Americans Will Never Forget Benghazi And Gun-Running Murders! By Max Emfinger


By Max Emfinger

February 3, 2013


For six months, the American People have been put through an unbelievable and horrible ordeal of having to go through lie after lie of Obama and his Coverup Whitehouse Administration. And to add insult to the American Public, Obama has been caught in “Bold-Face Lies” and then given a pass by the Obama controlled Media.

During all of these Lies and Master Coverup of King Obama and the White House, I wonder if many Americans were even aware there were Survivors in the Benghazi Massacre. Mr. Webster says that a Massacre is the killing of many persons under cruel or astrocious circumstances or a wholesale slaughter. So, were there any Survivors?

This past week, in a Press Report, newly appointed Secretary of State John Kerry said that he had just visited a Benghazi Survivor at “Bethesda Hospital” and referred to him as a remarkably courageous person who is doing very, very well.

Since there were some Survivors in the BenghaziGate Massacre, then why have we not heard about them before now and why have they not been interviewed to hear their side of the ordeal. After doing some research on these Survivors, I have found some more startling information that will or will not shock you.

I have found that there are at least thirty Benghazi Survivors and that they are being hidden from Congress and the Media. Don’t you think that at least one or two of these Survivors could reveal some most startling and incriminating stories about what really went on during the hours before the attack, during the attack, and hours after the attack?

I did find out that these Survivors were debriefed the following day on September 12, so unless you are a President with a Hidden Terrorist Agenda, you should have known exactly what these Survivors knew on the day after the Massacre. Of course, that would have foiled the Obama and Susan Rice Lies about the YouTube Video.

I also found out that some or most of these Survivors have had their names changed either for their protection or for the Obama Adminstration protection. And that does not sound good, because they might be in grave danger from the public or the Obama Communist Administration. At any rate, don’t expect to get anyone to talk about what really happened.

Some Republicans are blasting the Obama White House for not allowing access to these Benghazi Survivors of the attack on the U.S. Consulate. “We want to talk to the Survivors and the Obama White House won’t let us do that,” Jason Chaffetz (R) of Utah told FoxNews.

“The President has the gall to go on Television and say ‘Oh, we’re providing all the access’? Baloney. BullCrap. That is not happening,” said Chaffetz.

Most of the Survivors are still recovering at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center outside Washington D.C. Also, Chaffetz told FoxNews that he had spoken to a few Survivors when he visited Benghazi not long after the attack, but he has not been able to gain access to the Survivors since returning to the United States.

Several may have required amputations and that seven Americans were injured. At least three remained at Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital. One other may be recovering in California and one other required a partial leg amputation. The Survivors are a combination of Security Contractors, State Deptartment, and CIA personnel.

Some of the Survivors worked in the Secret Service and they do not want their names to become public and the Obama Administration will not give out their names. One person who was hospitalized had their name changed on hospital records so as not to be identified, Chaffetz told FoxNews.

Are these Survivors under House Arrest by the Obama Administration or being kept incognito together at different remote locations? This is why the information that John Kerry leaked-out about a Survivor at “Bethesda Hospital” was so revealing and incriminating. At any rate, these Survivors need to be interviewed.

The sad thing is that we know that the Survivors could tell us some things that would embarrass the Obama Administration. These Survivors could tell us exactly which Obama Staff in the State Department and Defense Department or the Obama Administration itself were contacted, asking and begging for immediate help?

The continued silence simply leads me to confirm that the illegal Gun-Running was indeed part of the sinister plan at Benghazi. Also, you will learn later in this story that this was not a true U.S. Consulate, but a rented house with bars on it for a Covert Ops Mission.

The Obama Administration can stonewall Congress, but it cannot control a determined Press. After Chaffetz was denied access to the Benghazi Survivors by the State Department, he issued a Challenge!

 Challenge To The Press

“My challenge is to the media. You try and figure it out. They won’t let Congress know. They won’t let the media know either,” said Chaffetz

If a Real Journalist was trying to make a name for himself, an interview with one of the Benghazi Survivors would certainly be a huge boost to their career. It could be the Story of the Century, so why haven’t any of the Media been trying to find out about these Benghazi Survivors? I’m sure that some Media people have thought about trying to break the story, but with their a Liberal boss, they might lose thir job. Even Worse! With this corrupt White House, they might lose their life. At any rate, it is just too risky to take that chance!

Saturday February 23, 2013 Benghazi Murders Update!
Max Emfinger

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer said Saturday that he has concrete sources that said President Barack Obama was in the War-Room at the White House watching the Murders in Real-Time on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya as they were taking place.

Two unarmed American Drones were dispatched to the U.S. Consulate and recorded the final hours of the attack, which killed Libya U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, and Sean Smith in the U.S. Consulate; plus NAVY SEAL Tyrone Woods and NAVY SEAL Glen Doherty.

“This was in the middle of the business day in Washington, so everybody at the White House, CIA, and Pentagon were watching this Massacre go down,” Shaffer told Judge Jeanine of Fox News on her “Justice with Judge Jeanine” TV Show on FoxNews.

“According to my sources, Obama was one of those in the White House Situation Room in Real-Time watching this.”

This should be enough incriminating evidence on The Fake Obama and well enough for Impeachment, if any of the GOP Congress had any guts or backbones.


Living in America is like living in a Fantasy World. Up is Down; Down is Up; Bad is Good; Good is Bad; and if you really thought that Hillary Rodham Clinton was going to tell us anything that might resemble the Truth; you are just living in the Fantasy World.

Four months after the BenghaziGate Murders, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, after endless days of stonewalling and outright lying, finally appeared before  Congress to answer questions that some idiots thought were going to give us the answers to all of the questions and give us real clarity as to what really happened in the BenghaziGate massacre murders.

One thing that you must remember and be aware of is that for those four months that Hillary had stonewalled Americans and the media, she also had been in training for this Congress appearance. Yes! In training by one of our FBI Counter-Terrorism Intelligence Teams to learn how to not only answer all questions with a lie, but to delay the answer or counter the direct question with another question or change the subject.

In these training sessions, Hillary was trained by various FBI Counter-Terrorism Intelligence including Intelligence Collection Operations; Business Intelligence; Counter-Intelligence; Military Intelligence; Criminal Intelligence; Countering Espionage Intelligence; Geopolitical Analysis Intelligence; Counter-Organized Crime Intelligence; and Counter-terrorism Intelligence.

We can not be completely sure on which Counter Terrorism Intelligence Team helped Hillary the most, but it is safe to say that whichever Intelligence Teams that were used, they did a great job in their preparation as Hillary did not really answer a single question with the truth or even any assembling of the truth.

Remember that this is the same Hillary Clinton that was the main person in charge of the Arkansas Whitewater Scandle and the same Hillary that is still in partnership with King Obama in pursuing the United Nations Gun Ban that would take ALL of our guns away from us and if any Americans resist, then they would be shot to death with Hollow-Point Bullets by our own American Soldiers.

And again! This is also the same Hillary that the late New York Times columnist William Safire referred to as a “Congenital and Pathelogical Liar” and some living in the Fantasy World thought that she would actually come forth and tell us the Truth about BenghaziGate.

As Hillary testified before Congress about the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and Sean Smith; plus NAVY SEAL Ty Woods and NAVY SEAL Glen Doherty, she said some stunning and heartless things that are so shocking that she might have even embarrassed some cold-hearted Liberals.

Ty Woods was one of the two former NAVY SEALS who fought the Terrorist-Animals in Benghazi to his death in an effort to save Ambassador Chris Stevens and Sean Smith on the night of September 11, 2012. That fight was ultimately in vain, but Ty Woods and Fellow NAVY SEAL Glen Doherty are nevertheless are two of our greatest American Navy Heros.

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson finally asked a “Hard-Ball” question when he asked Hillary about the Video lies by King Obama and Hillary noting that these lies about the film-maker as being the instigator. After four months, nobody would still answer this question.

Regarding the real motive for the massacre, Hillary went into a total self-righteousness, indignate, mean attitude, with both arms flinging and spouted, “What difference at this point does it make?”

Embedded image permalink

So Hillary! Let me get this straight! Former NAVY SEALS, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty thought that they had Air Assets coming to their rescue at Benghazi and these two NAVY SEALS had always gone to help and save those in trouble and they assumed that they would receive help from the Pentagon when they needed it and requested help.

AFRICom General Carter Ham received the same emails that Obama and the White House received during REAL TIME and he made an immediate and quick response to the Pentagon that he had a Unit ready to make a quick response.

At this point, in REAL TIME, General Ham then received an Order from the Pentagon, to Stand-Down. The response by General Ham to the Pentagon was “Screw that, we have NAVY SEALS in there in dire trouble and they desperately need our help.” And then General Ham started getting ready to respond.

Within 30 seconds, after making the move to respond, his second in command apprehended him and told General Ham that he was relieved of his command. The Obama White House also later relieved USS Stennis Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette. So now, the General and Admiral in charge at BenghaziGate had been relieved of their BenghaziGate duties. The question again is Why?

So Ty Woods is thinking that he is getting ready to receive some Air-Support and he paints the Terrorist Mortar Crew location with his Laser, and Woods is waiting for the Drone or another Air Asset that would demolish the Terroists Mortar Crew.

As Woods is waiting for help, the help that he was expecting is being asked to Stand-Down and then is being relieved of his Command. So by painting the site of the Terrorist Mortar Crew, Woods gave up his own position to the enemy and without any support coming, this ultimately killed him. Before he was killed, Ty Woods ran his weapon dry and killed 50 jihadists before he was taken home.

“If Obama and this administration had used the intel that they had and sent help to my friend, he would still be alive today,” said NAVY SEAL Brad Nagel.

Obama is the Commander in Chief and so he is responsible for this disgraceful decision to Stand-Down and Why? And again, “What difference at this point does it make?” said Hillary Clinton before Congress.

Only a person, without a Heart, and with a total insensibility about this massacre could and would have given that kind of heartless answer. If Hillary is willing to help King Obama with the murders of millions of Americans, so then the murders of just four Americans is pretty trivial in the “Grand Scheme of Things” in Global Population Control.

Let’s be Honest! We think that we know the Truth about BenghaziGate, but we probably will never hear the real truth about the BenghaziGate murders. King Obama and Hillary would never admit that there was a Gun-Running Op that went bad.

Another real reason that we are having this Super Bowl Weekend Update, is because this may be the Last Super Bowl as we know it. King Obama has already been talking about the safety of the NFL Players and he is going to try to make some Liberal Changes To The Game for the protection of the players and the NFL is getting ready to listen and make some of those changes.

King Obama was quoted last week that if he had a son, Trevon, he probably would not let him play football, because it is just too dangerous. Stay tuned, because after the NFL  College Football Draft for the College Football Players, I will do a complete College and NFL Update on what they are proposing to do in regards to changing the Game of Football for safety reasons.

Once King Obama and his Liberal Thugs get involved, there will be some drastic changes, so you had better enjoy this Super Bowl XLVII, because there either may not ever be another one or there will be some major changes to the game that are so drastic, you might not even think that it’s Football. Or even worse! They may start the process to Ban The Game of Football.

I have been in the wonderful Game of Football for my entire life and I don’t like what I am hearing about the changes that are apparently going to take place! Right now, we have enough problems with a Communist PresidentBenghaziGate, and our Second Amendment Gun Control Rights!

President’s Day Midnight Update of  Benghazi Massacre And Why
Massive Coverup is not Going Away Soon!
Max Emfinger

The BenghaziGate Massive Coverup is the most incredible and most appalling, Massive Government Coverup in the history of the United States of America and what are we doing about it? Absolutely Nothing!

SPECIAL ALERT: At Midnight On President’s Day, I had a NAVY SEAL send me a Private Twitter Message and here is what he said:

“The short of it was that Obama had an Illegal War going on in The Middle-East. Obama was Arming Al Qaeda and he needed them all dead to cover his Ass.”

We have a Fake President who has lied to the American people so many times about everything, that it’s difficult to ever believe anything that he says. Even when he is caught lying, he continues to lie to the American people and the CorruptLiberalMedia does not call him on anything and so he continues to lie.

The American people were hoping that they would somehow, someway find out the Truth in this BenghaziGate Massive Coverup, and I know that we all were hoping and Praying that David Petraeus, an honorable Army General would tell us the Truth in a U.S. Congressional Hearing and all of the answers would be known. My response to that was to not bet the farm that Petraeus or anyone else would ever tell us the real truth and for us to ever find out the real truth about what really happened.

General Petreaus was being Set-Up by King Obama and Eric Holder as the CIA Director to be Set-Up for a later fall. Obama and Holder knew that General Petreaus had a girlfriend and they knew that if he took the job as CIA Director, then they would have the Leverage if they needed it in the future. Why would they have Set Petreaus Up as CIA Director if they know that he had a girlfriend if it was not for Leverage? Afterall, Communist Hillary and the Libs had already been referring to him as General Betrayus.

General David Petreaus did testify before a U.S. Congressional Hearing before his prompt resignation, but we really did not learn much, except that someone in the White House took out the “Official” word “Terrorist” out of the “Official” CIA Report. This caused more questions than we had before, and it still did not give us any “REAL” answers in the BenghaziGate Scandal.

Also remember, back on September 14 when Petraeus came out of a Press Conference and was asked what happened in Benghazi and he answered: “Do you want to know what I told the Press or do you want to know what really happened,” said Petraeus.

Now, we have found out theat General Petraeus was not even In The Loop on all of the things that one of our Army Special Ops Team was engaged in, in Benghazi and so he was not aware of the eminent and pending threat that Ambassador Chris Stevens and Sean Smith were under on the night of September 11, 2012. Now, we also find out that it was not even exactly called a U.S. Consulate, but a CIA Mission-House. Although, it might have been referred to as a U.S. Consulate and it might not have been; in honoring the four dead Americans, I will continue to refer to it as the U.S. Consulate. First of all, it was only a rented house with bars. Another question that you need to ask yourself. If it was really a U.S. Consulate, then why was it not protected?

These are startling facts that have not been brought up for fear of hurting Obama and Holder. Those real answers are the real reasons why Obama and the White House are still trying to hide the real truth and the “Real Benghazi Coverup” that can not get out to the American People?

Max Emfinger


The Watergate Coverup was our biggest White House Coverup until now, that we know about. There are definitely some that we do not know about, but that is another story for another day. This Crime was not the Crime itself, but the real crime was the Massisve Watergate Coverup itself. The big difference in the Watergate Massive Coverup and the BenghaziGate Massive Coverup is that four Americans died in the BenghaziGate Coverup.

The recent BenghaziGate Coverup findings have just been release and to no surprise, nothing was turned up and nobody was accuced of any wrong-doing.

When King Obama hires his own Obama people to look into the findings and if those people hired want to keep their jobs, then you knew exactly what their findings would be even before they started. We knew that they would never find anything incriminating on either Communists; Obamsky or Hillarsky.

So now, King Obamsky and Hillary are going about their daily business just like any other day and without a single consequence for their murders of four Americans in BenghaziGate.

The real sad thing about this Secondary BenghaziGate Coverup is that most of the American people are still not aware of the Obama Gun-Running Operation that either went bad on purpose or by accident. Either way, the American people are still unaware and un-informed on the the Gun-Running Operation.

The Morons or “Low-Information” voters do not care, but to most Americans, this Gun-Running Operation and Massive BenghaziGate Coverup is what got our four brave American killed after King Obama gave the Order to Stand-Down.


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