Was Bribery Used With David Petraeus in Benghazi! By Max Emfinger

Former CIA Director General David Petraeus supposedly had an extramarital affair, with Paula Broadwell and his resignation was held off until after the Election on Tuesday to avoid “Potential Embarrassment” for President Barack Hussein Obama.

Let me start by saying that I have been a huge fan of General David Petraeus for many years and if I was to have a Military Hero, then it was General David Petraeus. But after saying that, I have to be very honest. I started to have some questions about David Petraues when he was asked by Communist Barry Obama to become his CIA Director.

General Petraeus is the most celebrated American General of our generation and he was credited with turning the War around in Iraq in 2007. Then, he became the Commander in Afghanistan in 2010.

With such a great and illustrious Military history and being such a great American Military Hero, why would Petraeus want to jeopardize his stellar Military and intelligence career and Hero status to work for a guy like Obama who has betrayed the Military in every opportunity that he has ever had? It just never made any sense to me when he took the CIA job, but it might make more sense now and Bribery might be the key word.

The Dictionary defines Bribery as: a favor or money promised to a person to influence something or to influence conduct.

The first Bribery that might have occurred with Petraeus was that with the extramarital affair, Obama, David Axelrod, and Eric Holder might have had a “Trump-Card” if ever needed for a huge favor and the “Trump Card” was called upon in the Benghazi announcement that it was not Terrorists, but an anti-Muhammed video that caused the Benghazi Attack.

There sometimes a very fine-line between Bribery and Blackmail. So you need to know what the definition of Blackmail: Extortion by threats of public exposure. You also must be aware that Axelrod and Holder have done a great job of Blackmailing people for decades and it’s public record in Obama Elections.

So then, the second Bribery or Blackmail occurred after the Election.

Nice Deal that Petraeus cut with David Axelrod. Do they really think we are all that Stupid? With Petraeus gone, no BenghaziGate Answers. Wonder how much he got? Now, there are two different potential  Briberies here, but I will explain later.

Paula Broadwell, a counter terrorism expert met Petraeus in 2006 at a speech he gave at Harvard University. They became friends at that time, but it got a little more serious a few years later. Petraeus says the affair started in 2011, but they were very friendly since 2008. Then Petraeus became CIA Director in September of 2011.

Now, the story that has been given to the Liberal Media.

Former CIA Director General David Petraeus supposedly had an extramarital affair, with Paula Broadwell that started and his resignation was held off until after the Election on Tuesday to avoid “Potential Embarrassment” for President Barack Hussein Obama.

FBI agents learned of the Petraeus affair while monitoring his emails out of concern that the woman, biographer Paula Broadwell, might have had access to his personal and confidential CIA Email Account, as reported by the Associated Press.

An FBI source told Ronald Kessler, the author and journalist who broke the Secret Service prostitution scandal, that rather than have Petraeus resign immediately, the decision was made to hold it until after the election for Political Reasons, not to harm President Barack Obama

Then the resignation occurred three days, how convenient, after the Election to avoid the possibility of embarrassment and of course the real reason and that was if Patraeus is gone, then there will be no testifying in the BenghaziGate Hearings.

The precise timeline of the FBI investigation and discovery of the affair is still unclear. The Wall Street Journal said that the Patraeus Email investigation began late in the spring, but that Petraeus wasn’t interviewed until recently.

Despite the FBI report that the White House held off on asking for Petraeus to step down until after the Election, the Associated Press reported that White House officials were first notified of the affair on Wednesday, the day after the election, and that Obama was not informed until Thursday morning. Yeah, and I have some land in Arizona that I want to sell you.

Former CIA Director and General David Petraeus may have told his alleged mistress Paula Broadwell what really happened in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 when terrorists murdered U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. 

Broadwell, a Military Counter Terriorist Expert, whose alleged affair with Petraeus forced him to resign last Friday, revealed during an October 26 speech at the University of Denver that Libyan terrorists may have attacked the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 in order to take back Libyan militia members that the CIA Annex had taken prisoner.

Broadwell confirmed that the CIA Annex in Benghazi had requested reinforcements and the White House could have easily reinforced the consulate and the CIA Annex that was under attack. Broadwell also confirmed that Petraeus and administration officials knew within 24 hours of the possible motives behind the terrorist attacks.  

In January of 2009, the Obama administration ordered all secret interrogation camps abroad to be closed. The comments of Broadwell would lead you to believe that the CIA Annex that captured Libyan militia members may still have been operational. 

“Now, I don’t know if any of you have heard about this, but the CIA Annex had actually taken a couple or three of Libyan militia members as prisoner, and we thought that the attack on the U.S. Consulate was an effort to try get those prisoners back, and that’s still being vetted,” Broadwell said. 

Broadwell, who was speaking at her alma mater about her biography of Petraeus, confirmed that the Fox News Report of Jennifer Griffin had insightful and accurate information that came out on the day of her speech. Broadwell further stated that the Obama administration had denied Americans on the ground in Benghazi the security and help that they had requested, telling NAVY SEALS in Libya who wanted to help U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans who were eventually murdered to Stand-Down.

“The facts that came out is that the ground forces there at the CIA Annex, which is different from the U.S. Consulate, were requesting reinforcements,” Broadwell said.

“They were requesting the CINC’s (Commander-in-Chief’s) In Extremis Force, a group of Delta Force operators who our very best and most talented guys that we have in the military. They could have come and reinforced the U.S. Consulate and the CIA Annex that were under attack.”

Former NAVY SEALS, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty thought that they had Air Assets coming to their rescue. These two NAVY SEALS had always gone to help and save those in trouble and they assumed that they would receive help from the Pentagon when they needed it and requested help.

AFRICom General Carter Ham received the same emails that Obama and the Whitehouse received during Real-Time and he made an immediate and quick response to the Pentagon that he had a Unit ready to make a quick response.

At this point, in Real-Time, General Ham then received an Order from the Pentagon, to Stand-Down. The response by General Ham to the Pentagon was “Screw that, we have NAVY SEALS in there in dire trouble and they desperately need our help.” And then General Ham started getting ready to respond.

Within 30 seconds, after making the move to respond, his second in command apprehended him and told General Ham that he was relieved of his command. The Obama Whitehouse also later relieved USS Stennis Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette. So now, the General and Admiral in charge at BenghaziGate have been relieved of their BenghaziGate duties. The question again is Why?

So Ty Woods is thinking that he is getting ready to receive some Air-Support and he paints the Terrorist Mortar Crew location with his Laser, and Woods is waiting for the Drone or another Air Asset that would demolish the Terroists Mortar Crew.

As Woods is waiting for help, the help that he was expecting is being asked to Stand-Down and then is being relieved of his Command. So by painting the site of the Terrorist Mortar Crew, Woods gave up his own position to the enemy and without any support coming, this ultimately killed him. Before he was killed, Ty Woods ran his weapon dry and killed 50 jihadists before he was taken home.

“If Obama and this administration had used the intel that they had and sent help to my friend, he would still be alive today,” said NAVY SEAL Brad Nagel.

Obama is the Commander in Chief and so he is responsible for this disgraceful decision to Stand-Down and Why?

Here is where one Bribery takes place. Petraeus is told to lie about the truth and what really happened and the White House and Eric Holder had this sex scandal hanging over his head. So Petraeus lied to the American people and to the Liberal Media as to what really happened and claimed that the Benghazi attack was initiated by an anti-Muhammed Video.

“The Challenging Thing for Petraeus was, as Director of the CIA, he was ordered by Obama and the White House to not have any communication with the press,” said Broadwell.

“So he’s known all of this. They had correspondence with the CIA Station Chief in Libya, within 24 hours and they knew exactly what was happening,” Broadwell said. 

The Obama administration tried to claim an anti-Muhammed video caused the terrorist attacks and has repeatedly punted on whether they had turned down any additional security measures and reinforcements that were requested. Broadwell said there was a system failure that led to four Americans being murdered in part because additional security forces were denied. 

“It is a tragedy that we lost our Ambassador Chris Stevens and other government officials, and two of our NAVY SEALS, because there was additional security requested,” Broadwell said. “It’s frustrating to see the sort of political aspect of what’s going on with this whole investigation. It’s political hunting season, and so this whole thing has been politicized.” 

Petreaus was slated to testify before U.S. Congress this week about Benghazi before his prompt resignation. Republicans in Congress said the resignation of Petreaus does not preclude him from testifying in the future. 

They might think so, but I still would bet the farm that his deal precludes him from every telling anyone the truth about what really happened.

Recently, it was revealed Broadwell allegedly sent threatening emails to a Florida woman, whom she suspected was having an affair with Petreaus. Jill Kelley was the woman who received the threatening emails and she reported them to the FBI. At this time, I do not believe that Jill Kelley is revelent in the BenghaziGate

Now, here is the startling facts that have not been brought up for fear of hurting Obama, Axelrod, and Holder. What is Obama and the White House still trying to hide and what is the “Real Benghazi Coverup” that can not get out to the American People?

The truth is that our United States Congress had a “Gun-Running Operation” to the Syrian Terrorists. The big question right now: was it done legally or illegally? If it was done legally, then there are eight congressmen, four Dems and four GOP, who knew about it. If it was done, illegally, then we need to know who authorized it.

If it was done legally, then Diane Feinstein knew about it and if it was done illegally, then she needed to know about it. Either way, these United States Congressmen are politically motivated to keep it quiet, but by doing so, they are committing Treason to the highest degree.

This is one reason why Obama let Ambassador Chris Stevens and NAVY SEALS Ty Woods and Glen Doherty die, because Obama and the White House did not want either our CIA or FBI to find out that the Syrian Terrorists were using our own guns to kill our own American people.

On Wednesday, Obama had his first White House Press Day in almost eight months, and  Obama was asked if he tried to do anything to help to save Ambassador Chris Stevens and NAVY SEALS Ty Woods and Glen Dotherty and he again evaded the question. “I will not answer any questions in the Press, regarding our dead Americans, but instead, I will address their families,” said Obama in a very rude answer to FoxNews Reporter Ed Henry.

Mr. Obama is so disingenuious when he is talking about my dead son,” said Charles Woods on the Sean Hannity Show on Thursday. “Mr Obama has not once contacted us and he’s lying when he says that he has contacted us.”

“Even at the graveside funeral of Ty and Glen, Mr. Obama would not look at me straight in the face. The CIA Timeline shows that everyone knew that Ty was asking for help and did not get it,” Woods further stated to Hannity.

My personal opinion is that Obama is faking his outrage of the dead Americans, because he is trying to hide something and he then always changes the subject.

And now the second Bribery to General David Petraeus.

On Friday, Petreaus was slated to testify before U.S. Congress and Petraeus was to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the whole truth. Do they think we are all Stupid? The CIA has already lied on Thursday to protect Obama and the White House.

What do you think that the American people and NAVY SEALS would think if they all knew that Ty Woods and Glen Dothery were killed by American guns used by the Syrian Terrorists?

The only hope that we had to find out the real truth about the BenghaziGate Coverup would have been if Former CIA Director David Petraeus would break the ranks and tell us exactly what the Timeline showed to be the truth; but in the U.S. Congressional Hearing, on Friday Novembr 16, over two months later, Petraeus did not break the ranks and tell us anything new except that someone in the White House changed the original CIA talking points.

So now, we still know that Obama and the White House are still hiding something and the Coverup that they are hiding is bigger than the BenghaziGate Coverup

So now, I ask you! Which of the four between FastAndFuriousGate, BenghaziGate, VoterFraudGate, or DavidPetraeusGate is the worst of the four?


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  1. Thank you for your insight into what may be the reason for the cover up. I sure hope someone is punished severly for their actions. Justice muct be achieved. It is a very serious matter when government commits this kind on crime.

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