King Obama and Hillary still lying about Benghazi GunRunning Coverup! by Max Emfinger


By Max Emfinger


Living in America is like living in a Fantasy World. Up is Down; Down is Up; Bad is Good; Good is Bad; and if you really thought that Hillary Rodham Clinton was going to tell us anything that might resemble the Truth; you are just living in the Fantasy World.

Four months after the Benghazi Murders, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, after endless days of stonewalling and outright lies, finally went to Congress to answer questions that some idiots thought were going to give us the answers to all of the questions and give us real clarity as to what really happened in the Benghazi massacre, murders.

One thing that you must remember and be aware of is that for those four months that Hillary has been stonewalling the media and all Americans, she also has been in training for this Congress appearance. Yes! In training by the FBI Counter-Terrorism Intelligence Team to learn how to not only answer the questions with a lie, but to delay the answer or counter the direct question with another question or change the subject.

In these training sessions, Hillary was trained by various FBI Counter-Terrorism Intelligence including Intelligence Collection Operations; Business Intelligence; Counter-Intelligence; Military Intelligence; Criminal Intelligence; Countering Espionage Intelligence; Geopolitical Analysis Intelligence; Counter-Organized Crime Intelligence; and Counter-terrorism Intelligence.

We can not be completely sure on which Counter Terrorism Intelligence Teams  helped Hillary the most, but it is safe to say that whichever Intelligence Teams that were used, they did a great job in their preparation as Hillary did not really answer a single question with the truth or even an assemblage of the truth.

Remember that this is the same Hillary Clinton that was the main person in charge of the Arkansas Whitewater Scandle and the same Hillary that is still in partnership with King Obama in pursuing the United Nations Gun Ban that would take all of our guns away from us and if any Americans resist, then they would be shot to death with Hollow-point bullets by our own American Soldiers.

This is also the same Hillary that the late New York Times columnist William Safire referred to as a “Congenital and Pathelogical liar” and some living in the Fantasy World thought that she would come forth and tell us the Truth about Benghazi.

As Hillary testified before Congress about the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and NAVY SEALS Ty Woods and Glen Doherty, she said some stunning and heartless things that are so shocking that might even embarrass some cold-hearted Liberals.

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson finally asked a “Hard-Ball” question when he asked Hillary about the Video lies by King Obama and Hillary noting these lies about film-maker as being the instigator. After four months, nobody would answer this question.

Regarding the real motive for the massacre, Hillary went into a total self-righteousness, indignate, mean attitude, with both arms flinging and spouted, “What difference at this point does it make?”

Only a person, without a Heart, and with a total insensibility about this massacre could and would have given that kind of heartless answer. If Hillary is willing to help Obama with the murders of millions of Americans, then the murders of just four Americans is pretty trivial in the “Grand Scheme of Things” in The Global Population Control.

Let’s be Honest! We probably will never learn the real truth about the Benghazi murders. King Obama and Hillary would never admit that there was a Gun-Running Op that went bad. 

The real reason that we are having this Super Bowl Weekend Update, is because this may be the Last Super Bowl as we know it. King Obama has already been talking about the safety of the NFL Players and trying to make some changes for the protection of the players and the NFL is getting ready to make some of those changes.

King Obama was quoted last week that if he had a son, he probably would not let him play football, because it is too dangerous. Stay tuned, because after National Signing Date for High School Football Players and the NFL Draft for the College Football Players, I will do a complete College and NFL Update on what they are proposing to do in regards to changing the game for safety reasons.

Once King Obama and his Liberal Thugs get involved, there will be some drastic changes, so you had better enjoy this Super Bowl, because there either may not ever be another one or there will be some major changes to the game that are so drastic, you won’t even think that its Football. Or even worse! They may start the process to Ban Football

I have been in the Game of Football for my entire life and I for one don’t like what I am hearing about the changes that are going to take place, but right now, we have enough problems with Benghazi and all of the White House Lies and Continued  Coverups to hide the King Obama Gun-running Op.

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Max Emfinger


The Watergate Coverup was our biggest White House Coverup until now, that we know about. There are definitely some that we do not know about. This Crime was not the Crime itself, but the real crime was the Massisve Watergate Coverup itself. The big difference in the Watergate Massive Coverup and the BenghaziGate Massive Coverup is that four Americans died in the BenghaziGate Coverup.

The recent BenghaziGate Coverup findings have just been release and to no surprise, nothing was turned up and nobody was was accuced of any wrong-doing.

When Obama hires Obama people to look into the findings and if those people hired want to keep their jobs, then you knew exactly what they theie findings would be even before they started. We knew that they would not find anything incriminating on either Communists; Obamsky or Hillarsky.

So now, Obamsky and Hillary are going about their daily business just like any other day and without a single consequence for their murders of four Americans in BenghaziGate.

The real sad thing about this Secondary BenghaziGate Coverup is that most of the American people are still not aware of the Obama Gun-Running Operation that either went bad on purpose or by accident. Either way, the American people are still unaware and un-informed on the the Gun-Running Operation.

The Morons or “Low-Information” voters do not care, but to most Americans, this Gun-Running Operation and Massive BenghaziGate Coverup is what got our four brave American killed after Obama gave the Order to Stand-Down.


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Bombshell Information: Obama and Administration Deleted State Dept. Memo From Internet After Discovering Al-Qaeda Was Behind Benghazi Consulate Attack that killed four Americans!

Let me be clear about what I am about to say. Obama and his Criminal White House Staff are going on with Thugery Business in the White House and they know that Congress will NEVER get to the bottom of the BenghaziGate Murders and the Obama Gun-Running Operation. Obama actually dares anyone in Congress to even question him about it.

All of the White House and White House Aids are all covering for Obama and Hillary and while everyone is covering for them, both Obama and Hillary are secretly passing a United Nations Gun Bill that will take all of our guns away from us and if we resist, Homeland Security has purchased 450 Million Hollow Point Bullets to kill us if we resist. For your information, Hollow Point Bullets are used to KILL people. They are not used to wound people, because they explode on impact.

Although Obama won the Election by VoterFraud, in a VoterFraudGate and he is not yet confirmed as President, he still has his Obama Czars writing policy and making changes to our Constitution and then Obama is passing them with Executive Orders with the stroke of a pen.

Obama also dares Congress to question him on any of this and the Spineless Congress is letting him get away with it, just like in the Massive BenghaziGate Coverup and FastAndFuriousGate Coverup

Here are some shocking facts that have not been brought up for fear of hurting Obama, Axelrod, Holder, and HillaryObama and the White House are still trying to hide something in the “Real Benghazi Coverup” that can not get out to the American People?

The truth is that our United States Congress had a “Gun-Running Operation” to the Syrian Terrorists. The big question right now: was it done legally or illegally? If it was done legally, then there are eight congressmen, four Dems and four GOP, who knew about it. If it was done, illegally, then we need to know who authorized it.

If it was done legally, then Diane Feinstein knew about it and if it was done illegally, then she needed to know about it. Either way, these United States Congressmen are politically motivated to keep it quiet, but by doing so, they are committing Treason to the highest degree.

This is one reason why Obama let Ambassador Chris Stevens and NAVY SEALS Ty Woods and Glen Doherty die, because Obama and the White House did not want either our CIA or FBI to find out that the Syrian Terrorists were using our own guns to kill our own American people.

On Wednesday, Obama had his first White House Press Day in almost eight months, and Obama was asked if he tried to do anything to help to save Ambassador Chris Stevens and NAVY SEALS Ty Woods and Glen Dotherty and he again evaded the question. “I will not answer any questions in the Press, regarding our dead Americans, but instead, I will address their families,” said Obama in a very rude answer to FoxNews Reporter Ed Henry.

Mr. Obama is so disingenuious when he is talking about my dead son,” said Charles Woods on the Sean Hannity Show on Thursday, November 15. “Mr Obama has not once contacted us and he’s lying when he says that he has contacted us.”

Charles Woods also described his brief encounter with President Obama during the ceremony for the Libya victims. “Even at the graveside funeral for Ty and Glen, Mr. Obama would not look at me straight in the face. The CIA Timeline shows that everyone knew that Ty was asking for help and did not get it,” Woods further stated to Hannity.

“When he finally came over to where I was, I could tell that he was rather conflicted, a person who was not at peace,” Woods said.  “Shaking hands with him, quite frankly, was like shaking hands with a dead fish. His face was pointed towards me, but he would not look me in the eye, his eyes were over my shoulder.”

“I could tell that he was not sorry,” Woods added. “He had no remorse.”

My personal opinion is that Obama is faking his outrage of the dead Americans, because he is trying to hide something and he then always changes the subject.

And now the Bribery of General David Petraeus.

On Friday, Petreaus was slated to testify before U.S. Congress and Petraeus was to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the whole truth. Do they think we are all Stupid? The CIA has already lied on Thursday to protect Obama and the White House.

What do you think that the American people and NAVY SEALS would think if they all knew that Ty Woods and Glen Dothery were killed by American guns used by the Syrian Terrorists?

The only hope that we had to find out the real truth about the BenghaziGate Coverup would have been if David Petraeus would break the ranks and tell us exactly what the Timeline showed to be the truth; but in the U.S. Congressional Hearing, on Friday November 16, over two months later, Petraeus did not break the ranks and tell us anything new except that someone in the White House had changed the original CIA talking points.

The current information is that according to House Committee on Homeland Security Chairman Peter King is that President Obama and his deputies modified an intelligence report provided by David Petraeus to obscure the jihadis’ role in the Benghazi consulate attack on September 11, 2012.

The critical question now, as usual, is “who changed these talking points and why,” King said on November 16, shortly after attending a closed-door hearing where Petraeus explained his actions in the days after the surprise attack on the consulate and CIA building in Libya. So now, we still know that Obama and the White House are still hiding a Massive Coverup and the Coverup that they are hiding is bigger than the BenghaziGate Coverup

Then, on Tuesday November 20, we get this news from Obama and the corrupt White House.

CBS sources revealed that James Clapper of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) was apparently the person that took-out any references to “al Qaeda” or “terrorism” from the unclassified talking points given to United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice before she went on four TV Talk Shows and told lies about what really happened in the Benghazi terrorist attack.

However, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said on FoxNews to talk show host Bill O’Reilly, “I’m not buying in to it.”

Krauthammer appeared on The O’Reilly Factor on Tuesday night November 20 and said that James Clapper apparently had a sudden case of “Amnesia” after initially claiming he didn’t know anything about who edited the talking points. Those talking points were full of lies and misleading information on purpose so as to support the Obama lies about what really happened in the Benghazi attack.

“I’m not buying it, because the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee says that a week ago in classified testimony that the same James Clapper had said that he had no idea who changed the talking points,” said Krauthammer. “And now a week later, he seems to discover he did? That’s kind of strange. I’ve seen amnesia in my day, in my clinical days, and that one is pretty quick, in one week.”

“All I know is that in the end of the narrative that was spun by Susan Rice and continued by Obama afterwards for days and days afterwards, on Letterman and The View, was that it was a riot out-of-control, because they didn’t want the country to know that the boasting of Obama that al-Qaeda was dead, was simply another lie.”

Now, the real truth on why Obama and the White House have got to lie and continue to bold-face lie to keep the real Massive BenghaziGate Coverup from getting out to the American People.

A few months ago, the New York Times reported that our CIA had been working with Lybia and Turkey to run guns to the Syrian Terrorist Rebels. There also was a ship, The Lutfallah II, that sailed from America to Turkey with 400 Tons of Weapons on the ship to give to the Muslim Brotherhood who supplied the guns to the Syrian Rebels.

A few months ago, the New York Times reported that our CIA had been working with Lybia and Turkey to run guns to Syrian Terrorist Rebels. There also was a ship, The Lutfallah II, that sailed from America to Turkey with 400 Tons of Weapons on the ship to give to the Muslim Brotherhood who supplied them to the Syrian Rebels.

When we were talking about FastAndFuriousGate, we were talking about Obama and Eric Holder giving away or selling guns to the Mexican Mafia to kill Americans and Mexicans, with the intention and goal that the Obama White House could shock the American people and then demand to ban all of our guns and this is still the plan for the Obama Second Term.

With this ship sailing to Turkey, we’re talking about a FastAndFurious situation that is 1,000 times worse than the original FastAndFurious. If the American people found out that the guns that were used in the Benghazi Terrorist Attack were supplied by our own CIA, I believe that Obama would have a few questions that he could not answer, although he would continue to lie and lie and lie. 

Also, from very reliable sources, Obama had 13 reports on his desk on the morning after the Terrorist Attack and not one single report had anything about an anti-Muhammed video that caused the Benghazi Attack. So the bottom line is that Obama and our CIA  supplied all of the guns to the Syrian and Lybian Terrorists that killed our four Americans.

And the sad thing is that all of the dead people and alive people that voted for Obama and are getting Free Food and Free Phones, do not care if Obama lies or kills, as long as they continue to get their Free Food and Free Phones.

One more piece of information that has been uncovered is that Sean Smith sent numerous emails out that stated that he was in “huge danger” and if he did not make it back home, for us to check-out the “Lybian Police” that were guarding him. 

Still another piece of shocking information about Obama and the White House is that Russia is now reporting that The Muslim Brotherhood has several of our Stinger Missiles. Since we are using The Muslim Brotherhood to arm the Syrian Rebels, do not be surprised if they are not used on us.

All of this sounds like an episode of NCIS or NCIS-LA, but in those stories, we always have the great NCIS Agents to foil the Terrorists and in this current story, we do not.

Our good Friend Glenn Beck sums all of this up in a great Youtube Video so Click the Link  to view this Glenn Beck YouTube Video:

President Richard Nixon was not impeached in Watergate for the Crime, but he was impeached because of the Massive Watergate Coverup.

The big difference in the 1972 Nixon Watergate Massive Coverup and the 2012 BenghaziGate Massive Coverup is that four Americans died in the Obama BenghaziGate Coverup.

FastAndFuriousGate and VoterFraudGate are certainly huge, but BenghaziGate is the most Massive, because four Americans died and with all of these guns on the loose, there is a possibility for many more Americans will die, if they have not already!


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  4. Yvonne says:

    I pray every day that Justice will be met..Holder Oklahoma bombing(,gave bomb making to Oklahoma bombers) Clinton, then Obama. I believe Obama, Ms .Clinton all will be exposed.for what your article confirms. There is so much corruption..I pray that the American public demands..hearings. Massive Gun Runners./where are survivors?

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