Governments and Turkey in obtaining and shipping weapons to the Syrian Rebels for quiet awhile. While they report that most of the weapon shipments came after the latest Obama election, many Mid-East Officials say that the weapon shipments date back more than a year, and long before the Benghazi Massacre.

In fact, the Mid-East Officials describe the September CIA Mission in Benghazi was an intelligence and planning center for the CIA to give aid to the rebels in the Mid-East, particularly those fighting in Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime. The aid included weapons shipments and was being coordinated with Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

We also found out that Ambassador Christopher Stevens played a central role in recruiting jihadists to fight for the Assad regime in Syria, according to Egyptian and other Mid-East Officials.

Stevens served as a key contact with the Saudis to coordinate the recruitment by Saudi Arabia of Islamic fighters from North Africa and Libya. The jihadists were sent to Syria via Turkey to attack the Assad forces, said the security officials.

The Mid-East Officials said that Ambassador Stevens also worked with the Saudis to send names of potential jihadi recruits to U.S. security organizations for review. Names found to be directly involved in previous attacks against the U.S., including in Iraq and Afghanistan, were ultimately not recruited by the Saudis to fight in Syria, said the officials.

This is probably the reason that Stevens and the other Americans died, because The Obama White House did not Stevens and any other Survivors talking about the Gun-Running to the Terrorists.

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer said recently that he has concrete sources that said President Barack Obama was in the War-Room at the White House watching the Murders in Real-Time on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya as they were taking place.

Two unarmed American Drones were dispatched to the U.S. Consulate and recorded the final hours of the attack, which killed Libya U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, and Sean Smith in the U.S. Consulate; plus NAVY SEAL Tyrone Woods and NAVY SEAL Glen Doherty.

Ty Woods was one of the two former NAVY SEALS who fought the Terrorist-Animals in Benghazi to his death in an effort to save Ambassador Chris Stevens and Sean Smith on the night of September 11, 2012. That fight was ultimately in vain, but Ty Woods and Fellow NAVY SEAL Glen Doherty are nevertheless are two of our greatest American Navy Heros.

“This was in the middle of the business day in Washington, so everybody at the White House, CIA, and Pentagon were watching this Massacre go down,” Shaffer told Judge Jeanine of Fox News on her “Justice with Judge Jeanine” TV Show on FoxNews.

“According to my sources, Obama was one of those in the White House Situation Room in Real-Time watching this.”

This should be enough incriminating evidence on The Fake Obama and well enough for Impeachment, if any of the GOP Congress had any guts or backbones.

Oh Yeah! On Easter Sunday, The Fake President also proved that he was also a Fake Basketball Player as he made 2 of 22 shots and missed two easy layups, proving that he has absolutely no “Touch” and no clue on how to shoot a basketball.


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