Mr. Goof is one of the Smartest Dogs on the Planet!

Mr. Goof has 33 toys and knows all of them by name. He also can do 38 tricks and sometimes can almost talk in English!

Chapter One

Mr Goof is one of the smartest Dogs on the Planet!

 Goof or Mr Goof is one of the smartest Dogs on the Planet. He is half Border Collie and half Australian Blue Heeler. His curled tail which rests on his back, like a big white, frosted donut, I believe is from the Border Collie half which has the Spitz lineage in the breed. Mr Goof also has a multitude of spots all over his body and he also has spots on his tongue. When he tries to kiss people, they are shocked when they see the spots on his tongue.

Mr Goof has 33 toys, but it seems like he has a lot more. He can bring any one of his toys on recall and he knows 38 tricks, including shutting the door after he comes back into the house after doing his business. On a couple of occasions, at 2:00 A.M., I was working at my computor and I completely forgot he was outside and he came back into the house, slammed the door and scared the heck out of me.

Mr Goof can walk across the room on his hind legs and of course he can roll over on command. He also can roll over and play dead. He learned those tricks when he was one.

Goof has just turned eight years old on July 4. When I turn my fan off in the morning, Goof knows that I am getting up and so he comes into my bedroom to escourt me outside to get the newspaper. This is when he does most of his talking. A couple of imes he was real close to saying “I love you” but he’s not there yet.

Sometimes when I give him a half a treat, he looks at me like a half treat is not the deal we made when I was a little pup. If I do the trick or do my business, I get the whole treat. No ifs, ands, or buts. Sometimes he trys to trick me by going outside to do his business, looks around, and then comes back into the house looking for his treat. So we had a make a new rule: “No Pee, No Treat at the Treat Bar.” I sometimes let him get away with it.

Also, it has gotten to where I cannot eat a whole cookie, because Mr Goof is always there for his piece of the cookie that does not have the sugar on it.

Although Mr Goof is one of the smartest and most talented dogs in the world, he has been Flying Under the Doggie Recruiting Radar with TV and movie scouts. Similar to the players who play in our All-American Bowl Game.

I was watching a TV show a few years ago and this dog owner was telling us about how many words that his dog knew and he said something like 750 words. Mr Goof knows every word that Ginger and I know and we can’t spell a word out, because Mr Goof also knows how to spell.

We got Mr Goof at a shelter in Taos, New Mexico in 2004. He was seven weeks old and obviously not potty-trained so I was prepared for some accidents in the back seat on the way back home to Louisiana. He shocked us when he would tell us when he had to go to the bathroom and to our astonishment, no accidents on the trip back home.

There is a photo of a Korelian Beardog on the internet and it looks just like Mr Goof. We don’t let him play or run with other dogs, but two Labradors live across the street and a Baton Rouge German Shepherd Police Dog named Debo lives next door. The two Labs sometime get loose and come to see Goof, and Debo barks at him all of the time when they both are in their own back yards, but never a confrontation. We do not have a completely fenced-in back yard, but Goof knows where the invisable boundaries are and he never crosses them.

Our two previous dogs were a Yorkies named Punk and P.J. (Punk Jr). Punk lived to be 15 and P.J. passed when he was 18 1/2. Both of these dogs were little dogs with baby feet. Both of them were born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, while Mr Goof was born in Taos, New Mexico, just up the beautiful road from Albuquerque.

Mr Goof has Raptor feet. We were looking for a black Border Collie, but my son, Eric, found a white one with Raptor feet. Mr Goof was supposed to be for Eric, and he was his dog for about a year, until he moved into an apartment that would not allow big dogs and we inherited him. My wife, Ginger, and I knew that Mr Goof was sent from heaven to be with us in our old age.

 Eric has finally found a little brother for Mr Goof. About a year ago, Eric found an Irish Setter with Labrador and Spaniel mix in Oklahoma City and his name is Charlie. Mr Goof and Charlie got together last summer for a few days and they will again get together at the end of August. Last year, Charlie was just a puppy and he was pretty rambunctious and hyper. He’s almost two right now and it will be a lot of fun for them to get together again, plus Eric and his new bride, Jennifer, will be here for Ginger’s birthday.

Oh yeah. Mr Goof does not sleep with me at night, but every night at around 4:00 A.M. – He will come into my bedroom, and ask me to take him outside to do his business. And, of course, I do. Two nights ago, I believe he came in at 4:13 A.M. When I tell you that last night at 3:59.55, he was at my bed and the clock changed to 4:00 as I was getting up, you probably won’t believe me, but I’m telling you the truth. It was like he proof-read my story and decided to be more careful about getting to my bed at 4:00 A.M.

Last week on TV, I saw this Dog-Handler who was promoting his new TV Show. He was showing us how one of his trained dogs would eat food from a spoon. Mr Goof has been eating delicately from either a fork or spoon since he was two or three. I’m amazed at how he can eat from a fork or spoon. Just today, we were eating some chicken fried rice and Mr Goof did not spill a single piece of rice. I know you’re asking if we use the same fork and the answer is no. Your next question is do you ever get the forks or spoons mixed up and the answer is: No Comment.

As you can see in the photo, Mr Goof has a buzz-cut haircut. It’s so hot and humid in Louisiana, it’s just too hot for him when he goes outside. I also think that Charlie has just gotten a buzz cut. We’ll see Eric, Jennifer, and Charlie in three or four weeks.

Right now, Mr Goof is waiting for a little taste of Strawberry Ice Cream.

Chapter Two

Mr Goof gets really concerned about the bad weather!

Mr Goof is very keenly aware when the weather changes or is about to change. He does not like thunder when a big storm is coming and he really lets us know that he is concerned, because he either comes to me and puts his head on my leg to let me know that a big storm is coming. If it’s at night, Mr Goof will come to my bed and try to get close to me so that I can protect him.

This week, Mr Goof has been very concerned about Isaac and the possibility of us having asome high winds and the possibility of our electricity to be off with the bad weather. Our electricity did go out last night at 3:30 A.M. and did not come back on until 6:00 P.M. today and it’s 2:30 A.M. right now.

During the time that the electricity was out, Mr Goof was in bed with me the whole time and he never left my side. Can you imagine an eighty pound weigh getting in bed with you and then he is also right-up against me, so I can hardly move.

It’s sorta like on New Year’s Day and The Fourth of July when the neighbors shoot their fireworks. Mr Goof does not like the fireworks, because it hurts his very sensitive ears. The thunder that comes with the storms also hurts his ears and he does not like it.

This time, the weather was not as bad as it could have been, but their is still some thunder and rain and so Mr Goof is still staying close to me.


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2 Responses to Mr. Goof is one of the Smartest Dogs on the Planet!

  1. Eric Emfinger says:

    Great story about Goof. We’ll need to take a picture of both Charlie and Goof once they’re together again.

  2. tinaschallenge says:

    What an awesome dog! He was lucky to have been adopted by you. I have a similar story, a mutt named Max who has his own toy box and will dig them all out to get his piggy at the bottom. And I swear he understands English!

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