Patrick Peterson was incredible at he 2011 NFL Super Combine as he recorded a World Record 2.048 MEARS RATING.


 On the fourth day of the NFL Scouting Combine, there were two bonified Super Stars in Patrick Peterson and Prince Amukamara, and those two cornerbacks tested off of the MEARS RATING Charts. And although they did not rate off of the charts, there were another six or seven cornerbacks who really tested well. There were also a couple of Super Stars that emerged that recorded some very impressive “eye-popping” MEARS RATINGS
Thumbnail Patrick Peterson (6-0, 219, 4.31) of LSU is a just a Freak. There may have never been a player who has tested as well at every measurable for his position as Peterson was able to do at the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine. First of all, how many cover cornerbacks have ever weighed-in at 219 pounds? Most cover cornerbacks are streamlined to be fast, quick, and light. So then when he runs a 4.31 in the forty and does a 4.07 in the pro-agility shuttle, you will have to admit that he’s a Real Freak. Then when Peterson gets a 38-inch vertical jump; does a 126 Standing Broad Jump; and does 15 reps of 225 on the bench press, as he sets a World Record with a 2,048 MEARS RATING.
Prince Amukamara (6-0, 206, 4.38) of Nebraska was also a Freak, but just not to the extent of Peterson. In reality, Amukamara was the closest to Peterson in testing and although he was 54 MEARS points behind Peterson, he was 60 MEARS points ahead of Jimmy Smith, who was the third best cornerback as he recorded a 38 vertical jump; a 4.08 in the pro-agility shuttle; did a 128 Standing Broad Jump; and did 15 reps of 225 on the bench press. Amukamara finished with a Top Five 1,972 MEARS RATING.
Jimmy Smith (6-2.5, 211, 4.42, 37 VJ, 4.06 SH, 123 SBJ, 24 Reps) of Colorado was able to improve a couple of his measurables at Colorado Pro-Day and he improved his MEARS from an 1,887 MEARS to a 1,912 MEARS. He improved his forty from a 4.43 to a 4.42 and his vertical jump from a 36 to a 37.
Aaron Williams had a tremendous career at the University of Texas. Coming out of high school, I knew him and his dad and I kept up with him for his entire Longhorn career. Williams has always been a 4.4 guy and he was always able to use his great speed in cover coverage. At the NFL Scouting Combine, Williams ran a 4.44 in his first forty and then dropped to a 4.64 in his second forty which really did not make sense, unless he pulled-up. His official time was given as a 4.55. Since he did 4.07 in the pro-agility shuttle; 37.5 vertical jump; and a 127 in the Standing Broad Jump, which are all speed and quickness measurables, I rated him as if he had tested a 4.44 in the forty. This gave Williams a 1,908 MEARS RATING instead of an 1,808 MEARS RATING.
One of the biggest surprises of the day was the Combine Testing of Buster Skrine of Tennessee Chattanooga. Skrine (5-10, 186, 4.37) looks like a great All-Purpose kicker return man and he had the fastest pro-shuttle of the Scouting Combine when he did 3.9 clocking. His 37 vertical jump and 122 Standing Broad Jump were also outstanding and Skrine finished with a shocking 1,902 MEARS RATING.
Ras-I Dowling (6-1, 198, 4.4, 38 VJ, 4.18, 120 SBJ, 19 Reps) of Virginia has great measurables and finished with a great 1,896 MEARS RATING. Dowling has the great speed and quickness measurables and his stock has been on the rise.
Ramon Broadway (5-8, 191, 4.44) of Arkansas was not invited to the NFL Scouting Combine, because of an injury, but he was very impressive at the Arkansas Pro-Day. Broadway has been a starter for the Razorbacks for a few years and he dislocated his ankle in the South Carolina game this past season. Broadway played in my 2006 All-American Bowl Game Classic and he had a 4.29 best time in the forty in high school. At Arkansas Pro-Day, Broadway impressed the NFL scouts with a 41 vertical jump; a 4.1 in the pro-agility shuttle; and 17 reps of 225 on the bench press. Broadway finished with an outstanding 1,887 MEARS RATING which should get him some attention on Draft Day.
Jalil Brown (6-1, 206, 4.42, 35.5 VJ, 4.25 SH, 116 SBJ, 24 BP) of Colorado also improved a few of his measurables from the Scouting Combine to his Colorado Pro-Day. Brown improved his vertical jump from a 34 to a 35.5, but his big improvement was in the crucial forty as he improved it from a 4.52 to a 4.42. He improved his MEARS RATING from a 1,782 MEARS RATING to a very good 1,872 MEARS RATING.
The next four players did really well and are potential high draft choices in an NFL Draft that is talent laden with plenty of cornerbacks who will be drafted in the early rounds. Marcus Gilbert (5-10, 195, 4.45, 38.5, 4.12 SH, 119 SBJ, 26 B) of Clemson recorded a 1,865 MEARS RATING. Chimdi Chekwa (6-0, 191, 4.38, 34.5 VJ, 4.16 SH, 126 SBJ) of Ohio State recorded a 1,852 MEARS RATING.
Brandon Harris (5-10, 191, 4.46, 35.5 VJ, 4.12 SH, 113 SBJ, 13 BP) of Ohio State recorded an 1,847 MEARS RATING and another Brandon by the name of Brandon Burton (6-0, 190, 4.5, 32 VJ, 4.07 SH, 118 SBJ, 18 BP) of Utah recorded an 1,840 MEARS RATING.
The last two cornerbacks may have sleeper Ratings, but they could surprise. Shareece Wright (5-11, 185, 4.41, 34.5 VJ, 113 SBJ, 16 BP) of Southern Cal recorded an 1,835 MEARS RATING. Curtis Brown (6-0, 185, 4.51, 39.5 VJ, 4.0 SH, 128 SBJ, 10 BP) of Texas recorded an 1,820 MEARS RATING.
One more sleeper could be Jason Teague (6-1, 180, 4.48) of TCU and who played in our 2006 All-American Bowl Game Classic, along with Andy Dalton, Ramon Broadway, Lawrence Wilson, Lee Smith, Preston Dial, and Gerald Munns who are in the 2011 NFL Draft and Trent Williams, Lamarr Houston, and Damian Williams who were high Draft Choices in the 2010 NFL Draft. Based on measurables in the past, Teague recorded an 1,800 MEARS RATING.Another sleeper could be Johnny Patrick of Louisville. Patrick (5-11, 191, 4.59, 32 VJ, 4.16 SH, 110 SBJ, 13 BP) did not run a very fast forty, but he did do a very good 4.16 pro-agility shuttle. Patrick could improve his forty on Louisville Pro-Day and his stock could rise.


1. Patrick Peterson – LSU
2. Prince Amukamara – Nebraska
3. Jimmy Smith – Colorado
4. Aaron Williams – Texas
5. Buster Skrine – Tennessee Chattanooga
6. Ras-I Dowling – Virginia
7. Ramon Broadway – Arkansas
8. Jalil Brown – Colorado
9. Marcus Gilbert – Clemson
10. Chimdi Chekwa – Ohio State
11. Brandon Harris – Miami
12. Brandon Burton – Utah 
13. Sharece Wright – Southern Cal
14. Curtis Brown – Texas
15. Jason Teague – TCU
16. Johnny Patrick – Louisville

Click their Current MEARS RATINGS: http://maxemfinger.sharepointsite.com/Lists/2007%20Database/2011%20AABG%20NFL%20Draft.aspx?SortField=WorkFax&SortDir=Desc&View=%7B62B47062-16BB-4C59-8689-3DA45CE1C85F%7D




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